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This is as good a time as any to inform my readers that this site was the furthest thing from my mind just over two years ago. I had written to other sites such as LSE and RSL and I was happy to leave it there. As the RSL was packing up their tent one of their number informed me that my comments were hitting home the hardest in the Ibrox boardroom. There was a clamour by the SMSM lickspittles to find out who I was and to discredit me. Despite three credible death threats and an enforced exile, I’m still standing. I had no idea that telling the truth would exact such a high premium.

I am inordinately proud of The Sitonfence Speakeasy which I curate with as light a touch as possible. I accept views that I don’t necessarily agree with. I solicit insights. However if someone comes on to our board and posts an exclusive, as occurred yesterday apropos Whitehouse & Clark, I have it checked at source. My contacts are second to none. Other bloggers may pretend to know what’s going on and wax lyrical in reams of creative purple prose, but I cut through the fat to get to the bone. Whitehouse & Clark have not settled with Police Scotland or The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS). The matter will proceed to a hearing at The Court Of Session on November 15.

Suffice to say that having their dirty laundry aired in public is the last thing that COPFS and Police Scotland want. Many millions from the public purse have been squandered pursuing a conspiracy theory. They could not nail Whyte which was ‘their get out of  jail  free card.’ Police were despatched to my parents house to stop me reporting on these court proceedings. They threatened me with Contempt of Court. I kept going and provided my readers with exclusive coverage as others not in the loop hid behind their lay membership of a journalist’s union. How heroic of them.

I risked two years in prison by laying out their incompetence for all to see. My forensic analysis was praised highly by the founding father of Rangers Lite and one of his successors. They followed my coverage closely and were surprised by its accuracy.

If indicative figures are to be believed and the compensation is as punitive as it should be, this wild goose chase will cost north of £10m. Are these individuals not accountable to anyone? Will the £10m be buried in a £15b deficit?

The second takeaway from the comment was that the former Duff & Phelps duo wanted DCI Robertson and Jim Keegan’s heads on a plate. COPFS and Police Scotland are closing ranks. Robertson will be retired in the way managers of his team are ‘resigned.’ Keegan will never be invited to prosecute a case for the Crown again. However this will be carefully choreographed to avoid too much scrutiny of their incompetence. Both parties will be doing everything in their power to pay off Whitehouse and Clark and to secure an NDA. If COPFS and Police Scotland avoid their day in court you will be apprised of it first on this site.

Willie Maley’s Celtic 1916-1917 team.

I digress. Yesterday was a landmark day in Scottish football. Celtic equalled their own 100 year UK record by playing 62 domestic matches without defeat. A truly remarkable accomplishment. Should they avoid defeat in Perth on Saturday in the lunchtime kick off, history will be made. However The History Bhoys, with five changes in their starting line up, failed to ignite Celtic Park with a win. Kilmarnock’s defence held firm and produced an equaliser on the hour mark.

Rodgers’ decision to rest players came unstuck when Paddy Roberts limped off with a hamstring injury. Sinclair coming off the bench lined up in his usual left flank position with Celtic debutant Johnston switching to the right. Even the introduction of Dembele did not break the deadlock. Steve Clarke had come for a point and achieved his objective. No-one expected them to go toe-to-toe with the Celtic juggernaut. Clarke would have almost certainly watched the tape of the Aberdeen v Celtic game. His decision to shut up shop did not surprise anyone.

So how good are The History BhoysFormer Aberdeen captain and now BBC Scotland pundit had this to say:

I know it’s difficult for the Aberdeen fans tonight but they should appreciate what they are seeing here. They are seeing a football team in the shape of Celtic playing at the very highest level. We don’t often see this in Scotland. It’s normally the top teams in Europe that play like this. Celtic have produced a performance that has been outstanding.”

Praise from Caesar and on this occasion not McNeil. Will they be in the same scintillating form on Tuesday when Bayern Munich line up against them? Only their very best will be good enough and on balance this is unlikely to be enough. The Champions League is a high maintenance and often cruel mistress.

It has been a tumultuous week at Rangers Lite. Robertson, Park and the odious Dickson hired an imposter to take charge at Lite. The egg in the quiche that has formed on their tiger-painted faces could be cut in slices. Caixinha’s appointment was a clusterfuck of an omnishambles. The spin from the lickspittle press fashioned Primark Pedro as a modern day version of children’s cartoon character Mr. Benn.

