A Party Political Broadcast For The Rangers Party

As a xenophobic homophobe takes charge of Scotland for the first time, does anyone miss former manager Craig Brown singing ‘We’re up to our kness in fenian blood‘ to his lover while in charge of the International team? The frankly ludicrous decisions to appoint Mackay as caretaker manager, and not to dismiss Brown for his hate-fest of bigotry, tells us all we need to know about the SFA. This is the same organisation which exonerated Ryan Jack from throttling Dylan McGeouch and attempting to headbutt Anthony Stokes in a game at Ibrox where Rangers Lite hosted Hibs. The same organisation who rescinded the red card Jack received for throwing a punch at Broadfoot and having a kick at him. The same organisation that has allowed Jack to be selected for the national squad despite him being sent off on four occasions in the past twelve months.

When John Beaton correctly sent Jack off in the Hibs game, and Alan Muir followed suit in the game against Kilmarnock, why were their decisions and the red cards rescinded on appeal?

As Ally McCoist was accustomed to saying, ‘who are these people’ at the allegedly independent Disciplinary Panel. Did they review the video footage, or did they take the word of the fourth official? In the Hibs game, Euan Anderson patrolled the technical area. The SFA handbook is quite clear on the remit of the fourth official. It states:

After the match, the fourth official must submit a report to the appropriate authorities on any misconduct or other incident that occurred out of the view of the referee and the assistant referees. The fourth official must advise the referee and his assistants of any report being made – He has the authority to inform the referee of irresponsible behaviour by any occupant of the technical area.”

Note that he does not have the remit or authority to advise the referee, during play, on any decision making. Is this why Jack’s sending off was rescinded and knocked down to a yellow card, which was Alan Muir’s original reaction to the Broadfoot contretemps? Did Jack get off on a technicality?

Did  Euan Anderson, in his report on the Hibs game, not single out Jack for punishment and not corroborate Beaton’s decision?

Jack is not a hard man. He is a mouthy niggler who goes out of his way to noise up the opposition and cause trouble. Since his contentious Bosman to Glasgow’s second club he has adopted a WATP swagger about him. He is evidently enjoying life in the goldfish bowl where the mere sight of a Lite player causes girls to go weak at the knee and drop their knickers faster than a Victoria’s Secret mannequin during the January Sales.

However the decision to include this lacklustre malcontent in the Scotland squad is a naked attempt by Mackay to curry favour with his SFA paymasters and the rogue board at Ibrox. It’s a sop to a second-rate team. Does Mackay consider himself to be a credible contender for the vacancy at Murray Park?

” As the second favourite for the job at Murray Park I staunchly refute claims that I called Dave King a slanted-eyed slope.”

The decision to send off Jack in the game against Hibs resulted in Club 1872, an organisation controlled by the rogue board and which has been established to do its bidding, writing a missive suggesting that the game be replayed. Was this in any way a factor in the decisions to rescind Jack’s red cards? Was his selection for the Scotland squad by way of an apology to Club 1872? Nothing would surprise me from the corrupt cabal who haunt the corridors of Hampden.

But as we talk about Jack, we are not talking about the disastrous accounts, which has been at the top of Slim Shady’s in-tray since their release at 8 p.m. on a Friday evening. As the Jack narrative does not have the legs to maintain the media’s interest, Traynor decided to fly another kite apropos Derek McInnes. He briefed drunk behind the wheel Jim Delahunt that he would be unveiled as Rangers manager last Wednesday. Traynor’s partner in crime, Stephen Kerr, then briefs Jackson that the fee agreed by Sunderland to release McInnes and his assistant from their contracts was for a quantum of £800,000. He and The Sunday Post, the latter clearly riding on Jackson’s coat tails, were fully aware that McInnes had signed a new improved contract but when they added two and two together they still arrived at £800,000. This squirrel is what passes for award-winning journalism in the lickspittle world of the SMSM.

While on the topic of Rangers Lite lickspittles, it would remiss of me not to acknowledge the sterling work done to deflect attention from more bad news at his beleaguered club by Kenny Macintyre in his ‘Hunland‘ magazine on BBC Radio Scotland.

