Schadenfreude is defined as a pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. The Scottish Champions, The Invincibles, were playing in Munich last night and were outplayed by an outstanding Bayern Munich team. The German champions have won the Champions League twice, most recently in May, 2013. They have won its predecessor, The European Champion Clubs’ Cup, on three occasions. They have also won the UEFA cup, and the FIFA junket Club World Cup and UEFA beano, Supercup. Celtic by contrast have won one European Club Champion Clubs’ Cup.

As the first northern European team to do so it was a truly memorable feat. Celtic had arrived. Pick up any Champions League Final programme – I have one from Wembley, 2011 (I could not afford the £250 being asked to attend the Barcelona v Manchester United final) and you will find Celtic’s achievement being acknowledged and accompanied with a photograph of Billy McNeil lifting the cup.

Having watched limousine after limousine arrive at Wembley, decanting the movers and shakers from Sony and other sponsors, I was left with the feeling that football had moved on. It was no longer the pastime of the masses, who had rushed after a Saturday morning shift at the yard or factory floor to down a few pies and pints prior to the kick-off. There were no champagne flutes and prawn sandwiches in those days.

Football has moved on. One thing that has not changed is Schadenfreude. As I sat down to watch the game in a spit and sawdust boozer on the wrong side of the tracks I was astonished to find that I was the only one cheering Wayne Rooney’s goal. The Arsenal/Spurs supporters, in a rare display of football ecumenism, were besides themselves with joy as Manchester United were soundly beaten. Messi was unplayable.

However they were not ‘crushed’ as per Tom ‘Move On‘ English’s report of the game on the BBC website. English is fast becoming my most despised journalist. He is not Chris Jack who does not know any better. English is a twice-published author on his main passion, rugby union. English’s use of ‘crushed’ was clickbait for the Govan hordes, most of whom could not spell schadenfreude but could easily smell it from the feral hatred of the lager-soaked knuckle-draggers in their midst. The Oktoberfest tents packed up on October 4th. However in Govania the oompah band was playing a passable cover of The Sash last night. Rangers Lite is such a poor facsimile of the club that is being liquidated, the cheating EBT-fuelled juggernaut that was Rangers, that the only pleasure left is celebrating Celtic reverses. When one thinks of Lite I envisage a social misfit who cannot attract a prom date, is not allowed entry as he’s too drunk and in a fit of pique pisses in the ornamental pool adjacent to the dance hall. Tom English is holding his cock and shaking it dry.

More fool me for reading anything from Radio Hunland. For a more balanced and professional analysis I reverted to Paul Brennan and the excellent Celtic Quick News (Celtic News – Not Lazy Journalism). Paul noted that Brendan Rodgers was brutally honest when reflecting on the game:

I was disappointed with the goals conceded and I was disappointed with our build-up play in the first-half. Tactically, we knew what we needed to do. We had to cope with that bit of pressure. But we conceded three poor goals. The movement and rotation and how they overload is difficult to deal with. Once they get that first goal, they get the confidence. We pressed as well as we could, but I just felt in the goals we could have been better in those moments. However, we still had good moments in the game. In the second-half, we were much better. Of course, we want to be competitive at this level, but you also have to measure the level and the quality we’re playing against. There was still a lot for us in the game, in particular after the interval, in how we built the game from behind. My players gave absolutely everything.”

Celtic could not cope with Bayern’s aerial prowess. Better teams than Celtic will suffer reverses to this slick team which marries strength and rapier-like movement. Kingsley Coman on the left flank of a 4-2-3-1 formation outshone Robben on the right despite being twelve years his junior (21 and 33 respectively). Coman has represented France at every level from Under 16s to making his first team debut in November 2015, aged 19. Gamboa was no match for him. Lustig, who was drafted into central defence with Boyata, was exposed by Muller and Lewandowski. Brown looked as if he had returned from injury too quickly, as did the ineffective Armstrong.

However this game should be put into perspective. Bayern’s squad is so rich in talent that James Rodriguez, their £45m marquee signing, could not get a first team start. Anderlecht lost 0-4 to PSG at home. Ceteris Paribus, Celtic will be playing in the Europa league next year, which is a sign of progress. Celtic fans should keep their faith in Rodgers. His team’s time will come.

