A Strong Rangers?

Prior to the main thrust of this article I take pause to consider the curious approach of Stephen Thompson in response to my exclusive that U.S. interests have bought a controlling stake in Dundee United. I have no doubt whatsoever in my source and the veracity of my information, so why does Thompson choose to lie about it when approached by the likes of Jim Spence. Jim came to prominence when he correctly asserted that ‘Rangers are deid‘ which stuck in the craw of the continuation jihadists. So why is Thompson denying what I know to be true? Do the U.S. interests not wish to show their hand until the transfer window opens in January? Would any price paid for prospective players be increased if it was common knowledge that The Arabs were being bankrolled by American dollars? Or are there regulatory concerns to be addressed?

Jim Spence no longer works for BBC Scotland. He has been replaced by a cabal of tax-evading former Rangers players that frankly should be nowhere near any state broadcaster. One has to look back to former Eastern bloc dystopias like Ceauscu’s Romania to see criminals being favoured and bankrolled by a corrupt state media apparatus.

Alex Rae EBT (£569,000) believes that Scottish football needs a strong Rangers. He opines that if Celtic’s dominance continues for another decade, supporters will lose interest in watching our game. I agree that the WATP supremacists will lose interest in the game should Celtic surpass their previous club’s record of 54 titles and set a new record for consecutive title wins, but why should we care if individuals stupid enough to believe The Continuation Myth turn their back on the game? Surely if the lowest denominator of what passes for sentient beings in Govan choose to haunt malls on a Saturday afternoon the IQ coefficient of Scottish football fans will be elevated? Elevated sufficiently to smell a rat in the argument of a tax-evader.

Graeme Souness, who took a number of bungs while in management and was not in any way exonerated by the Taylor Commission, initiated this debate when he used BBC Hunland as a PR Agency to promote his book, ‘Football: My Life, My Passion.‘ Would his oeuvre be a better seller if he told it warts and all with a new title:- ‘Football: My EBT’s, My Bungs.’

Souness like Rae does not have any upper moral ground or any real authority to opine about Scottish football but this did not stop him asserting that:

As much as Celtic supporters and other supporters of clubs in Scotland have enjoyed the moment, it has damaged football in Scotland beyond belief. There was always an interest in Scottish football from football fans in England. That is no longer the case. So everyone who rejoiced at Rangers’ problems, I hope they’ve had a rethink and they now see the consequences of that.”

I would prefer not to use industrial language but does anyone give a flying fuck about how palatable Scottish football is to an English audience?  The only time Scottish football is exposed to an English audience is when it features in a Champions League highlights programme or as was the case in 2008 when Rangers supporters were on the police wanted list on Crimewatch.

Rio Ferdinand criticised Craig Gordon for the positioning that led to Bayern’s opening goal. Gordon responded that Boyata was the real culprit and was taken to task by Brendan Rodgers in the Celtic dressing room. Gordon could have gone further by inquiring of Rio Ferdinand as to whether he had seen the entire game or only 12 minutes of edited highlights.

If we have a strong Rangers will there be a clamour for domestic highlights south of the border? Will highlights of the Scottish Premiership replace The Football League Show after Match of The Day?

Let’s be quite clear about this. The only individuals who want a strong Rangers are Rangers Lite themselves, their supporters, the Lite-facing SMSM and their lickspittles at the SFA. The rump of Scottish football fans are so fervently celebrating the demise of the former club and its stumbling facsimile that there has been a run on jelly and ice cream.

When Rangers were cheating their way to 17 titles and winning nine-in-a-row through  ‘allegedly fair’ means and often foul, was there a clamour for a stronger Celtic? When Sir Bribe & Lie was boasting that for every fiver spent by Celtic, he would spend a tenner, did anyone hold him to account?

When Maurice Johnstone signed for Rangers in 1989 what tax strategy was used to make the Rangers offer much more commercially attractive than the deal proposed by Celtic? How did Bill McMurdo turn Johnston’s head when he had already posed with Billy McNeil leading everyone to believe that he was returning to Celtic Park?

