Has One Of The Three Bears Had His Fur Clipped?

As is often my wont I will combine a number of threads into my Monday article for those who consider The Sitonfence Speakeasy as their go-to site on Scottish football. At last count I have 5.923 followers on Twitter and circa 1,000 on WordPress. I have blocked 1,000 haters on Twitter and reported 132 for abusive and threatening language, including threats to purported members of my family. Believe it or not I used to give Rangers Lite fans a much easier ride on our site until The Klan in their midst engaged in credible death threats. The latest status quo that was personally imparted to my family by a retired PS officer, a family friend of 30 years standing, is that if I remain in exile my elderly parents will not be burnt to death in their sleep. There is nothing ‘heroic’ in my exile which was a cheap and unsolicited jibe by Phil McGivery, who formerly called himself Phil White and now goes by the name of Phil MacGiollaBhain. His given name was revealed in the King contempt of court hearing at The Royal Courts of Justice.


There are hyperlinks in this piece that are worth pursuing. Chapeau to Gazdon for providing the link. It’s slow to open but one’s patience will be rewarded with some startling insights, including a call to arms.

Yesterday’s blog was playful. I could be much harder hitting. Suffice to say I won’t be standing him a pint of the black stuff in the unlikely event that I ever run into him. As I have never been invited to the Press Box at Celtic Park – as I would have no right or desire to be there – I can see any meeting far enough.

My first port of call is Motherwell who produced the best result of the weekend with a 2-0 win at Pittodrie. Motherwell are a physical team who have gelled into a formidable fighting force. They don’t have the embarrassment of riches one encounters at Lennoxtown and Celtic Park. Should Celtic approach Sunday’s League Cup final with less than 100% commitment, Motherwell will find them out. Ross County proved that Celtic can be stymied. Had it not been for a sublime free kick by Leigh Griffiths, Celtic would have travelled south with their tails between their legs. With Aberdeen, Hibs and Lite all losing, Griffiths’ free kick has stretched Celtic’s lead to 6,8 and nine points respectively.

Ross County have proven to be Celtic’s bogey team as was the case when a Schalk dive gave Don Robertson the perfect pretext to award a penalty which denied Celtic, who were better on the day by a country mile, all three points.

I have been criticised for predicting that Lite would run up a cricket score at Ibrox against Hamilton. The latter’s two nil win was a fixed odds wager buster. For the record I don’t have sufficient funds to engage in wagers. Yesterday I received three recurring monthly donations of £1, £2 and £3. My blog was read by 21,299 individuals. My haters call me a ‘bheggar.’ Should this level of support continue I may have to make changes. The first to go will be the weekend blogs.

Hamilton brought the curtain down on Murty’s prospective succession to the throne of Govania. I revealed exclusively yesterday that The Cardigan had turned the beleaguered board down. Their offer to steady the ship for the rest of the season was met by some home truths about those who talked out of school about his  EBT and a slew of somewhat industrial epithets.

The very likeable, but just as tax-evadingly corrupt, Alex McLeish has also turned them down. He is not prepared to work for King but would consider his options should the arch criminal cash in his chips and retreat to his Sandton crib. King is unlikely to revert to golf in his dotage as no club would accept him. His holiday homes were repossessed and sold at auction. His current home is mortgaged to the hilt.

However it seems to have escaped everyone’s notice that King is in default of the deal with South Africa’s Crown Prosecution Authority that kept him out of prison. He was ordered to relocate his assets and all funds to South Africa. A £2.8m loan from a trust that he controls (as he stated in the RIFC 2016 accounts) in The British Virgin Islands is in clear breach of this deal. One can but hope that SARS have not closed their files on King.

King has not as yet provided the loan that is required this month to meet bills that are considerably overdue. A Rangers insider has confirmed that a number of vendors have not been paid and are threatening court action. Another source has revealed that Douglas Park has been advised in no uncertain terms by his auditors to put an end to his financial support of Rangers Lite. Will Douglas Park and his son not seek re-election to the Ibrox board at the AGM?

In the interests of accuracy it would remiss of me not to point out that I have yet to have Park’s walking away confirmed. I have sent e-mails to a number of well-placed sources. If Park did not step down yesterday, I will publish an addendum to this piece.

If Park has gone the self-styled Three Bears will go into a cold shouldered hibernation. Letham does not have a pot to piss in as I exclusively revealed in 2015. His plans for an overdraft for RIFC munificence were vetoed by his bank. Taylor has a senior position at Morgan Stanley. When King is cold shouldered, Taylor will have no other recourse than to distance himself from King.

Not having a coach is the least of Lite’s troubles. If the three bears are a busted flush and King is forced to face the majesty of the law or walk away with his emergency BVI funding, the Sevco project will come to an end. Will Rangers III be looking for a new coach in January?



