A Penniless Arcade

What should have been a binary issue at The Court of Session has been obfuscated by a bare-nippled entreaty to swing the lead for Dave King. King claims to be penniless but he had sufficient means to hire the former Advocate General of Scotland. Neil Forbes Davidson, The Baron of Glen Clova, keeps his high-ranking freemasonry cards close to his chest. Iain Alexander Scott Peebles – Lord Bannatyne – is a former Sheriff of Glasgow and Strathkelvin, where it was well known that two thirds of his ilk were inducted in the craft. Bannatyne would not have ascended this greasy pole without a tip of the hat from his lodge’s grandmaster.

Davidson might as well have inquired of Bannatyne:

” Iain don’t listen to McNeil from The Faculty of Taigs. King is on the square. His wife Ladina is a leading light in Eastern Star circles. Can we not cut some slack to a Third Degree Initiate?”

This is a smart play by King. When caught bang to rights he can always fall back on a Scottish justiciary that is riddled with freemasonry. The disgraced Peter Smith, who openly stated that his fervent wish had been to have been nominated to freemasonry by John Greig, threw out Ashley’s attempt to imprison King for his blatant contempt of court. Those who argue that King could not be imprisoned for contempt of court on a ‘civil’ transgression should revisit this case.

To my mind if Lord Bannatyne does not legally enforce the TPE edict he will have been nobbled by the unseen hand of freemasonry. Bannatyne would be as bent as King.

Davidson, counsel for King, reverted to an old chestnut to give Bannatyne a rationale for subverting the course of justice. An old chestnut from 2006:

King argued that the case against him could not continue because he had insufficient funds to pay for legal representation.

King was facing 322 charges, ranging from tax dodging, violation of exchange control measures, extortion and money laundering. The charge sheet covered more than 700 pages. The State planned to call 117 witnesses against him.

Advocate John Myburg, representing The State at Pretoria High Court, asserted:

 “King doesn’t want to lodge a formal application for the postponement of the hearing, because he would then have to declare his sources of income under oath. He is not prepared to do that.”

The State’s investigations revealed that the sale of shares of his business ( Specialist Outsourcing) earned a profit of R1bn. This money was transferred to Guernsey, but R160m remained in South Africa.

I turned my forensic eye to King’s purported wealth. I framed my conclusions in a comment that was published on the RSL site. Nota bene : This analysis was not in any way influenced by David Somers or Jack Irvine, nor am I either of these individuals. The claims by SFM to discredit me says more about their failing organ than it does about our thriving site.

“The problem is simple. King does not have the wealth that he claims to have. All he has is paper wealth. There is this myth being created by either Traynor, Kerr or Je Suis Graham, who all have had their noses in the PR trough, that his daughter has a family trust worth £50M. However the truth of the matter bears no relation to their spin. This figure is predicated on the family trust which owns 76% of the equity in MICROmega Holdings Group. King has recently elevated his daughter to the board, as she, and not King, is the principal in this enterprise. The other 24% in this group is held by King’s co-defendant on racketeering charges, Iain ‘The Greg’ Morris.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), which lists the interests of 400 companies all desperately jockeying for overseas investment, came under stinging criticism for the Specialist Outsourcing debacle, which provided King with precisely £90M. As we now know £20M of this was used to buy shares in Murray’s holding company. This was not an act of philanthropy on King’s part as his slavish followers would have us believe. It was an exercise in tax evasion. King, who would flip his grandmother like a pancake on Shrove Tuesday if it resulted in a tax fillip, flipped his RFC shares from Metlika to Ben Nevis when the former was tracked down by SARS.

There is no market maker willing to step forward to allow King to dump his shares on the JSE as was the case in the boom years of 1997 -1999. Then there is the small matter of exchange controls. So even if King could find a private buyer he could not get any of his money out of South Africa. What King & Morris are hoping for is a private overseas buyer, who will offer equity as part of the price; equity listed on a non South African exchange. They would then aspire, yet again, to avoid capital gains tax on this equity. However there are no takers for their company that is built on sand.

King was allowed to draw a £1.6M stipend from his Marianda (frozen) funds in Guernsey from 2006-2013. We also now know that The Scorpions raised £30M from the sale of all his assets and equity in Talacar in which the majority of them were held. Interests in property, stud farms, wineries and aircraft contract hire were all sold under hammer to pay his tax bill. He was fortunate to avoid a 200% penalty that usually applies in systemic tax evasion cases. With the  paying of the shortfall to SARS and the CPA fine, King was left with sufficient funds to pay his legal bills of £40m

All that’s left is the interest that he accrued in his accounts in Guernsey. We know that the interest on his cash reserves was £82,000 per month. So for a 7 year period that is approximately £6.9M.”