One comment made by Billy McMurdo’s son – who was one of the three men including his father who ran the best Rangers site of all time (RSL) – on our Sitonfence Speakeasy has always resonated with me. He asserted that if his father were to name names and open the books on the shady transfer deals, Scottish football would be rocked to its core. It’s instructive to note that Billy senior spent most of his career representing Rangers players.

Alex Rae EBT spoke fondly of the days when Rangers and Celtic were ‘Eachy Peachy.’ I digress to note that it’s evident that Rae EBT did not spend his ill-gotten gains on adult education classes. He pointed out that during his lacklustre playing career in England he would jump in a car and drive his English colleagues to old firm games where the result hung in the balance. What he failed to mention was that Rangers at that time were a financially-doped tax-evading supremacist juggernaut which was cheating its way to titles that it did not deserve. Are these the glory days of Scottish football which inspire his nostalgic daydreams?

If Rae (EBT) and Souness (EBT & Bungs, not mutually exclusive) cared to notice, during Rangers demise and the protracted rise of the facsimile club, there was a more even split of domestic honours than was the case when Rangers and Celtic inevitably shared the trophy spoils. When stripped of the odious sectarian backdrop and the social unrest caused by street defecating knuckle-draggers, the upper tiers of Scottish football were better places.

Rae EBT is upset that Rangers Lite games against Celtic are foregone conclusions. He should have thought of that when he had his nose in the trough taking Hector’s coin and the part he played in the £168.6m debt implosion at his former club. Can Rae not get his head round the idea that Lite are a start-up who took two seasons to gain promotion from the second tier? The new club has to learn to walk before it can run with the pack. As we saw in Luxembourg it’s still wearing baby reins.

However not all who opine on the dearth of a challenge from Govania were hell bent on tax-evasion. Pat Bonner constantly reverts to his thesis that a strong Rangers would result in an improved Celtic making a better fist of their UEFA participation. However there is a major flaw in this argument. There is only one CL place. If it were consigned to Rangers Lite, as it was by foul means to the former club in 2011 (How long will it take the compliance officer to come up with a ruse which exonerates Ogilvie, Regan, Petrie, Dickson and Bryson) Lite would be the dominant force in the transfer arms race, with Celtic having to cut its cloth. The CL revenue is the game changer. Ceteris Paribus Rangers Lite’s just under 50,000 capacity cannot compete with Celtic’s just over 60,000 box-office.

Would Rodgers have pushed Lawwell to spend several million on a competent centre back if the threat from Miller and Morelos was too much for Boyata and Bitton to handle? Even if he were tempted to do so, would the best midfield and forward line in Scottish football not spare the defence’s blushes?

Scottish football is not showjumping as per Kevin Bridge’s quip. It’s still a two horse race. One horse pulled up lame and had to be destroyed. Its stable mate looks as if it has been gelded or prematurely put out to stud. Another horse, Aberdeen, has taken the place of the nag that will soon be glue.

Scotland’s second best club pushed Celtic very close in last season’s Scottish Cup Final. Who is to say they cannot do so again?  When one reverts to Bonner’s argument would Rodgers not be minded to improve his defence if the challenge from the North East was more potent?

One way of undermining the challenge from Aberdeen is to hire their manager. What Chris Sutton is  proposing will drag Aberdeen down to Lite’s level. McInnes won’t challenge Celtic with an inferior squad. It would take many millions and several transfer windows to make a dent in the Celtic monolith. Even then he still would not be in a position to spend £13.8m on players as was the case with Celtic in their last fiscal year. Celtic are not standing still and will continue to improve. If Lite with Qatari loans started to bridge the gap, Celtic could spend a tenner for every fiver.

Scottish football does not need a strong Rangers Lite. It needs a a strong and flourishing Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hearts, Hibs, St. Johnstone et al, all the way to the Junior ranks and my much beloved Largs Thistle and The Undertakers of Port Glasgow. It needs a strong Morton, St. Mirren, Falkirk and Dundee United.

