The Prince Of Thieves

Prior to what I know from experience will not be my last word on this year’s Rangers Lite AGM, I opine that the sinister forces at play in Scottish referees,  as referred to by Craig Whyte, were once more evident at Ibrox last night. The third goal was scored from an offside position. This was not flagged by the bent assistant who was in line with play. The opening penalty was as poor an excuse for cheating as one will see all season. Holt dropped like he had been hit by a sniper as the Aberdeen defender ‘aired’ a clearance that he planned to put in row Z. The second goal was also suspect. Andrew Dallas proved that rotten fruit does not fall far from the same tree. His father was and is a bigot. His son has evidently been inculcated in the dark arts. Should Celtic’s unbeaten record come to a halt, look no further than Muir, Madden and Dallas whom if they were not officiating would be wading in Fenian blood in The Copland Road Stand. Aberdeen, pardon the pun, were sheep to the slaughter. As a third offer was tabled to McInnes’ agent last night, will the Aberdeen coach succumb or will he realise that it’s fool’s gold?

Arch criminal King, The Prince Of Thieves, will have been pleased with Dallas’ performance. This was a throwback to the bent officiating that was a constant factor in the success of the former club, Rangers. Ibrox has always played host to bent bigots in black who practically dance to the incessant sectarian soundtrack. It’s a Bigots Hoedown. One can but hope that the whistle in Dallas’ pocket was SFA-issue and not a fife from his Orange band.


If King and his board entered The Clyde Auditorium today with bared nipple and knee would anyone be surprised? There will be no rope round their necks. They are not first degree initiates. They are masters of the dark arts. King employed a  fellow member of the ‘illuminati‘ to defend his blatant disregard for The Takeover Panel. Lord Bannatyne is well known to swing the lead. The fact that he has not released his findings prior to the AGM is not a coincidence. His clerk of court confirmed to me in an email that he was writing up his conclusions four weeks ago. The fix is in. Scotland still beats to a Masonic drum.

The individual shareholders in today’s audience, many of them fellow masons, will know their place. If a member of the ‘illuminati’ tells them that they should allow themselves to be shafted for the greater good, who are they to quibble? Especially if they are uninitiated and profane. Craig Whyte confirmed that The Blue Room is a Masonic hive of freeloading bigots. They are all on the square.

But is King on the level? What will King do with this licence to print money? He will recoup the £5m he was charged by Sir Bribe & Lie for laundering his £20m of ill-gotten share-manipulating and tax-evading gains. His Bent Brief, James Blair, has been calling all block holders of shares and asserting:

We are going to fuck over the small shareholders. Back us and we will see you all right.”

This board is so fucking incompetent that they will have to dress up Graeme Murty in a blazer and pass him off as a first team coach. They are so incompetent that they hired the coach of the fifth best team in a football desert backwater – who only have a league to provide a pretext for a bent Word Cup bid – to the detriment of the new club. Pedro Caixinha was not merely profane. He was an imposter. His 228 day circus was hilarious. Who needed performing animals when you had clowns like Primark Pedro?  With managers more often than not you get what you pay for. Opening a Pedro Mendes lucky bag and interviewing a candidate on Skype is not going to end well. Did Robertson, Park and Dickson not fancy flying to Qatar in coach?

Keith Jackson’s latest piece is so misguided that I question his sanity. Or should that be his integrity? He asserted:

Dave King and his big blue band of co-investors liberated Rangers from the litany of loathsome characters who had burrowed their way into the Ibrox boardroom, they were not just writing one of the most significant chapters in a narrative which stretches back to 1872. They were scoring one of their club’s greatest-ever victories.”

Mr Jackson you are an affront to journalism. Was this press release passed to you by Jim Traynor with the Port at Rogano?

The narrative stretches back to 2012. Your very own title informed your dwindling band of readers that Rangers had shuffled off its mortal coil. Pandering to the blue pound after a Press Gazette release that highlighted that your title is on the slippery slope to extinction is unconscionable. Those who had burrowed their way into the boardroom were tried and tested professionals. Men of integrity. They were not career criminals.

Where is King’s NOMAD Jackson?  Where is the AIM Listing? Where is King’s £30m? What will happen when the Takeover Panel initiate The Cold Shoulder?

Any self-respecting journalist would be asking these salient questions, but then one could never accuse Jackson, who wears his Rangers Under-14s strip on his sleeve, of self-respect or independent thought.

Llambias, Somers and The Easdales were three months from breaking even. They did not have to rely on bent loans from the British Virgin Islands. When it comes to the supporters there is a rare occurrence of honesty in Jackson’s article:

They now find themselves resigned to suffering another campaign of crushing 
disappointment with precious little return for their money.”

Having introduced this theme Jackson then pulls his punches. He should have added that all those who faithfully paid their £18.72 by monthly direct debit are going to be shafted when resolution 11 passes.

