COPFS & Police Scotland Takedown

LADY WOLFFE – D Bowie, Clerk

Wednesday 15th November

A295/16 David Whitehouse v Liam Murphy & c…

Liam Murphy is one of two Procurator Fiscals who run COPFS (the other being Anthony McGeehan). The redoubtable Mr. Whitehouse is pursuing a petition for £9m in damages. Mr. Murphy ultimately gave fake QC  Keegan and Keystone Cop Robertson licence to execute a dawn raid and illegally prosecute a warrant where documents not germane to Whitehouse’s indictment were seized. These documents were bound by legal privilege. Robertson, who was wont to sing The Billy Boys (are Police Scotland a.k.a. The Billy Boys?) to intimidate witnesses, also arrested Whitehouse.

Having squandered millions in pursuing a wild goose chase, which this site exclusively covered in depth, COPFS & Police Scotland are now staring down the barrel at £9m and costs. Paul Clark is pursuing £5m and costs from both parties. David Grier is pursuing Police Scotland for £2m. I refer readers to my exclusive, jj passim : The Curious Case of the Missing Missive. This is readily accessed by scrolling down to this entry of 3rd November.

The dawn raid arrest of David Whitehouse. Note the presence of the press. One wonders who tipped them off Mr. Robertson?


Will Charles Green, whose defense cost circa £400,000, also go into bat? Should all three hearings go against the Crown, there will not be much change out of £17m. This is in addition to the eight-figure quantum wasted in police and crown resources in chasing their own tails. If Robertson was so keen to pursue the real culprit behind his club’s demise I would have directed him to Sir Bribe & Lie. However Robertson called in some favours to have me silenced. He did not want everyone to know that he was a hairy-arsed flatfoot who had no training or understanding of economic crime and the English legal concept of client privilege.

Robertson was a Billy Boy in a china shop and it’s now time that he ponied up for breakages.

It would be helpful if James Doleman attended and was allowed to engage in live tweets. The SFM – still asking questions that no-one is prepared to answer – like to style themselves as an offshoot of The Rangers Tax Case blogger. However it was instructive to note that the Orwell Prize winner did not mention any of the members of this old men’s club by name when giving thanks. They will no doubt send a representative who will tell us nothing. One might ask what is the point and extend this question to include the SFM.

I have sources who will give me a heads up. Watch this space.


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19 thoughts on “COPFS & Police Scotland Takedown”

  1. Your site is the only one for asking the real questions and going in where no one else dares!! Things looking up for me and the Killie, from what I hear on Facebook and emails the town is buzzing(finally) 1200 at Murrayfield and they have been allocated just over 1000 for Dundee and the Main Stand, the end behind the goals being given over for Servicemen and their families, the Killie allocation is close to being sold out with days still to go.Stevie Clarke has awakened the sleeping club and brought a wee bit hope back for the long suffering Killie fans, wouldn’t bet against a 6th place finish(only 4 points behind Hearts) or a wee run in the Cup, great to score in the very last minute agains the Lite and then take a point off Celtic at Parkhead before losing a game against His where the scoreline not only flattered Hibees but was also a travesty !! Saw your note about the Standing Order, I will of course set up a new recurring for the 1ST of December.
    Gaun the Killie

  2. Taxpayers in an independent Scotland could not afford to payoff all the claimants to Police Scotland’s incompetence and mis-treatment.

    PS really needs to recruit smarter constables. Eventually senior officers IQs will increase.

    Best to stay in the Union and let Nicola’s £26billion overspend pick up the tab.

    And it’s all down to RFC and cover ups.

    1. In reply to your comment about recruiting smarter coppers, It would take a whole new approach to recruitment.
      A friend of mine tried to join the police he has a degree and has worked in banking for several years, problem is he is a nice guy who would her an old lady across a road. He would be more intelligent than the interviewers and most off his bosses.
      That would not be acceptable.
      Only knuckle draggers for police Scotland who have a particular attraction to being a bully.

      1. If miss haddock has her way there will be no more smarter students attending university the bar will be lowered , Iam all for allowing opportunities for all but these places will be at the expense of bright young kids with the highest grades ,wtf is Scotland comming to

  3. You can understand to a certain extent some blundering DC picking up all and sundry and not fully getting the client privilege stuff, but trained lawyers not getting that??

    Regardless of what they say, you just cannot use them in court. It is a pretty binary / sacrilegious issue in the legal and financial professions.

  4. I wonder if there’s another sevco conspiracy regarding playing international games at Murray field so they can play at Hamden when there shithole gets closed for safety reasons then they could really be coseyd up with there establishment friends and then sir bribe and lie comes back into the fold is he doing a stroke with his friends at the srfu establishment just a thought

  5. Sevco should have accepted their fate and stopped the pretence they could have gone quids in and ground shared with Queens Park halved their rent and made hampden basically theirs already safety assured and ready to go. Ibrox could have been sold and the team invested in, but wait, the gullibles would not want this, aye right, the gullibles have no say in anything and this allows for the continued shafting from their masters who could not give a toss about them.
    Poor old Geldof told the Burmese weapons come from Britian after handing in his freeom of Ireland certificate and retained his blood stained knighthood. its a rat trap Bob and youve been trapped.

    1. Think about it. The day someone enforces a work order on the roofs, Ibrox will close forever. That is what’s keeping the gates open. The brotherhood are playing chicken with the lives of thousands of fans.

      1. The probability it collapses when empty versus the probability it collapses during a 90 minute game once per fortnight.

  6. Mark McGhee joins League 2 Barnet FC.

    Oh well, Sevco’s loss.

    I suppose Barnet has more money and less debt than TRFC.

    CFC AGM tomorrow.

  7. Interesting to see if the media ignore this case. There must be some of them with squeeky bums wondering what the backlash will be when the curtain falls.
    Recently set up an additional recurring contribution ending FSTC.

    JJ: Thank you. With so many failed payments your contribution is most welcome.

  8. When police incompetence and arrogance and blind Loyalism cost $17,000,000 the bill is picked up byUK taxpayers. That’s the equivalent of every adult in Scotland having to pay $6 each for the bigotry of the Crown prosecution

  9. Why are my comments no longer appearing? If they’re shite then I understand. But they keep asking for email address etc and then to sign in to WordPress. I do regular;y contribute to the site, but will soon stop if this glitch continues.

    1. I have no say on the WordPress comments menu. As for approval, I let most comments through that don’t play the man. The only other occasions when I don’t approve are when there are so many spelling mistakes that a post is unintelligible and a link to a site that is critical, especially a link to a site that has blatantly ripped me off. Why should I support other sites who have a go? I have approved many of your comments. If you play by the rules I will approve many more.

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