RANGERS Football Club announce today (Thursday, October 26, 2017) that Pedro Caixinha has left the Club. The decision to part company with Pedro was taken after careful consideration and the search for a new manager will begin immediately. Pedro was appointed in March this year but results have been disappointing and not commensurate with the level of investment that was made available. Graeme Murty, head development squad coach, will take charge of the first-team in the interim, just as he did earlier this year. The priority is to appoint a new manager as quickly as possible, but the Board will take as much time as is necessary to secure the right person capable of representing Rangers and providing the brand of football supporters rightly expect. We, the Board, appreciate this is a difficult time for all Rangers supporters and we thank you for your patience and know Graeme and the players will receive your full backing in the days ahead.We thank Pedro and his backroom staff for their efforts and commitment and wish them well for the future.”

There is one obvious flaw in the official statement. Charles Green renamed his basket of assets The Rangers Football Club. RFC PLC, renamed RFC 2012 Ltd, is being liquidated.

However there has been so much misinformation on Pedro, primarily from a Donegal-based blogger who is so clearly out of the loop that he is making things up, that many who hang on his every word don’t know their proverbial arse from their elbow. This is the individual who asserted that the board could not afford to dismiss Pedro. Having been caught out in a fat lie he then provides some creative prose to suggest that he has been in the loop all along.

If one wishes to know what’s really going on, if one wishes to read analysis predicated on facts, there are only a few places to go: The Celtic Blog/On Fields of Green, both by James Forrest, and Paul & David’s excellent Celtic Quick News. New kid on the block Celtic News Now is eminently readable. Sites like SFM hang on Phil’s every word and are therefore discounted despite the fact that one of their number, Easyjambo, is eloquent and informed.

One of my sources, who formerly ran the show at Rangers Lite, wrote to me this morning to suggest that interim manager Graeme Murty should look to his own development squad to build a team. I can see the attraction of this approach save one fatal flaw. This approach would require patience which is a trait in short supply on Edmiston Drive. David Edgar, a Rangers supporter who runs his own video-pod, is unequivocal in his statement that Rangers Lite supporters are not patient. One can find his latest broadcast on CQN. A word to the wise. As seems to be the case with most Lite bloggers there is the ubiquitous use of a four letter word beginning with C.

When considering a new Lite manager it’s easier to discount those that are unsuitable than to present a cogent shortlist to replace Pedro. At the top of my unsuitable list is Ally McCoist who called his chums at The Sun to throw his hat into the ring. The following list is from a man who has the best Rangers connections bar none. He and all of my sources are automatically conferred anonymity.


This man is delusional on so many fronts viz

1. He was an atrocious manager.
2. He is notoriously unreliable.
3. He screwed the Club he loved for a huge sum of money whilst tending his garden.
4. He lied to Chairman and fellow Freemason David Somers at the AGM that his votes (proxied to East Kilbride Loyal ) would be cast for Somers.
5. His references to Walter and Souness ignore the EBT scandal.
6. He continually fed King confidential information and is one of the chief plotters who ushered in the disastrous King regime.
7. When a new board and shareholders inevitably take over McCoist will be shunned and his true role revealed. He is a snake.”

Would The Constant Gardiner and his horticultural friend be the ideal ticket at Ibrox?

It’s important at this juncture to note number four on my confidante’s list. When a Freemason makes an undertaking to another Freemason, his word is his bond. This basic premise underpins Freemasonry. McCoist did not care that he would screw over the craft to maintain his position as Rangers manager. He betrayed the board to King to save his own bloated neck.

Number five on my correspondent’s list rightly discounts both Souness and Smith who frankly should both be behind bars for accepting EBT bungs. Not that BBC Scotland minds as any former Rangers manager/player is a friend of the senior management who were appointed by the late Peter Thomson (whose recruitment policy was from the sectarian Ibrox school of thought) and his successor Ulsterman Malcolm Kellard. Thomson had always been suspected of Ibrox affiliations, but when a technical fault prevented the broadcast of the second-half highlights of Celtic’s 7-1 defeat of Rangers in the League Cup final of 1957, he became known thereafter as ‘Blue Peter‘ among Celtic fans.

