Snake Eyes in Scottish Football

I am passionate about Scottish football. Nothing gave me more pleasure in my callow youth than to play the beautiful game at a decent level. When I was not in exile I would happily venture a fiver to watch Largs Thistle or watch The Undertakers (Port Glasgow Junior FC)  at Parklea. Both teams are run by grass roots football enthusiasts.

I guarantee that each player in both teams was watching Scotland come up short against Slovenia. They would be as crestfallen as I am, even though I did not accept for one minute that Scotland would secure six points from their last two group games.

Northern Ireland secured a play-off place in a group that included Germany, The Czech Republic and Norway. With apologies to Northern Ireland I would be hard pressed to name one member of their squad. I would have no problem reciting the Scotland team, particularly household names such as Fletcher and the six Celtic players in the squad.

So why are Northern Ireland progressing? I posit that their FA does not pander to one club and devotes its time to developing young players. The SFA might talk a good game about developing woman’s football, but when it comes to funding development they use the same ears that cannot hear the sectarian chants at Ibrox.

Failure to qualify for a fifth successive World Cup Finals falls squarely at Regan’s door. Will he fall on his sword? Of course not. Accepting responsibility requires integrity; a quality that is conspicuously absent at Hampden.

It’s a simple formula. If one does the square root of fuck all, one should not be surprised when one achieves the square root of fuck all.

England qualified with flying colours. Is there a causal link between their progression and the £100m National Football Centre at Burton? If this is too rich for our blood why does Performance Director Malky Mackay not commandeer Murray Park which was partially funded by The Lottery Commission and The Sports Council? It was sold to both bodies as a facility to be used by the entire sports community. Why is it being used exclusively by Rangers Lite?  The Scottish public paid for Murray Park but are excluded from using it. Just another stitch-up by the SFA for the benefit of the SFA Eleven.

However there is one silver lining in the dark clouds over Hampden. Regan was denied an opportunity to gloat at our progression. He was not allowed to assert:

” Look at the great strides we are making. Is it not time to embrace our bright future and move on?”

Move on to a bright future where cheating goes unpunished and Sir Bribe & Lie is rehabilitated in the SMSM for Govan consumption? Forgive me if I demur.

Regan would have milked Scotland’s progression like a dairy maid with Parkinson’s disease. He had the audacity to turn up at Monte Carlo and ride on Celtic’s Champions League coat-tails. He is a self-serving prick with a sinecure. I hope I did not leave anything out.

Whilst on the topic of self-serving pricks like Sir Bribe & Lie and Stewart Regan, it would be remiss of me not to mention the less than lovable rogue that is career criminal Dave King. There is some confusion on what will occur on Thursday at The Court of Session. The matter is slated for two days but I would be inordinately surprised if it’s not all over by the lunch recess of day one.


The Takeover Panel Executive’s petition cites clause 955 to seek enforcement by court order if the court is satisfied that:
1. There is a reasonable likelihood that a person will contravene a rule-based requirement, or
1.1. that a person has contravened a rule-based requirement or a disclosure.

The court may make any order it thinks fit to secure compliance with the requirement.

This is a binary issue. King did not comply. The Court of Session will enforce the TPE edict. There will be no discussions on the merits of King’s spurious appeal. King’s last throw of the dice came up ‘snake eyes.

The maximum penalty which can be imposed for contempt of the Court of Session is two years’ imprisonment, a fine, or both.

If King continues to be in contempt of a court order he will be staring down the barrel of extradition and two years inside.

Is it not about time some of the Real Rangers Men were sent down. Paddy Power will not be taking bets that Sir Bribe & Lie will be King’s cellmate.


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19 thoughts on “Snake Eyes in Scottish Football”

  1. What if Dave king gets David Murray to pony up on shares at 20 p cheap at that price and king sells him his shares ,he got for nothing

    1. Murray cant buy shares he barred for life in Scottish football so says mr corrupt Regan but its sevco scotland were talking about no rules for them.

  2. King believes that he cannot be taken down and will happily ignore any court ruling. He will continue his life in South Africa and try to continue his link to Rangers via Skype. The Bears are completely unaware of the lack of cash and the requirement to repay millions in loans within weeks. The only way to avoid administration is to have someone turn a large fortune into a small one. I hear that there are insufficient funds to pay wages this month.

  3. Whats the total amount of loans that have to be paid back December 2017?

    Can the board postpone (bluff) this as they provided the loans?

