The Curious Case Of The Missing Missive

Yesterday’s piece was on balance very well-received. Someone imbued with the SFA’s mindset made a case for Rangers as a force for good in Scottish football. He challenged me to rebut his points and should I do so he would donate £50. I provided a direct quote from Peter Lawwell which unequivocally contradicted his basic premise. As we have come to expect from Rangers-facing individuals, he welched on his debt.

I was planning to write a piece on Rangers welching on their football debts, King’s latest confidence trick and 276 creditors being stiffed with peppercorn returns on the pound, but this will have to remain in development for the time being. A learned friend from Edinburgh has been in touch with some insights that will astonish my readers.

I have often stated that I curate comments on our award-winning site with a light touch. I will publish comments that I don’t agree with but I baulk at comments that are materially wrong. When Ayephone asserted that two former Duff & Phelps employees had settled their case with COPFS and Police Scotland I knew that he was wrong. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I arranged for an intermediary to contact the principals who confirmed that his argument was wide of the mark. However I went the extra yard and contacted a learned friend in Edinburgh. His insights that I will exclusively reveal in this piece will astonish you. I challenge readers to retain the merest vestige of confidence in the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) and Police Scotland. Is it any wonder the latter tried to silence me and threatened me with action from COPFS when I wrote a slew of articles which highlighted their ineptitude. These articles were described as hard hitting. I now realise that I did not hit home hard enough.

The incontrovertible facts are that David Grier is suing Police Scotland in the Sheriff Court for £2million. In the higher courts Paul Clark is suing the Crown and Police Scotland for £5m and David Whitehouse is in for £9m, also against The Crown and Police Scotland. However it is to Mr Whitehouse and The Curious Case of the Missing Missive that I initially wish to turn.

Last year the Scottish Government’s Justice Committee invited submissions for the Inquiry into the role and purpose of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

There were a number of submissions including one from a party that represented the ‘Inalienable Rights of Scottish Badgers’ and in precipitous relief to this flight of fancy there was what can best be described as a somewhat constrained salvo from David Grier. Mr Grier’s remittance to the Inquiry had a light touch.

However there is a submission missing from the Inquiry’s list and I can exclusively reveal that it was from Mr Grier’s colleague, David Whitehouse. My bewigged learned friend in Edinburgh informs me that the Justice Committee, whilst pandering to Scotland’s badgers, ran a mile when they saw Mr Whitehouse’s allegations. Their excuse for not accepting his document was that it was defamatory of certain lawmakers.

The trouble is that everybody on the committee has seen this blistering missive and so have half of the legal profession in Scotland’s capital city. Happily one of the honest lawmakers who regularly reads my articles was only too happy to send me a copy and here it is for your delectation. Please read it carefully as its insights are explosive. I have added bold and occasionally red typeface to draw attention to key takeaways but I have not in any way adulterated the original text:


Submission of David John Whitehouse to the COPFS inquiry
19th October 2016

My involvement with COPFS relates to the prosecution brought in respect of the Rangers case. It is not possible for me to use or disclose any information received from the Crown through the disclosure process, as to do so would breach the provisions of Section 163 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010. That constrains what I can say in evidence. I have asked my lawyers to consider whether there is any way in which the court can be asked to authorise me to give evidence on an unconstrained basis. The criminal proceedings remain outstanding against one accused, and reporting restrictions are in place. I can make available to the enquiry detailed, near-verbatim notes of each court hearing which will evidence appalling conduct on the part of the Crown, with the court being routinely misled, but I would need to be reassured that their provision would not breach the existing reporting restrictions.

I have commenced civil proceedings against Police Scotland and COPFS in respect of their conduct in certain aspects of the Rangers case. I will not refer to matters which could compromise that litigation. This litigation will be strictly based upon matters of law which are not covered in this submission. The pleadings in the litigation will contain substantial evidence to support the claim, such evidence is not referred to within these submissions to avoid any prejudice to the civil proceedings. Equally those matters referred to in these submissions are not necessary to support the civil proceedings. The matters referred to in these submissions are matters which I would wish to bring to the attention of the enquiry, which do not have an impact on the current ongoing criminal investigation and prosecution, and do not involve a breach of legislation.

The civil proceedings commenced against COPFS and Police Scotland will expose misconduct on a scale which will be regarded as extreme on any measure.

At the heart of the issue, I believe is a culture of reckless disregard for due process which has had a catastrophic impact upon the public purse, upon the victims of wrongful prosecutions, but most importantly the integrity and effectiveness of COPFS.

I wish to raise five specific issues which should be considered by the enquiry.

Firstly I would like to raise the independence of COPFS.