There is much more to Scottish football than Rangers Lite, which is just as well as they are currently trading whilst insolvent and could go under.





28 thoughts on “A Strong Rangers?”

  1. Re your equine analogy. I too would prefer not to use industrial language but “prematurely put out to stud”. As my dear departed father used to say, ” there`s no a good fuck in them”

  2. I think this article pretty much captures my exact feelings about those two faced cheats and apologists. I know for a fact that one of the gentlemen you mentioned had to be told repeatedly “no, that would be illegal and it doesn’t matter if your mate is doing it” when planning tax strategies. Morality is a foreign concept to those used to breaking the rules but facing no punishment. This is exactly why the SFA needs to be held to account. They are directly responsible for fostering the conditions that we are now seeing. To paraphrase Iskander the Potter – When you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind.

  3. My monthly £1 a day contribution made for October. I had a wee wrestle with PayPal but got there in the end.

    JJ: If only there was more like you buddy. My heartelt thanks.

  4. Usual donation made ending 1746.
    Another month of interest ahead.

    Remember Doncaster suggesting a 16 team league when Lite failed to get promoted at first attempt.
    Still think that football would improve and money better spread to supporting the overall game if Morton, Falkirk, Dundee Utd, Dunfermline, ICT etc were playing in top tier. Just as attractive as Ross County, Hamilton etc. No disrespect intended.

    Keep pushing the boundaries. Jj

    JJ: I tend to agree. Thank you.

  5. ‘Scottish football does not need a strong Rangers.’

    Let’s take the Rangers hating blinkers off for a second, and lets see if there was a period where Rangers were not in the top league and see if that statement is true.

    A prime example would be the 4 seasons where Rangers were not in the premier league, so let’s look at the FACTUAL evidence as anyone with any integrity in their work would do.

    – Celtic playing home games in half empty stadiums week in week out.
    – SPL without a sponsor for it’s league.
    – Embarrassing initiatives like ‘sell-out Saturday’ where premier league games were being contested in front of crowds of less than 4000.
    – Celtic vs Ross County. Season ticket holders were given two free tickets just to simply show up to the game that they had already paid their money for.
    – Celtic having Ronny Deila as a manager instead of Brendan Rodgers.
    – Being forced to accept utter peanuts from Sky in TV money simply because as Barney Francis put it ‘there is no great public demand in wanting to watch a foregone conclusion’.

    I’ll donate £50 if you can highlight anything in the above that is not factual.

    1. “CELTIC chief executive Peter Lawwell insists the absence of rivals Rangers is not the reason for the attendance slump at Parkhead this season.

      As the Hoops chief revealed he can’t see any way for the Ibrox outfit to be fast-tracked through the SFL into a revamped top-flight, he blamed the recession for the drop in crowds.

      And he reckons Celtic’s Champions League adventure has also played a part in the attendance figures.

      Speaking ahead of his side’s 2-0 defeat to Kilmarnock yesterday, he said: “Celtic fans are making choices. We’re in the Champions League so that means Champions League tickets, it means travelling.
      I think the most significant affect on attendances at Celtic Park, and they are not in any way greatly concerning, is the economy. There is not enough money to go round for our fans to do everything.”

      Source Daily Record. I look forward to your £50, or like most things Rangers will you welch on your debt?

      1. I can see from fact and fiction, JJ you are able to pull a bath towel through both his ears , as for his £50 he like the Old rangers ,would not PAY attention

    2. Farce before Friction, let me get this right. What you are saying is that as long as there is a strong rangers being allowed to cheat their way , year in and year out, denying all other clubs bar Celtic a chance to win honours, then everything will be right in the Scottish game and we are all happy with that.
      To use an equine term, Jog on ya Whalloper.

