Primark Pedro Refuses To Do Walking Away

My go-to-guy on matters Murray Park has informed me that Primark Pedro was offered £500,000 ‘to do walking away.’

One can understand why Pedro has become an embarrassment to the beleaguered board. Stating that his squad had moved up a level during the Internationals break resulted in the following comment by The Clumpany:

Were they trapped in a lift?”

Pena is not taking the 5 a.m starts at Murray Park too well.

It would seem that the dogs are still barking but the caravan is going nowhere.

Unabashed by the unequivocal vote of no confidence, Primark is all over The Scotsman today with a thesis on how the national side can improve their fortunes with tactical awareness. Would that be the same awareness that Miller and Mackay could not make head nor tail with and ended up changing?

Douglas Park is still not talking to his son Graeme apropos his naïveté in hiring the Portuguese Imposter. There is talk of Daddy cutting off Junior’s allowance.

Sir Bribe & Lie’s intention to be supping from The Loving Cup next year comes closer to reality with every bollock dropped by the rogue board. With so many headless chickens he might eschew the ‘holy water‘ and have the makings of a good broth. Big Fat Derek Johnstone has promised to provide the bread and dripping as long as he can retain his free seat when the new club, Rangers WTF, is unveiled.

Rangers WTF then; Rangers WTF now; Rangers WTF forever.

Meanwhile Club Tropicana are electing a new board. A concatenation of deck chairs and Titanic comes to mind. Would it not be ever so sweet if Sir Bribe & Lie tapped them for the capital to engage in his putsch?

Reverting to Pedro, will Slim Shady Traynor be briefing against cackhanded Caixinha with a picador’s grasp of invective? With the SMSM in full drool, Primark has never had it so good but that could all change when Traynor uses his alias on Follow Follow. I’m sure there’s no truth in the rumour that his moniker is Gay Fandango?



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31 thoughts on “Primark Pedro Refuses To Do Walking Away”

  1. With apologies to Omar/Fitzgerald:

    ‘One moment in Annihilation’s waste,
    one moment of the Well of Life to taste,
    the dogs are barking and the caravan
    starts for the Dawn of Nothing. Oh, make haste!’

    Extra donation or Java ‘n’ Baklava. Enjoy!.

    JJ: The java is barking hot and the baklava keeps moving on down to my distended belly. Thanks buddy.

  2. JJ, are you actually a committee? Your output can only be described as TOO prodigious. I can’t imagine all these varied articles coming from one man. I salute you and your efforts to put things right.

    1. That’s what they used to say about aul’ Billy Shakespeare… haha

      Can’t wait for your second piece o’ the day, JJ

  3. When you are offered that much to walk away then you know that the Board has no confidence in you but you know that your contract is worth $3,000.000 you hang in till they offer you $1,500,000 to walk away. $500,000 is just an opening low bid. After the next 5-0 humping the dosh will be available

  4. After a talk with caravan man in the car park at the “Piney”, I can confirm that your source is correct,although I did a Tim’s pinky promise and couldn’t tell.Wonder what will happen in Court today?….

  5. If the Hairstylist persuades ‘ the knight’ to climb the marble again and form another incarnation as The The Rangers Football Club ( TTRFC) it will correct the ‘ Stars’ error on the strips as being one for every letter in the abbreviation and also equal ICTFC as being a ‘ five letter word’ of a football club……..

    Is there any truth to the rumour that Boris arranged the cryptic message at Tory conference by having someone back stage giving the letters a nudge……. ‘F’ Off is too much of a co-incidence surely……

  6. “TAB – agree with initial finding that DK and GL were working together to acquire block of Rangers shares.”

    Game a bogey on that decision then……………Wonder what happens next?

  7. Poor old Pedro, he’s now as welcome as Harvey Weinstein on Loose Women.

    Talk about kick a man when he’s down. I’ve noticed Ewen McGregor tries to keep himself relevant by surfing public opinion and puting sly boots into people now and again to ingratiate himself with the majority. How Unfortunate. Weasel. Harvey still has powerful friends who don’t care about his behaviors with women.

    When the news breaks that Pedro has given Kenny Miller a ‘Mistakes Book’ to write down every time he displeases him, Jabba will have a fine day. A proper gay fandango.

    If we kept a mistakes book on Jabba the volumes would fill a small town library. Or a book depository. Which brings me to the patsy. As Harvey W is being set up as the patsy for all male bad behaviors towards women, will Pedro get the blame for King’s humping in court? And all other ills that befall Sevco?

    I’d take the £500k. But don’t have a night out in Glasgow with wee Chick.

    1. And we can’t really see the SMSM telling their readership that the career criminal, the saviour and the guy who was supposed to invest north of £10m into the club, is by his own admission broke. If Dave King told me it was raining I’d look out of the window just to verify.

      Ps when my house sale/purchase goes through soon I will top up my monthly subscription with a 3 figure donation.

  8. JJ the time stamp of each post going up is one hour slow.

    It’s 2.46pm in Uk but your site thinks 1.46pm.