When I was first arrested, my employer and I, via our legal advisors, had lengthy dealings with Police Scotland and found them to be utterly inept in investigating complex financial crime. By way of background the crime for which I was arrested was reported by me to the Police. To aid the investigation of the crime COPFS and Police Scotland sought to recover material from my employer which was held subject to legal professional privilege. Neither COPFS nor Police Scotland understood the law in relation to legal professional privilege despite it being set out in extensive detailed correspondence.

The police in particular had no expertise nor training in complex economic crime. The lead investigating officer in the Rangers case, Jim Robertson, a Detective Sergeant at the commencement of the enquiry, advised my colleagues and lawyer for my employer that he lacked knowledge of the relevant law, he has no professional training in company law, accountancy or complex financial crime. He had in effect no supervising officer, his allocated line manager Detective Inspector Brian Wright confirmed he was not able to offer meaningful oversight of the investigation as he had been fully employed on the integration of Strathclyde Police with Police Scotland.

The lack of understanding of LLP is a matter which will I will refer back to later in this submission. Despite this obvious lack of technical or professional expertise, COPFS failed to review or challenge the flawed findings of the Police investigation. They failed to provide any legal oversight or supervision of the actions of the Police.

They showed a reckless disregard for the due process which they maintained throughout. COPFS was obliged, by law and by its own Disclosure Manual, to disclose all evidence (in the form of witness statements and productions) to the defence as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within 28 days of my first appearance in court (17 November 2014). However, a year later we were still waiting for many witness statements, and over a thousand crown productions. This seriously impacted upon my team’s ability to prepare my defence – all the more difficult when I was facing allegations that were poorly articulated, speculative and untrue.

In June 2015 and later, COPFS blamed delays in disclosure on the need to read the evidence before disclosing it. If true, that would suggest that they sanctioned my arrest, committal and indictment without first considering all of the evidence that had been available to them for many months, and in some cases years. That showed a reckless disregard for their legal obligations and the interest of justice, to say nothing of my own rights.

Notwithstanding my concerns as to the competence of Police Scotland, I was comforted at the time of my arrest by my lawyers reassuring me COPFS would act independently of the Police and would discharge their duty to critically analyse the evidence produced by the police and investigate my defence, that principle of independence having been established and evolved over hundreds of years. This has since proved to be a misconceived view in this case. Whilst it is correct that over hundreds of years this has been a key role of the public prosecutor, in recent years that independence has progressively been eroded. In the case of my investigation prosecution, COPFS and Police Scotland shared the same office in the same building and clearly acted in tandem at all times. The statutory checks and balances of independence were absent.

This lack of independence is a significant factor which has resulted in the catastrophic failure of the Rangers investigation.

The second issue is a lack of regard to conflicts of interest, which in this case were extreme.

The investigating police officer in the Rangers case, Jim Robertson, is an avid Rangers fan. He has openly confirmed to my colleagues, and lawyers for my employer that he is a regular participant and reader of Rangers fan blogs. In one interview, attended by a partner of DLA solicitors, he actually recited a Rangers chant in an attempt to intimidate a witness!

He stated repeatedly that the evidential basis for this action lay in the BBC documentary, “the Men Who Sold The Jerseys”. COPFS were aware of this and failed in their duty to review his conclusions. Media reports suggest the reporting officer had a deep affinity with the football club which if true should have caused deep concern to COPFS.

Public record documents indicate the Procurator Fiscal, Caroline Macleod, was previously married to one of the failed bidders for the club, Colin Macleod, formerly of Harper Macleod solicitors. Mr Macleod threatened to sue the joint administrators for not accepting his bid for the purchase of the club. His bid, submitted on behalf of “the Macleod clan”, was substantially inferior to other bids. Mrs Macleod refused all requests by my defence team for COPFS to investigate the position of the other bidders. The relevance of such enquiries to the charges is obvious.

Senior counsel for the Crown, James Keegan QC, is a known business associate and professional advisor to members and supporters of the Blue Knights who were also failed bidders for the club. The Blue Knights were a collection of individuals who were openly hostile to, and critical of the work of the administrators. Despite the fact that at no stage did they submit a bid capable of acceptance, they were the purchaser of choice for most fan groups.

Mr Keegan was also himself a previously disqualified director. His disqualification was as a result of an application by the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry who considered Mr Keegan to have acted improperly as a shadow director of an insolvent company. He was disqualified for three years, by consent. He was also engaged in a 10 year dispute with the liquidator of one of his companies, Lowlands Building Services Limited. The liquidator pursued him for fraudulent trading resulting in him ultimately settling the claim by way of a contribution from the directors. In such circumstances it is entirely inappropriate that he should have been instructed to act for COPFS in an action against insolvency practitioners and individuals accused of fraudulent trading and acting as a shadow director.

