How To Conflate A Cake With Child Abuse

The Scottish Cup draw has delivered a blue pound cash cow to Highland League outfit Fraserburgh, whose Bellslea Park has a capacity of 3,000. Fraserburgh manager Mark Cowie stated that  “the roof came off” when his gathered players celebrated drawing Rangers Lite in the Scottish Cup fourth round. One can but assume that said roof is safe and secure, unlike the precarious state of three stands at The Sectarian Speakeasy where the roofs will have to be taken off prior to their collapse. A capacity crowd and broadcasting revenue will go a long way to offsetting an anticipated eight goal reverse. As Mark Cowie continued:

The players are all part-time – some of the players will be trying desperately to make sure they’re not working on the Saturday morning of the game.There’s always an upset, I’ve said that from day one. Every round has an upset. It will be very difficult of course, but you never, never know. We’d love for the town to play the game here but I totally understand if it’s more beneficial for us if it was moved. We’ll just enjoy the draw for a couple of days and let the guys above me decide what happens going forward.”

If Rangers Lite had to go away from home what better way than to play against a team who can only train on two evenings per week after putting in a shift at the office or yard. Would it surprise anyone if this tie is switched to Ibrox? Will Rangers Lite in its current form, The Sevco Project, participate in this tie or will it be another spin-off of the Rangers franchise? Events before Christmas will be instructive.

The pick of the fourth round ties is an Old Firm derby at Tynecastle. Hearts might have a shiny new stand – chapeau to Budge and her team – but they have had to cut their cloth by appointing 4-6-0 Levein to wear two hats. The squad is crying out for investment and is in free fall. I expect Hibs to prevail.

When the draw gets serious the key balls are put into the ice box. When there’s a preponderance of minnows it’s relatively safe to have an open draw. You can even invite Rod Stewart along knowing that he would be too hammered to notice any artifice.

No-one should be surprised that Regan is prepared to lie about the rent at Hampden as a negotiating tactic. I reproduced a piece by Martin Hannan who asserted that someone should call Regan’s bluff. Queens Park have just done so. The idea of moving to Murrayfield is a red herring. The SFA make more from subletting Hampden via its subsidiary than they pay in rent. With no World Cup income Regan is looking at ways to bolster their revenue and maintain his bonuses. What an odious man. He seems to be cut from the same cloth as The Glib and Shameless Liar.

Yesterday’s retraction by Bhoy Eddie 2 on Twitter did not ring true:

@sitonfence @Pmacgiollabhain @LaytonBhoy @TheClumpany
All – I have been advised  morning that I was misinformed last night regards a director quitting Ibrox – I apologise to you all and to the gentleman concerned
Incorrect tweet has been deleted

The ‘incorrect’ tweets asserted that a Rangers employee was concerned about his job due to Douglas Park being forced to throw in his hand by his auditors who had called time on his RIFC largesse. The whistleblower also revealed that vendors were not being paid. My independent inquiries revealed that some of these vendors are considering legal redress.

The author of the tweets chose the right pecking order. He chose our site as the first port of call; knowing that Phil Macgiollabhain as is his wont would plagiarise my piece and add a few large words, some Latin, and a smattering of Irish Gaelic to his imprimatur. It’s only a matter of time before this individual who believes that Sinn Fein (who employed him for eleven years) are security forces stooges and that it’s time to take up arms, ties my original work in a bow and passes it off as his own. When Scotzine became less prolific he would have been concerned about his supply of plagiarised reportage. Our site has been manna from heaven for this Republican activist. When proposed serialisation of Downfall was dropped by News International I railed against it. I did not concur with the Sun’s view that ‘he was tarred with a sectarian brush.’ For 30,000 followers on Twitter he is Scottish Football’s very own Salman Rushdie. However the scales fell from my eyes when it was reported that he wanted to take up arms. If you want to receive my exclusives via a would-be terrorist, then go right ahead.

I digress. The original tweets were too detailed to be an honest mistake. This was a climb-down to protect a source. I immediately contacted my sources for confirmation. Traynor has information on lock down. He would neither confirm nor deny it. He is engaging in a witch hunt to identify the whistleblower. One can almost certainly conclude that the story is true and that its author did not have the cojones to see it through.

In my next piece I intend to write to the Director of Prosecutions at at The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa and The Commissioner of The South African Revenue Service at to inform them that King has reneged on his deal to repatriate his funds to South Africa. With share purchases, loans and guarantees to auditors King has squirrelled away a quantum of north of £12m in The British Virgins Islands.

The Sitonfence Speakeasy does not just highlight fraud, crime and injustice. We also lobby for change. One looks forward to King telling SARS and the NPA that he is penniless.

