Bruno Alves – A Legacy of Thuggery

Is it beyond the gift of the SMSM to acknowledge that Motherwell deservedly won a game of football on Sunday?  Is it not within their purview to congratulate Motherwell for progressing to a League Cup Final meeting with Celtic on November 26?  As I watched every kick of the ball at Hampden on Sunday, and a fly deliberate kick by aging thug Alves ( who reminds me of an over-the-hill pub player who has had too many lock-ins) on Moult, I am astonished by the churlishness of the Glasgow-facing media.

The fact that the hapless hacks were denied the opportunity to salivate over an ‘Old Firm‘ final like rabid dogs should not have led to a blanket ban on plaudits for the plucky ‘Steelers.’  Moult’s second goal was a thing of beauty. It was almost as if time stood still as he lifted the ball over Alnwick. As soon as the ball left his boot everyone knew it was net-bound. In a matter of seconds there was a sense of heightened anticipation and then the ecstasy of knowing that Motherwell were almost there. One nil was a precarious lead that could have been nullified by a wayward decision. Two nil was decisive.


In a previous piece I added a comment with a video of Alves attempting to decapitate Harry Kane. He used the opportunity of a high ball as a pretext for a flying drop kick to Kane’s head. This is how far this aging cheating thug will go to win a game of football. Alves received a straight red. He should have been arrested for assault.

For Alves of all people to suggest that Motherwell played anti-football was almost Shakespearean in its sense of irony. Does Alves believe that having a kick at his opponent is all part and parcel of the regulation game? If Alves wants to be acquainted with anti-football he should have a look at The Cardigan’s run to a UEFA Second Tier final in Manchester, 2008. Have a look at two non-scoring draws in the Semi Finals and how Smith’s team failed to register in the final. He might also have a look at Rangers fans appearing on Crimewatch, attempting to kick a police officer to death and defecating in the streets. They caused more damage than the Luftwaffe did during the Second World War. Lite’s lack of Progrès this season is a boon for all European capital cities and towns.


Over in the East End of the city another award for their fans from FIFA is on its way to Celtic Park. The best behaved support in Scottish football are welcomed wherever they travel. However it should be noted that they are occasionally let down by the flare-wielding Green Brigade who think that they are the beating heart of the club. On the day of the FIFA award a remittance from UEFA was not in any way congratulatory.

I digress. The Scottish hacks had spent the entire week prior to the game hanging on Primark Pedro’s every word. There were tales of how his squad had improved during the Internationals break. There was talk of addictions to winning, wrapped in a blood-soaked metaphor. All that was missing was some sanitary ware from Armitage Shanks and how good the stools were after a world-class breakfast.

Motherwell were well and truly written off. It was good to see a team assembled for a fraction of the Qatari-owned team put so many noses out of joint, including Cardoso’s.

Alves can either take his medicine tonight or miss out on a much more testing game against Hearts on Saturday. The bounce game against Kilmarnock will not require his special talent for off the ball assaults. Four goals without reply is my prediction for this game. Alves can afford to sit this one out.

Meanwhile at Pittodrie, Celtic’s sixty game unbeaten run will be put to it’s most severe stress testing since the Scottish Cup Final meeting of Scotland’s best two clubs. It should be a cracker. Who needs the Brian Rix Farce in Govan when there’s a prestigious game at Pittodrie?


13 thoughts on “Bruno Alves – A Legacy of Thuggery”

  1. Could Pedro’s comment about ‘blood’ be construed/designed to tap into the Klan’s penchant for the Billy Fullerton song?

    Just a thought

  2. That Rangers statement reeks of soothing balms and excuses for the support. It was a physical game – Bowman is thuggish and Moult a handful. But a footballing team would have won through. Bowmans assault on Tierney earlier in the season amongst a host of agricultural challenges being a case in point. Alves was as guilty as anyone on the pitch and it seems more sour grapes that he was pulled up for it. I do agree the referee was weak and allowed both teams away with too much. A statement that resorts to whataboutery rather than justification is insightful about whether the player overstepped the mark or not.

