The Judiciary In The Dock

I published The Curious Case Of The Missing Missive on the third of NovemberWhat passes for the media in Scotland were told twelve days ago that there would be a procedural hearing in The Court of Session on the fifteenth. Despite BBC Scotland EBT and STV hanging on my every word, only The Daily Mail sent a correspondent to court. I have been informed that the correspondents at the latter are my most avid readers. BBC EBT and STV made do with the Associated Press release. When the charges against Charles Green were in abeyance, I received the exclusive ‘heads up’ at 5 p.m. on a Friday evening. I naturally published this exclusive on our site and then passed it by direct Twitter message to Grant Russell. I suspected that the Freemasons at the BBC would spike it. Russell, with whom I liaised on Twitter, trusted my sources and went to print three hours later. I envisaged Russell as one of a new breed who were prepared to challenge the Rangers-facing shackles of editorial control. A new breed which includes Martin Hannan at The National. I have dealt with the Traverso Incident in jj passim. With Russell gone must we rely on Hannan and Ewing Grahame at The Times to take the SFA to task? The latter and I exchanged e-mails apropos my assertion that Broadfoot was the smoking gun behind his source. I found it surprising that my blogs are read word for word in all Scottish dailies and occasionally are covered in the English media, with a name check for my original collective noun (Continuation Jihadists) in The Guardian. They have evidently twigged that my sources are second to none.

However prior to getting to the main thrust of this piece I will take pause to bring one of Mr. Hannan’ articles to a wider audience. A cursory glance at his output could lead one to the conclusion that he is the press officer for Bute House. However, having paid The Independence Piper (my pet name for The National) he comes into his own when taking on the SFA. His article deserved more coverage than the 8,500 readers who want their reportage wrapped in SNP livery. Mr. Hannan wrote:

So far Regan has led such a charmed existence in the job you would think he must have been a sorcerer in a past life. Look at all the trouble that has happened in his time in charge since 2010 – the referees’ strike, the Rangers ‘armageddon’ (his word) in 2012 and subsequent controversy over the EBT tax avoidance issue which, whether they like it or not, has brought the SFA into disrepute.

The SFA was cleared of any blame for last year’s Scottish Cup Final post-match riot – for that is what it was – but then when you pick and pay the person to make the inquiry it is hardly going to be seen as independent, is it?

Regan is now on his third director of performance, and most pertinently for the ordinary football fan, the Scotland national side has failed yet again to qualify for a major finals.

He is lucky, because he is in charge at a time when there is no one of the calibre of former Celtic owner Fergus McCann to challenge his stewardship of the governing body of the sport in Scotland.

The proof that Regan should consider whether or not he should stay in the job has come with the latest farrago of nonsense over whether or not Scotland should continue to play its matches at Hampden Park.

The publicity last week over the decision of the SFA board to discuss not renewing their lease at Hampden struck me right away as just one big diversionary tactic to take people’s minds off the fact that our national side has yet again failed to qualify for a major finals.

Here’s one reason Regan might go – this lease story first surfaced in January, 2015, and here we are in November, 2017, with no deal done. That’s just an unacceptable delay.

No one, apart from managers, has ever fallen on their sword for the long run of failure to make the Euro or World Cup finals. And since the national team is a major part of the reason why the SFA exists, there really should be people within the game asking why the chief executive is still in his job.

That failure cannot be laid at Regan’s feet alone as he has only been in the job since 2011, and to be fair to him there are some things which he has done well. He did manage to get several key sponsorship deals and his promotion of a different approach to bringing on young players is a credit to him, but there is still the nagging problem that Scotland is under-achieving on the pitch.

I do not expect for one second any of the elected officials within the SFA to put their head above the parapet and say it is time for change. For one thing, who would get to replace them? No sane person would want this job at this time and until there’s a really suitable candidate then Regan is probably bullet-proof.

Except, that is, for this Hampden fiasco which could well be the undoing of Regan. For hard-pressed Scottish clubs in every league are aghast at the thought of internationals being played at Ibrox, Celtic Park and, heaven forfend, Murrayfield.