Every day more shit was shovelled than in a one hundred hectare organic farm. Mr. Benn was initially cast as a bullfighter. In his final guise he was as addicted to winning as a vampire is addicted to blood. It was bullshit of the first ordure and it kept coming. Pedro was not running with the bulls in Pamplona. It was soon evident that a much more likely setting for Mourinho’s mannequin was La Tomatina and that he was sinking fast under the weight of rotten tomatoes.


How was any manager supposed to challenge Celtic after only one transfer window and a £10m Qatari supermarket sweep? How many times can this incompetent board pull The Gullibillies chain?

As many as they like apparently. In a vain attempt to remain vital on a day when Celtic were emulating their own history, Chris McLaughlin was briefed that Lite were going to pursue McInnes. Have the rogue board contacted Stewart Milne? Of course not. They prefer to use the media to coerce their targets to join them.

Don’t be fooled by Miller’s brace yesterday. Anyone taking the corner office in Murray Park will have an insurmountable task with a limited budget. There is more likelihood of Administration than a credible challenge to Celtic. Even if McInnes was this stupid they could not afford his compensation. This story was the latest Level 5 production. One of a fast dying breed.

Would McInnes’ departure weaken Aberdeen? Would his appointment guarantee second place? Is this the height of the rogue board’s ambition? If Ian Cathro was given Aberdeen’s squad to manage, Lite would at best languish in third place. Cathro was stymied by Levein who was picking the team for him.

After one of the worst second half displays ever seen Levein had the audacity to proclaim that his team were not far away.

What part of 4-6-0 do you not understand son?”

Not far away from what? Lite mediocrity? Is this Levein’s yardstick?

Aberdeen cut the gap at the top to one point by prevailing against the elements and a plucky Ross County. Hibs fashioned a crucial win away to Motherwell fast on the heels of defeating Levein and his yard of flat ale.

As for Hearts, they are finished as a force in Scottish football. They might have a shiny new stand but it won’t be full if Levein’s team fail to turn up in the second half as was the case yesterday.




17 thoughts on “The History Bhoys”

  1. I feel that a packed Celtic Park will witness a Champions league win by Celtic against the mighty Bayern Munchen. Celtic have a habit of rising to beat some of the best European clubs at home. That would leave them both on 6 points. PSG will beat Anderlecht. A Celtic win on Tuesday makes a last 16 a possibility.
    Isn’t it amazing how we are writing about a 61 unbeaten run and the Champions League at Celtic Park when at Ibrox the spectre of Administration looms large. It must be unbelievable that for 5 years there has not been a competent Board or Chairman at Ibrox.

    1. With the January window fast approaching United will be worth a punt to win the league. They cant be any worse than they were under McKinnon and any decent financial splurge should see them over the line?

    1. Aye right Ted.
      No harm to the guy and I respect your optimism but I think you’ll find that the overwhelming default here is that first and foremost the Ibrox club are now in the very inexpensive hands of Graeme Murty.

  2. That means large investment into Dundee United.

    As Sevco struggles to keep nose above financial ruin, the goalposts change and Dun Utd poise to be a second place contender.

    All these unknown unknowns that Sevco have to deal with in a changing football landscape.

    1. It also indicates that any outside money being invested into Scottish football is not being considered for SevcoRangers.

      What with the cold shoulder an all.

      Didn’t it transpire in the last Murty spell that he was a lifelong Celtic fan as are his family?


    A nice piece. Gets some truths out there but stops short of others.

    I fancy King will go with another cheap but foreign sounding guy.

    They can only go cheap. Skint. But Scottish cheap is too obvious to the Gullibillies. So it has to be a foreign cheap guy.

    Where’s the accounts? We all want to pick over every minutae.

    1. “And will the board, with all their delusions of a former grandeur…..”

      Outstanding stuff.

      Pointed and on the money.

  4. Congratulations on two years of stunning excellence. You have treated us to sublime articles, unique insights, great exclusives and a site which is enhanced by reasoned and knowledgeable contributors. This magical mix makes this site unique. It really is the ‘GO TO’ site for Scottish journalists and those involved in the governance of the game in Scotland. That includes the SFA officials and the custodians at Ibrox. If Rangers fans want to find out the latest goings on at the Loudon Letdown, they don’t seek the rants on blue edged bigoted sites. Those blue notes tied up with the handy pink ribbon. Nope. They read this site.


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