As part of improving my Celtic IQ ( according to those who refer to me as the Bheast Blogger I don’t have to) I have been listening to the excellent CQN podcasts, A Celtic State of Mind. I particularly enjoyed the piece on The Quality Street Gang. Celtic supporters sing a song with a verse: ‘If you know your history‘ which resonated with me as I was clearly lacking. As Lou Macari spoke about the debt he owed to the Lisbon Lions and his humble beginnings when training on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings when he could not call himself a Celtic player, my thoughts turned to The World Club Championship matches of 1967. There are those who concur with my view that the Thrilla in Manila was the greatest heavyweight bout of all time. As Ali and Frazier went toe-to-toe at 10 a.m. on Sunday 1st October no-one knew that this would be a fight to the death. It has been described as ‘sanctioned manslaughter.’ I defy anyone to watch this bout and not have unstinting admiration for my boxing hero, Joe Frazier. It was a brutal encounter that would ultimately lead to an arrogant man being humbled by a degenerative disease and an honest man dying before his time.

The description ‘sanctioned manslaughter‘ could be applied to Celtic’s encounters with Racing Club. The third and decisive game of The World Club Championship was played on November 4, 1967, three days after the away leg in Buenos Aires. It was played in Montevideo, Uruguay, which is a four and a half hour ferry and coach trip from the Argentine capital. The so-called neutral territory resulted in a contingent of Racing’s 30,000 fans congregating outside Celtic’s hotel to keep them awake all night prior to the game.

Racing prevailed in a game that resulted in six players being sent off as Celtic fought back against the Butchers of Buenos Aires. Celtic had lobbied for a referee who would protect their players after Johnstone had suffered some of the worst assaults ever seen in the previous two games. Johnstone did not see the final whistle. Journalist Francis Thébaud (Mirroir de Football) wrote:

Johnstone, in the middle of the pitch slid the ball to Wallace and got free to receive the return. Martín without bothering about the ball, threw himself at Johnstone’s waist. Both fell and Johnstone struggled and Martín rolled on the ground as if he had been the victim of a blow. Without hesitating, Peréz [the incompetent referee]. sent Johnstone off! Thus he who had been the constant target of all the aggression since the beginning of the match became the victim of a man whose aim was to protect the footballer against the fakers and the foulers. For my part, I have never seen such a staggering decision.”

This game should never have been played. Racing players were intent on maiming the Celtic players. Chairman Bob Kelly was against the team playing and was minded for heading straight home after the second leg. Manager Jock Stein was of the opinion that Celtic could and would win, though not necessarily in Montevideo three days later. Desmond White asserted that:

We couldn’t stop without the replay as we had spent so much money on this trip so far.”

Celtic demanded guarantees for their security and a change of referee; in retrospect, even these conditions were too little. (Source associated press).

As Racing began a lap of honour, the Uruguayan supporters in the stadium threw everything they could lay their hands on to convey their anathema that the butchers had prevailed. The Racing players had to huddle in the centre circle out of reach of the missiles.

Billy McNeil, showing grace under the fire of some of the worst excesses ever seen on a football pitch, humbly shook hands with a Racing player and exchanged his shirt.

Celtic supporters this morning should not get too bogged down by the Bayern defeat. There have been darker days. There is a League Cup Semi-Final to look forward to on Saturday. I hope that Billy McNeil, who gave so much for Celtic, has a good day.











29 thoughts on “Schadenfreude”

  1. Ewan Murray is imho, harsh in his choice of words,but he is consistent.

    He didn’t hold back when Sevco failed to make Progres in Europe.

    He’s Hearts through and through.

    Where I most definitely disagree with him (as do Hearts fans) is on title-stripping

  2. ‘However this game should be put into perspective. Bayern’s squad is so rich in talent that James Rodriguez, their £45m marquee signing, could not get a first team start. Anderlecht lost 0-4 to PSG at home. Ceteris Paribus, Celtic will be playing in the Europa league next year, which is a sign of progress. Celtic fans should keep their faith in Rodgers. His team’s time will come.’

    I look forward to your weekly blog highlighting the disparity in finances between celtic and every other team in the SPL, whilst you drool over the ‘invincibles’.

    1. Celtic have just ensured a payment of 360,000 plus to all the other teams in the SPL JJ is correct Brendan Rodgers will have a team worthy of playing in Europe It is not the fault of Celtic that the other teams do not have their resources Do you think Celtic should come down to their level ? I didnt hear much of the so called ” disparity ” when the Oldco was winning everything by, as we now know, cheating the taxman and by that everyone who paid to watch a football match in this era

    2. Billy you are trying too hard to hide your mind set. it is a known fact Celtic have created their own wealth. even when been attacked by David Murray and the bank of Scotland’s management team. To describe Celtic as having more money than rangers is nice, and that you appreciate that in Scotland, the money you can get from winning the league helps keep the wolf away from the door

  3. Anyone could see that Celtic were largely outclassed last night but even so The commentary of Rob McLean on BTSPORT was utterly despicable.
    As someone who played football to an acceptable standard I pride myself on being able to be objective on what I’m seeing…but Rob’s commentary was incessant in deriding and denigrating Celtic at every turn.
    It was very obvious that he resides with the “anyone but Celtic” brigade.