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47 thoughts on “Has One Of The Three Bears Had His Fur Clipped?”

  1. Morning,JJ

    I have no idea of Phil’s real name as put on his birth certificate. I assume it is an anglicised version of that he currently uses.

    So,McGillivray would be but a good guess.

    Point is,the Irish root of his name translates to White or Bright. As does mine,btw. It’s not illegal to use a different name,as long as it is not a means to fraud.

    I’ll stick with my own name. I’m used to it-rather proud of it.

    Keep sticking it the way you do,you’ll get your reward in Heaven,and on payday.

  2. Oh Dear. That gurgling sound you hear is the sound of the death throes of Rangers Lite. Without emergency money being thrown away at Lite next week the creditors will not be paid nor will wages. Distressed companies often shaft their creditors in the final weeks of existence. They are running on fumes and pretending to be flush with cash. No wonder why no manger wants the job.

    1. Right time of year for a manger,though. They might get lucky.

      Apparently Greggs put a sausage roll into a manger recently-that should attract one or two RRM…

  3. Parks of Hamilton used to do “Mystery Tours” years ago.

    You paid up not knowing where you were going or how long the journey.

    It was always Saltcoats.

    Rangers III to be playing out of Saltcoats August 2018.

    Will they call it Sevco The Scotland? Will they enjoy the Mystery journey?

    without three years of acceptable accounts surely it’s not allowed into Association football.

    Ibrox needs three new stands. Two at £10m and one at £17m.

    1. The cash that has gone into Sevco could have made Hamilton second in the SPFL.

      I note the usual Scottish cup diddy team has been gifted to Sevco whilst premiership teams are drawn against each other to cut down genuine opposition to Sevco. Every single year ffs.

      Hearts and Hibs can beat Sevco so drawn against each other. Ditto Motherwell and Hamilton. Killie and Ross County.

      Who has Sevco played in the league cup so far? A bye to the semis?

      The governing bodies govern the cheating for Sevco.

  4. Glib has made complete and utter business clowns out of the three growlers.

    He makes them look naive and gullible fools.

    Hell mend them for getting into the big bed with Glib.

    It never was possible with lies of investment that never showed up.

  5. Hi JJ
    at what point did you and Phil Mac have issues? I find it quite sad really. Anyway love the ‘Speakeasy’ .Keep up the good work

    1. When out of the blue without any provocation he asserted that I was ‘heroically in exile’ which was so offensive I felt like travelling to Donegal and settling it in the time-honoured fashion. Prior to that there was nothing but respect for a fellow blogger, which is my position with The Clumpany, James Forrest, CQN, Celtic News Now but not the jealous pricks who run Kerrydale Street and have never forgiven me for winning an award. From the link one can see that Phil Mac is a glory hunter who will crawl over broken glass for the limelight.

    1. “Union’s” into running around
      Hanging with the crowd
      Putting your business in the street
      Talking out loud
      Saying you bought her this and that
      And how much you done spent
      I swear he must believe it’s all heaven sent
      Hey boy you better bring the hun around
      To the sad, sad truth the dirty lowdown
      Taught him how to talk like that
      (Ooh I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who) “Jabba”
      Gave him that big idea
      Nothin’ you can’t handle
      Nothin’ you ain’t got
      Put your money on the table
      And drive it off the lot
      Turn on that old love light
      And turn a “maybe” to a “yes”
      Same old schoolboy game got you into this mess
      Hey Dave, better get back on to town
      Face the sad old truth, the dirty lowdown

      Hang around for the music !!!

  6. For the last five years now we have been told that they wouldn’t see out the month
    but some poor unbalanced clown with too much money and not enough sense has came in and kept the lights on , not for Rangers or the rangers fans but on a pure unadulterated ego trip along with the chance of making a small fortune . It’s not going to happen this time there are too many big obsticles like the stands, the main building, the whole infrastructure
    and of course the small matter of who actually owns the place.
    May god have mercy on their souls….not that all the wee towns, who got to meet the kindred spirit while they were on their travels. will be too delighted.

    Did my small payment reach you ok ?………………59805

    JJ: Yes. Your tenner was gratefully received.

  7. JJ….now colour me cynical, and just a hypothetical question, should Lite achieve the resolutions at the AGM of a new share issue, and converting those pesky loans into shares, does that mean the directors get their money back by way of a new share sale…and can hey presto invest again? By way of more loans?
    Or is it the case that they get shares in return for the loans which effectively means they’ve lost all of their money? As without continued additional investment the club / company would go into admin?

    I’m saddened to read the link re Phil. I enjoy reading both your stuff. Although only contribute to one of the sites 😉 I hope some detente can be achieved.