Giving a criminal a licence to print money is truly unfathomable. How stupid does one have to be to applaud King and his latest confidence trick? There’s a rumour that King gets a hard-on when he eyes his prey. He will be fully erect when he presents a phalanx of lies at The Clyde Auditorium today

On balance Jackson points out that one of King’s ‘victories’ was not all it seemed when it was revealed that Lite would end up sending a cheque worth £3m to Sports Direct as part of the agreement. Jackson fails to mention the second part of the pay-off that delivered 28p per Ashley-held share from James Blair’s Club 1872.

Jackson then questions the relative merits of the director of football and Stewart Robertson. The latter should get his jotters. Allen should be given more time as he is untainted by the Caixinha debacle. Hence his inclusion on today’s panel in lieu of a manager. Jackson inquires:

Why is it that director of finance and administration Andrew Dickson remains at the heart of the club’s command structure, given that he has snuggled up to almost every one of the pantomime villains to have ascended into power over these past few years?”

That’s an easy one Keith. The odious Dickson knows where all the bodies are buried and participated in the 2011 UEFA licence fraud. He was a key member of the committee that gave Rangers a green light. Dickson continues to wield influence at the SFA and continues unchecked as he pisses in Regan’s cornflakes.

In the final analysis the support are so stupid that they probably deserve King. I would recommend they count their fingers after his Masonic handshake.


Insider Trading By James Blair

Prior to combining a number of factual threads and three exclusives, I take pause to look at the year-on-year decline of copy sales at two of Trinity Mirror’s titles:

Sunday Mail 148,105 -15.94%
Daily Record 139,703 -14.46%

An industry insider confided to me that the 140,000 threshold was the tipping point for The Record. Real Scots are evidently not reading it. This title’s demise can be traced back to 2012 when Traynor and Jackson proclaimed that Whyte was a billionaire and had wealth off the radar. They had cut and pasted a PR release. Traynor dropped to his gout-ridden knees to blow Whyte and give him the right of veto on his copy. Traynor did everything in his power to bend over backwards with the aspiration that Whyte would hire him. Traynor later informed Charles Green that he had the power to make or break him. Quite a claim for a hairy-arsed sports hack whose only discernible skill set was kicking with the right foot and his support for the Huns Without The Bus Fare, Airdrie.

In Traynor’s succulent lamp pomp, The Daily Record was the go-to site for Sir Bribe & Lies’ press releases. As Whyte revealed, as soon as SB&L had punted Rangers, his first call was to Murray Foote. The demise of Rangers, and The Record’s backing of the Labour Party in the 2014 Referendum, resulted in this title which once outsold The Daily Express (368,959) being on advertising and advertorial life support. The Sunday Mail, which does not have any sports hacks worth their candle, is now selling less that half of its 2012 output. Keith Jackson’s annual salary is the equivalent of one day’s copy sales. It’s just a matter of time before they can no longer afford this luxury.

In yesterday’s piece I highlighted Matt Lindsay’s high-kicking cheerleading for The Criminal, Adulterer and Bigot: RRM. This piece prompted an impeccable source to inform me that in a truly awful deal for RIFC’s Club 1872, Ashley was given 28p for his shares. The month before he had considered selling them for 10p to other parties.

Rangers company secretary James Blair has been melting the phone lines, calling round all major shareholders and saying :

“if you vote our way, you’ll be looked after.”

Is it not high time this conveyancing consigliere was struck off for insider trading? I will be writing to the FCA in due course to highlight the activity of this bent brief. A Bent Brief who owns Club 1872 and is effectively the proxy for their votes.

The Bent Brief. The Cardigan and Je Suis Graham.

Those hoping that Rangers Lite would ‘unveil’ Alex McLeish EBT at tomorrow’s AGM have been reading the Hans Christian Andersen speculation of Citizen Smith. A reader who knew Macgiollabhain when he went by the name of Phil McGivery, had this to say:

Everytime I see decent minded people, decent folk, donate to Phil Mac Goila Bain it really does question my faith in humanity. I’m old enough and have been around the republican block long enough to realise that the man is the dictionary definition of Walter Mitty. Unlike Phil, I actually grew up in the early 70’s Glasgow amongst real active republicans. My teens and early 20’s were spent in the company of like minded individuals. I am aware of who he is. Back then there was all manner of young guns trying to be rebels. His case is a slight exception He was obviously 100% behind the cause. However he did send up red flags in the way in which he tried to carry himself. To put it in colloquial term he was a Gobshite. This is a trait that has clearly never left him in over 30 years. Because of this he was kept very much at arm’s length. He was seen as a useful idiot and allowed to continue, whilst never allowed any access whatsoever to the inner sanctum.He has managed to get his hands on an NUJ card whilst at the same time burning all bridges that would allow him to make a living from it.He had a go at you for your living in exile.This is the same guy that tried to play the victim card to the Scottish Sun Newspaper in order to make money.”

There are many who value the output of The Grand Plagiariser who hangs on my every word. He has made a good living from repackaging my facts and exclusives, but clearly falls down when he tries to go it alone with his dried up sources, not one of which are on the Rangers side of the divide.