This is a veritable tour de force of Hunnery. Any mention of tax and Dermot Desmond is bound to get a rise from Kenny Mac’s knuckle-dragging listeners. He would never let the salient facts intrude on a good squirrel. Desmond is not a resident of the UK. He has a tax-efficient contract in the Isle of Man. He pays his taxes in full on any dividends paid by Celtic FC.  He did not systemically evade his taxes for a period of twelve years to subvert Scottish football. ‘Hunland‘ will happily run with anything that puts Celtic in a bad light while studiously avoiding reports from The Offshore Game. How on god’s green earth can this rabid Hun be given licence-payers money to run what is in essence a party political broadcast for The Rangers party? Is his commissioning editor up to his knees in it as he signs off on this blue fuck-fest? Do they all don Lite replica tops and fall wanking to the floor after a broadcast? This is a show that is best avoided. It’s a toss-up to decide whether the friendly on Thursday is less appealing than the ‘Hunland‘ magazine.

On a final note both Celtic and Rangers Lite are holding press conferences at 6 p.m. this evening. Are they getting in front of any damning news from a report by the SFSA which will present its findings at a public meeting this evening? Or will Lite bring the house down by announcing Mackay’s appointment?






46 thoughts on “A Party Political Broadcast For The Rangers Party”

  1. Paradise papers is a leak of circa 14.6 MILLION documents related to management of offshore wealth across the globe. HRH The Queen and Apple are cited in these leaked disclosures and BBC Scotland stumble across and lead with something related to an IRISH citizen, who had an interest in a company using LEGAL means to reduce his tax exposure is Switzerland.

    Who’s kidding who here…Let’s be honest here and call it what it is – a highly tenuous proactive witch-hunt. Anything remotely defamatory towards Celtic will do.
    Utterly pathetic!

    1. Jimmyboo,
      Firstly, it’s not HRH The Queen, it’s Her Majesty The Queen or HM The Queen. Everyone else (Royals) is HRH.

      If you don’t lead correctly educated readers might presume the rest of your posting is in error also.

      I watched the Panorama investigation last night where English resident tax avoiders were exposed and doorstepped, later Mark Daley of the BBC was used in Scotland to cajole Dermot Desmond outside Celtic Park as he entered for an evening of glorious European football.

      Conflating Desmond with UK domiciled Brits avoiding UK tax was really naughty and malicious.

      Desmond is an Irish citizen, whom is domiciled in the Bahas, and moved his executive Jet hire insurances from his company in Switzerland to cheaper Isle of Man.

      No UK tax nor tax interests were involved whatsoever.

      Really bad journalism by the BBC in Scotland which smacks of agenda driven targeting of an individual to his unwarranted detriment.

      No one did anything illegal. However, the British tax avoiders were avoiding uk tax whilst staying in the uk and earning there. Mr Desmond avoided no uk tax.

      I expect a complaint and an apology.

      On the upside, I hope this motivates Mr Desmond to sprint to Judicial Review of Rangers unlawful EBTs and 17 cheated titles by Rangers FC of cleanly operated Celtic FC.

      I also hope this motivates a Judicial Review of the SFA and spfl position that TRFC is the same football club as RFC in Liquidation and the claim TRFC has 54 titles. How absurd!

  2. After the first half their and your comments on Jack I was expecting the second half to be a confirmation that we were still at war with Eurasia and chocolate rations were going up again.

    Double good piece yet again!

  3. Stupendous recent output.

    This is public service blogging of the highest quality.

    Recent revelations about submissions on corruption in the Crown Office, Procurator cabal and – dare I say it – the Scottish Judiciary – not to mention the political cover-up embodied in failing to publish the submission to the ‘consultation’ on the above, means that my small contribution (Transaction ID 73L803162H140xxxx)
    is insufficient recompense for such superlative reportage.

    And the fitba comments too!

  4. With the BBC door stepping Desmond I was wondering if the raft of EBT recipients employed by BBC Scotland had complied with HMRC demands for repayment of the initial amounts plus interest and penalties?
    We have a right to know!
    Furthermore are all payments made to Thomson, Rae, Dodds etc subject to tax and NI deductions through PAYE?
    If the HMRC demands have not been met why does BBC Scotland continue to employ tax dodgers?