On a final note I present the following for consideration:

A harmless celebratory cake for a Celtic supporter. One can find similar cakes in other team colours. However should one offer a slice to a colleague known to be a rabid Hun, such as Police Scotland’s DCI Ruth Gilfillan would one be surprised if she demurred. Not in the slightest.


However she went much further. She conflated the cake with child abuse and stated that Catholic schools were hotbeds of paedophilia. Is this woman fit to serve and protect the Catholic community who pay her salary? A salary that has been kicked down from £55,000 to £38,000 in line with her demotion to Detective Sergeant.

This woman is guilty of hate crime yet the corrupt COPFS believes she has no case to answer. She was not even suspended for her flagrant breach of the law. To exacerbate matters her union, The Police Federation, are calling for her reinstatement to the position of Detective Chief Inspector.

Gilfillan is a Rangers Lite season ticket holder where she wades in fenian blood on match days. Her bigotry is hard-wired and reinforced by the incessant sectarian soundtrack. She should be summarily dismissed and not pandered to by The Police Federation.

Is this what the Scottish Executive had in mind when they established Police Scotland? The Billy Boys being chanted by DCI Robertson to intimidate the accused and a bigot of similar rank conflating a cake with child abuse?




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8 thoughts on “How To Conflate A Cake With Child Abuse”

  1. Double good work on the Scottish cup draw doublespeak comrade!
    When a long held conspiracy theory is contradicted it is always actually proof that the conspiracy is true!

    Eastasia have always been our enemy

  2. On the top storyline, what is the position of the SFA normally?

    This (swapping grounds) used to be a feature of the FA cup when a minnow was drawn against a EPL team but was clamped down on a few years ago as it was deemed to be not in the spirit of the cup tradition. Hence small grounds, unless deemed unsafe, hold the match, usually with a big top up of a live TV fixture as the schedulers go for an upset. Think Sutton Utd v Arsenal a season ago ( the pie eating goal keeper betting fiasco). Even if “unsafe” then the next nearest league ground is to be used as a neutral venue, not a reversal of the fixture.

    Even if they do switch it, the share of the gate is 50/50?

    But anyway follow the money – surely some extra cash is needed this week to meet payroll and creditors?? Or so said the accounts.

    1. So a DCI cannot be a religious bigot but a DS can?

      The Daily Record reported she had been demoted three ranks. DCI to DS is merely two.

      She should have been sacked on the spot. All offended citizens should complain to police Scotland.

      Is there a national Catholics association? Not the church. Who can bring pressure? I know there’s Jewish groups that look out for Jewish interests.

      Meanwhile Sevco are having SFL deja vous, playing part time semi amateurs again. How nostalgic for them. But will Fraserburgh be too cold for the Hispanics?

      Regan needs sacked. He’d need three promotions to get to useless.

      The game might be held at Inverness or Aberdeen.

      If a Park isn’t putting himself forward for re-election to the RIFC PLC Board then it will materialise soon enough. As will legal action on overdue bills.

  3. If she was a chief detective in any USA city she would be jailed for two years racial hatred if she called a black officer or Latino, Asian or Jew those equivalent things.

    It’s anti Irish Diaspora racism as well as religious bigotry.

    When will tabloids and Scottish society actually get it?

    Vile human being. Still no apology from her?

  4. Why is it only a joke when public figures are found out that they have deep rooted problems. For instance soldiers at Ibrox with keep Northern Ireland protestant, yet are placed in that country to protect peace among protestants and catholics. if it is only banter then its fine lets all join in.

    When Hibs and Rangers lite fans went to it on the slopes of hampden the ones convicted should appeal and claim it was just a meeting of old friends practising their WWF skills and demonstarting their Conor McGregor moves to emphasis the point.
    When the Royals dress up as Nazis its only Halloween right, so when you go into the bank with your ski mask on you are looking for your misplaced skis right. When the banks spent all our money they were investing in our interests and when the tax cheats are caught, they are just testing out the security in our interest to make sure nothing gets through, the same with terrorist attacks its dummy runs to see if we are awake right.
    This woman has been given a position that requires no affliations political ,religious etc, they must remain neutral to their public as civil servants when dealing with situations. Has to go is now tainted and cannot be trusted.

    1. Can’t argue with that Peter, but the level of acceptance of such things in Scottish society is not to be underestimated. I imagine her supporters are saying it’s PC gone mad but, as others have said, would she have thought she could have got away with the same “banter” if it was directed at other religious/racial groups? Not for one second. PS seems to be the same clowns and bigots as before, just under a different name. I despair.

  5. JJ youndo seem to have a real downer on Phil. I actually like his blogs as well as yours. Both are well supported and seem on the money but he never rushes you. I feel your points would be far better received without the attacks on a fellow blogger trying to do the same as you. Bring the corruption and foul play that infests our national game to light. You both have different yet readable styles and are both worth following.

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