Scamspotting & Cover-Ups

I invite readers to revisit jj passim Come Fly With Me where i outline my unshakable conviction that there is a cabal of hard-line Masonic Lite supporters in positions of influence at BBC Scotland EBT. Some of them have clambered up the greasy pole to Editorial positions. I contend that there is a causal link between their ascendancy to further enlightenment’ at the Freemasons and the degree of their climb at BBC EBT. The old policy of only hiring non-Catholics may be officially prohibited by law but still continues to this day in a much more clandestine fashion than was the case in yesteryear. One editor was recently heard remark ” When the fuck did we start hiring Taigs?”

BBC Scotland EBT dodged a bullet in 2014. If the Yes vote had prevailed, Salmond would have razed them to the ground for their pro-Union stance. The cabal saw off the threat. The bigots control everything from the Milk Round to the finished product. Catholics at BBC Scotland EBT have the demeanour of foxes at a fifty horse hunt. Let’s refer to them as The Freemason Fifty if you will.

At this juncture one’s thoughts turn to BBC EBT’s intrepid investigative correspondent Mark Daly, who in his vigour to tar Celtic with the same tax-evading brush as the former Rangers, had the audacity to doorstep Dermot Desmond outside Celtic Park on his way to the CL game with Bayern Munich. Executive decisions made by a former company in which Desmond had a legal interest were conflated with Celtic FC prior to one of their biggest games of the season. Daly could have doorstepped Desmond anywhere and would have had more time to quiz him at Glasgow Airport. However his editor thought otherwise. Daly’s editor evidently thought ‘let’s stick it to Celtic.’

I have noticed on a variety of noticeboards, including our very own Sitonfence Speakeasy, a tendency by those on the back foot apropos Rangers cheating to engage in ‘whataboutery‘ in regard to Celtic. An early attempt was made when the Eclipse film production company was exposed as a vehicle for aggressive tax avoidance. This fell over when I exposed their entire list of clients which included some high-profile former Rangers employees, including Walter Smith. The Cardigan, when not threatening match officials with so much mucus-filled invective that he was a meningitis threat, was quite adept at tax efficacy, especially when he was in receipt of an EBT bung. The prosaic fact of the matter was that Celtic players, having had their salaries docked for PAYE and NI at source, were at liberty to do anything they desired to offset liabilities in their yearly tax returns where boot deals and sponsorships are subject to scrutiny.

We then had a real moon-howler from Govania, who was exposed as a housing benefit cheat, attempting to make a case that Celtic had received a preferential rate for purchases of land parcels from Dumbartonshire and Glasgow City Councils. Mr. Stevens’ thesis was built on sand. He was exposed as a fraud.

When all else fails, The Klan revert to ‘tax-fiddling is better than kiddy fiddling.’ When I’m exposed to this odious anecdote my thoughts inexorably turn to the equally odious McCanns, not Jim Torbett. I can play the  ‘whataboutery’ game just as good as any when I look back at Captain Incorrigible Richard Gough and his penchant for rent boys. Gough spent so much time in the glory holes of St Vincent Street toilets that innocent customers could have mistaken him for an attendant. Or was he just engaging in ‘I-Spy‘ and coming up with the letter ‘D‘ more often than not?

I digress. The concerted campaign to have a go at Celtic is coming from the top of BBC EBT. There is also an equally sinister policy to look the other way as the latest scandal at Ibrox breaks cover.

Daly was told to drop his investigation into what could be euphemistically described as uncharitable malfeasance. He and his team were told in no uncertain terms that if he went to post production in exposing a charities fraud at Rangers his name and address would be leaked to the Govania moon-howlers. Intimidation seems to be rife at BBC Scotland EBT.