  5. Wouldn’t surprise me if Daly’s program tonight features some editing. I don’t think they expected DD to act so quickly in his recent letter. DD has given them fair warning that this is close to victimisation.

    As much as I despise individuals and companies avoiding what is due. It falls upon the authorities to deal with the loopholes, which ofcourse will never happen as the politicians have been working the system for years. Not just offshoring to hide their tax free millions but also sitting on various other company boards with a view to doing some favours for the privilege and kickback fort heir ‘consultancy’ time.

    Alex Salmond gave a grant to a well known company a few years back to set up in Glasgow. Their business was to find ways for their company clients to save on their tax burden.

    I read a few years ago the Beeb were paying their higher level employees not directly but into set up companies… I can’t recall the detail but this would be an interesting sideline if anyone has time.

    1. The Beeb knows about Mrs Brown’s Boys because it happily facilitates the renumeration of the Production Company overseas as it does with hundreds of others.

      However, let’s not name and shame luvvies with OBEs, MBEs, CBEs and Knighthoods.

      It smacked of attacking the Irish last night.

      A Mr O’Toole got bbc bashed also in addition to Dermot Desmond. Was it all just racism?

      1. Are the Irish not playing ball with Theresa May on Brexit or something?

        Are the BBC being used to bash the Irish?

    2. Well they got stuck into DD even more comprehensively.

      I did pick up from Daly that DD is only a 35% Shareholder in Celtic.

      Why then was Celtic heavily featured and the brand tainted by this programme?

      Celtic has utterly nothing to do with this at all.

      I expect the Celtic ceo to write in the strongest terms to the BBC for linking the incorporated club to numerous companies in the documentary executing tax avoidance. The conflation of the CFC brand to this was malicious, pre planned and actually damaging.

      In fact, legal damages are due to CFC from the bbc.

  6. Jack is in the squad to try to get the sevconuts back onboard. We all know that tbh.

    As a Celtic fan I’d like to see less of our players playing meaningless friendlies. We have enough games to play.

  7. Has the B B C ever ‘doorsteped’ tax EVADERS such as Barry Ferguson or the Knight of the Realm S D M and asked them some salient questions re EBT s for example ? A real piece of cheap and shoddy journalism and they have the cheek to tell us we’re paranoid! Keep the shoulder to the coalface Monthly donation on the way

  8. Celtic and Sevco both having 6pm news briefings concurrently smacks of concert party coordination.

    Are we reverting to good old pals, Old Firm, behaviours?

    Will we be treated to everyone putting it all behind us for the good of the game in Scotland?

    Will the message be moving on and forgive and forget?

    Will the bbc stunt have frightened off Desmond from seeking redress for cheated titles?

  9. Another fantastic article. You have the various characters and bodies bang to rights. Malky Mackay is a former chairman of Queens Park. The favour he pulled in was to get his toxic boy back on the ladder, after all Andy McGlennon and Hugh Dallas’s sons have positions and can be relied on. Jacks selection, and his resultant increase in value, will be the first of as many as possible if Malkys Boy gets the job permanently and to be fair illustrates that the SFA can literally add value. Didn’t wee Craig “ 2 salaries” Brown and his predecessor combine both jobs?
    The current currupt cabal at the SFA are taking Scottish Football back to the 50s in their support of all things Ibrox.

    1. And to hell with Scottish performances and gaining qualifications to tournaments by playing the best players.

  10. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx2716

    First class article as usual JJ. ‘Go to’ site for the truth, and not what the corrupt media,SFA and SEVCO would have you believing!

    JJ: Thank you.

  11. Did the BBC Scotland chaps find Sir David Murray or any other Real Rangers Men in those 14.6million tax avoidance papers?

    Is Mr David Cunningham King’s NOAL Family Trust Vehicle a tax efficient (tax dodging) set up offshore somewhere?

    Does King have channel Islands tax dodging accounts? Does SDM? Will sdm’s Edinburgh development be a tax free dodge setup?

    Is The Rangers FC getting tax dodging cash injections from King?

    Is the NOAL cash clean? How does it get into NOAL and from where? Could Russians be funneling dodgy money into NOAL for King to direct into Sevco?

    How do the authorities assure themselves that NOAL money into Scotland (UK) is clean? Is this a devolved responsibility or a UK responsibility?