One of my readers, an Aberdeen fan, also wrote to me this morning to inform me that he attended the Aberdeen v Celtic game on Wednesday evening. He stated that the masterclass by Celtic was inordinately dispiriting. Would McInnes sup from The Loving Cup at The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive? Would he be of a mind that he has taken Aberdeen as far as he can and that he would relish a fresh challenge?

McInnes is a Scottish Cup Final win away from a lucrative English Championship position. His team was very close in last year’s final. There is no reason to discount a deep run in this season’s Scottish Cup. Even teams deemed to be invincible can have off days, particularly when nursing a European hangover.

I will miss the bombast of Mourinho’s mannequin. He was comedy gold. His madcap musings were a throwback to Spike Milligan’s surreal comedy Q. Even as he was being ushered out the door he was protesting that he had always been a Rangers supporter and that he bled blue. Too much bombast not enough bite.

Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace took one look at Pedro and quickly dismissed him. They knew that he was an imposter. Soon everyone knew that he was an imposter. Caixinha reacted by banishing Miller from the first team and banning Lee Wallace from attending the game on Wednesday evening. Is Pedro so thin-skinned that he could not countenance Wallace rolling his eyes at his latest team’s misadventure?

Only those out of a job, or in a dead-end job, would be interested in succeeding Pedro. The attitude of Pena, who thinks training is a voluntary activity, is indicative of a mindset that he is only in it for the money. Alves is a thug who has been found out. With three red cards Ryan Jack evidently does not have the temperament to play at Ibrox.

The Qatari-owned players have their own agenda. Any new manager will require a command of Portuguese, or the services of a translator. These players have one eye on the English Premiership.

So would the new manager do well to dispose of malcontents Miller and Wallace? The latter could be sold to Warburton at Nottingham Forest for just north of £1m in the January window. Miller could also be released.

However with so few credible options would it surprise anyone if Miller was given the nod, or at the very least he was appointed as assistant to the head coach?

Pedro spoke of being a solid second to Celtic and winning a cup. Having lost on Sunday and dropping to fourth in the title race on Wednesday, his ball was on the slates.

He will be best remembered as the man who faced up to his critics from the shrubbery; and the man who arranged £10m of soft investment from an ISIL supporter. Quite a legacy.







37 thoughts on “Denial”

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    1. I said yesterday that some fool would come out and say the new manager would reap great results with the current Sevco squad just like Brendan Rodgers.

      Cue Alastair Johnston. It’s their only line of spin as they’ve no money to offload and buy new.

      But the truth is that Rodgers has brought in about ten guys. So Johnstone’s Logic is deeply flawed.

      Why is Johnstone involved at all? Is this his level of contribution to lite?

      1. Rodgers recruits:
        2 Goalies
        Patrick Roberts

        There’s 12. Others have arrived and gone quietly. Johnston talking crap. Managers need transfer windows and to recruit their players. TRFC need to finance that. If that’s the way they’re thinking then the next guy is being set up for failure.

    2. Absolutely JJ.

      Never been a fan of Phil so well said. Can’t wait to see who ultimately is appointed, my money is on one of the many RRMs down on their luck / anticipating EBT repayment financial Armageddon; perhaps a combination of a couple of them. It really won’t matter, neither Pep nor the real Mourinho could do much with that squad, which I now wouldn’t be surprised to see finish 6th or worse. They REMAIN well and truly fucked and I for one maintain my hope they they disappear again very soon – this time forever.

      As promised the other day, further donation just made as it’s pay day. Enjoy a few cold ones on me sir. Cheers, TS.

      JJ: The siren call of a cold one will not be ignored. Cheers TS.

    3. JJ,

      Donation made, PayPal ref 4AW56879YH394783R, tried to do F&F payment but couldn’t go through for some reason/

      Articles have been excellent over the last month,

      Stay safe and keep up the good work


      JJ: Thank you.

  2. All of thePedro merde pile sits at the feet of King and his Board.

    Celtic hired Brendan Rodgers. New Rangers hired Pedro.

    Celtic earned more Euro money for New Rangers than New Rangers earned for itself.