  6. Fantastic, incisive article. It is shocking that Scottish Football, the SMSM and the BBC in particular continue to fill the pockets of these tax cheats. Alex Rae is much of a muchness with his tax evading muckers, you have him bang to rights.
    Syrup Souness is also an odious character, I had the misfortune of sharing a local watering hole for some time and his arrogance, even in a social public location, knows no bounds. He is hated as much on Merseyside as he is by the green side of Scotland. He seems to forget it was his dodgy dealing with regard to Jean Alain Bumsong that brought the whole lying, cheating, illegal SIR David Murrays RFC down in the first place. Perhaps Scottish Football owes him something after all!! 🙂

  7. If Sourness thinks that the lack of interest in Scottish football from England is in any way linked to the demise of the Govan team then he is clearly deluded. I have lived in London since the early seventies and have seen interest wane over a much longer period than the last 5 years.
    Firstly, I believe that the ending of the Home Internationals was probably the first nail in the coffin, the bi-annual games at Wembley and the fierce rivalry between Scotland and England kept the Scottish game relevant to the English supporters. At the same time these supporters were used to seeing their own clubs raiding Scotland for the best of talent and there were few top level English clubs who did not have at least a couple of Scots in their ranks. The Scottish game retained a relevance to the average supporter down South, most of whom would regard one of our teams as their ” Scottish team”.
    The gradual decline of our national team and the fact that we no longer feature in the business end of either the World or European tournaments has also diminished the Scottish game in the eyes of most English supporters. The formation of the English Premier League and it’s massive financial backing from Sky, for me, signalled the end of any interest in Scottish football from England. The paltry sums on offer for coverage of the Scottish game compared to the huge amounts being thrown around to the English clubs showed the lack of esteem in which our game was held. The obscene amounts of money poured into clubs by billionaire owners has elevated the expectations of English football fans, they want their clubs spending £50-60 million on a single player and to be honest there aren’t many of those in Scotland, so they are no longer casting an eye over our game or raving about the latest Scottish talent (KT excepted).
    My children and grandchildren are English, they are unashamed Celtic supporters, sometimes to the derision of their workmates/classmates who have no understanding of the financial comparisons between the leagues. These same workmates/classmates would struggle to name any Scottish players, fed as they are, on a daily diet of Chelsea..Arsenal..Spurs and multi million pound transfers.
    If Sourness honestly thinks that the return of a “strong rangers” would rekindle the slightest of sparks in any English hearts then he is an idiot..but then again we all know that particular idiot’s agenda.
    Keep up the great work JJ

  8. donation 880X, apologies for the tardiness.

    Quite a splendid article, the best for a long time.

    “Let’s be quite clear about this. The only individuals who want a strong Rangers are Rangers Lite themselves, their supporters, the Lite-facing SMSM and their lickspittles at the SFA. The rump of Scottish football fans are so fervently celebrating the demise of the former club and its stumbling facsimile that there has been a run on jelly and ice cream.”

    JJ: Thank you.

  9. What a great article JJ! One of your best indeed. The clincher for me, as you say above, is that guys like Rae & Souness have NO moral ground to stand on here. Why they are even given a platform at all these days should be a cause of shame to the SMSM, but I suppose that’s what we have come to expect from these lazy so called “journalists.” Cheers, TS.

    1. These tax cheats are given a platform to spout their pish as they need some form of income to pay Hector his dues from their ‘imperfectly registered’ days.

      It’s ironic that honest tax payers are paying the wages of tax cheats so they can pay the taxes they screwed from HMRC

  10. The SFA gave newco Sevco Scotland (latterly The Rangers) a license/ registration to play in Scotland subject to strict conditions in the 5 way Agreement.

    One of those conditions was that Green’s Sevco would pay all FOOTBALL debts of old RFC in Administration/ Liquidation to make good the damage to the game.