The argument I have heard from more than a few people is why should the two richest clubs in the country be given more money to host internationals? For unless Celtic and Rangers have agreed to waive all rentals – fat chance – they will become even richer.

As for football money being given to the Scottish Rugby Union, well even lovers of the oval ball game cannot see any sense in such a move. I can also confirm from experience that people on the West side of Edinburgh are totally fed up with the idea before it has even started.

The recent Scottish Football Supporters Association survey showed that a large percentage – 93 per cent in fact – wanted some independent oversight of the game in Scotland.

That independent scrutiny might now happen. For in pimping Scotland’s internationals to Murrayfield, Parkhead and Ibrox, Regan has caused all sorts of questions to be asked, and some series inquiries are on the way, including, I am told, questions in Parliament.

For a vast amount of public money was poured into the refurbishment of Hampden in the 1990s, including £30 million of Lottery cash. Does that have to be paid back if Hampden ceases to be the National Stadium? .

Will the SFA and SPFL have to move out of Hampden? Has anybody asked Queen’s Park what they think? What about the Hampden Sports Clinic? Or the Scottish Football Museum?

Is it just internationals or are cup semis and finals also up for touting? That would appear to be a logical conclusion if the lease is up.

What Regan is trying to do is to negotiate a better deal for the SFA in the next lease period by threatening to take his toys elsewhere. It’s a bluff and it’s time somebody called it.”

When two hundred Rangers Lite thugs took to the pitch at Hampden they were intent on violence. They just could not take the stark realisation that their team was inferior to Hibs. They still cannot take it as we saw when Hibs beat them at Ibrox. Hibs will probably rag-doll them at Easter Road. Has the penny dropped that the new club is not all that?

As for Hannan’s point in regard to the hammer of the SFA that was Fergus McCann, Peter Lawwell is by contrast a bitch on heat cocking a leg to the Govan bulldog. As we witnessed at the Celtic AGM, Lawwell is prepared to await the findings of the SFA compliance officer. Does he think we came down in the last shower? Does he think for one moment that the SFA’s appointed officer is going to throw the book at his line managers? This career-limiting decision would deserve pride of place in a parallel universe.

Which leads me to my central thesis. The four day trial that will debate whether the office of the Lord Advocate of Scotland acted with malice and dishonesty and is therefore not immune to be taken to task in law strikes at the very heart of the Scottish Judiciary.

David Whitehouse, whose tenacity reminds one of Fergus McCann, is putting the  Judiciary in the dock. From what we have gleaned from David Whitehouse’s missive, Phil Gormley, The Chief Constable of Scotland, should have his cheque book to hand. Jim Roberson was a Billy Boy in a china shop. Singing:

We’re up to our knees in Fenian blood surrender or you die, die, die”

to intimidate witnesses is unequivocally malicious. As I exclusively revealed yesterday, Police Scotland’s use of Betts’ testimony was dishonest. It’s a slam dunk.

But does Whitehouse believe that a Lord Ordinary will force the Lord Advocate to pony up his part of £14m should he find in favour of Whitehouse and Clark? 

The following is from Wikipedia:

The judiciary of Scotland are the judicial office holders who sit in the courts of Scotland and make decisions in both civil and criminal cases. Judges make sure that cases and verdicts are within the parameters set by Scots law, and they must hand down appropriate judgments and sentences. Judicial independence is guaranteed in law, with a legal duty on Scottish Ministers, the Lord Advocate and the Members of the Scottish Parliament to uphold judicial independence, and barring them from influencing the judges through any form of special access.”

Whitehouse has one key card to play. When Keegan briefed the press that other indictments would follow those that were in tempore abeyance, it could be argued that he acted with malice. If Keegan did not disclose his suspension from not holding any executive office for three years to The Faculty of Advocates when he took silk does it not follow that the Crown’s prosecutor is dishonest?