    1. No worries there mate the SFA has this covered.
      In one of the SFA licence applications tick boxes the clubs are asked if they are laundering money.
      Tick the yes or no boxes as appropriate.
      They have another tick box concerning social taxes outstanding, yes or no.
      How dare you suggest Regan and his crack team are asleep on the job!

  12. JJ – If I may pick up on a thread started in the comments of your previous article. I seriously believe that the British public has bought wholesale into sensationalist articles such as that involving Mr Desmond. Even on such a well read site as this, reports involving tax evoke misinformed comments like this:

    “Nothing immoral, TJ? I’ll give you ‘nothing illegal’ but what’s ‘moral’ about avoiding tax in the country in which YOU are or were domiciled? It just means that everyone else has to step up and pay that little bit more to fill the hole you’ve created.
    I’m neither a Rangers nor a Celtic fan, so I’ve got no dog in that particular fight, but if the big beasts avoid paying significant taxes at home, it’s the little people who suffer.”

    It equates the use of any jurisdiction that people are prejudiced against with directly scamming the tax payer (in this case quite bizarrely of the UK when it relates to an Irish citizen reported to have avoided Swiss stamp duty on behalf of a company he invested in which is an IOM captive insurance company).

    Politicians love a scapegoat/squirrel and fingers are often and loudly pointed in the direction of ‘tax havens’. People read ‘offshore’ as tax haven. This is absurdly wrong and extremely prejudiced. Isle of Man is not a tax haven. The governments of all jurisdictions are free to run their economy in the way that works best for it. If they act outside of the acceptable ranges (and that includes secrecy, tax rates, etc) then other countries will not do business with them. Isle of Man scores better by most measures of ‘tax haven-ness’ than the UK. For example our friends at the Tax Justice Network (http://www.financialsecrecyindex.com/introduction/fsi-2015-results) score Britain much higher than IOM for secrecy. IOM has never featured in the FATF ‘blacklist’ of uncooperative jurisdictions and in many other measures their compliance with international frameworks for cooperation rates higher than many major European nations.

    The truth is that with Common Reporting Standard sharing information on earnings across the world, Registers of Beneficial Owners becoming the norm and international co-operation fundamental to these ‘offshore’ jurisdictions ability to continue doing business – these are very tightly run and compliant ships. The Regulators are desperate for test cases to show how seriously they take non-compliance. Right now I’m expecting the new General Data Protection Regulation to be particularly good for my business as all those regulated businesses will be looking for more compliance help.

    Jersey has £228.4bn of funds under management within its Investment Fund sector. It imports accountants wholesale to deal with the need for skills for these vehicles that could be created anywhere in the world. It is popular because they have good working relationships with the City of London and it directly contributes to wealth creation in the UK and Europe.

    Guernsey has a huge Private Equity and Alternative Investment Fund industry. They invest in all sorts of start up businesses – again mainly in the UK and Europe. They use UK investment managers, banks, advisors, valuers.

    These are serious financial services jurisdictions not seedy tax wheezes. They are viable because they tax income generation of the businesses and persons working there to provide an advantage to using their specialist infrastructure and skills to the financial sector. Yes, it is possible to use such jurisdictions to cheat the taxman in other jurisdictions if you are crafty enough but its an abuse of those places as much as it is a tax loss to the country this happens in. They gain nothing and lose a lot by allowing it to happen. You could do likewise in the USA (especially Delaware) and Ireland which don’t carry the same stigma. Ireland in particular saved companies like Apple and Starbucks a fortune in tax thanks to the ‘double-irish dutch sandwich’ tax structuring.

    BBC jumped on the bandwagon due to nothing but the presence of an ‘offshore’ company being involved even though everything was totally on board but these attitudes are not helpful to anyone except those seeking to divert attention away from real problems.

    Sorry bit of a ramble there but it does frustrate me and these attitudes directly affect my earning capacity.

    1. So you think there’s nothing immoral about not paying tax in the country in which it is earned? How many days did Desmond spend on the IoM?

      I’m not saying that the IoM doesn’t have the right to levy whatever rates of taxation it desires – but how much of Desmond’s or Hamilton’s income was earned on that little island? How many IoM airfields did his jets take off from?