I’m indebted to @Corsica68 (C68) who persisted with the narrative. He and the late Paul McConville are my sources for an interesting piece of investigative journalism. In a nutshell C68 asserts that the charity match between a Rangers select and AC Milan Glorie resulted in the following:

Total income was split as follows:

Rangers Charity Foundation – management fee £25,000 (4.45%)

Rangers Charity Foundation – profit share £38,286 (6.82%)

AC Milan Glorie – profit share £100,000 (17.81%)

The Rangers Football Club plc (in administration) – costs £153,637 (27.36%)

The Rangers Football Club plc (in administration) – profit share £244,574 (43.56%)

Total £561,497 (100%)

However, this synopsis is not entirely accurate. When C68 perused the accounts of the Rangers Charity Foundation it’s evident that they did not receive their share of the profits (£38,286) from the administrators and the management fee that they were due was written off against monies they owed to the football club. C68’s summary of the malfeasance is inordinately damning:

So what we have here is a football club taking a whopping 82% (£461,497) of the income from a charity game and retaining it for its own use. That does of course include costs, but strip these out and the picture is no less rosy; 74% of the money that should have gone to charity from that single game (£282,860) actually ended up in the coffers of a morally, ethically and financially bankrupt football club.”

One can but assume that this red flag from social media resonated in the darkest recesses of the SMSM, but the blanket cover-up held firm. However complaints were made to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). They eventually arrived at the following conclusions which were articulated in their report’s executive summary:

OSCR found that the Charity’s decision-making process which allowed important decisions to be made by one trustee acting alone was in breach of trustees’ duties and constituted misconduct on the part of the charity trustees as a whole.

• OSCR also found that the way the decision regarding the fundraising event was taken did not comply with the requirements of the Charity’s Trust Deed.

• OSCR identified that issues of conflict of interest inherent in the Charity’s structure had not been appropriately dealt with.

So what we have here is misconduct, non-compliance and a conflict of interest. However flying in the face of the facts was the following missive from Rangers Lite CEO Craig Mather to soothe Gullibilly brows:

This match took place during an unprecedented time for Rangers Football Club and we are delighted that OSCR concluded that the decision to assign proceeds to both the Club and the Charity Foundation was done ‘in good faith and in the interests of the Charity given the risk that otherwise the event may not have taken place, in which case the Charity would have received no benefit at all’.

All’s well that ends well? Was Good Faith gambolling around Govania like a spring lamb? Not quite. C68 ramped up his investigation to debunk the rose-tinted perspective of the redoubtable Mr. Mather. C68 wrote:

Look at the numbers at the top of the page. Ms Gourlay handed over £250,000 in return for a management fee of £25,000 and a 10% share of profits knowing full well that neither would be paid to the charity because it was completely illegal without express permission from the courts. Not only that but she didn’t even consider getting legal advice. So she is either immensely dense and staggeringly incompetent when it comes to charity law and trustee responsibilities (in which case the first call she should have made was to Turcan Connell) or she knew full well what she was doing and why she was doing it.”

“Good faith”, my arse.”

The following statement from Ms Gourlay, takes the biscuit. Club Orange anyone?

The date of the decision to assign the event was, unfortunately, not formally recorded but was made on or about 21 February 2012.”

It would be interesting to ask Ms Gourlay how instrumental she was in the agreement to assign the Foundation’s interest. This was announced thus:

The Rangers Charity Foundation suggested the club should now benefit from the match and we were delighted that the AC Milan Foundation agreed.” 

Did AC Milan swallow their costs and fee? There was also a charity dinner that raised £70,000 that was also siphoned off from the charitable foundation to the football club. When it comes to Rangers charity truly begins at home.

This was a fraud followed by a badly-conceived cover-up. One would have expected an enterprising investigative journalist such as Mark Daly to be all over it. However he was told to walk away or walk with a limp after an encounter of The Klan kind.

He put his best foot forward when doorstepping Desmond. It was almost certainly his right foot as the left foot is an endangered species at BBC Scotland EBT.



17 thoughts on “Scamspotting & Cover-Ups”

  1. Poor wee Dermo.

    But, bono, what a laugh!