    As ever – brilliant stuff.

    1. No. They would be selling shares in RIFC which would, after they take their debt/equity cut, have the potential of putting up to £5m in RIFC’s P&L, not their pockets directly. They could however pay dividends to siphon it off. Their shares are worthless as no-one is going to invest in an enterprise that is £4m short of solvency. The Sevco project has now arrived at its denouement. Lite have never been this close to administration in its short history. I see only problems and no solutions.

  8. As a matter of interest JJ…. How will he pounce? What’s his strategy and what outcome/ benefit does he expect?
    And, perhaps, more interesting still ……. How does he think the support will react?

  9. Love the expression “Servo project”.
    Keep it coming, JJ.
    Small donation (xx-8099) for bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau…

    JJ: Thank you.

    1. john; A non-contributing follower of your excellent blog and hoping to be able to post on this blog, if allowed. Sad to see this split between Phil and yourself after such great work between the pair of you.

      1. While I am a pensioner, I’ve felt guilty on reading of your struggle to keep going in very difficult circumstances and your site would be a loss to the Scottish footballing commentary scene but I tried to find your PayPal form setup by scrolling right own your archives? and gave up in the end. Got to be honest, when I have seen the PayPal setup previously it has had me bamboozled trying to fathom it out but if you can put me in touch wit it I will see if I can overcome it to make a small donation. Cheers. H.H.

      2. You’ll find it on the lower left hand margin when you scroll down on any article. It’s easy to access on a laptop or desk top. Much more difficult on a smart phone.

  10. More stunning stuff. The Scottish press remain so far behind this site that they may as well be in a different time zone.

    This new club had a fabulous opportunity post administration. It was cash rich, debt free and had the chance to build a team based on youth. Off the pitch, it had a wonderful opportunity to put in place high standards of corporate governance and to learn from the mistakes of the previous regime. SDM left a toxic legacy and a culture of corporate and fiscal vandalism. That culture pervades to this day and will finish the club off.

    Running a small business, like Rangers, frankly, is not difficult.

    But King and his gung-ho gang have run this business into the ground and fuelled by a tank full of broken promises.

    Shameful stuff.

    As for SDM, if he indeed does pounce, he will appoint a familiar face as manager and someone who wants nothing to do with the current regime.

    1. Brilliant contribution as usual Mensch – as a great man once said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. They hung to the notion that spending more than they brought in would render success. I’m just glad we have sites like this, and contributors like yourself to expose the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      And whilst I’m in a quotation mood…we all know a group of folk who can’t handle the truth. 😂

    2. Is AJ really sdm’s man put in there? Look under all the carpets, understand who is owed what before he makes a move?

      I expect £5m worth of players sales are being set up for January. The players have got wind of it and are saying fuck u lot.

  11. Sad to see you and phil having a fall out as I like reading both your words and inside information about the misfortune at Ipox think you both need a clip round the ear and get back together a united front this tit for tat not the Blooggers way you both do a great job and there plenty of ciber space for you both and others .. stop scoring points against each other everyone has a skeleton or 2 in cupboard be friends make up don’t hate each other life to short donation send 🙈🙈💚💚❤️❤️

    1. He evidently does not any have issues about plagiarising my piece on Taylor as per his latest blog, or would he have us believe it was his original thought? He has been doing a lot of this over the years and getting away with it. If I needed a sub-editor he would not be on my shortlist.

      1. Hi JJ I have been on your site a couple times and it is an interesting read. Made a donation just now last 4 digits 5732 and will make other donations as and when I can. I have filled in my email address perhaps you can respond to that with details of your website and how I can log in to keep up to date.

  12. Does “Cold Shoulder” mean to deliberately ostracise someone?
    Typically, done by not talking to them, avoiding their company, and acting as if they no longer exist?
    Victims treated as though they are completely invisible and inaudible?
    Sounds too good fur thems!!!
    I would give them “Frozen Shooders” and be done with it.

    1. It goes much further. It’s an edict to the financial community to cut all ties with the offender, in this case arch criminal King. The career criminal knows it’s coming and has stepped down from the board of MMI. He evidently does not give a flying fig about Rangers Lite’s exposure.

  13. Will Serfco survive the winter? I sense a bundle of Serfco assets being bought soon by some plucky consortium led by Sir Craig or the Aging Lothario. Start life again in League 2 via some smoky backroom Raygun and Dungcaster five way job. Back just in time to thwart 10IAR. WATP.

      1. I checked the SPFL rules, a lot of opaque legalise in there, but I’m unsure Serfco get away with liquidation – no mention of the word – some guff about a provisional liquidator appointed counting as an insolvency event but that’s all I could find that even mentions the L word. They essentially have no rules for liquidation I can see.