Mr Keegan applied to become Queens Counsel in 2009. It is evident to me from a review of the terms of the application process for appointment to Queens Counsel, together with a review of the detailed report of Sir William Rae in respect of the 2009 appointment process, that he misled the panel which approved his appointment to Queens Counsel. He could not in my opinion have disclosed his disqualification as a company director, this coupled with the nature of the proceedings brought against him, which on any reading of the rules for applying for silk are a disclosable matter, suggest that Mr Keegan obtained the office on a false pretence. The practical outcome of his engagement in the Rangers case amounts to a fraud.

The final serious conflict of interest relates to the appointment of experts. The COPFS after twice indicting me and my colleagues, finally in 2016 commissioned an expert report from Aver accountants. The COPFS confirmed in court that absent such a report they did not have an evidential basis for the core charges contained within the remaining indictment.

Aver had a material conflict of interest. Aver had previously been party to a commercial arrangement with a business called Kinetic for the provision of insolvency services. Kinetic was acquired by Duff and Phelps, my employer, in 2015. Following the acquisition of the business, the commercial arrangements with Aver were terminated. This will have resulted in a material loss of income to the partners of Aver. It is inconceivable in those circumstances that Aver did not have a material conflict- of- interest in relation to the assignment which they undertook. In any event their report did not support the proposition advanced by COPFS in the indictments.

None of these conflicts were disclosed to the defence teams nor the court.

The third issue relates to a lack of integrity and honesty on the part of COPFS officials.

Until such time as the current criminal proceedings and civil proceedings are concluded it is not possible for me to fully set out the extent of this misconduct. It is, however, relevant to refer to you a decision of Lord Glennie which related to a restraint order which COPFS obtained against me based upon grossly misleading and false information and representations made to the court.

I attach a copy of the judgement in which Lord Glennie considers the Crowns conduct “amounts to a very serious breach of its duty of candour”. He further states “That it seems to me to be not only a failure to aver, but to amount to a clear and very serious breach of the duty of disclosure and candour.” “Where the applicant is the Crown, and is in a position of power, the court must be alert to ensure those powers are not abused”. In the subsequent HFW judgement for costs against the Crown arising from a bill of suspension in respect of a search warrant also unlawfully obtained, (judgement also attached) the court says “Taken in the round, which we are entitled to do, actions of the Third and Fourth (sic) defendants were an abuse of state power.”

The third and fourth defendants were Police Scotland and the Lord Advocate.

There are numerous other examples of where COPFS have misled the court and its officers and have attempted to pervert the course of justice. These matters form part of my civil proceedings and will not therefore be referred to in these submissions. I have transcripts of each court hearing which prove beyond any doubt that those at COPFS engaged in calculated misconduct in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

My fourth point is a lack of understanding of the law around the issue of legal professional privilege.

This subject has been at the heart of the Rangers case and resulted in an oppression plea being upheld against one accused. The proceedings referred to above by HFW have resulted in very significant costs and damages being awarded against COPFS reported to be £500,000. Despite  COPFS apparently have either failed to communicate the correct law to their staff who continue to maintain LPP does not apply in Scotland, or their staff have chosen to ignore the advice. This has led to the latest judgement re Clyde & Co v COPFS, copy attached, where COPFS have again acted oppressively with a disregard for the law.

I have personally been directly consulted by another leading Insolvency Practitioner not connected to my firm, who was also threatened with arrest by officers of COPFS in connection with the Rangers enquiry, as they maintained that this would overcome issues of LPP, astonishingly this was in 2016, after the HFW proceedings.

My final observation is that COPFS chose to disregard their own disclosure manuals and procedures consistently throughout the entirety of the Rangers prosecution. They deliberately and repeatedly concealed exculpatory material in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. The full detail will be established within the civil proceedings and are therefore excluded from these submissions.

I would request the opportunity to provide verbal evidence at the enquiry upon conclusion of the civil and criminal litigation.

My primary submission is that the failings of Crown office are a product of failed leadership which have resulted in a culture of incompetence and lack of candour. This can be rectified by the new Lord Advocate and I wish him well in that task.

It is a cornerstone of any modern society to have a criminal justice system in which the public have trust and confidence, I very much hope the enquiry will go some way to bring about change and to restore public confidence in what is a failed public body.