    The Sevco Board are bad gamblers. The new manager gamble won’t pay off. There’s several reasons why it won’t pay off; first off the players are only here due to Pedro. They’re his guys. Then there’s the impatience of fans. A new manager has one transfer window. Alastair Johnston suggests no transfer window required. Emphasising why he shouldn’t be in football. Then there’s the questionable board and the competence of King, Murray and Johnston…. all guilty of killing off Rangers FC. Then there’s lack of money and large indebtedness. And on and On….
    McInnes has second place secured as his own plus a stab at a cup. Why throw it away to join Sevco and do the dirty on Aberdeen? His reputation as a thinker will increase if he knocks them back again. The Sevco shambles proves he got it right first time.

    1. Good point on McInnes.
      He’s got TRFC humped, they’re a shambles, why join them?
      English clubs want a thinker. Not a befuddled mind.
      Second to Celtic two years running, beating TRFC, is a good cv.
      English clubs want managers who commit and don’t walk away to high risk nonsense. McInnes’ commitment to Dons demonstrates a maturity much sought after by serious clubs. Walking to TRFC seriously damages his reputation.

      1. Pedantic Corner…

        I believe that Roberts, Boyata and Bailey (if that is the other goalie) were all at Celtic before Brendan Rodgers.

        That leaves 9 Rodgers new signings across three transfer windows of which only 3 are first team regulars. Dembele and Sinclair have obviously made a huge impact, Ntcham being the other, but in fairness to Alistair Johnson it’s also the improvement to existing players at Celtic and a better level of coaching and teamwork that is responsible for Celtic’s meteoric rise in standard. The problem Lite have is that they have no chance whatsoever of unearthing a coach of Rodgers experience, talent or standing in the game.

        The promising McInnes would be as good as it gets and Lite should be pushing the boat out to get him in if his head can be turned. Failing that they must cast their eyes in the direction of Perth.

      2. Is that the same English clubs that sack managers at the drop of a hat? Theyve got a cheek to demand and expect loyalty.

        The fact is that McInnes has had his fingers burned previously when he joined a club that lurched from one crisis to another and had financial problems ie Bristol City. He is a bright guy so won’t make the same mistake twice and it’s nothing to do with him wishing to portray himself as a thinker.

  3. To me this ongoing cataclysmic clusterfuck is beyond the prognostication of any blogger, anywhere, but I hope you call it right and prove me wrong JJ. It’s the nine circles of Hell in real time. We’re down to the eighth already…

  4. Sevco really are burning through a helluva lot of New Pioneers and a lot of cash. Five years of overspend on other people’s money.

    It must be the high risk, carefree, Pioneering spirit.

    These Latinos delivering a reactionary bounce for Murty isn’t going to happen. I foresee the exact opposite. Their Leader and fellow countryman has been sacked. The blood is up. Indeed if the Latinos act up the whole club is fucked. Two losses could see them drop to eighth.

    The Sevco statement betrays the old cash for success myth. The level of investment versus football performance. Sevco yet to grasp football is much more than that. Teamwork, the sum of its parts, spirit, leadership, intelligence. Aberdeen and Motherwell get it, Sevco don’t.

    1. They think it’s investment followed by IMMEDIATE success.

      It takes an initial two to three transfer windows.

      Sevco repeatedly cut their own throats by sacking managers who are given no time.

      Warburton and Weir would be sitting second by now. I have no doubt of it. In another year Pedro would be also. It takes time but the SMSM destroys Sevco by influencing impatient fans.

      The Daily Record sacked Warburton and Now Pedro. They give column inches to failed bottom tier managers like Barry Ferguson and fill fans minds with their incompetent opinions. Long may it continue.

  5. DM will hopefully get the gig.

    Getting rid of Pedro will cost the board circa £1.25m over 3 years. They’ll drip feed it to him on monthly basis.

    Same with his assistants who were on £200k and £150k per year so let say just shy of £750,000 over 3 years.

    The players who will also run their contracts down on orders from Pedro Mendes and thats a frightening figure I can’t estimate. Add Warburtons dross in there and we’re taking telephone digits over the next 3 years in burning fans cash.