    Are you only one hour behind? Accra, Abidjan, Bamako, Banjul, …?

  9. Good afternoon JJ,
    I trust you have a copy of the RIFC plc Statement for 2016,if one does,one should proceed to page 55(ironic,I know)and there one shall find two paragraphs with regard to NOAL and under who’s control it is operated.
    How CCK can make out that he has no say in NOAL’s decision making simply beggars belief.
    Balls of steel to go with his brass neck !!!
    As ever,stay safe my friend,Irishboy.

  10. With CFC declaring both Brown and Armstrong fit for their next Champions League game it becomes apparent that any new Scotland manager is at celtic’s whim whether they will succeed or fail.

    As all Scotsmen of talent play at CFC. That club arguably now controls Scotland National football and its success.

  11. Now that Wee Gordon has gone I wonder who his Currupt former Colleagues can bring in to cover their own incompetence? I would expect David Moyes, from a footballing perspective, is probably the best option if he would agree to take it on. He’s Scottish. He is a former Man Utd manager, his reputation needs a bit of restoration and footballing wise his skills lie in making a team hard to beat and operating at the limit of the sum of their parts. However, we are through the looking glass in Scotland and what price Malky McKay Junior? He’s Scottish. His reputation needs restoring. He’s the next generation of the Old Boys network and the SFA could always hope that, after a short period and a possible failure to qualify for the Euros, a club takes a punt on Malky’s boy and pays some compensation to the SFA who can then start the process again and blame circumstances as the clock reaches 24 years? Wonder if Pedro would take consider the job? Or perhaps the Cheeky Chappy who doesnt do walking away?

    1. Surely big Mark Warburton and Davie Weir?

      Relying on CFC releasing them players.

      The next Scotland manager needs to be a guy with outstanding Parkhead relationships to get access to the top Scottish players and their availability.

  12. SFA decision to convene today of all days on the WGS situation “conveniently” keeps Mr K right off the BBC Scotland Sports News site (not a snff) as I write:

    Had a quick check on BBC Scotland News site..
    Still nowt about Mr K:

    Although, in the top 10 stories there is this red hot topic…
    ” Husky dog sought over ‘otter worrying’ ”

    Sometimes you wan’t to give up, don’t you !!!

  13. So far it seems kings pleas are:
    I didn’t know or understand about the 30% rule
    I don’t have any money
    I have no influence over NOAL
    No one wants to sell at 20p/share
    There’s no point in forcing me to do something I can’t/don’t want to do.

    The bit I like is the way they think the shares are worth 27p. In reality they are effectively worthless and there is no real market. 20p to a lot of shareholders would represent good value to be able to sell a block amount.

    Jeez his counsel is working off thin gruel here….

    1. Judges ruling on corporate issues never allow themselves to look foolish or hoodwinked by wide boy Spivs.

      Just watch how this pans out.

  14. Just read on Twitter that JD doesn’t see this as a clear cut case…I couldn’t disagree more.
    The case itself in terms on “non-compliance” was cited as unprecedented at the outset therefore logic suggests that a VERY STRONG message has to be delivered.
    The quantum here is relatively small so think about what could happen in future takeover rulings if a mere wrist slap is set as a precedent on ignoring the TAB on the basis that he “can’t afford” to comply.
    If that is indeed the case or can’t be disproved then surely the only course of action is a custodial sentence ?
    The fact that his counsel seems intent on insulting Lord B’s intelligence (Wookie defence etc) surely can’t help matters.

    1. Jimmyboo, I think I’m correct in saying so, and sorry to disappoint you if I am. But the Glib King will be tried under corporate / financial/ civil law. SO as he hasn’t broken any criminal laws I believe he won’t be doing any porridge. The penalties will therefore be financial related. I’m sure I will be corrected by someone with superior knowledge on here if I am wrong though.

      1. So to recap GASL has an obligation to make a share offer that will effectively cost him £11m+
        All indications are that he either can’t or won’t comply and furthermore that throughout, he has shown utter contempt for the process itself which will on conclusion establish a future precedent for non-compliance of TPE rulings.
        What purpose (and I ask this with no legal knowledge) would a financial penalty serve unless it exceeded the £11m ? There surely has to be some further ramifications beyond a fine and being compelled to make good in the offer? (Which he can’t)
        Forced thereafter to relinquish his effectively worthless shares in a company which is trading insolvent?
        To who? When and for how much?
        And again to my point for laying down a marker against future offenders- what message would be sent ?
        There surely must be a ragdolling coming down the pipe here?

    2. If he can’t afford the £11m then he’s in a corporate game he shouldn’t be in and needs told to sell his shareholding at any price and get out and give up the Chairmanship.

      He needs to demonstrate to the court his actual wealth. If more wealth is found than he states he should go on trial for perjury.

  15. £500k seems a lot of money for a club in Rangers position. Where would they find this at a time when more loans are imminently required? Given the extravagant lengths to get rid of Warburton on the cheap it just doesn’t seem quite right.

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