Defamatory? Only if it’s untrue but from what we know of the behaviour of police and prosecutors in the Rangers fiasco I doubt whether Mr Whitehouse need worry that a writ will be heading his way. Indeed with his £9m lawsuit underway, all the heavy artillery is now under his control and aimed squarely at Edinburgh. I have never met Mr Whitehouse and he does not know that I have this document but I don’t think he will be unhappy that it is to receive a wider audience. I think one can also reasonably assume that the meat of his statement to the spineless Justice Committee is basically the thrust of his damages case against Police and Crown.

I must admit to almost slack-jawed amazement to the revelation that Jim Robertson used a Rangers chant to intimidate a witness. Given his lack of any skill set in economic crime how did this hairy-arsed detective sergeant become a detective inspector during the course of the trial? Were Police Scotland attempting to confer a pretext of gravitas on their bumbling Keystone Cop?

Then there is Jim Keegan’s fraudulent elevation to the position of Queen’s Counsel. It truly beggars belief. I wrote extensively at the time that someone disqualified as a director for three years for fraudulent trading should not be leading a major Crown prosecution. COPFS sent their attack dogs, Police Scotland, to silence me. I paid no heed to the threats that were articulated to my parents.

However even these truly shocking revelations pale somewhat when one considers that Keegan acted for The Blue Knights and that a Procurator Fiscal was formerly married to a party who submitted a bid, under a ‘Macleod Clan’ banner, for the assets of Rangers.

Mr Whitehouse goes even further than laying out these incontrovertible facts. He accuses COPFS of perverting the course of justice.

In Ayephone’s flawed analysis he stated that Grier and Clark wanted Keegan’s and Robertson’s heads on a plate. Mr Whitehouse has not only delivered both heads. He has also had them stuffed.







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  1. So,in Scotland if your a Masonic Rangers supporting bigot the laws of the land do not apply?
    And all your Masonic bigoted mates embedded throughout the Polis and the Scottish legal “profession” will assist you with any personal persecution of any unfortunate
    individual you choose!
    21st Century Scotland !!

    God help us !

    1. On another note,why is it the case that in everything Rangers the taxpayer always ends up picking up the tab!

      How many other legal payouts am I going to have to fund due to the incompetence and inbred bigotry of the Polis in Scotland.

  2. JJ, due to a family member having emigrated I am on iron rations for the next fortnight.
    Nevertheless, here is a small contribution to your next Java ‘n’ Baklava. After today’s explosive missive, you certainly deserve it.

    JJ: Thanks buddy.

  3. This missive is staggering. Incompetence and vindictive behaviour based on the truly ugly elements of Scottish Masonic/Loyalist/Rangers entitlement. Sadly I suspect there will be no consequences for the guilty. Only in Scotland.

  4. JJ small contribution made 2345

    What are the chances of the a deal being done so that the evidence never comes out?

    JJ: Thank you. I get the impression they would be desperate to settle before the November 15 hearing but who has the authority to sign away £16m?

  5. Completely mind-blowing article, but unfortunately, in no way surprising. My usual monthly donation made this morning.

    JJ: Thank you. Recurring donations are the lifeblood of our site.

    1. Imran hit the nail on the head way back in 2015…..if he knew this then so did COPFS & Polis Scotland. Just an awesome article!!

  6. If he can state this without any doubt to it impeding the law suit he has against COPFS, I think aiming for 9 million is setting his sights a bit low. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the real hard hitting evidence is laid bare for all to see. Keep at them JJ

  7. Hi there, I live in Scotland , just looking for some competence in the backbone of our society…


    What does that look like to Dave King and the current Rangers board, a free pass to take sweeties aff a skelly wean .
    The whole time we’ve to “look over here” at some other drivel so as not to question Murray, Blue Knights (spamalot),Souness, polis, Coisty, lord Nimmo al.

    Bit by bit they are getting shown up for, at best,not giving a fuck as they will continue to do so.

    The poor wee Rangers fans think they are held captive in Guantanamo Bay in oor ain country.

  8. Whitehousegate. The cover-up continues but thanks to your efforts JJ at least we know the truth. No doubt many in Holyrood are aware of and have read this letter, but the silence is deafening. The Scottish government accuses Spain of having a biased justice system, where on earth did they get that idea I wonder?
    Donation PP xx3052. Excellent output again this past fortnight, many thanks.

    JJ: Thank you. Your support makes it possible.

  9. What was it they used to claim, “The best small country in the world”? What a joke that was.

    Something might be done about this were the press free from the malign influences of vested and corrupt interests but, sadly, the Scottish mainstream media are an integral part of the problem.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see the truth about the Rangers scandal. You are doing astonishing work on the issue, JJ. It will not be in vain.