    DM will only sign if he can see real money to challenge Celtic. If the children inheritance lol is not there he’ll stay in his comfort zone but buying his contract out would cost another £1.5m and he won’t go to Rangers for less than £750,000 per year.

    For a Chairman who’s QC says he’s penniless fuck me.

    Our Club is cursed. Anyone who touches it crashes and burns. Paul Murray and Dave King will follow Pedro whether they like it or not. The look of indignation when Killy scored the equaliser on Mini’s face made me chuckle. Like its his money at risk ;). What a cunt.

  6. Derek mcinnes rebuffed offers from down south.
    He has been hood winked that he will be next Rangers manager.
    I personally know that he desperately wants a go at ibrox.

  7. Phil talks so much nonsense its risible. If Paul Murray was in a cubicle doing a crap he would claim to know how many sheets of paper he used. Every month for years he says they dont have thd funds to operate another month. When that eventually becomes reality he will scream TOLD YOU SO!!!

    1. To be a little fair, the constant refrain has been ” a loss making business without a credit line from a bank” – however there has always been to date a credit line from sometimes mysterious sources from the directors. That is detailed in the accounts issued to date and is the only reason why the company is managing to stagger from one financial cliff edge to the next one. That and the ludicrous re-valuation of Ibrox a few years ago which gives a certain ahem inflation of the assets compared to liabilities.

      At some point the money will run out. We just don’t know when. Given that Kings counsel has stated in open court that his client doesn’t have access to any money, it can’t be him (and never was). Courts tend to take a particularly hard line on being lied to.

      For the others??

  8. I personally liked Pedro and I think he could have been a decent coach but not t at lit. There is something sinister going on. Too many things regarding finance which remain unexplained. FCA complaint, take over panel, there seems to be silence on these issues.

    Where are they getting money from? There is obviously a source but not obvious to me!! I don’t read other sites so I wait JJ to inform of actual facts!

    Stay safe JJ

  9. It’s a ‘Sad Day’ for the whole of Scottish football as the Bhuns “wind their neck in” to lick their wounds and the Lickspittle are pontificating whether or not their yet to be named new Icon will win the Scottish Cup, werby the rest of us mourn the loss of our ‘Favourite’ character on the only real “Soap Opera” in Scotland.

  10. So, lets look at the criteria for a new manager as prescribed by luminaries such as BFDJ, Bazza, McCoist, Souness etc etc.

    A real Rangers Man, is a must.
    A British subject loyal to the crown.
    Non catholic.
    An alchemist who can turn shit in to gold.
    Prepared to do it for nothing.

    A tough ask to find one of them in the current market but that won’t put them off.

    The list of names being touted about makes me chuckle. Walter, Big Eck. Success based on cheating. Both of these were found out quickly in England due to there being a level playing field.

    McCoist, success in the lower leagues during the “journey” is hardly a plus point on a CV.

    Silly Billy Davies, oh my aching sides.

    And finally the moonbeam shouts of Koeman and De Boer both overwhelming success stories.

    Couldn’t give a toss if McInnes takes it, although surely he is smarter than that, is he not? Makes Aberdeen weaker and Sevco no better in my opinion.

  11. The statement from Ibrox which you provided included these words ‘we, the Board, appreciate this is a difficult time for all Rangers fans’. Really? How about the last five years watching the club often struggling to beat part time opposition. Oh, and struggling to get out of the Championship at the first attempt despite having the second highest wage bill in Scotland? How about watching McCoist’s team in the fourth tier of Scottish football. Players who were not only mediocre; they were not fit for purpose as well as unfit. Add to this devilish cocktail matters OFF the pitch during this time. The club which folded in 2012 is now represented by a folder, gathering dust held together by paper clips and awaiting liquidation. The old Rangers were based at Ibrox. They are now based on a desk in Canary Wharf.

    ‘This difficult time for Rangers fans’ is merely another chapter in the past five years of fiscal and corporate carnage. This is a club which is broken from top to bottom.

