‘Moving On’ For Dummies – Redux

I was ambivalent about the dismissal of Gordon Strachan. Strachan’s first team picked itself. Perm any seven from eight Celtic players, add Fletcher, throw in a couple of makeweights and you have a team that could make a fist of qualification. Strachan arrived at this formula after a dismal run of four games. Four games that holed the SS SFA under the waterline.

However promoting Malky Mackay to the role of interim boss, with one eye on replacing Strachan on the cheap, is unconscionable. Mackay is a racist. He may be a reconstructed racist after FA counselling but this is a moot point. One cannot have a Scotland manager reverting to type by engaging is Asian slurs and homosexual pejoratives. As for Mackay’s track record, one promotion courtesy of the butt of his racist rants bankrolling his ambition, does not mark Mackay out as one to watch.

The role of Performance Director is a sinecure. With the exception of Rangers Lite who have dismantled their youth structure to feed the Auchenhowie meter, the youth teams of Scotland’s leading clubs don’t need a pep talk from Mackay. What does he have to offer? A workshop on ‘sledging?

I invite readers to have a look at the Celtic Academy. In the photograph there are 17 coaches that engender trust, respect and team work. The Celtic colts are expected to uphold the honour of the club at all times. Kieran Tierney, one of the finest players to ever play at Celtic park, embodies all that is good at The Celtic Academy. Karamoko Dembele, who starred in an under 20s fixture while only 13, is a season or two shy of a first team debut. As Wayne Rooney showed at Everton if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

So what part did Mackay play in this well-oiled machine? As one would expect from any Hampden appointee he did the square root of fuck all.  Mackay is a stranger to the best funded and most professional football academy in Scotland. Is it any wonder that Mackay bit Regan’s hand off when the latter had the Twitter consensus to sack Strachan? Welcome to the SFA where social media dictates the fortunes of the national team coach. Regan and his corrupt cabal of gutless frauds are actively recruiting a PR Guru to shape the narrative of social media. I anticipate that their chinless yes-man will have as much impact on shaping the narrative at our Speakeasy as Mackay did at Lennoxtown.

In other news I note that Hamilton Accies are the victims of a £750,000 online fraud. Most chairmen , such as builder Stewart Milne, would have to be apprised as to which end was up when unboxing a server. As we have seen at Rangers Lite, soliciting incriminating data from a porous network was the key to equity manipulation; and career criminal King supping from the loving cup in The Blue Room. Dave King has never been prosecuted for numerous transgressions of the wireless and communications act and the reset of stolen data. Police Scotland look after their own. I’m sure Milne will be happy to host the friendly against The Netherlands on November 9. A nice little sweetener for backing Regan’s mantra of moving on.

The SFA’s cronyism goes further than just jobs for the boys. A lucrative Scotland fixture can be bestowed on any chairman who toes the party line.

With the spotlight on Hamilton Accies and the efficacy of ‘worms‘ thoughts turn to the equity of our ursine friend Douglas Park. In a list of Hamilton shareholders published in June 2016, Douglas Park is listed as Shareholding 14 with 5000 Ordinary shares in the club.

Has this conflict of interest escaped the gutless frauds at Hampden. Maybe we should all just ‘move on.





23 thoughts on “‘Moving On’ For Dummies – Redux”

  1. Oh come on JJ, the poor man has enough on his plate with a going concern note certain to be in the forthcoming accounts and the accounts only being signed off with guarantees from the directors that they will answer future cash calls as and when they arise.
    Unlike dear Campbell when his shareholding in Hearts and Rangers was outed Donald is not an employee of the SFA. Being a man of the utmost integrity Campbell’s reaction to being outed was to sign his shares over to his wife, what a cad.
    Can you believe Regan’s cry for a high net worth individual to step up to the plate and help subsidise the salary of the next Scotland manager…….with the proviso that the SFA board remain in control of the selection process!
    Yep Stuey, would’t want to be eating in to the executive packages and bonus structure?
    Is this a concession that more money actually gets you a superior recruit and a sporting advantage?

    1. Hi JJ,

      I’d be prepared to guest edit the blog if you like.

      Happy to sit in the background and moderate the good stuff and clean up the crap as necessary.

      I’d hope to at least shield you from the bam-pots and obnoxious contents.

      best regards


      1. Good of you to throw your hat into the ring. The hatred would surprise you. You are definitely made of the right stuff. Could you handle a new article every day? Please send me a piece for consideration. Cheers buddy.

      2. Morning JJ,

        To be honest, I doubt that I could handle and article a day due to work commitments.

        But mostly because I neither have the contacts or insight that you demonstrate every day.

        That’s what makes your blog so popular and a must-read for so many.