Alex McLeish EBT has confided to one of my most impeccable sources that he would not work for any board in which King called the shots. The arch criminal is aware of McLeish’s antipathy. As a consequence of this no approach was made. McLeish should keep his powder dry as King’s jacket is on a decidedly shoogly peg. Should he ascend the marble staircase for a second time can anyone doubt that Citizen Smith will claim it as an exclusive? That he told us so months ago?

The Gross Corporate Turpitude of Blair and King will probably not feature at the AGM. Hearts and minds will be swayed by events on the park. Should Aberdeen convincingly prevail in this evening’s match, tension will be at fever pitch. If Celtic prevail and take their unbeaten domestic run to 66 it will add fuel to the fire. In my opinion Celtic’s record is at more risk this evening than at any other juncture.

As much as I would like to attend the AGM, a severe lack of funds and a heightened concern for my safety hold sway.  Traynor will stage manage events so that only nodding dogs like Halloween Houston and Prescription Pad Chugg are given the mike in the Q&A. However if the views of The Man on the Clapham Omnibus were solicited, what would he ask? He might inquire:

1.What lessons can be learned from the failed tenure of Pedro Caixinha? Can the board confirm that they actually met with Caixinha face-to-face prior to his hire or were interviews conducted by Skype? Was Caixinha’s recruitment in any way predicated on his ability to guarantee soft loans?

2. Is it not incumbent on Stewart Robertson to fall on his sword due to his abnegation of due diligence on this abortive hire?

3. Why should shareholders vote for Graeme Park’s re-election? Surely he is equally complicit in the Caixinha fiasco?

4. Should Andrew Dickson who played his part in this 228 day catastrophe not follow Robertson by falling on his sword?

5. Do the board acknowledge that this season is a write-off due to the recruitment of a coach from the fifth best team in Qatar?

6. What funds, if any, will be given to the new manager? Will the new manager be in place prior to the January transfer window?

7. Should James Blair not resign with immediate effect due to his irregular share trading activities?

8. Will James Blair confirm that the 28p paid for each of Mike Ashley’s shares was a poor bargain for his wholly-owned Club 1872?

9. Will the board acknowledge that Club 1872 is effectively an RIFC subsidiary?

10. Why did the board who went to great lengths and commensurate expense to extricate themselves from Sports Direct jump into bed with them again on a one-year rolling contract? Was vendor succession not considered?



I could ask much more but I would reveal myself to be John James and not The Man on the Clapham Omnibus.


The Criminal, Adulterer & Bigot: RRM

The following piece is by Matt Lindsay who describes himself as a Chief Football Writer at The Herald. He professes to be an ICT supporter. He is as much an ICT supporter as Chic Young is a St.Mirren supporter. He is a bear in sheep’s clothing. He writes:

“TAKING over from a manager who has been sacked after a poor run of results is always easier than replacing someone who has been lured away as a consequence of the success he has been responsible for. Expectations among supporters are low. Whatever improvement the new man can deliver is invariably welcomed.

Exactly the same rule replies to club directors. The current Rangers hierarchy may have some difficult questions to answer about both their on and off-field performance at their annual general meeting in the Clyde Auditorium on Thursday morning. But it is unlikely they will receive too much of a rough ride from their shareholders given the heinous incompetence and questionable motives of the successive regimes which preceded them.

Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Imran Ahmad, Brian Stockbridge, Craig Mather, David Somers, James and Sandy Easdale, David Somers, Derek Lambias and Barry Leach have all occupied senior positions, if not, in all cases, positions on the board, at the Glasgow club in recent years. The mere mention of their names is, even now, enough to send a shiver down the spines of their long-suffering followers.

The ludicrous appointment of Pedro Caixinha as manager, the lavish and ill-advised recruitment drive the Portuguese coach was allowed to embark on in the summer, the failure to appoint a full-time replacement for him, the £6.7 million loss which was posted in the last financial year, the refusal by chairman Dave King to comply with the Takeover Panel ruling and the implications of that are all certain to be raised at the AGM.

Yet, those in attendance will still appreciate the benefits of being run by bona fide fans whose collective objective is the long-term stability of the Ibrox club and the acquisition of silverware rather than their personal gain or that of their paymasters.

The passing of Resolution 11 on Thursday will be hugely significant for Rangers going forward. It will allow the board to issue new shares without first offering them to existing investors. That will enable them to convert a portion of £12.9 million loans which are currently owed to their benefactors John Bennett, King, George Letham, Scott Murdoch, Paul Murray, Andrew Ross, George Taylor and Barry Scott into equity.

The resolution was defeated by just 0.4 per cent 12 months ago. But since then the amalgamated supporters group Club 1872 have increased their stake to 10.71 per cent after buying half of the 8.9 per cent shareholding which Mike Ashley owned for £1 million in June. It should go through on this occasion.