  10. Wow, just wow.

    Whilst I’ve never thought that the administrators did their job properly and sold the basket of assets for a pretty low sum compared to the break up value of the company, they don’t deserve to have PC Plod and his mates ride roughshod over established legal practices and blatant conflicts of interest…

    Their defence of this was the only credible bid on the table ignores the fact that they could have simply waited until the opening of the transfer window, transferred all the players who could attract a fee, even in a fire sale they would have got more than £6M, plus the other assets and hence maximized the return for the creditors, which is their primary raison d’etre. That action, at least as far as I know, has never been properly investigated.

    1. The players are worth nothing. It is the contract that the club/company holds that is worth something. To say that they could have waited before selling the players is stretching it and wishful thinking.

      When a company goes under, so too do all the contracts it holds. A transfer involves 3 parties, the club selling, the club buying, and the player. Whats is there to stop the player from just declining the deals. I mean after all, all he needs to do is wait a few more months for his contract to be nullified and be considered a free-transfer/bosman. Even after a transfer window has closed, he can still sign a contract with any club wishes, he would also be entitled to a much bigger sign on fee than had he being brought. And why would other clubs buy such a player when they can get him as a free-transfer in a few more months.

      Player contracts are worthless to a company in administration.

      1. You may well be right but they’ll never know. The time to do it was before the CVA decision. Until HMRC voted no, there was no certainty that the club/company couldn’t have come out of administration and hence all player registrations etc would have remained in place. Any club looking to buy on the cheap could offer good wages to the player in lieu of transfer money and not wait or see their target player stay or go somewhere else. There’s always a risk in waiting for a better deal which may never come. My point is that for a team which at the time had something like a £20-30MM value, even if you only got £10MM or £8MM, it was still more than they got from Sevco without any other sale of assets. Again what they might have got may have been very much as there’s not a big market in crumbling football stadia, but land is land. IIRC a couple of clubs agreed to some sort of payment to Sevco / TRFC for players they signed on a Bosman after they declined to be TUPED over to TRFC.

        Interestingly, BDO under item 3 of the latest report to creditors states that they had requested details about the administrators strategy. This has now gone to court and is ongoing. . The strategy of selling a basket of assets as a single effectively ongoing company rather than selling individual elements was always a little odd to me.

  11. Explosive and a real exposé of the reach of masonic tentacles, it leaves me with nasty thoughts/feelings about other convictions. Will the SMSM pick this up, doubt it but would love to be proved wrong. Perhaps some of the decent English journos will pick this up.

  12. What concerns me most is that these Establishment crooks set out on this course with the assumption that they would get away with it all totally unchallenged.
    The malevolent stench of the Masonic Lodge pervades all of this.
    Scotland 2017.

  13. Stunning!! Do the mainstream media not understand that by running with the pre-digested pap from L5 rather than pursuing actual journalism like this, that they are sowing the seeds of their own demise. Well, hell mend them. Again JJ, just stunning!!

  14. A stunning article JJ. Top quality, as ever and another exclusive.

    As for the chap who reneged on his £50 bet, I shall pay it on his behalf. We don’t like folks not paying up on this site.

  15. Not commented for a long time but after digesting this treat I feel it necessary to ask. “How do we get this into mainstream media?”
    Legal trade journals, Channel 4, FT, Private Eye and there must be many more, someone headquartered outside Scotland who might like to take a pop at the Scottish establishment.
    We should be hawking this around to see if any of them have the guts to run with it.

    This is the best piece of journalism I have read this side of the millennium. Articulate, forensic and relevant. Well done JJ. Excellent stuff.

    Recurring payment ending . . . 0837 on 21/10

    JJ: Thank you.

  16. Outstanding stuff JJ.

    I went totally against my heart to vote ‘No’ in the independence referendum, and thank god for that!

    What a stinking, corrupt and bigoted country we to live in. Money rules, morals are non-existent and just like over at ibrokes, we are told to ‘look at this’ while the slight of hand is taking place.

    The fact that not one MSP has mentioned all the goings on since SB&L folded MIH owing £1bn (yet continues to amass wealth in property development) shows that this goes right to the top. Just like the child abuse inquiry that keeps hitting brick walls. It stinks!

    Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated.


  17. we live in an unique society. a society dominated, bullied and intiminated by a football club.
    the national sport, the media, the judiciary, the police force, political life and the bank of scotland have all been contaminated and corrupted by this odious organisation.

  18. my regular monthly payment will come on the 10th as per usual.
    But given this bombshell….Like TM another £50 is on its way.

    JJ: Many thanks.