There will be little change from yet another million pounds when Keegan and Robertson are in the dock. It will be interesting to see whether James Wolffe and Phil Gormley conspire to pay Whitehouse and Clark to go away. I would be inordinately surprised if Whitehouse settles. He has Keegan and Roberson’s heads in a vice. He will keep turning until their eyes bleed.

Unlike Regan, Whitehouse is not bluffing.




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23 thoughts on “The Judiciary In The Dock”

  1. Hi JJ, monthly contribution just sent via F&F (0080L), keep up the good work

    JJ: Monthly donations are the lifeblood of our site. Thank you.

    1. Monthly donation altered and increased JJ. Sterling work as per.
      I have been meaning to try and donate more since your work on the McCann farce, keep shining a light on those that require it

      JJ: The McCanns make my skin crawl. I may well revisit their, at best, culpable homicide and catalogue of lies.

  2. Great stuff and extremely insightful again. Let me share an andcdote with you. A twelve year old boy (boy 1) threw a punch at a similar aged lad who had made a barb about his mother never loving him (his mother had very recently left the country deserting her children). He had no prior criminal record.

    The lad who had been punched went into a nearby sports centre and the incident was over. After being egged on by other similar aged youths – he came back out again several minutes later and the two lads remonstrated again verbally. This time the other lad threw a number of punches with the first simply protecting himself without attempting to fight back. The crowd of youths jumped in on the same boy they’d egged on and who came out swinging. They gave him a severe beating.

    The case ended up
    In court despite their age with the all the youths including Boy 1 charged with joint affray. Boy 1 freely admitted that he had thrown a punch and had said he’d plead guilty to that if charged but not to joint affray since his involvement in that consisted solely of being on the receiving end of a number of unwanted punches. His lawyer misunderstood this largely because she relied on a shoddily written police report that made no sense. She entered a guilty plea on his behalf. Said lawyer was fired and a new one appointed to change the plea and get justice done properly. He ended up in court still on the joint affect charges and the judge listened to the reason for changing the plea – that he didn’t commit the crime with which he’d been charged but had arguably committed another which he’d plead guilty to of charges were brought. The judge determined that since the sentences were little different he wouldn’t allow the plea to be changed. Boy 1 was sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit and was not allowed to have his case heard.

    There is a great deal of protectionism and cronyism in the legal world. Were it not for Boy 1’s own desire to put this behind him I’d have nailed them all to the wall.

    My son suffered an abuse of his human rights to a fair trial so that blundering policemen and lawyers could save face.

    1. Disgraceful but not in the least bit surprising. I too have heard a rock solid account of one judge covering each other’s interests before and even that was a few layers below what we’re talking here.
      This missive is highly compelling though…be interesting to see how this pans out.

  3. HI JJ hope you received mine also last week. I was wondering if you could put a ball park figure on the cost to the public of all the Rangers related court cases in the past 5 years and any possible cases in the future

  4. Good morning JJ, yet another splendid article. I have just donated £10. I have been retired for many years and I really wish that I could donate much more and more often. However, if I ever hit the jackpot you will most certainly receive a donation more in keeping with what your work deserves.

    JJ: Kind words from a kind man. Thank you.

  5. Please have a look at this video. It proves conclusively that Oswald was not the assassin and that the secret service have gone out of their way to mute dissenting voices leading one to believe that the assassin was one of their own, possibly avenging the Bay of Pigs fiasco. This is not an engagement in conspiracy theory. This is a cold and often dry exercise in factual investigative journalism from 1966.

    1. We’ve been saying it’s the picket fence on the grassy knoll for decades.

      JJ, u sed a few months ago they landed on the moon and Oswald acted alone.

      From an honest FBI man at the time:

      At least 11 shots were fired at the President. Two rifles were found in the depository in different rooms overlooking the President. In different rooms. A third shotist was on the grassy knoll and another underground in the water run off drain system shooting from the long holes in the kerb at road surface level (remember creepy clown pennywise peeking up through the kerb drain?).