With Rangers also renegotiating the terms of their prohibitive retail deal with Sports Direct at a cost of £3 million after months if not years of complex wrangling there are grounds for cautious optimism.

Still, supporters deserve far greater clarity, particularly over what is happening with a new manager, than is currently the case. It will be incumbent on the top table to provide them with some much-needed answers. Barry Ferguson, the former club captain, summed up the feelings of many this week when he expressed his frustration at the lack of information coming out of Ibrox. “Somebody has to let the fans know what’s going on,” he told PLZ Soccer. “That’s not the Rangers I know. They lack class.”

It is only right that, after the tenures of Ally McCoist, Stuart McCall, Mark Warburton and Caixinha all ended in disappointment and failure, Rangers take their time to do their due diligence and identify exactly the right man to take over. A quick fix would be disastrous. Rushing to bring someone in and making the wrong decision can be, as has been shown in recent weeks, costly.

But it has been over a month now since Caixinha’s services were dispensed with and Rangers appear no nearer to making an announcement about his successor. It is an inordinate amount of time to take to bring someone in. It is little wonder there has been inevitable speculation over whether the club have the funds to pay compensation. Is that the stumbling block?

These Rangers directors are a vast improvement on those who came before them, but they must still be open and accountable to those who sit in the stands at Ibrox on match day.

Given what passes for reportage on the sports desks of the Glasgow tiles this is not a bad effort. However there is no need to break out the cigars from the humidor as it does not go far enough and is on occasion inaccurate and ill-informed. Just like Phil Macgiollabhain who dug himself a hole on Alex McLeish, blamed it on fictitious sources, and kept digging. How this charlatan is allowed to shape opinion is beyond my comprehension. He is The Citizen Smith of Irish Republicanism.


A joke figure who contends that his former employers, Sinn Féin, have been infiltrated by Crown agents and that it’s time to take up arms. I would give him credit for being able to spell Armalite but any delusion of a rifle being used by a man of 59 is a cardinal folly. Does Donegal require a Home Guard?

I digress. Readers of our site, The Sitonfence Speakeasy, have been apprised by real sources that the rogue board have put all their eggs in one basket and gone balls-out on McInnes. They have failed to turn his head. What Lindsay does not mention is that the new manager will inherit a divided dressing room. A WhatsApp cabal of Warburton signings and a phalanx of Caixinha mercenaries. Some of the latter don’t speak one word of English. Rangers Lite need a coach and an assistant who can articulate his instructions through the medium of Mime.

As The Mensch pointed out in his astute comment, there was no succession planning.  Lite are now left in the lurch and will field Murty in a blazer at the AGM. This is indicative of executives who are spending all their time fighting fires and not thinking ahead. Fires such as a slew of  unpaid vendors who are threatening legal action. Lindsay does not mention that RIFC are trading whilst insolvent and teetering on the brink of technical insolvency. How remiss of him.

Stewart Robertson is being blamed for the decision to hire Caixinha. There is a a critical mass calling for his head on the Change.Org petition ‘Stewart Robertson Must Go.’ Those looking for some bear on bear action don’t have to go to the woods.

Lindsay has been inculcated with the idea that Real Rangers Men, in any guise, are good for Rangers Lite. However arch criminal King, a man of convictions, was shunned by The City and, as a direct result of his self-serving ego trip, RIFC lost their AIM listing and all credibility in financial circles. The Takeover Panel are going to ragdoll this corporate criminal. It’s just a matter of time. As financial analyst David Low asserts:

Ignore everything you read in the SMSM; it’s the sports desks writing what they’ve not been told. The Takeover Panel will bring this charabanc to a halt on their own terms in their own time. Everything else is just messin’ witcha emotions.”

Will emotions run high on Thursday? Probably not. King is a consummate liar who will have the denim-clad unemployed audience eating out of his hands. Anyone for a hover pitch?

Lindsay also fails to mention that James Blair owns Club 1872, which is an anachronistic throwback to a club that has just entered the sixth year of its liquidation. Club 1872 will do the RIFC secretary’s bidding. He literally owns them. Even if it means diluting and devaluing their equity holding. Equity acquired by £18.72 monthly donations. How do subscribers feel about their equity being cut in half? They will rue the day that they voted for King, serial adulterer Murray and WATP Gilligan. A criminal, adulterer and a bigot. Real Rangers Men.

RIFC have been on the slippery slope since March of 2015. Corporate governance followed the NOMAD out of the door. Llambias and Somers may have not been glamorous but they had integrity and nous in spades. RIFC could have been lauded in the City. With King they are best avoided.

But then the Gullibillies don’t seem to mind having their eyes poked out as long as the cry is No Surrender.



Double Your Money

In their desperation to land McInnes before the AGM, I can exclusively reveal that the rogue board have reverted to the Aberdeen manager’s agent with twice the quantum that they initially offered. As their first offer was comparable with McInnes’ current long-term contract, the in-demand coach could double his money.