        I was more thinking of helping with moderating comments and the occasional guest piece.

        Can I ask, as must have missed it, But your reasons for asking for a guest editor?

        I only picked it up when you added the comment about not having any applicants.

        Best regards


      3. Lawrence, I fancied a break. I have not had one day off from this site in more than two years. Even on days where I did not publish, Xmas day and New Year’s Day, I curated comments. This site is a demanding mistress.

      4. I’m sure it is JJ and you definitely deserve a break.

        I’d be happy to moderate comments anytime.

        I’d love to add a post, but like today’s piece it’s the detail from your contacts that give your site that extra edge and makes it so popular.

        Guest writers won’t have that advantage.

        As an other suggestion, I’m sure you have a few volunteers who will be willing to help or you could ask some regular quality commentators such as Auldheid, The Mensch, Fusiani etc to write a guest piece while you take a break.

        You could pre-vet these to ensure the quality and set them up to publish on a scheduled day.

        Then just add in an addendum of any topic which becomes current.

        Just a thought


      5. Great idea Lawrence. I have already highlighted the comments of two of your names. Having corresponded with Fisiani I’m confident that he could also add value

  2. I am pleased for Scotland that Strachan has moved on. He was a failure as Scotland manager and two failed attempts to reach the business end of the Euros and World Cup was a reflection of his tenure. Indeed, Scotland were drawn in an incredibly weak World Cup qualifying group for Russia 2018. Late, late goals against Lithuania to secure a home point, Slovakia at home to secure three points, Slovenia away to salvage a draw and Slovakia at home gave Scotland an almost ‘respectable’ third place in the group. The fact is that they were shockingly poor and Strachan’s refusal to play the core of the Celtic team from the start of the campaign cost him dearly. What was he thinking of?

    England have a dull side who qualified, as usual, with ease. This really is not a good England side but qualifying from this group was embarrassingly easy. In fact, England have lost one of their last 48 qualifying matches which is a remarkable statistic for a team which routinely gets knocked out when faced with superior technical skills. England won’t last long in Russia.

    As for Mackay, this is a really poor decision even if it is only offered on a temporary basis. This man has more baggage than Lady Mensch packing her gear for a skiing week in Zermatt.

    As you point out, it is a part time job. No one IN WORK will want to touch it (Southgate is at the helm in England because he can’t get a Premiership club).

    Gordon Strachan was dealt a very kind hand with regard to the latest failed attempt to qualify. He played that kind hand very badly indeed and his decision not to make the Celtic players the very core of the Scotland team cost him dearly.

    Meanwhile the unaccountable officials at the SFA will debate and discuss candidates to replace Strachan for the next few months and oblivious to the fact that only the desperate and the unemployed would take the job on.

    1. ‘…his decision not to make the Celtic players the very core of the Scotland team cost him dearly’
      Perhaps it was the SFA’s decision to ‘spread the load’ among players of other teams and not ‘overstress’ (give extra experience) to Celtic players?
      Or am I too cynical?

  3. Aye, they look over to the east end with green eyes funnily enough. Celtic will have nothing to do with that lot, I hope. I’m sure the shares in Hamilton are in a trust/wife’s/sons/local lodge name. The dirty just get dirtier.

    Small donation JJ
    5592 3205 4983 XXXX

    JJ: Thank you.

  4. Malky mackay is a decent person who said sorry for his comments.

    Would you like to see him hanged at Glasgow cross.

    One of the best things about this page is it’s not pc. Please keep it that way in. Don’t let the far left fascists bully you as well ?

  5. I feel it is obvious that Brendan Rodgers and his backroom staff have all read Legacy. This seminal book outlines the culture of excellence that is embodied in the All Blacks. There are several important themes in the book. Great people make great players. No Dickheads. Character is more important than ability. The book quotes great coaches from gridiron, basketball and baseball and explores the mechanics of excellence in team play. England has more rugby players than every other country combined yet the All Blacks almost inevitably triumph. How can a country with just 2,000,000 males be so successful in our national sport? The answer is because we are professional in every respect. Every Scottish football coach should read this book.

    1. Interesting comment, so may aspects of the All Blacks that I love to watch. My Scottish dad always said ‘beware of the small man’. It was without doubt true in my times in Scotland but less so in other parts of the world. Perhaps wee Gordon needs a hug.

  6. Usual contribution made to the fighting fund. Output been stepped up a gear of late so don’t understand lack of financial support from readers. You’ve threatened a paywall so maybe its time to look at other ways to secure income? Cant afford to lose the valuable info gained from all on this site?

    JJ: Cheers KD. The King denouement becomes more interesting by the day. I have just received another piece of the jigsaw.

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