    1. Would rob McLean get away with commentating like that .if he was describing the UK athletics team, when up against the USA or such like, I though you had to have patriotism to your own country’s team . after all we do not need to give our support to BT sport and they should be made aware of it happening .Celtic fans know the score but we do not need it described as if we are playing a team that no one knows about.

      1. Ditto…..but watched in silence instead. Only downside was the The Boss in the other room could hear all my comments directed at the screen!!!

  4. Celtic have more money than the rest of Scottish League clubs because they are a bigger club than the rest. But the club generates its own money, unlike the huge clubs we meet in Europe, which receive massive sums from TV and sponsorship because of the size of country they happen to play in, not anything intrinsic to them as clubs.

    There is absolutely nothing unfair or untoward about Celtic’s domestic dominance, unlike the cheating and chicanery of the club’s dead rivals who could only compete with Celtic by doing so.

    Small clubs like Chelsea and PSG and previously under-performing ones like Man City have become super clubs because they have been bought by oligarchs or royal families, not because of history or fan base. Football has changed irrevocably — and not for the better — over the past 25 years. Billy Hoyle might be having a good day so he should enjoy it. It’s likely to be the only sporting pleasure he enjoys for a while..

    Celtic will continue to enjoy domestic dominance and look forward to a day when we can once again compete with the super clubs. The day might never dawn but we will continue to strive fairly and within our means to achieve it.

    1. Well said – couldn’t agree more. If Celtic could somehow find a way out of Scotland’s corrupt, bigotted football set-up and into England’s lucrative league then it would be a game changer for us. Once the big money came on stream and we could compete financially with the top clubs, then I believe we would more than hold our own.

  5. Billy Hoyle, so it was ok when rangers (in liquidation) were cheating HMRC and lying to the SFA, but now it’s Glasgow Celtic who are legally winning our league you are greeting like a wee wane. Away and dry your eyes man. You really can sense the bitterness from this joke of a man.

  6. That was a terrific read; really well constructed and it brought to mind some memories.
    The “grace” shown by Billy McNeil, and the true heart of most football supporters in expressing their disgust of Racing Club, leaves Celtic as the stars of the show, which they most certainly were. We neither need nor want ‘phoney trinkets’; just those truly earned, and the World Club Championship of 1967, in the minds of all decent fans of football is ours. On merit.
    I hope you’re doing well and I will try to find a wee extra contribution towards all your hard work and incisive reporting of facts regarding Scottish football and also what you do in a much wider context. Without champions like yourself, we’re all fucked. Well done and keep it up.
    PS, I tick the boxes but don’t get new comments without re-visiting the site. Any idea?

  7. GER57 on 19TH OCTOBER 2017 1:04 PM
    Peter Hain has written to the Chancellor demanding an investigation into money laundering from South Africa via Hong Kong. 2 major banks and an international accountancy firm have sacked staff believed to be involved. I wonder if the South African based chairman of a quintessentially British football club (courtesy of Phil Mac) is awaiting a knock on his door.

    This story will be investigated by real journalists, not our Ibrox facing MSM.

  8. Celtic’s day may come but it will be in the second tier of European football, they will be able to compete in the Europa league, however the financial disparity between them and the financial elite will ensure them being unable to offer serious competition in the Champions league.
    Domestically they are a big fish in a small pond, the one team capable of challenging them self destructed whilst the tribute act look to be heading in the same direction.
    Viewing last night’s game It was obvious that Celtic got off lightly, the score flattered them, now that is not a criticism but an honest view of the difference in quality.
    Celtic are a wealthy club,(through having a massive fan base and being properly run) but are suffering in Europe the same way other clubs suffer domestically i.e. insufficient cash to buy players of compatible quality.

  9. Really enjoying these blogs, re the Racing games, interesting to read in Yogi’s Book his take on the Ronnie Simpson incident in the second match when he was hit by a missile.
    As you mentioned about the Racing “fans” throwing missiles at their own players in the third game, Yogi reckoned that in the second game with the distance the fence was from the playing surface, there was no way the missile could have come from the terracing, but rather it would have to have been someone near or on the pitch e.g. a photographer.
    If that was the case it would have been even more despicable than coming from their knuckle dragging fans, and Celtic should have walked off the park and packed up and went home as soon as Ronnie was injured.