    The final list of creditors today shows an extraordinary list of Football Club creditors unpaid. Some I list here:

    Manchester City FC £328,248.71

    Chelsea FC £238,345.43

    Arsenal Football Club £136,560

    AS St Etienne, France, £252,212.39

    The Scottish Football League £3859.92

    Celtic FC £40,337

    Dundee United FC £65,981.49

    Dunfermline Athletic FC £83,370.13

    Heart of Midlothian FC £800,000

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC £39,805

    SPL £22,500

    SFA £11,089.04

    TRFC/ RIFC PLC took undertakings to repay these football debts in order to be granted an SFA Membership. RIFC plc has reneged on that contractual undertaking.

    BDO, under the five way Agreement, can recover 100% of these debts from RIFC plc for these Creditor football institutions. Why does it not do it?

    In addition TRFC/ RIFC plc promised to pay fully any fines imposed by the LNS Commission (5way Agreement). LNS levied a fine of £250k but only £170k was paid. A second breach of contract.

    The cost of the commission to the SPL was £250k.

    TRFC is not the same club as RFC founded 1872, died 2012. If it were the same club those football debts would be getting settled.

    The SFA must withdraw the charlatan pretender club Membership with immediate effect.

    UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations are a sham and a joke. Someone write to uefa on these football debts.

    1. There’s £2m debt there underpinned contractually to TRFC/ RIFC PLC.


      The SFA have a contractual duty and moral duty to recover these football debts.

      Hearts F.C. are owed £800k, why isn’t Budge taking it to Judicial Review? Why are Hearts fans not up in arms?

      The SFA and BDO can recover these football debts 100% from TRFC. Why is it not being done?

  11. JJ ,exactly right -Scotlands football is more than Rangers and more than Celtic.
    The smaller teams need strengthening more than the latter two for the health of the game.
    ON a different tack struggling with paypal because Ive had my visa card compromised and replaced with a new one.
    Was trying to send you a donation via Amex but couldnt get it sorted (if you actually received notification on sundry donations of 0 gbp thats why)
    At any rate I will get things sorted and ship you a top up before week is out.
    You wd oblige me much btw if you could respond to my request about Bigotry as it is understood in Glasgow to my email if this isnt the approprite forum

    1. I’m working on two articles at the moment, one of which is a real scoop. As the latter’s source is a learned friend in Edinburgh, and my piece is inordinately hard-hitting, I have to get it 100% right. Drop me a line on PayPal when you cut through the red tape and I will have a look at it.

  12. To sum up Souness – ““Years from now, when I’m successful and happy, …and he’s in prison… I hope I’m not too mature to gloat.” ― Bill Watterson

  13. It looks like UEFA are absolutely toothless as they allow the SFA to do as they please.
    A rangers player who has been red carded twice for violent conduct in the last month or two has had both cards recinded.
    A league cup semi final between rangers and Motherwell rangers were being beaten 2-0 when their manager lost the plot and tried to fight with everone around him resulting in both managers being sent to the stand.The Motherwell manager was suspended for one match which he appealed sighting that it was the rangers manager who caused the mahem his appeal was thrown out.
    If that does not warrant an investigation into the SFA then I’m affraid Scottish football will be a haven for tax evaders gangsters money launderers liars and cheats.

  14. Your final words “currently trading whilst insolvent” were obviously well chosen and accurate as always. That is criminal business activity and ends up with Directors going to jail. That’s a big call but you’ve made it. Rangers Football Club is insolvent. Has no money. Is trading illegally. Is in imminent danger of liquidation. Not enough money to pay wages. Wow!

  15. Vivian Stanshall and Keith Moon used to make surreal jokes for their own amusement. They would enter high-priced men’s clothes shops asking for strong trousers. Of course the keen to please sales assistant would find a pair of robust trousers such thick cords for them to try out and Moon would take hold of one leg while Vivian took the other. Then in a ferocious tug of war they would rip the trousers into two and throw the ruined pieces onto the floor in disgust and storm out of the shop complaining that the trousers were poor quality and lacked strength.

    Now Moon and Viv had a one legged friend who they would keep loitering around outside and after their departure this fellow would hop into the shop and up to the distraught sales assistant and politely ask for two pairs of one legged trousers.

    Rangers could do worse than this pair for their new management team.

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