  19. This is your most disturbing yet insightful piece John.
    It is Political.
    Your article should be in the in-tray of Nicola, Michael Matheson her Justice Secretary, the opposition leaders in Holyrood and all MSPs.
    There should be an on the record discussion about what has happened, is happening and what will come to pass and some repercussions too.

    The politicians have avoided the toxicity surrounding everything to do with the demise of Sir David Murray’s Rangers and the carpet bagging since but until they get involved this will just not go away.

  20. JJ

    This is what we come here for. Great work.

    £10 donation for this month now done.
    Receipt Number: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-6780

    Without sounding smug, whilst the scale of the corruption alleged is indeed eye watering, there is nothing about COPFS that surprises me. I was involved in a long and bitter dispute with a health board in Edinburgh and during that time I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman who knows a great deal about Health & Safety. As time passed he became involved in the bin lorry death case in Glasgow after the Scottish judicial system decided that there were no grounds for prosecution. On behalf of the families (or some) he wrote to a man I will refer to as “Frank” to tell him –

    you don’t understand H&S law

    you got it wrong

    you can prosecute

    and here is the specific areas under which you can prosecute.

    “Frank” ignored all this and said that Scotland interprets the legislation differently from England (my acquaintance is English and his vast experience is based on English prosecutions – several are very well known and had very high media attention).

    He wrote to Sturgeon. She ignored him and blocked him. He is poison and is simply ignored.

    “Frank” resigned shortly after.

    So it looks like ignorance of the law is endemic in Scotland.

    JJ: Thank you.

    Bravo monsieur on your latest expose.

  21. Absolutely incredible piece today. I’m no socialist but I do feel that certain things have to be fair and open to everyone. Principly access to healthcare, education and the application of the law. Bias or inconsistency cannot be tolerated and I see no reason why any of this should not be public record. If it’s defamatory then Mr Whitehouse can face the consequences as he certainly knew what he was doing. If COPFS believe what he wrote was a crime then charges should be pending. The lack of these is incriminating.

    The saddest thing is that it’s just not surprising that these things happen. I’m fighting my own battle with Police Scotland (despite living abroad) about them not following procedure in search of evidence and illegally searching my property with neither consent nor a warrant. It often seems that the police feel Article 8 human rights don’t apply to them. It’s there to prevent abuse of such power. Good luck to those involved in taking them on when it’s clearly and recklessly impacted their professional life.

  22. JJ

    Whilst Whitehouse may have some good points to raise there are some outstanding issues which suggest he is no innocent abroad. Referencing good practice in relations to conflict of interest? Mr Grier had been in concert with Mr Whyte for some considerable time. Was Duff and Phelps upholding the standard of conflict of interest internally they now seek to apply to others? Was D+P conflicted as administrators and should they ever have been appointed on that basis? Even if wanted by Whyte (I wonder why???) should they not have recused themselves because of their professional standards around conflict?

    Next, the switcheroo. They created a fixed market in the sale whereby if a CVA fell then Sevco 5088 (a company) would be entitled to receive the basket of assets for an agreed fee. However, the basket of assets was sold to a different company (Sevco Scotland) which was counter to the expressed contractual agreement. If they were going to set aside the legal obligation they had entered into did it not behove them to go back to the ‘market’ for an alternative deal?

    Were the basket of assets of RangersFC Ltd sold on the cheap and under value in contradiction to the duty to creditors? There would appear to be a prima facie case that they were.

    There have been a goodly number of administrations in Scottish football and all have largely followed a text book approach to trying to find stability. The exception to this has been the administration of RangersFC, which follows a very unusual set of decisions and actions which seem at odds with ‘normal’ professional practice.

    Whilst Whitehouse may have a case and there may well be poor or even underhand practice from PS and COPFS I would currently find it stretching credibility that these players are persecuted innocents.

    I wonder if the masonic cabal are capable of producing the double bluff so that the squirrel continues to maintain focus away from the outstanding questions above. Winning large compensatory fees against PS and COPFS for poor practice helps to bolster the image that the work of D+P was exemplary and above reproach. There is still a stench emanating from the disposal of the corpse of RangersFC and still a lot of vested interests in convincing the public that the stench emanates from elsewhere…

    1. I could not understand why HMRC and Whyte raced to the court of session in Edinburgh, whereby Whyte placed RFC into Administration, and against normal legal practice, the judge, instead of court appointing a neutral Administrator, allowed Whyte’s preferred Administrator, Duff and Phelps to get the job.

      This rang alarm bells the day it was reported.

      Whyte later introduced D&P duo to Charles Green in a London Chinese restaurant.