    If not,who do they answer to?
    Not the SFA/ SPFL!

    It looks like an unsustainable business and there’s no accounting for that.

    What’s happening with the Football Blogging Awards?

    1. £6.25m, repayable Dec 2017.
      I think the original plan was to convert the debt to equity via a share issue which no one even whispers about these days with King persona non grata in the City and thats before the Court of Session deal with him this week.
      As far as I’m aware SDM is not banned from participation in Scottish football. I think I read somewhere that given his contribution to Oldco, the DOS/EBT scams, crashing MIM owing HBOS £700m, leaving a hole in the MIM pension scheme, passing the club to Whyte and introducing him to Ticketus, then his fit and proper status would have to be tested.
      There is no rule book when it comes to Newco.

  4. Surely SDM has cottoned onto a new tax scam that will suffice for 12 years until challenged by HMRC? Thereafter six years through the courts to eventually determine final guilt.

    Would the SFA facilitate, aid and abet such malfeasance again?

    It would be refreshing for a version of Rangers to actually receive money from SDM rather than see its coffers symphoned off.

    60% of Catalans don’t want independence. It’s only a vocal 40% of Agitators that do.

    Given Nicola Sturgeon and SNP’s unpopularity polling, the position in Scotland looks slimmer for the Gnats. We dodged a bullet but too many gullible fools in the general public fell for their lies.

    This is why democracy is a dangerous thing. The strategic future of nations can be decided by the lowest common intellectual denominator.

    Both Gordon Strachan and Stewart Regan must go, and go today. As a nation we must stop rewarding abject failure. No one else does.

    A better manager, with this crop of players, would have cruised us through.

    1. As soon as Strachan cottoned on to playing 6 Celtic player things improved. He should have gone with seven and included McGregor. A fresh pair of eyes is required for the Euros in 2020.

    2. Interesting…… anyone who has a different viewpoint to you is “gullible fool”. Interesting. My opinion is that only a gullible fool would say that of other people with a differing viewpoint.

      1. In Scotland both Strachan and SNP are washed up damp squibs.

        Anyone who voted for independence has been proven by circumstances to have been a gullible fool.

        Floundering in the polls, sturgeon meekly tells her conference she has a mandate for another indyref this term. Enough already!! The voters must get snp lightweights and their obsession out of holyrood and Westminster. Vote them out to get this INDYREF conversation finally extinguished. No more virtual mandates.

        Get snp lightweight flunkies off the politico gravy train.

    3. Scotland must keep itself out of Spain’s domestic business.

      The 60% majority of Catalonians have asked European and foreign countries to keep out of the Catalonia issue.

      In defiance, the First Minister sends SNP Ministers and MPs to Catalonia to shore up the minority extremist separatist politics. Is it at Uk taxpayers expense? Can someone ask in Holyrood?

      SNP have never done Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs well at all.

      Making an enemy of massive Spain and her allies in the EU is folly. Nobody is as thick as the Nats.

    4. Doubt your numbers are correct but even if they are history shows that 33% support is about the tipping point for popular insurrection to have a chance of success.
      As always if a people is prepared to go to the lengths of fighting to assert their independence then legal quibbles arent relevant.

      Quite sympathetic to the Catalans personally -anyone who wants to throw off the remnants of Franco spain wd have my support.

      That said , granted there is a trend for minority cultures to wish to dump the yoke of their majority partners the question needs to be considered.

      The question I mean is this granted you are in a union with others as for example here the Quebecois with the rest of Canada ,the scots and welsh with the English, the Spaniards with Basques and Catalans how right is it for one group to unilaterally sever the association.

      If a group is actively being oppressed the question answers itself.
      But if you are not so much oppressed as more unhappy about having your
      concerns marginalised whats proper?

      Its ok to push for a solution that may not be economically to your benefit if you are prepared to accept that as the price of your freedom but what if its also ruinous the the rest of the country who dont get to vote on it.?