Would McInnes who has now gone on the record to rebuff Lite’s amorous advances lose face and all credibility by accepting the blue pound, or will he jilt them at the Altar of their AGM?

My money, and you can double it, is on the latter. If McInnes took the reins at the basket case he would be calling it quits in no time.

Prior to receiving this exclusive I was planning to write a piece on Celtic’s 4th successive title win under Rodgers. I will present my narrative as an adjunct. Motherwell set out their stall to frustrate Celtic. The thug that is Cédric Kipré tried to blunt their attack with a vicious over the ball tackle on Dembele. He should have been sent off. He was not even booked. However he saw red when he had a sly tug on Sinclair’s jersey to pull him off balance. Sinclair’s reaction was theatrical but this does not mitigate Kipré’s guilt. Dembele scored from the ensuing penalty to put the contest to bed. James Forrest scored the only goal from open play with a delicious curled effort past Carson. At the other end Gordon made a stunning instinctive save with his forearm to deny a Moult header from five yards. Celtic could and should have scored four or five but this would have been unjust to The Steelmen. Celtic’s squad is valued at seventeen times that of Motherwell’s. This gulf in class was not apparent in the first half. Celtic were not as fluent as they can be. Motherwell will be spitting blood when the champions arrive on Wednesday. Will it be 66 on the bounce, or will the Celtic juggernaut jackknife? I predict an evening of ‘blood and snotters.’

Would it be too much of a stretch to suggest that the Rangers Lite fans were more crestfallen by this result than those wrapped in Motherwell’s colours?  As they approach their AGM, with the not inconsequential matter of the visit of Aberdeen on Wednesday, are they not seeing the wood from the trees? Their season is unravelling. Since King’s concert putsch they have been on the slippery slope to administration which would be a first for the new club. The Makeshift Messiah, arch criminal King, has risen from the dead to kill off the basket of assets. Murty will be fitted with a blazer for Thursday morning, but he is as much an imposter as Caixinha was and King continues to be.

The rogue board should be taken to task. Someone well-versed in good corporate governance – The Mensch – has dropped by our site to make some interesting observations and pose some salient questions:

Which brings us to the interesting matter of this week’s AGM. Goodness, the Christmas circus is in town early this year. This AGM will almost certainly be full of obfuscation and the board will no doubt suggest that there are further investors on the horizon and that these custodians of this ‘proud institution’ (their likely words) are doing their best to introduce standards of corporate governance. They will say that they are on track to rescue the club from mismanagement under the previous regime and that the club will be restored ‘soon’ (yes, soon!) to its ‘rightful place’ at the pinnacle of Scottish football. King will probably throw a bone to the gullible and add that Celtic achieving ten titles in a row doesn’t count and that by the time Rangers knock them off their perch in three years time, the records will be amended to show that the REAL figure is a mere five or six consecutive titles. (Loud applause.)

The reality is that this AGM is being held amidst an atmosphere of crisis at the club. This club is in poorer shape than it was two years ago and sinking fast. ON the pitch, the squad is poor and managerless. (The last three managers have been inadequate – McCoist, Warburton and Senor Pedro Caixinha.) OFF the pitch, the club is rudderless, leaderless, and has failed to deliver two KEY promises to the fans, namely, SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO CHALLENGE CELTIC and TRANSPARENCY. In fact, this board resembles in feel and substance SDM’s board. The only difference is that SDM had access to huge levels of borrowed money from the bank. This lot survive on soft loans from directors, cannot get a line of credit, and continue to run at a loss.

If there are any shareholders attending the AGM on Thursday, can you ask a few questions please on my behalf (I am not a shareholder but I would like to know the response).

1. Starting with the board members, (Dave King, Pau Murray, Alastair Johnston, Douglas Park etc) including the managing director, the director of football and the head of Auchenhowie, who is ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT?

2. Why does this club continue trade at a loss and what plans are in place for proper corporate governance? Related to that, WHEN will this club start trading at a break even level and HOW will that be achieved? WHO is responsible for getting the costs down and achieving a break even position?

3. Mr King promised substantial funds to enhance the squad. Where are these funds, will these funds ever appear and HOW MUCH has Mr King invested in the club in the past two years?

4. The board promised transparency two years ago with regard to funding, trading operations, fiscal prudence and a tight business plan. Can you share that business plan with us, like, right now?

5. What is the strategic vision for this club? What does your strategy tell us (coupled with a cohesive business plan) with regard to where you intend this club to be, ON AND OFF THE pitch in five years. What profit levels do you plan for during this time or are you making provisions for ongoing losses and how will these be funded?

6. What are the plans for getting a new manager? Who was accountable for taking on an unknown Senor Caixinha and why was there no succession planning for an immediate replacement?

7. In the absence of a NOMAD, how will substantial funds be raised to rebuild an ailing squad?

8. YOU, Mr King, have FAILED to deliver. You have FAILED to deliver funds to build a squad which is fit for purpose which you promised to provide. You have FAILED to provide the fans with transparency. You have FAILED, again, in your fiduciary duties. You have FAILED to put in high standards of corporate excellence. You have FAILED to put in place a self sustaining business.