      The guy who bought a basket of assets, founded Sevco and instructs his QC in the high court of session to state it’s not the same club. Almost immediately resulting in COPFS dropping all charges against him and his Directors; Ahmad and Stockbridge.

    2. I agree rod ,which judge allowed D&P to be appointed against the wishes of HMRC was this all to pan out differently for the Black hand gang

  23. JJ

    Thank you for this exocet
    A little perspective may help –
    SBL – 1M GBP poof! gone, congratulations Lord of the Realm, carry on & for your trouble here’s some planning consents
    SBL – 168M GBP poof! gone, of course we’re still Rangers can’t you see
    Dodgy Dave King a shameless scam artist (happy to defraud an orphanage FFS) – welcome we’ve been waiting for you, come drive the car, it’s lovely – no money? no problem – we’ll pay for the flights, hotel etc (Chelsea match tickets) we’ll pay out of the season ticket kitty – Oh sorry M’Lud not quite sure who Noal is, but unfortunately my client is penniless and therefor there’s really no point in enforcing the order, you’d really just be wasting your time
    Monkey Chants
    Bathing in 327 year old blood, it’s all good
    Tainted titles? – not so fast, we ARE the people and we say no.

    From the top down (and quite clearly from the top up) of this “institution” there has been a decades old (Possibly a lot longer) normality of not being accountable (to anyone) for your illegal actions. For this to be true, if I was one of them I’d be singing we are the people, because quite clearly they are – The minority Sunni (Substitute SBL / Dave King for Saddam Hussein) controlled the narrative and everything else going back a long time with no consequence for their actions – it took a war to topple this corruption & people still die there every day

    Nobody is going to war in Scotland either for or against ra Gers – the depth of the stain cannot be removed, it can’t, it’s simply too deep


  24. This explains a lot.
    Now we know why this scab on Scottish football (sevco/ rangers) is still alive here.
    No wonder they think they are the people when police Scotland and the COPFS are up to their necks in dismissing any legal accusations against them.
    Do you think if this piece was sent to UEFA it might get them of their arses and investigate the SFA and their involvement with sevco/rangers.

    1. Do you think the SFA (Ogilvie and Regan) flew to UEFA, Nyon and told them a tissue of lies regarding the facts regarding RFC and Liquidation?
      Perhaps uefa was told it was an Administration? The club was sold out of Admin?
      Do you think uefa were told all footballing debts were made good by Green’s sevco? With media articles to prove it?
      Did they sell Lord Nimmo Smith as a sitting law lord investigative judge? Who ruled it was the same club in Scots law?

      1. I recall no one in the media was allowed to mention the LIQUIDATION word.

        It was all conversation around “when Rangers came out of Administration” or “Rangers exited Administration”

        This was the period Ogilvie was in discussions with UEFA.

        Did he tell UEFA it was a singular bad act by a notorious asset stripper and that Scotland couldn’t lose a 145 year old famous club due to the reckless criminal actions of one guy (Whyte?).

        The SFA stand by this assertion that it was all Whyte’s fault regardless of the court case finding him not guilty. And evidence to the contrary.

        We all know it was SDM and his board that destroyed Rangers with incompetent massive borrowing and tax evasion.

  25. Great post, WB (previous blog)

    I have lived in Paris since early 80s…

    When I went to buy tckts for the PSG v Celts game in 96, ECCWC? (wee PSG shop off the Chmps d’Elysees).. the man in the shop said he was shit scared of facing a big European clib like Celtic.

    I told him, well, we were not the Celts of old, so maybe it would be a fairly even game.

    BUT, even then the Scottish game was held in fairly high regard.

    Celts lost 0-1 at Parc Des Princes (4-0 on aggregate, Loko!!!)

    Scotland qualified for WC France in 98.
    Weren’t great… but have gone downhill ever since.

    I think a lot of the blame for our continual decline can be attributed to the SFA.
    The dinosaurs in blazers who refused to move on…
    How many were (and continue to be in 2017!) Rangers old boys…?
    Rhetorical question, btw…

  26. The number of really serious issues of corruption and / or governance failures surrounding the operations and subsequent liquidation of this football club which today are still wide open truly beggars belief

    I know I have lost count . Someone probably has them chronicled .
    In any set of multi faceted issues like this the level of obfuscation ,cover up etc required to maintain that situation must be mind blowing . The football authorities ,the criminals themselves ,of course the media and now with this disclosure possibly our own justice system and government all involved to one degree or another?

    You and others have presented prima facie evidence of complicity in fraud by our governing bodies , of the same organisations effectively perverting the course of justice with gerrymandered enquiries , failing to carry out basic punishment on proven extensive rule breaking ..,failure to bring individuals to account eg DM ,CO and others…on and on .We could list a bunch of things wrt Unaddressed rule breaking .