    They gave their last album away, I’m not sure they’ll manage that this time.
    “Every time I clap my hands…”

  2. I’ve complained to The BBC for discriminating against Celtic as sevco are over 20 million in debt again and nothing has been reported administration looms yet nothing said hypocrisy

  3. Brilliant job of exposing the lies, cheats and worst of all the cover ups.
    Saw Gordon Smith the other day in Byres Road looked like a shady sleekit rogue if ever I saw one, and that was in amongst the beggars on the lane. And this guy was was top of the greasy pole at a time?

    JJ, surely if campaign was started with Celtic supporters to withhold BBC licence money ( held in account, so people don’t fall behind)
    Just the threat of it would bring them under the spotlight, if not get them ousted?
    I am sure big Dermot would be happy to facilitate it given what happened to him??
    Cracking read !!

  4. JJ very good indeed. Well done for exposing this !

    I recall this story at the time but only vaguely and at a very high level and ‘ bought’ the storyline from the MSM
    Reading this material now AND in the detail you and the originators
    present this in fact looks like yet another shocking crime to add to the list committed by an organisation that clearly had then ,and still has , completely lost its moral compass. What makes things much worse ,as you point out , is the craven failure by our national broadcaster to pursue this .

    Reading this morning of year another misrepresented or unprosecuted crime in this widening affair I am a fast coming to the conclusion there will never be proper justice on any of the various misdeanours .
    That said the wonderful efforts hiding and supporting all the cheating scamming etcetc by all associated with Rangers will get their punishment alright .
    I suspect their favoured club will NEVER EVER ‘ return’ to past glories and that the punishment will be all involved having to endure watching and playing second fiddle permanently as their mortal foe goes from strength to strength

    Btw out socialising last night I too heard the Van Bronkhorst rumour and strongly from a good source . Rangers fans in the company were ecstatic . Whilst I laughed it off I was assured that CFC are grossly overrated and way over egged by the ‘fenian media’ ( Yes the BBC !!! )and that if the rumour was true The league title is back on for this year !
    There you go !

  5. I think Daly and ilk could learn more than a thing or two from you JJ about competent investigative journalism. There’s a difference between revealing the truth, irrespective of where that places the deliverer of the message thereafter. If that perspn is then considered a pariah in some circles, then without question, they would still have acted with impartiality and objective integrity. In these circumstances I would fully support and sympathise with any journalist who suffered a backlash as a result.
    But the Paradise Papers “objective” and “public interest” covert attack on Celtic could not have fallen further from the tree of objective journalism.
    It is quite clear Daly was used to further “the anti Celtic, turn the spotlight away from Rangers Lite” rhetoric . For me what is entirely disappointing is the manner in which he raised the chalice to champion BBC EBT clandestine cause. However, I suppose we all want to live in peace and without the fear of a stranger confronting you on your doorstep, (unless you’re an Irish billionaire Celtic shareholder of course). And also, I would agree based on your insight JJ, that possibility was a contributing factor that secured Daly’s complicity.
    Nevertheless, despite this mitigating circumstance, I would not step forward to defend Daly. Having had a peruse of his twitter posts, he has clearly attempted to repel any challenges as to his actions concerning DD in a smug and contemptuous manner. He has offered no insightive response which stands up to the level of scrutiny, that would reasonably satisfy any passenger on the Clapham omnibus, in regards to motive or “public interest”. In fact, Daly could have responded by saying “We are the People” as his arrogant retorts would have carried as much meaningless weight.
    A colleague of mine advises that he has been personally acquainted with Daly for over 3 decades, and is one of those foxes in BBC EBT land. My colleague was at pains to find a rationale in defence of his friend’s involvement. Daly has in fact taken the silver by executing his masters’ plan. That brings me back to his investigative journalist’s integrity…clearly lies at the bottom of the pond. Now started on the road, he will forever be confined to being nothing more than a lickspittle and will spend his career embracing his master’s voice in compliant subservience. I just hope the hunting hounds catch-up with him.

  6. Hi JJ
    I totally disagree on BBC Scotland being Pro Rangers..

    Seeing as this site is called The Speakeasy i will see if my comment gets approved.

    BBC Scotland has Chris Mclaughlin as its chief Football reporter…We all know Chris has no time for Rangers….BBC Scotland also stood by Mr Mclaughlin when Rangers banned him.