      The magic bullet that gave him four entry/exit wounds was in fact four bullets.

      Witnesses on the pavement testified that bullets whizzed passed them from beyond the presidents car direction or struck the pavement beside them (shot from elevation).

      Witnesses only recall shots nearest to them. Which is a natural phenomena.

      The killer shot to the right side of the head came from low in the drain. It knocked his head up and to the left and backwards. This shot did not come from the book depository to his rear.

      1. The most compelling and cogent documentary was hosted by James Earl Jones in 1992. There were three assassins, two of whom were in an elevated position in a building adjacent to the School Book Depository. They arrived in three separate cars, with mud spattered registration plates. They parked in the railway yard behind the book depository. The marksman behind the picket fence passed his rifle to an assistant who was wearing a railway uniform. They were part of a secret team in the CIA that were established in 1960 to conduct political assassinations. Principals in this unit were arrested in what became known as Watergate. Johnson, Warren and Hoover were all party to the fix. Ruby killed Oswald as a favour to the Mob who were working with the CIA unit in a number of locations worldwide.

  6. I’m hearing Bouffant has had a Financial brainwave. He has sent out an S.O.S. to all new club supporting virgins to pledge their hymens.

    At £2.2m a pop he expects the financial woes to be over.

    Although virgins at Ibrox are thin on the ground. Perhaps they could declare genuine former virgins as virgins due to the previous Virginal history?

  7. JJ here’s a belter.
    In response to BBC employing EBT recipients I’ve had a reply from Fiona Sheridan at EBT Scotland pointing out to me that EBT’s in themselves are not illegal and that tax matters between BBC employees and HMRC are private and HMRC has the powers to address any wrongdoing.
    So BBC Scotland’s official line is that the EBT payments made to Dodds, Thompsom, Rae etc are legal therefore not an issue!
    Am I missing something here or is she?
    Happy to send this onto you for the full version of her reply?

    1. The Supreme Court has found EBTs unlawful and breaking Parliamentary tax laws.

      They are not loans but taxable income for work done in the UK.

      Is Fiona innocently in error or deliberately on a cover up?

    2. So you complain to bbc Scotland about bbc Scotland?

      Try telling bbc London and mention bbc Scotland cannot be trusted to govern itself as its compromised full of Sevco mafia.

      Who reckons that ex Rangers EBT Cheats when given a bbc commentary gig kick back to a bbc sport big wig?

  8. Great article as usual JJ, you really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. And it is still amazing to me how much there is to write about and discuss when all the threads effectively lead back to a single, now defunct,”institution.” Who’d have thought back in 2012 that various issues would still be rumbling on 5 years later?

    The SMSM continue to embarrass themselves and I for one now never listen to BBC Scotland or buy any of the local rags, and I know many others who are beginning to do the same. It’s completely avoidable but I think we have passed the point of no return as regards those who will never trust the SMSM again. You simply cannot look at how they have behaved over the last few years and not conclude that there is a significant pro Lite / anti CFC agenda in play. Good luck to them, they will need it.

    I will of course make my usual F&F donation at month end – plus a wee bit extra on behalf of Ryan who commented yesterday and thoroughly embarrassed himself with his (not very) clever dick comment. As a CFC fan I’m always happy to help out those less fortunate than myself Ryan and you can thank me later.

    Cheers JJ, TS.

    1. Thank you TS. There were three petitions at the Court of Session this week. The grasping bent Cardigan is suing his personal adviser. Celtic are being taken to task on a safety issue. David Whitehouse has parked his tanks in Chambers Street. We await Bannatyne’s decision and the denouement of BDO v D&P and the impending cold shoulder. We look forward to James Wolffe and Phil Gormley explaining away north of £20m on a wild goose chase. Both should get their jotters.

  9. 4-weekly donation made.
    Have a nice Java ‘n’ Baklava on me.

    JJ: I dedicate Friday’s article to you photos and the small group of steadfast and true men and women who won’t let the sun go down on The Sitonfence Speakeasy.

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