    This club statement was followed by an interview with club director and former chairman, Alastair Johnston. Alastair had a front row seat and was a guilty party at the scene of the crash when the club folded. And, amazingly, he is back. This man is an expert in the art of SOPHISTRY. He is indeed the master of deceit and equivocation. He is suggesting that a new manager could do a Brendan Rodgers by getting more out of the current squad. What utter patronising nonsense. Celtic are so far ahead of Rangers that they remain in a different time zone, both on and off the pitch. Alas, no Scottish journalist pulled him up on this statement and no doubt the fans will buy into this nonsense.

    This is a dysfunctional club and custodians like King, Paul Murray, Alastair Johnston and, yes, both Park senior and junior, are causing irreversible harm at Ibrox. It is corporate and fiscal carnage on a grand scale.

    Yesterday I noted a new contributor to this site. I was hoping that Mr Udall was about to give a message to the Rangers fans that this is ‘As Good at it Gets’.

    This is a club with no financial, corporate or moral compass. Pedro’s appointment, strange player acquisitions and his subsequent sacking are mere symptoms of a rudderless and clueless club.

  12. JJ, usual donation made today.

    Paypal: 81792440AL275xxxx

    Keep up the good work and enjoy a nice red on me.

    Regards, brooklyncharmer.

    JJ: Thank you

  13. Donation ending with 5388

    It stood out very early in the piece that Pedro was well (see what I did there) out of his depth. We believe it was Park jnr who interviewed Pedro so if anybody has any sense, then Park jnr should be locked in a dark cupboard until the new man is appointed.

    Who would really want this poisoned chalice. Only the gullible who still believe they’d be managing rangers** or some idiot who doesn’t know any better.ive got a wee notion that it’s Vicky ✌🏻Ferguson ably assisted by Boab ‘the ice cream man’ Malcolm. These two halfwits would make sevco even worse. God, make it one or both.

    JJ: Thank you.

  14. JJ
    Usual monthly donation forwarded-confirmation no: 0UC14111KU927xxxx

    Please keep up the good work-I have to admit I am loving every posting.

    JJ: Thank you. Recurring donations are the lifeblood of this site.

  15. Mr James. Very small well overdue donation made. Trying to contribute more when I can but have taken my foot off the gas and left the rat race at the moment so unemployed and trying to start up a small enterprise of my own. Fantastic work as usual. P.s it’s too easy picking on Mr Mac giolla bhàin. Not in your league.

    JJ: Thank you for your contribution.

  16. I notice there is no mention of how the bumbling fool that was Pedro was appointed in the first place. Gallus in Blunderland Johnston’s statement talks of Systemic problems and Institutional Failure. Let’s not mention pot and kettle as Gallus is a board member ( albeit perhaps not in situ when Pedro was appointed) but does the man not do irony or is my calendar 5.5 years out of date and he’s actually talking about the reasons behind liquidation? Does the board room atop the Marble stair case not have any mirrors or do they all have Tiger Faces painted on them?

  17. Derek McInnes turned down a major basket case in England, why would he want to move to similar in Scotland? When he does leave Aberdeen it will be to a club with reasonable prospects of improvement.
    The deluded seem to think managing The Rangers is everyone’s dream job, only those desperate for work will apply.

  18. Apologies for the further posting. Hope you are enjoying a Friday evening.
    I am staggered that in 2007 this “Lord “ ‘s credibility was already called into question. Worth an article at some time in the future?

  19. So proud of you JJ.
    finally you fought back.
    Phil Mac has made fun of you on far too many occasions and every time you kept your nerve and decided to be the bigger person.
    Phil Mac has been playing a guessing game on sevco for the past 4 years…He pretends to have inside sources and contacts…He doesnt have a clue whats going on.
    We All know that you are the one and only go to guy with “Genuine” inside information..You have shown that time and time again with multiple exclusives that Phil mac Didnt see coming.
    For those readers out there that are unsure!…Who was it that proved that SDM got control of Rangers via a Million Pound bribe?…Who was it that showed Rangers are being backed by Middle eastern terrorist fan boys from Qatar?
    JJ is the one and only go to source of actual facts when it comes to Sevco…
    The man has had to go into hiding to keep us informed and yet he does so time and again.
    Please give the guy some financial support this weekend….He has gone way above and beyond to bring us the true facts.

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