True Blue Treachery – An Exclusive Excerpt From Craig Whyte’s New BOOK

True Blue Treachery
“Rangers fans deserve to know the truth about what happened to their club. A fraud was committed – but not by me. And football fans in general will be fascinated to read what really goes on behind the scenes of a top club.”
He’s the man once hailed as the saviour of Rangers who became Public Enemy No 1 among Ibrox fans when the club went bust. In the eyes of Celtic fans he is a hero – as the last man in charge before their fiercest rivals called in the liquidators.
Few people in British sporting history have polarised opinion like Craig Whyte.
In May 2011 Rangers fans greeted his arrival on a wave of optimism, hoping he would transform their fortunes and maintain the club’s dominance over their Glasgow rivals. Ten months later Craig was the subject of death threats as enraged fans bayed for his blood. Yet by the time he was cleared in court of any wrongdoing the tide was beginning to turn. True Rangers fans realised Craig was not the man who should have been in the dock. They suspected many others had conspired to ruin their once proud club – they just had no idea what really went on… until now.
In his explosive book, Craig tells for the first time what really went on inside Ibrox during those turbulent ten months. Not only does he give a full and frank account of what went wrong at Rangers but also he provides a fascinating insight into not just the workings of a top flight football club but one of Britain’s biggest oldest – and most secretive – sporting institutions. And fans of other football teams will be fascinated – and at times appalled – by the antics of players, directors and the behaviour of other clubs.
As the first businessman in the UK to be charged with financial assistance – a charge now facing the former Barclays bosses – Craig’s ordeal at times resembles a Kafkaesque nightmare in which his every attempt to get to the truth of what was happening was met with double-crossing, persecution and obfuscation.
The revelations in Craig’s book include:
• What outgoing owner David Murray hid from the new investors
• How Craig’s attempts to get the club on an even keel were thwarted
• Who stood to gain from Rangers going into administration
• His dismay at the antics of his footballers – on and off the field
• How Rangers are still very much under Masonic influence
• How Scotland’s First Minister offered to help Rangers in their £50 million tax battle with HMRC
• How the DUP – now major players in the UK government – tried to get Craig a seat in the House of Lords
• How one Scottish Premiership side offered to throw a match for money
There is already huge media interest in Craig’s story. National newspaper serialisation is guaranteed. True Blue Treachery will be 75,000 words and delivered three months from signature of contract.
True Blue Treachery
Sample Chapter