When one adds the sale of his Financial Services Division, King has circa £17m to his name.

King will seesaw between being a pauper and a prince to suit. Is it not about time that the Gullibillies realised that King’s money will be a ship passing in the night?




























14 thoughts on “A Penniless Arcade”

  1. Sheriff Peebles — now there’s a name to conjure with. Wasn’t it he who gave the fatuous ruling that the word “hun” in relation to football was sectarian, even though Rangers fans are described as such by the fans of every club in Scotland and not a few abroad?

    The huns have clung to that ridiculous nonsense like a limpet ever since. It is a foundation stone of their victim mentality, like the other equally fatuous one which claims the club was “defrauded”.

    So the grandiose “Lord Bannatyne” is in fact wee Sheriff Peebles? LMFAO! Scotland eh?

  2. Would the TPE accept this? Are they riddled by FMs as well? Do you have any contacts that are indicating/ warning that the outcome will be cosy for GASL?….

  3. On another FM matter,JJ.Check out the Sunday Herald story today regarding polis Scotlands handling of the complaint against the hateful pictures posted on antisocial media,concerning the orange(sorry) mob.Two officers sanctioned,neglect of duty,Incivility,failure to progress( like that word) a complaint.One occifer has been offered counselling and of course.the PF doesn’t consider any of it criminal.There you go,mind those stairs now…….

  4. JJ. Small donation made. Your inordinately superior journalism is more than deserving. Previous articles and comments had suggested a dangerous precedent would be set if GASL were to be given cosy treatment. Would the judge be under pressure to back the judgement of the TPE or is it now anticipated that the influence of FM will trump all?

    JJ: Thank you. I hope that I’m wrong but Peebles has previous.

  5. Great work – keep it up – I hope you are wrong about how high/far the unseen FM hand reaches. Another small donation made.

    JJ: Thank you.

  6. Lord Bannatyne ruled that Rangers were not relegated but had to register with the SFA in the third division and he reprimanded the prosecution in the Craig Whyte trial for not bringing any indictments against Whyte after almost two years.

    Three strikes and he might be expelled!

  7. Why don’t they just declare Ibrox a tax and law free principality and be done with it?
    What a fekin shambles in our progressive free thinking country!

  8. If the fix is in that makes complete sense to CCK contempt of the original judgment. It must also beg the question just how high in the echelons of Scottish Society does the support of an RFC Chairman go? Or what is it that an RFC Chairman has that enables them to fly in the face of the law so blatantly that the rule of law does not exist for a Chairman of RFC or indeed his club or its follow followers?

  9. This is not a comment on your writing. I was checking my Paypal account and noticed the recurring donation to you, on the 24th of each month, had not been taken out for September. I did not cancel it.

    JJ: Thomas, could it be that the e-mail you provided does not work? I tried twice to contact you with heartfelt thanks. Both e-mails were not delivered.

  10. Scotland is a cesspit of Freemasonry and racism against the Irish all wrapped up in a Union Jack and paraded at Ibrox. It is a pathetic relic of entitlement slowly moving into this century. It is a disgrace.

  11. I do so hope that you’re wrong on this JJ and that Lord B is there purely due to professional circumstances (albeit aided and abetted by Masonic influence).
    The real epiphany here is in assessing the entire forest rather than one of the trees such as DK.
    He, like SB&L before him does what he does because he KNOWS that in Scotland he can get away with it.
    We see practical testimony to this every single day as this particular subset of society are allowed free reign to openly engage in corruption, cheating, stealing, bribery, and racism without fear of retribution. Our Police, MSM and SFA refuse to take any action or even acknowledge its existence.
    Every single legal or arbitration scenario within Scotland invariably realises the best possible outcome for its RRM.
    We have all known and experienced for years the effect of Masonic “privilege” but it seems that through the degradation of societal values and morals that this privilege has now been abused by the likes of SB&L & DK to the point of expected impunity.
    It’s a sad indictment of our corrupt nation that without the intervention of the City of London Police they’d STILL be at it.
    It took the highest court in the land to put the EBT sham to bed and my fear is that this will go the same way…hopefully the TPE has significant gravitas to overcome this but unfortunately justice seems to only ever be served outwith the borders of “our wee country”

    PS – I cannot believe that no one has yet seized upon that silver bullet you provided a few weeks ago in the form of emails. SR should have been crucified there and then based on that content

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