  10. Billy Bigbaws Hoyle… how many games have the rainjurs in different entities won in the European cup or champions league,not a match fur the tic m8,yes we have succumbed to some heavy defeats but at least we try and play the game in the proper way…….Hamesssssssss Rodrigues is worth more than our squad m8….and he was a sub…and…..scottish clubs have just been given more money this year from Uefa(because of Celtics EndeavourS} than they get from their own football league In prize money,three quarters of a million from celtics involvement over two years to each and every club….keeping some clubs heads above water…and they call it a solidarity payment….so where is the solidarity then from the likes of steven craigan

  11. Could Ashley be on his way back , there have been several clandestine attempts to bring big Mike back to the table , now George taylor has many contacts in Hong Kong and China and if he could find a buyer for Newcastle big Mike would be free to take a majority shareholding in sevco once King is out the picture, the fact that the vast majority of fans of the govan side have no time for him or his retail arm wouldn’t stop Ashley if there is money to be made , the fans on Tyneside felt the same and he didn’t bat an eyelid ,,,,Celtic beware

    1. This comment is so ill-informed and wide of the mark that I suspect that you’re trolling. Ashley wants nothing to do with Rangers Lite, hence his decision to sell his shares. If you are clinging to Ashley to save Lite then your desperation is undermining your ability to think things through.

      1. Not my style jj , I maybe over thinking , but you’ve got me wrong , my allegiance is to the club in the east end of glasgow

  12. JJ, you forgot to mention that Ronnie Simpson was struck with a missile before kick off in Argentina and John Fallon had to take his place.
    Away goal rule wasn’t in place in those days otherwise Celts would have been world champs.
    If you watch the Athletico Madrid European Cup semi final first leg game in 1974 in Glasgow the Spaniards, with an Argentinian manager and several Argie players, made the Racing players look like angels.
    The tackles on Jinky in particular were nothing short of assault.They shared the fouls around so that only 3 were sent off, another one and the ref would have had to abandon the game and Celtic would have been awarded the tie 3-0, instead of the goalless draw that played out.
    Watch the u tube highlights, worst brutality I’ve ever seen on the field of play. Jinky was bruised from the chest down and to rub salt into the wound was threatened with death by sniper in the away leg which was lost 2-0 to a gang of thugs.

  13. Wonderful piece JJ and I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding T.E. I despise him equally and I’m Irish. He is so typical of the Terry Wogan type Irish emigrants who have at times referred to themselves as “we British”. Absolutely intolerable type of person.

  14. Billy should seek solace in the Nimmo-sham conclusion that despite Celtic’s wonderful financial position, there can be no derived ‘Sporting Advantage’ when spending millions more than your poor competitors. Suck it up Billy.

    1. Sporting advantage has now been acknowledged by Regan when he encouraged any high net worth individual to step up to the plate and subsidise the salary of the new Scotland manager as more money will attract a calibre of manager that otherwise the SFA couldn’t afford……sound familiar?
      As an aside has anyone ever had a reply from Regan on any subject?
      We know he’s a very busy man, keeping all those plates spinning is an art form.
      As he’s never retracted his statement that the ‘ wee tax bill’ had not crystalised at the UEFA cut off date then we have to assume that is still his position.
      In order to kill the conspiracy theories around the awarding of a UEFA licence, including allegations of a criminal offence, why doesn’t Stuey make public the HMRC documentation supporting his claim……simples eh Stuey?
      As a regular attendee at Scottish football it makes my blood boil that the former bestest administrator of Yorkshire cricket refuses to answer the simplest of questions concerning our national game.
      A cynic might think that he has something to hide!
      Currently I’ve taken to copying in the Scottish Sports Minister when I email Stuey.
      Is she totally unaware of the lack of governance within our game?
      What does she know about the fraudulent UEFA licence application?
      Is she aware that those involved are still in situ and some of them have actually climbed the greasy pole?
      What about the scandalous lack of drug testing in our game. Is Scottish football the only sport in the world where performance enhancing drugs are not in use?
      The national team has failed again, the national stadium is a disgrace.
      How can anyone trust an organisation that ignores its fan base and is incapable of organising a simple cup draw without it turning into high farce, not for the first time mind you!
      Then we have the scandal of thousands of coaches and club officials operating at every level of Scottish football without going through basic checks.
      What happened to the intetnet fan survey launched several months ago by our football authirities…..are the results too embarrassing to be made public even allowing for the soft nature of the questions posed?
      So come on Stuey, lets see the HMRC correspondence that backs up your UEFA licence assertion, oh and perchance if you can’t find it speak to Broaders as I have an email from him going back a few years clearly stating that the UEFA licence application was squeaky clean so he may well have the HMRC paperwork in his filing system.
      Is it too much to ask that our football authorities have the highest standards or is that a pipedream?

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