  5. Very good points on the SFA and their dereliction of duty regarding the maintaining or developing of the quality of Football in this country, its quite shameful the decline these people have presided over. Come Back Ernie, all’s forgiven!  . Malky McKay Junior is in place to facillitate his rehabilitation ( thanks Dads pals!) He’s not supposed to last, his ego tells him theres a big job south with his name on it, though not sure many clubs would employ someone with his reputation. If wee Gordon falls on his sword, why not Malky as replacement, he is one of the SFA’s favoured sons after all. Beats Moyes credentials I expect.
    This certainly seems like a week of reckoning for the CCK and his crooked concert party colleagues. However, we seem to have been here before several times with CCK. What of the possibility that CCKs leverage on Park Senior is that Park senior lent CCK the cash for CCK to buy his concert party share and is therefore as much up to his knees in this as CCK should that information come out? Can the TPE force CCK to purchase majority control? CCK has faced down similar situations before. The TPE kills off any possibility of the debt for equity so where does the crooked concert party and their CCK Chairman go from here other than plough more cash in? Administration / pre-pack? The main Creditors are the crooked concert party themselves. If Ibrox and Murray Park etc are indeed owned by the company ( and Charles Green is not extracting rent from the company) then the Crooked Concert Party’s loans must be secured against these assets. Any news on the overdue accounts? The whole thing is a house of cards.

    1. Let’s not forget Henderson & Jones.

      This news from two months ago has not gone away. Indeed it is legally maturing nicely.

      Add a Judicial Review on the same club lie and EBT cheated titles and the Takeover Panel High Court Case against Glib and Shameless Liar and Sevco Autumn Season is warming up well.

      Oh! And their football is going to crash under Pedro.

  6. Yet another in a series of fine forensic articles. The case against King later this week has huge implications for Rangers and his fellow directors. This hugely important case doesn’t warrant a mention in the Scottish press. Nor does your report highlighting DSM’s new found interest in that calling card which he couldn’t dispose of for ten long years until he found his patsy in the shape of CW.

    I was sorry but not surprised that Scotland failed yet again to qualify for another a major finals. I was at the opening game between Scotland and Brazil in France, where I was based, in 1998. The Scots added colour and vibrancy to a splendid occasion. Alas, it has been downhill ever since and a current squad which frankly is utterly mediocre. The SFA officials have been witness to this decline on their watch and have added no measurable value whatsoever.

    I note that Jackson in today’s Record is taking even his low standards to new levels. He asserts that Strachan should be allowed to call time on his Scotland career in ‘his own time’ as he has restored Scotland’s reputation! He has merely maintained Scotland’s reputation for failure.

    Meanwhile in England, the journalists have gone to town on the English players after the victory last night in Lithuania.

    Southgate played half a dozen rookies in a game which didn’t matter. ‘World Cup Wallies’ was one headline. Even Henry Winter reported that ‘Soggy England Limp towards Russia’.

    How pathetic. England are certainly not the most exciting to watch, but they are undefeated in more than 30 qualifiers going back years. Their record in this group as winners is one of the finest of all the qualifiers (Germany as usual topped their wins) but the negativity is disappointing. England will get knocked out at the business end of the World Cup next year when they play a more technically gifted side.

    As for Scotland, 20 years of failure is a very long time. And a pity.

  7. A positive from the Regan-Strachan shambles is the relief for Celtic players from four tournaments plus international World Cup commitments.

    10 Returning CFC players, jet lagged, injured and knackered from Scotland duty to compete in three domestic tournaments plus the Champions League is far too much.

    Why can’t other clubs like sevco and Aberdeen not afford and contribute international level players? It all gets burdened by the mighty Celtic.

    1. Celtic have the cash to buy players of international class, they are also attractive to very young players and are very good at developing them, however no player is forced to play for Scotland, they can turn their backs if they so wish just as Brown did when it suited him. I can only assume the Celtic players selected for Scotland play as they want to represent their country. It is demanding on players playing well for a successful club.

  8. The answer about the loans is hidden in the detailed accounts. From memory around £6M of this is due by December 2017. Apparently no loans have any security attached to them ( basically look on them as a “donation”). As they are provided by the directors themselves then it is all but given that these loans will be converted into a notice loan with no specific repayment date.

    Basically I can’t see any current loanee calling time on RIFC by calling in the loan and precipitating an insolvency event. Having said that this may be overtaken by events as it has been clear for some time that a cash call is required in October or November. Not covering the payroll is almost a definition of trading insolvently.

    As for CCK – heaven only knows what trick he will pull out of his sleeve, but if the judgement is what it should be this week, he won’t be able to set foot in the UK again, though I don’t think this is an extraditable offence.

    The mood music is that the existing directors are either skint or can’t see any end to the constant donations required to keep the entity alive.

    I suspect all parties are waiting to see what this week brings and then make a decision from there.

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