    Tens of thousands of influencers in all walks of Scottish public life were wined and dined over 20 years with many many relationships forged ,and deep ones at that ,so the tentacles of the DM regime were and are very widely spread
    The Football club still today is a fundamental life centrepiece for a major section of society here in Scotland and As we all know will never be allowed to disappear in fact everything possible will be done to maintain their relevance at the highest echelons in the sport
    Given that …There has to be either a natural informal OMERTÀ by all of the aforementioned influencers and stakeholders OR a well organised behind the scenes both planned and reactive cover up in place . Either way the result is to ensure that none of , or as few as possible ,of the wide range of crimes that surround this affair are ever properly prosecuted and that the myths surrounding continuity etc and where the real blame lies for the ‘Downfall’ are retained to ensure the ongoing supremacist belief system and life experience is intact .

    I have to say 5 years down the line the cover up activity whether centrally orchestrated or otherwise has been successful ..but as some of your other contributors suggest given the modern digital world we live in these issues will not go away .More facts and crimes will emerge just as you demonstrate today and so the stench will worsen and demands for justice just heighten and grow and will never go away.
    For me I would love to see a full clear out of the SFA with new players prepared to act properly eg on simple things likesectarian singing and in parallel the various serious crimes somehow sorted with proportionate punishment .
    Rangers then properly play their important role in our game but on a level playing field

    I fear however It may take longer than ‘Hillsborough ‘ did though to break through the ‘establishment ‘ up here to achieve any real progress with the result that the emerging ,if not already existing , poisonous schism in our game will widen.

  27. I note with interest that bitter little prick Humunculus is making a cunning stunt of himself on SFM yet again. If someone chooses to write two messages hoping that one is approved so be it. I have no need to act as my own cheerleader. I have sixteen million hits to fall back on and an award. How’s that for credibility? If you want to take bitter little potshots at this site, come on to this site and I’ll rip you a new one. I’ll throw in a pair of teeth so that you can literally talk through your arse as opposed to your current modus operandi. My offer of putting you on your back still stands. Just name the place and time fuckwit.

    1. Not being funny, but I’ve tried to find this Humunculus geezer on the Scottish Football Monitor, but without success. I’ve logged in, searched for Humunculus, but without success. What am I doing wrong?

    2. Outstanding JJ.

      Unmatched Moral Courage in Scotland and plenty physical courage to boot.

      An outstanding article yet again.

      You truly deserve a better state of affairs and I hope you land on your feet.

  28. Its actually a good friend within the Crown office who’s told me 100% this will not go to court. All I’ve hypothesised is that DW and PC will probably accept a £2m settlement subject to Jim Robertson and Jim Keegan both being thrown to the wolves. Thats not happened yet JJ and from this insightful piece they should both be facing long jail sentences not just sacking. Lets see if it goes to court on 15 November as you say.

    The fact that the Scottish Justice Review Committee wouldn’t accept DW’s submission speaks volumes. They want it all brushed under the carpet and they WILL brush it under the carpet you mark my words.

  29. heres a cheeky wee £20 for such fantastic work,really getting this site and have recommended to others to share jj

    JJ: Here’s a cheeky big thank you.

  30. Agree gerrylentils.
    It’s difficult to know where to start on this and even more difficult to refrain from industrial language.
    When you bring it back to brass tacks there is a harsh realisation and appreciation of the utterly toxic fulcrum that the Ibrox based football club has become. As evidenced here the football itself is largely irrelevant and merely provides a social glue for the racist, bigoted corrupted of our country.
    Is it any wonder that the likes of DK,SR and SDM can operate with impunity?
    Lest we forget that without the intervention of the Met Police in their raids concerning Jean Alain Boumsong – we’d still be none the wiser to the true extent of this.
    One can hope that Met Police and Crown intervene again to bring this farce to an end

    JJ – just paid my monthly dues but this definitely worth another fiscal doff of the cap !

    JJ: Doffed cap and continued support duly noted and greatly appreciated.

  31. It’s a sort of mix of incompetence, bigotry and ignorance and lays bare the state of public life in Scotland. Bravo JJ, a stunning piece. More power to your elbow. Monthly donation sent as usual.

    JJ: Thank you.

  32. These latest revelations would have boggled my mind had it not reached the absolute limits of boggledom many weeks ago. Now it is dumbfouned, mystified and about to blow a fuse.

    Regular donation recently sent. Transaction ID ends 9125B

    JJ: I noticed John. Received with thanks.

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