    BBC Scotland’s second most prestigious Football show on radio is Hosted by Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove..Both of whom have absolutely zero sentiment for all things Rangers.

    2 of the Panel regulars on Sports sound are Tom English and Graham Spiers…again ,Both of whom dislike all things Rangers.

    Sorry JJ, But id say this alone blows your argument out of the water.


    1. Any FACTS to back up your conjecture. BBC Scotland has no prestigious shows and everyone you named is a ‘Liquidation Denier’.

    2. If there was a poll among all Scottish football fans, I think your opinion might be blown out of the water, Tommy.
      Only my opinion, of course…

    3. Chris McLaughlin was banned from Ibrox for mentioning sectarian singing in a match report – of course his employers stood by him as it is deafeningly undeniable fact, however they have steered well clear of mentioning it ever again.

      Speirs is a former fan who highlighted bigotry as a reason for not follow following again, he also soft shoe shuffled around some of the more serious issues.

      Tom English Just calls it as he sees it, invariably wrong.

      The problem most fans of the former Rangers, and now Sevco, have is that they can’t comfortabky absorb any criticism or differing opinion without instantly labelling those in question as “haters”.

      The BBC in Scotland, as are all media outlets, are in deference of all things Sevco and the “blue pound”. The media group who own one of the commercial radio station have a specific communique to their employees not to mention liquidation nor allow any caller to do so.

      Those who work in these outlets have all been briefed on their private safety should they make the “haters” list.

      The Sevco fans dislike any form of bad news so much that the auditor at Deloitte had to remain anonymous should the craven band of lunatics amongst the Sevco loyal throng take issue with going concern warnings.

      Think about that, a grey paper pushing number crunching (possibly a fellow knuckle crunching) calculator wielding accountant had to disguise their name just in case they upset idiotic fools who didn’t like the accounts.

      As for Cowan and the other chap Cosgrove. They are Motherwell and St. Johnstone fans. They are a couple of crass tartan shortbread tin versions of Staedler and Waldorf. They don’t often stray into controversial waters.

      * May I add that “controversial” to most Sevconians is any poor bandit that dares speak the truth, because most Sevconians are thick intolerant halfwitted hypocritical troglodyte sloth bigoted trash whom are pandered to by Scottish society. In any other society they would be shunned.

  7. Er, what, Tommy, are you serious? Graham Spears is a self-confessed Rangers(IL) fan. He has admitted Rangers (IL) are dead, but wants us all to drop the subject and ‘move on’. Ditto Tom English who is ‘bored’ by the whole question. As for Hunnymac on BC(no R) C’s can there be any doubt that Hunsound is a nightly anti-Celtic blast given last weeks ‘expose’ of an Irish Citizen’s Swiss tax affairs, and the constant presence of ex-Rangers (IL) tax cheats on the panel? BBC Scotland, that’s TV and Radio, have long been known among Celtic fans as being completely biased. This latest ‘revelation’ about the spiking of Rangers (IL) misappropriating charity funds is ,as far as I am concerned, greeted with a yawn, as this is what that club does.

  8. Stealing from charity adds to the long list of shameful acts from Ibrox. It was easy in the 80’s and 90’s to be a Rangers supporter. How can anyone with honour and integrity support the despicable dysfunctional club continue to ignore their crimes.

  9. Disagree Tommy, McLaughlin banned from Ibrox because of alleged misleading and unbalance reports, the BBC respond by not attending RIFC games but still reporting on RIFC and featuring match action. What a bunch of wooses, they should have cut them off and then had the guts to publish what they know about RIFC (and there is doubt that they know lots). I wonder why.
    Cowan and Cosgrove spend so much time taking the piss out of everyone that any message about RIFC hets lost in the chaff.
    English & Spiers, they also know lots about RIFC but seemed cowed about taking the final step about the biggest scandal in Scottish/British football history. I wonder why.
    Listen to Radio Scotland Sportsound and who the majority of people are who appear on it, tongues so far up RIFC arse that it would tickle tonsils.

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