    Good stuff recently JJ. Having worked for certain Qatari gentlemen in the past myself this may sound self-serving, but tarring all funds and persons from that state with the same may be unfair. Morality and fiduciary duties often conflict and I don’t think there’s many who’d refuse to do business with Qatar in general on a point of principle.

  3. If everything is all above board regarding the Qatar business, why is being kept secret?

    No doubt all will be revealed in the long-awaited audited accounts.
    I’m sure that they will be as detailed and transperent as they usually are.

    I thought they would have been revealed this week, but maybe Mr Moult unwittingly put them on hold.

    1. I’m not sure it will, they’ll probably push the signing costs into the next financial year thus postponing the revealing of the truth. They can wriggle and wriggle but eventually it will all catch up. Think the accounts have to be out by end of October so they can hold their AGM.

  4. If your accusations about Qatari money are correct and I have no reason to doubt them, then rules are not only being bent but broken beyond all repair. If Pedro’s job is safe because of finance tagged onto his contract from outside sources, then where will it all end? Could they possibly get rid of him and risk a call in of any monies owed that they don’t have.

    Can we expect our authorities to at least have a look under the bonnet or is that too much to expect. Where has the change in attitude towards Pedro come from. Has Jabba given the nod to Jackson et al to undermine Pedro in order to get rid with as little compensation as possible aka Warburton.

  5. Oh what a tangled web we weave.. when first we practice to deceive.

    Small donation sent
    Ref xxxxxxx26700C

    JJ: Noted with thanks Jamie.

  6. JJ, apologies for my absence this month both financially and comments-wise. Not a reflection on you at all, your output has been prodigious and of the now expected high quality consistently. The Qatari revelation the other day was quite something and I am intrigued to see how that plays out, esp if PC gets his anticipated jotters shortly – I agree with you about tonight though, seems unlikely.

    Have just made the usual monthly donation there now but will double this up on Friday which will be pay day for me. Apologies again but keep up the good fight sir! Cheers,


    JJ: Great to have you back TS. I cannot thank you and The Mensch enough for your generosity. Cheers buddy.

  7. An excellent report of the Rangers v Motherwell match. As you know, I rarely get to watch Scottish football matches and I certainly don’t access the Scottish media for sports reports. Balanced journalism coupled with insight is utterly absent.

    But today, I took the Scottish edition of The Times. Michael Grant writes for The Times. Michael is Sports Feature Writer of the Year. Michael reads this site.

    Today, Michael had a full page article describing some of the troubles at Ibrox. His headline was “Rangers’ structure is the problem”. Not Pedro (well, not really). Not a lack of funds (but that was implied). Nope. Michael is asserting that the REAL problems at Rangers stem from a lack of leadership at board level and a club which is incapable of making the right decisions based on logic, experience and professionalism coupled with standards of excellence (ok, the last bits were my words. Michael wouldn’t be so expressive).

    Well, his article is several years too late. We predicted this outcome years ago when debating the Ibrox fiasco on the LSE share site. We have been debating this very issue regularly on this site of excellence for the past TWO years. These debates are backed up by facts and terrific insights.

    And now we have THIS. An award winning Scottish journalist reporting that there are structural corporate problems at Rangers and that the club is desperately short on leadership.

    Michael, dear chap, you are several years late with your exclusive. Stay tuned to this site to find out what’s going on.

    Pathetic stuff.

  8. Just another day at the office for Celtic.

    Taking apart their strongest rivals away from home so clinically tells me this:

    1. It’s a second domestic treble year.
    2. It’s a second invincible year.
    3. No domestic team in Scotland can beat Celtic.
    4. Celtic have evolved beyond the Scottish game.
    5. The six guys on the bench underpin a strength and depth to the squad beyond the finances of all others. Add Ryan Christie to his parent club and it’s just ridiculously one sided in every match.

  9. JJ,

    Given the shenanigans that went on at Ibrox tonight do you think Brian Rix would want his reputation ruined by having anything to do with the place?

    Pedro must stay. Save our Pedro.

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