      Even if the big boys paid tax at the same rates, and with the same deductions, as the rest of us, they’d still be super-rich. Why do they feel the need to ensure their take-home is 2M pa rather than 1.5M pa? The rest of us are lucky to see a 500-quid rise in their personal allowances. To those who have…

      BTW I am well aware that Desmond is an Irish citizen, but the principle still holds – his Irish countrymen are all having to pay that little bit more tax to make up for his lack.

      1. No they aren’t! No Irish citizen paid more tax as a result. Jesus Jim get off your high horse and listen. No Irish Tax was avoided. You could argue a little Swiss duty was but there’s no reason Insurance had to be written there anyway. An insurance company – like an airline company – can be registered anywhere without moral obligation to a particular country.

        I was born in Scotland but I don’t live there. I pay uk Tax on my uk dividends but do I feel obliged to spend what’s left in the uk. No it’s mine so I’ll spend it where I want.

        A lot of what people are getting upset about right now is fundamentally little different from buying at the duty free or a booze cruise.

  13. The last time they upset Dermot Desmond he brought in Brendan Rodgers and look what happened.

    I can now see Neymar heading to Celtic. £200m is within the billionaires gift.

  14. JJ

    In regards to both Celtic and Lite holding press conferences this evening at 6pm, is there a particular reason for why this is happening?

    1. STV have not covered this landmark report, released by a previous Scotland First Minister. They preferred to fill their bulletin minutes with Andy Murray and charity tennis.

      Henry McLeish is a football governance expert in Scotland having led a government commission into the sport.

      BBC Reporting Scotland covered the issue at 6.45pm. Issued statements from the SFA and spfl appear to be flim flam.


      Neither Regan nor Doncaster available for comment.

  15. donation made.hunners of exes then 99035

    I was sitting in the foyer of the old BBC Scotland in Queen Margaret Drive, waiting to attend a meeting with some high hied yins, when I thought to myself that ‘this must be a fun place to work’ as everyone coming an going seemed to have a spring in their step and a smile on their face. But then two bods were passing into a corridor off the foyer when one said to the other: “did you see the football last night?” And the other one said: ” Oh yes!” At that the door closed behind them, but I could hear laughter drifting back from the corridor. The date was May 22nd, 2003, and the night before Celtic had lost to Porto in the Europa Cup Final. Hence the smiles and the spring in the steps. True story, nothing changes.

  16. Who in this day and age wears a blazer with a row of meaningless medalions pinned to it which end up in a biscuit tin in the barras white elephant stalls. Goat shaggers thats who.
    Any given weekend you can browse through association medals of worthlessness but have been worn at some point to cement corruption.
    Hail Hail to the 130 year birth of celtic yesterday and celebrated in Saint Marys, Walfrids parish and birthplace of his vision. Did the media celebrate this occassion and milestone, naw they went looking for squirrels.

  17. I wish they would just die again and give us all a good laugh. This shameful institution needs closed down for good. The cold shoulder judgement can’t come soon enough.

      1. It opened for me but I wish it hadn’t. I was in tears at the end from laughing. What a load of puerile, pathetic pish. It did seem to be of a similar standard to much of the “journalism” we get in dear old Scotia.

  18. 6S056505JF524xxxx Pay Pal Many thanks for your continual forensic analysis of the true state of Scottish Football. 63 and counting.

    JJ: Thank you.

  19. Steff
    The part that gave the game away for this “nuetral” blogger was when he comments on the absence of bigotry at ibrox on match days. Do me a favour: I used to take clients to the Club Deck and the level of hatred and bigotry was astounding, even for an east end bhoy like me.

  20. The Daley tax farrago boils down to wealthy individuals and corporations legally managing their affairs efficiently.

    Surely illegal tax evasion/ avoidance such as the unsporting Rangers FC criminality is a more newsworthy story?

    At least Mark and his bbc crew got to fly to all those paradise locations worldwide on license payer funding.

    Is the bbc still paying criminal tax avoiders to be football pundits? All those former Rangers FC cheaters. On license payers fees?

  21. Just made donation JJ!
    8384N – Trust all is well with ya!
    You’ve had a great month and reading has been a blast!
    Safe safe and well My Friend!

    JJ: Thank you buddy.

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