Ryan Jack – The Thug’s Apprentice

Matchday ten of this season’s Scottish Premiership told us all we needed to know about the destination of this year’s title. For one hour last night Celtic were unplayable. Aberdeen, who would have fancied their chances prior to this match, were brushed aside by a team firing on all cylinders. Scotland’s Young Player of the Year for the past two seasons, Kieran Tierney, scored the pick of three goals. His interlink play with provider, Dembele, was a joy to behold for the travelling support, particularly when their roles were reversed when the Celtic marksman netted. By the time Dembele added his second, his fourth in two games, the seventh successive title loomed large in the minds of the travelling support.

This was Celtic’s biggest test. They passed it with flying colours, stretching their unbeaten domestic run to a remarkable sixty-one games. The balance of probability suggests that they won’t emulate last season’s unbeaten treble-winning feat, but who is going to stop them?

It won’t be Rangers Lite. Primark Pedro was so bereft of players that he played Alves. If this unreconstructed thug’s red card is rescinded then the review panel would have to be on the take. Hearts must be licking their lips about playing against Lite’s soft centre on Saturday at Murrayfield. Ceteris Paribus Lite will slip down from fourth place to fifth which was where I predicted they would finish this season. Motherwell, who proved conclusively that they are a better side than Lite on Sunday, moved into third place. Hibs who prevailed in the only ‘Old Firm’ derby that counts, given that Hearts were not liquidated, will have their eyes fixed on Lite’s current fourth position.

In more bad news for the Qatari No Stars, Pena was dropped from the squad completely and mouthy thug’s apprentice Ryan Jack was sent off again after referee Alan Muir consulted his linesman. The last time Jack was sent off at The Sectarian Speakeasy it spawned a petition.

They love nothing more than a petition in the micro-borough of Govania. After an unsuccessful lobby to gain official recognition of the regional titles won by the WWII shirkers – they’ll do anything for 55 – they turned their attention to referees.

Their former club benefitted from some of the most bent refereeing imaginable, with the cheating so blatant during the Struth era and the WWII years that it was a waste of time turning up. There is now a clamour to revert to the corrupt mores of old at the new club. They have rather surprisingly focused their wrath on John Beaton. Their change.org ad is as follows:

End The Anti-Rangers Views Amongst Referees In Scotland!

We are fed up with anti-Rangers refereeing that is happening way too often. So we have gone to the SFA to complain, the thing is we need as many signatures as possible to get them to act. The situation, with Mr John Beaton refereeing, against Hibs on the 12/08/17 was the final straw. We want the SFA to completely wipe it out and impose large sanctions on these corrupt referees that do it not just to our club but many others who may also face these type of unfair actions that are further damaging the Scottish game.”

This was evidently not written by the brightest spark in Govania. The search party for the missing village idiot can stand down. It might surprise many that this petition has solicited 5,000 signatures. If one could bottle delusion it would be a best seller on Edmiston Drive. Beaton had the audacity to send off Ryan Jack.

I would be surprised if Jack had been sent off for a push. Was an anti-Irish epithet aimed at Stokes the rationale for Beaton’s decision? Was Jack removed for his repeated attempts to assault a Hibs player? Jack’s red card was rescinded on appeal. Beaton found himself in charge of a Championship fixture in his next outing as a referee. This is considered as a punishment detail.

Will the petition go into overdrive given Jack’s latest dismissal or will the village idiot wise-up to the fact that Jack is a malcontent who would cause trouble in a vacuum? What about Booby Madden. Are his honest mistakes, which always favour the Ibrox club, acceptable? Perhaps one should revert to his Wikipedia listing:

Honest refereeing must be so rare at the ramshackle ‘Big Hoose‘ that it sticks in the craw of 5,000 of the dimmest fans in world football. They have a board led by a career criminal, limping by from loan to loan with players bought by a Qatari factor, and all they have to complain about is John Beaton?

What about the imposter at Murray Park, who is evidently adept at money laundering but cannot muster up a team to beat the club languishing at the bottom of the league?

By all means focus on John Beaton like good Gullibillies as your new club slips inexorably out of a UEFA place and settles for mid-table mediocrity.


25 thoughts on “Ryan Jack – The Thug’s Apprentice”

  1. Do these people have no shame? Having ridden roughshod over the rules for many years, having lied and cheated and been supported by the man in the middle of the park for decades, they now have the audacity to whinge and moan when it no longer always goes their way.

    They have got away with all the self inflicted wounds and persistent cheating, supported by the incompetence of the SFA and SPFL. You would think that they might have a word with themselves and wind their necks in a bit, but no, not these bigoted and delusional twats.

    They are destroying themselves again through their own arrogance and it is richly deserved. For me the demise can’t come soon enough.

    Scottish football will be better without their poison, contrary to the ramblings of Mr Souness, who was, is and will remain, an arsehole.

  2. Is the plight of the ‘Liquidation Deniers’ real evidence that their really is a God. You can’t put out so much bile and hatred without it coming back to bite you on the bum.

  3. An Exteaordinary meeting of Sevco Rangers Directors today with a view to sacking Pedro.

    The impact of SMSM high expectation lies on Gullibillies. Jabba’s double edged sword.