I am sure that no brave soul will be brave enough to get through these questions and even the temerity of asking about corporate governance will have Bomber Brown screaming ‘Rhat in the house’.

But, someone, somewhere needs to be not only asking these questions, but receiving detailed and coherent answers. The fans who continue to support them deserve no less.”

As is so often the case with TM he captures the zeitgeist and nails it. I have nothing to add other than to inquire why Lord Bannatyne is taking so long to reveal his findings and judgment? Have his brothers at his masonic lodge asked him to delay publication until after the AGM? Would it surprise anyone apprised of Whyte’s revelations if this were the case?

The Last Word

Those of my readers who have not bought their first ever subscription to our site, The Sitonfence Speakeasy, have missed their opportunity to access the premium content. I now invite only those that are known to me to contact me via a token donation on PayPal. If you are an unwaged lurker then you will miss out. Only those who have participated in the dialogue of this site will be eligible.

For those who advocate having a paywall on our site, the jury is still out. True Blue Treachery solicited interest. I’m not convinced that many lurkers would have stepped up just for access to our site. Will there still be a book from Whyte and his ghost writer? In many ways I have stolen their thunder. One can but speculate that he did not anticipate someone with my sources having access to it. Having said that it would be naive of me to overestimate my reach. There are still those who take their news from tabloids. The Sun and Evening Times, notably the odious Robert ‘Two Short Planks‘ Grieve and the Level 5 Lickspittle Chris Jack, did not disclose the source of the leak so as to deprive our site of traffic. The former was so stupid that he asked Brendan Rodgers if he was having a mid-life crisis? With a British record of 64 games unbeaten in domestic competition, if this is a crisis Celtic fans would be eagerly awaiting the ensuing drama.

This drama was not evident on Wednesday evening. No-one expected a win in Paris. However a 7-1 rout will have taken its toll on confidence and morale. It’s at times like these that Rodgers and his team earn their corn. The events in Paris must be as relevant as old confetti. There is a fresh batch on offer this afternoon. Only those with the mettle to compete against The Steelmen will make the squad of eighteen. Barring controversy, Rodgers should lift the fourth successive trophy of his reign. However the gap between Celtic and Motherwell will not be the chasm in the CFC defence that was carved open by Cavani, Neymar and Mbappé. Motherwell have a dog in this fight. They will be physical and uncompromising. I will follow every minute of this match with rapt attention.

Those who have the misfortune of following Rangers Lite only have the cold comfort of an unlikely Motherwell win to cheer. Being beaten by the cup winners will be spun as an achievement. Of course as Hamilton and Dundee have proven, Lite are no more than bang average mid-table fodder. Whyte’s revelation, that the denizens of the Blue Room must give the impression that Lite are a big club, still holds true to this day. The beleaguered board who cannot hire a credible manager to save their AGM, have had the audacity to suggest that the accounts show that Lite are on an even keel. If being shipwrecked on a sandbank is an even keel, then there may be a scintilla of truth behind the spin. The demise of the new club has clearly not registered with James Blair’s Club 1872. They will vote for all 11 resolutions and equity dilution like headless fowl. They goose step to the beat of the arch-criminal’s drum.

Should Aberdeen prevail in the back-to-back encounters with Lite, the latter’s season will be over. Murty would be well-advised to park one of Douglas’ buses on Wednesday, the eve of the AGM. A third loss on the spin, and no manager, would not bode well for events in The Clyde Auditorium. However one should never underestimate how stupid RIFC shareholders can be. They will be happy to be stuffed by King prior to a spin on the rotisserie. A full frontal lobotomy would be a step up for many of their number. The sentient neuron in their echoing cranium answers to the nickname of ‘Billy Nae Pals.’

The Makeshift Messiah could speak in tongues and get away with it.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that there will be three Celtic and Motherwell encounters in the space of six days. Should Celtic prevail in the home and away SPFL games, with Lite losing both encounters with Aberdeen, the beleaguered new club would find themselves fifteen points adrift of their city rivals having played one more game. If Celtic prevailed in this game, an eighteen point gap would ram home the folly of hiring an imposter to manage the squad at Murray Park. A little bird has whispered to me that the rogue board have found a buyer for Lite but surely no-one would be that stupid?

I will give the last word on this piece to Charles Green who corresponded with me yesterday from Dubai. He commended your humble author on the veracity of my analysis of  Whyte and The Switcheroo. Praise from Caesar.

True Blue Treachery At Rangers

An impeccable source has informed me that an unofficial approach by Rangers Lite to land McInnes has been rebuffed. The financial quantum offered was comparable to his current deal at Aberdeen. Lite are a basket case with a divided squad, some of whom such as Pena think that they are on an extended vacation. The beleaguered board who are under pressure to find a manager prior to the AGM naively assumed that McInnes, as a former player, would have buffed up his Rangers-issue brown brogues and marched smartly up Edmiston Drive. With so many knockbacks the board should look to Darryl Broadfoot for some succour on how best to deal with them. Broadfoot is not one to Mone about it. Does anyone want to manage this basket case of assets?