  14. When they go into administration next week I wonder what linguistic neologisms the SFA will construct to try to keep the team in the top echelon Heaven forfend they will invoke social unrest and Armageddon. Anxious and litigious creditors are a sure sign of trading whilst insolvent. In my country that gets directors jail time. What rules if any apply to any club from Ibrox in corrupt little Scotland? Cash is king and King has no cash. The 3 Bears are maxxed out. Someone will try to get the carcasse for a pitiful sum and use their Masonic handshake to curry a deal to launch the Third Rangers in the Premiership. I hope they go the way of Third Lanark.

  15. Queens Park querying Regan’s spin:


    QP get 300k per year from the SFA for Hampden. Mr Dallas the Stadium Manager for Hampden Park Ltd, a subsidiary of the SFA, gets £500k for maintaining it. He did not pay for new playing surfaces over the years as required and risked player injuries.

    The SFA then sub lease to many ltd companies who operate there. Including SPFL. Plus concerts, etc… for SFA income.

    When the current 20 year lease is up in 2020, Regan says a new lease would be many many millions but it’s only 300k x 20 or £6m for 20 years.

    Queens Park need to get their Public Relations out there, including lobbying MSPs. Regan is going overboard on this and causing a poisoned atmosphere on a long established heritage.

    Hampden is the Scottish national stadium. The whole world knows this. It’s where foreign fans travel to and Glasgow gets the hotel, restaurant and bar business. Glasgow City Council and businesses need to get a grip of Regan. He wants to give it all to Edinburgh.

    Edinburgh gets national rugby, Glasgow gets national football. That’s how it is.

    Surely Scottish rugby moving to Hampden and sharing reduces costs and is the best answer? Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city.

    Queens Park need to issue an executive Board statement saying if the SFA move, their club will not ground share with another club. That Hampden is the singular spiritual club Home of Queens Park. This will put any Sevco hidden agendas to ruin.

  16. 48 years of lying and fakery is showing on Buzz Aldrin:

    Clearly mentally unbalanced. His poker face on space travel away from earth leaves a lot to be desired.

    Can he be trusted to hold the secret much longer? He could blurt out the truth after a couple of whiskies at any point.

    Will he be bumped off soon?

    1. With the lies by American authorities in regard to the assassinations of JFK and his brother and what really happened on 9/11, I would not put faking a moon landing beyond them. The Russians have never accepted it. Astronauts have been caught engaging in artifice to show the image of the Earth receding to suggest travel to the moon when they were almost certainly just orbiting our planet. On the balance of the evidence I have seen it’s an elaborate hoax.

      1. They used the same horizon backdrop on two moonlandings thousands of miles apart.


        1. NASA currently saying it doesn’t know how to go through Van Allen 25 mile thick radiation belts. Hello??!?! Didn’t u go to the moon?
        2. Astronaut footprints can only be done in moist sand/ earth. Vacuum atmosphere zero water sand collapses like Saudi desert. Ditto rover tracks.
        3. No blast area from 10,000 Ibs thrust landing rocket motor. Loose sand and rubble under spacecraft. No scorching.
        4. No sand on landing module gold foil feet pads. Perfectly clean. The whole spacecraft would have been covered in dust. No tinfoil would have been visible in photos for grey dust.
        5. Proven nasa training models of moon surface and camera videos on tracks of giant moonscape models (watch it all):

        It’s all fake.

        The USA deleted the universe lol. Only a black sky on the moon with all the universe’s light sources (stars) deleted.

        The surface of the moon is probably rock solid with no dust or sand at all.

        They videod an astronaut hitting a golf ball on the moon and it swerved as in air. When that was pointed out, nasa deleted the video in the 1970’s.

        How does a 30 foot, 10,000 Ibs thrust rocket motor fit into the bottom half of the lander which is 12 feet high with the first 4 foot height on legs?

        The top part of the lander flies back to the command module. No part of thrust motor in it.

  17. The Earth is four times the size of the Moon.

    We’ve all seen those big full moon’s rising, gradually getting a bit smaller higher in the sky. It always traverses left to right (Westerly).

    If you’re on the moon, or in orbit above the moon, the earth is going to be four times bigger than how the moon looks from earth.

    A giant world in the moon’s sky. Four times bigger than the sun. Continents should be easily discernible.

    Why does nasa show us tiny small earths from the moon?

    To us the moon does not spin on its axis. The same side facing the earth all the time.

    In contrast, the earth spins on its axis once per 24 hours. So every few hours, looking from the moon, the earth’s continents will circulate. The earths clouds are dynamic and changing also.

    Nasa have not been able to fake this.

  18. Hi jj made donation this morning, PayPal reference ending 991716. Explosive content recently. Will make usual donation early December.

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