    Manager given one transfer window and sacked before he can gel a team after five years of poor management.

    Who can help the next guy? Who would be dumb enough to take it?

    1. I predict they are acting for show. He will be given longer and fans asked to show “patience”.

      It’s simply too costly to offload him.

      Any new guy needs to sack Kenny Miller out of there. Get him in the office and tell him he doesn’t figure in your plans.

  4. slight thoughts on the penalty got last night in stoppage time from referee Alan Muir.
    it was a goal kick that was intercepted by Candeias just inside the Killie 18 yeard box when he was foulded… are goal kicks not supposed travel out side the box first before they are in play? otherwise why did the referee not insist on a retake of the goal kick!! also the Jack incident, he was right beside the incident when it happened but initially “only” give him a yellow card, then on advice from a linesman who was further away from the incident than he was, he then issued a red!! a very bizarre final 3 minutes at Ibrox last night and not just by the players!!!

    1. The goal kick should have been retaken. No penalty. The fact that it was saved was justice seen to be done. What part of a punch, followed by a kick, did die-hard hun Muir think warranted only a yellow. He knew it was a red but delegated responsibility to his assistant as his ‘out’.

      1. Looking at the replay several times it looks like the ball did clear the penalty area (just). I’m not convinced it was a foul though. Candieas appears to jump into the air before there is any contact at all

  5. I am an avid reader of this site. The forensic analysis, the up to the minute disecting of current affairs of Scottish Football. The unique, informed perspective. The other articles on certain issues. The consistent exclusives from an unrivalled network, the notable contributions fro intelligent well informed posters. All very commendable and then there is the quote from DadfromGarngad – “Mr Souness, who was, is and will remain, an arsehole” Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant!! 🙂

    1. Really? If this was known last night why not break it as an exclusive. I get the distinct impression that the so-called go-to-guy has been caught cold by this announcement and is engaging in revisionism. I deal in facts. I revealed he was going on Monday. Others write novels.

  6. I’m pretty sure Sevco will try to entice McInnes down from Aberdeen.
    Derek was actually wearing a poppy on the touchline in last night’s game against the Invincibles.
    The biggest “come & get me” call since Melania flashed her vitals stats at Donaldo.

    Just as Christmas adverts for Old Spice and new socks are getting earlier ever year, it seems that poppies are flowering earlier year on year.

  7. If only the players were as fast as the chairman as he sprinted through the waiting reporters with never a word said. So much for communication!

  8. Wouldn’t put it past the media here to give it big that Carlo Ancelotti is the numero uno candidate for the gig. Rascals that they are.

  9. Ok ok! I think don’t shoot the messenger applies here.

    My first post and shot down in flames.

    I read four sites daily, three of them Celtic specific and yours.

    Unwaged atm, but more than happy to set up recurring donation once I’m back working.

    Really enjoy your daily articles and some of the comments make for great reading.

    Keep it up if you can bud.


  10. Even if it did, it’s fair to say that the dynamics around that “decision” are exponential…
    Did Muir consciously (and instantly) evaluate that the ball had to leave the box, DID leave the box, and then instantaneously determine that a foul and by extension a penalty was the correct award? or was he simply shoehorning the circumstance to fit the award?
    Very small margins are required for a skilled cheat with subjective licence…the subtle but distinct difference between observation and witnessing infringements and that of looking for them.
    You see them all the time…defensive free-kicks when a dangerous corner is coming in, soft penalty at the other end for everyday contact in the box.

  11. Hey JJ

    I had to laugh at the Laptop Loyal today – apparently the GASL is willing to fork out “substantial” compensation to ensure that Sevco get the “right man”. He is also willing to provide a “substantial” transfer kitty in Jan.

    Funny – I thought that only a fortnight ago, his lawyer was telling the Court of Session that he was “penniless”.

    What a farce.

    Although Pedro was clearly useless, I think King and co only fired him because the fans were at breaking point. I don’t think Pedro was any Paul LeGuen who chose to leave with no compo because he knew he had the ability to get another (better) job.

    I’m sure that Pedro and his team will hold out for everything they’re entitled to (3 months, 6 months?). I’m pretty sure that the next manager for Sevco will either be available for free or very cheap.

    I just don’t see them having the dosh to pay out Caixinha and his team as well as compo for another manager. There is the added complication that Caixinha has left them with a lot of second rate players that they have no chance of getting their money back on.

    BTW – do you know when the deadline for publishing the “audited” accounts is?

    Keep up the good work.

    Donation made 7B269625GV872xxxx


    1. First of all my thanks for a much needed and gratefully received contribution. I have it on good authority that Pedro is only entitled to three month’s salary as a severance payment but that six months is on the table if he signs an NDA. The board don’t want the Qatari arrangement to see the light of day. They should have offered me an NDA, which I would have published as I laughed in their faces. It never fails to amaze me how stupid these fans are. Would one have to hire a crop duster aeroplane to fly over Ibrox dispensing ground coffee beans for them to wake up?

  12. Alan Muirs father,with no shame and witnessed by quite a few people uttered that his son when in charge of any Celtic games “wouldn,t give these fenian bastards anything”,shows you the level of these “peepil”.

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