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My Legal Eagle in Edinburgh opined that some of Whyte’s assertions were very actionable. Some of his allegations have stirred up a hornets’ nest. Whyte’s ghostwriter wrote:

A company called MCR had been helping with the financial management of the club. During the course of Craig’s dealings with the firm, its partners were negotiating to sell MCR to the American investment bank Duff and Phelps. What Craig didn’t know was the same partners stood to earn millions from the sale providing Rangers went into administration.Therefore, at the same time MCR partners claimed to be acting on Craig’s behalf during negotiations with HMRC, they were actually telling the tax office to put the club into administration and appoint them as administrators.”

However as our International Man of Mystery, DCI Robnerstson (aka Phileas Fogg) and his Pert Passepartout Jackie O’Neil discovered the U.S. head office had never heard of Rangers. I trust Jackie had time to purchase a ‘Kiss Me Quick‘ hat during the five day trip to attend a one hour meeting. With so much free time one would hope that their relationship was strictly professional and that the only intercourse was of the social variety? Would a Masonic two-step be deemed overly familiar?

Whyte could not quite believe the number of freeloaders in The Blue Room looking for a nosebag and malt on match days, all of whom were putting their thumbs over second and third knuckles as they nailed their Freemasonry colours to the mast. As one not initiated in the craft, Whyte was somewhat bamboozled.

His head continued spinning in his dealings with Charles Green. His ghostwriter continues:

With his options running out, Craig spoke to a contact in London called Imran Ahmad. He introduced Craig to Charles Green, a former footballer-turned-businessman who had caused controversy at Sheffield United. Craig asked Green if he was willing to raise funds and front up a bid to take control of the club. Due to the antipathy towards him from Duff and Phelps, HMRC and the SFA, Craig had to remain in the background. Green agreed. Craig bought a shelf company called Sevco 5088 that made an offer to the administrators of £7.5 million to buy Rangers through a CVA, or £5.5 million for the assets if the club was liquidated. When no bidder was accepted – and despite a last gasp offer from former manager Walter Smith – the club was liquidated and the assets sold to Sevco in June 2012. Unbeknownst to Craig, Green set up another shelf company Sevco Scotland Ltd and transferred everything – fraudulently – from Sevco 5088 to the new company. Craig had been cut out of his own deal. The new Rangers had to apply to be re-admitted into the football league but the other premier league clubs, under pressure from their outraged fans, voted down their application. Instead the new Rangers had to start life at the bottom of the third division, a decision Craig describes as ‘suicidal’.”

This became known in Rangers folklore as ‘The Switcheroo.’ Writing as someone who has had the pleasure of corresponding with Charles Green I have always found him to be genuine and straightforward. He obviously gilded the lily during his time at Ibrox. One can but assume that the stalwart who whispered in Whyte’s ear about maintaining the faux appearance that Rangers were a big club prompted Green to play to the gullibilly gallery with smoke and mirrors.

However there is a major flaw in Whyte’s recollection of events. He did not have the £5.5m for the assets or the £7.5m for the CVA. Charles Green travelled the world to solicit funds. When the CVA failed he had no need of Whyte’s 85.3% holding in Wavetower. He was not buying Rangers. He was buying a basket of assets.

Why would Green, who had done the donkey work of raising the funds, throw Whyte a bone? The only bones in the sales pitch are the ones Whyte is picking with everyone else.

Sir Bribe & Lie, with Dave King on the grassy knoll, assassinated Rangers. Whyte turned up when the rigor mortis had already set in.

Sir Bribe & Lie

Chapter 4: ‘My Deal’

As soon as Craig met with representatives from Octopus and the Ticketus model of using future season ticket sales to fund investments, seemed reasonably familiar to him.
In the past he had used invoices – borrowing money against the sales ledger – to buy companies.
Initially, Octopus agreed to Craig’s request to  £10 million. Craig believed he could raise another £10 million from Rangers’ bank Lloyds. When he concluded it would better to remove the bank, Octopus agreed a further request to provide £20 million.
Craig, here, explains why, on paper, the Ticketus model wasn’t as controversial as would later be made out. As fund managers, Octopus was duty bound to find ways to give investors returns on their money. The firm seemed relaxed about staking its investment on the future of a football club, with a loyal fanbase and guaranteed income for years to come.
However, they did ask for a personal guarantee from Craig to the tune of £27.5 million (funds advanced plus Ticketus’ profit margin), his net worth at the time. Again, Craig explains his thinking behind the deal and the model used to finance it. As long as there was a team called Rangers playing at Ibrox their investments were secure.
As the deal progressed, Craig’s enthusiasm grew. He took over the reins from Andrew Ellis telling him: ‘This is my deal.’
A meeting with David Murray was arranged at his home in the south of France in autumn 2010. Craig found in Murray a man desperately keen to progress a deal and someone not remotely interested in where the money was coming from.
As is normal in such negotiations, the source of funds was not disclosed. Neither was the scale of Rangers debts. Craig’s enthusiasm grew as the prospect of running the club edged closer to becoming a reality. Control of Rangers seemed within his grasp. However, he had no idea what was waiting for him around the corner.”


I have remitted the first batch of the executive summaries, with a second batch to follow through the UK night tomorrow. Many of my readers will wake to some truly astounding revelations. I will not be publishing any more full chapter précis.

There are a number of takeaways from the enclosed text in bold italics typeface. It seems apparent that Octopus loaned Whyte £20m with season books as collateral. The fee for such an arrangement was £7.5m. As soon as Whyte paid off The Bank Of Scotland, he only had one million and change to play with. He did not have sufficient funds to pay off the £2.8m overdue payable a.k.a. The Wee Tax CaseAs of May 6th 2011 when the deal was signed there was no possibility of paying HMRC the quantum that they had demanded, a sum that had crystallised on 21st March 2011.

Stewart Regan lied to protect Rod Petrie and the odious Andrew Dickson who asserted that Rangers UEFA licence application was tickety-boo. Dickson knew otherwise. One wonders how Regan, Petrie and Dickson will wriggle free from this revelation.

Note how a meeting took place chez Murray in The South of France in the Autumn of 2010. “Craig found in Murray a man desperately keen to progress a deal and someone not remotely interested in where the money was coming from.” 

One can but conclude that Sir David Murray is not only guilty of bribery, but he is a lying bastard to boot. He was not duped. He did not give a flying fuck who bought Rangers. All he cared about was clearing the bank debt and getting his crooked hands on the lion’s share of MIM.


Alistair Johnston provided Sir Bribe & Lie with a private investigator’s report which revealed that Whyte was a ‘fuyant‘ and had no discernible means. Whyte’s apartment in Monaco was rented. Murray claimed that the bank were pointing a gun to his head. He was lying. The stick, £18m and change in a debt ocean of £700m, did not move him. He was drawn like a moth to the flame of a 50% share in Murray International Metals. The price was £18m and change, paid by Whyte.

Craig Whyte revealed that as soon as the deal was signed, Sir Bribe & Lie called Murray Foote, the editor of The Daily Record, with the glad tidings. He dictated a prepared statement, a valedictory. Whyte could not quite believe that even at this moment SB&L was shaping the narrative. Murray took the guise of munificent benefactor passing the mantle to a young Turk. The prosaic fact that Whyte did not have a pot to piss in was the least of SB&L’s concerns. With £1m and change and no income from season tickets, the clock was ticking on Rangers. The Blue Room was booby-trapped. There was a pregnant pause before the bomb went off just over 9 months later.

The following extract from the Red Flags executive summary is instructive:
Shortly before the deal concluded, details emerged that showed the Murray group had hidden vital information from Craig’s lawyers in the ‘data room’ of disclosures. Craig’s team found out about several liabilities, such as the ‘small tax case’ of £2.8 million that needed to be paid. They then found out that Ibrox Stadium wouldn’t be allowed to open for the next season unless a new public address system was installed and the catering facilities were upgraded, costs that were estimated at £1.7 million. Craig was aware of a potential issue with a liability known as the ‘big tax case’. However Murray’s team downplayed the seriousness of the case, suggesting it might only mean a tax payment of between £2-5 million. Craig now accepts his team vastly underestimated not only the quantum of what might become due but also the pressure that was going to be put on by that information becoming publicly available.
Ordinarily, such revelations would be red flags to delay proceedings or ask to analyse matters more closely. However, Craig felt under increasing pressure to complete the deal. In all his business experience he had never encountered such a deal where the seller was the party piling on the pressure.”

Note how Sir Bribe & Lie, the so-called duped innocent, was happy to transgress company law by not disclosing liabilities in the data room. Then there is the forked tongue down play of the EBT fallout. Is there no end to this man’s mendacity?

Sir Bribe & Lie was happy to sell for £1 as he knew he was punting a pig with lipstick. He also knew that Whyte had no means to pay his initial selling price and also pay off the bank.

Whyte thought he was buying a modest enterprise, however:

One stalwart told Craig it was his job to maintain the ‘smoke and mirrors’ illusion that Rangers was a big time football club. The reality was that, compared to other businesses Craig had taken over, it was a reasonably small business. An impression had to be created otherwise for the fans.”

The WATP supremacists needed a myth to wrap their orange sashes around. As one can see from the lower part of the Record front page, they revert to bombs and bullets when presented with a hate figure. They need someone to hate. Ninety minutes is a long time to go wading in Fenian blood. I am now at the top of their list. It’s gone to DEFKLAN 2 on social media.

Some of The People just cannot handle the truth. Would they prefer a bedtime story from Sir Bribe & Lie?