Mexico City Airport, 26 November 2014

Davie Cooper. Now there was a player. In those early days of watching Rangers at Ibrox there were games when he was the only player worth watching. He was such a talent I’d have paid the admission just to see him weave his magic down the left wing.
Rangers didn’t have a good team in the mid-Eighties. Under John Greig they struggled to keep pace with Alex Ferguson’s revolution at Aberdeen. The Dons and Dundee United, under the legendary Jim McLean, had created a ‘New Firm’ to challenge the traditional dominance of the two Glasgow giants, Rangers and their ‘Old Firm’ rivals Celtic.
The arrival of first Graeme Souness and then David Murray transformed Rangers’ fortunes. Suddenly they were back, supping at Europe’s top table, only one match away from the first Champions League final in 1993. Under Walter Smith’s management the team matched Celtic’s long-standing feat of nine-in-a-row domestic league titles and – during his second stint in charge – reached the UEFA Cup final in 2008.
I had watched much of this drama unfold, as a teenager in the Copland Road stand, then as a businessman from the hospitality seats – even catching them turn over Monaco, in what for me at the time was a home match, in 2000.
Success, however, had come at a cost. Over-reaching and over-spending had left the club struggling, not just to hold off the ever-present challenge from their rivals from the east end of Glasgow, but the taxman. Murray had taken them so far. They needed a saviour. I needed a new challenge.
What had I been thinking?
These are the kind of thoughts going through my head as my flight begins its descent into Mexico City. That and what yet lies in store for me.
I am a wanted man.
A warrant has been issued for my arrest – for failing to appear in court. My crime? Being the scapegoat. In the absence of any evidence, it would appear the Scottish Crown Office are operating on a policy of finding a guy they think has done something wrong and then trying to find a crime to stick on him.
The irony is that while there are many who have the blood of Rangers on their hands following the club’s liquidation in 2012, I am not one of them. I am the only person not to take a penny out of the club during this sorry saga. Yet I’m the bad guy, apparently.
I have never known a deal like it. Since I took over control of Rangers in May 2011 I can’t believe how many people have been out and out crooks. So many have conned me. Surreal doesn’t come close – I’m living a nightmare. And it’s only going to get worse.
‘Ladies and gentlemen, we are commencing our descent. Please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Thank you.’
The announcement is repeated in Spanish. Some of the Japanese passengers around me look bemused at both.
Japan is where I have been for the last few weeks – quite conveniently, it has proved, to be in a country with no formal extradition treaty with the UK when prosecutors are trying to arrest you.
What was supposed to have been my first extended holiday since I began my working life has turned into a game of cat and mouse. When the police first informed my lawyer of their intention to arrest me, they made it clear I was in for some special treatment. They were determined, not only to arrest me but also to hold me in a cell overnight for a court appearance the following day. I have argued that, while I was out of their reach in Japan, I would only agree to return if I could arrive in Glasgow by my own steam. They can arrest me and take me to court but there is no need to hold me for a night. They are desperate to make a show of things. I am public enemy number one, in their eyes, obviously, but eventually, after the date of my original court hearing came and went, they agreed.
So here I am, flying from Japan to Mexico. My intention? To spend a few days exploring some business opportunities, then onto Miami, to London and finally to Glasgow to face the music. I need to make the most of the freedom I still have. Once they arrest me the chances of foreign travel might be severely limited, if they confiscate my passport.
I am the only person who knows my travel plans. Even my understanding girlfriend Charlotte in England doesn’t precisely know when I’m returning. I hold the upper hand, for now anyway.
We land and begin the taxi to the terminal. Another announcement: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, as you disembark this aircraft, could you have your passports ready please. Police are carrying out an inspection.’
I freeze. More confusion on the faces of my Japanese travel companions but this can only mean one thing. They are here for me.
It is two Mexican police officers. As soon as one checks my passport my fear is confirmed. Through broken English, he explains: ‘You are Craig Whyte? Come with us. This probably a mistake – something to do with a football club in Scotland.’
A football club in Scotland. The same words my business colleague George Cadbury had used in my office in London four years earlier when he mentioned he was putting together a takeover deal. When my interest was first peaked. If only I’d not followed that up by asking, ‘Which club?’ If only I’d not been going through a marriage break up, suffering one hell of a midlife crisis and seeking a fresh challenge. If only.
They lead me to a holding room and explain Interpol has instructed them to detain me. Clearly the Scottish police are more on the ball than I’d thought.
‘We can’t allow you to go into Mexico. You have two choices. Either we can put you on a flight back to Japan. Or you can fly to London.’
They are almost apologetic for detaining me. This isn’t an arrest, they say. The choice is mine. The thought of going back to Japan is very tempting. I could hide out there. What would they do then?
To hell with it.
‘Put me on the flight to London.’
The cops are obviously determined to get me for something. It is time to go back and deal with it.
They take me to a holding room with several other people that aren’t being allowed into the country. I look at them all. It’s a sorry bunch. I wonder what they’ve done. Is it any worse than buying a football club? It wasn’t just any football club, was it? We are Rangers. How many times had I hear that – either as a reason for doing something, or used as an excuse not to do something? I thought I knew. I thought I was one of them. How wrong can a person be?
After a short time, they tell me to come. I must be a rarity – a Brit being deported from Mexico.
The Mexican police are polite throughout. They’ve paid for my flight to Heathrow. I am allowed access to my suitcase, so I look out a suit and change from my casual clothes. If the Glasgow cops want their grandstand arrest I better look the part. No one is escorting me from Mexico. No doubt the police will meet me on arrival at Heathrow.
I can only imagine what awaits me. Will I get to speak to a lawyer at any point, or will they whisk me straight to Barlinnie Prison, that big Victorian hellhole on the outskirts of the city, for the next few months while I await a trial? Given everything else that has happened since I’d got involved with Rangers I can’t rule anything out. I am stepping into the unknown. I have no idea what is going to happen. I only know it’s going to be bad.
For a moment, during the flight, I wonder whether there is a chance the police will be so disorganised they might miss me. Perhaps I can sail through passport control as normal.
That thought vanishes the moment I see two uniformed police officers step onto the plane seconds after we grind to a halt. I am right at the back and their slow march up the aisle seems to take an eternity.
‘Craig Whyte? You’re coming with us.’
Hauled off a plane, right in front of everybody. That’s got to be one of life’s most embarrassing moments.
Three more police officers wait to greet me. One tall man with a beard and moustache and a slim blonde woman introduce themselves as Detective Chief Inspector Jim Robertson and his colleague Jacqui O’Neill. The third man appears to be their boss. They seem excited to see me. Clearly this is a big moment for them.
‘Craig Whyte. You’re under arrest.’
I wonder how long DCI Robertson has been waiting to say these words. The formalities over, they escort me through passport control. No queues for detained fugitives. Then it is into a police van to switch terminals for the connecting flight to Glasgow. Once on board we sit at the back of the plane. I am relieved there are no cuffs. This is a ridiculous enough situation without needing to get silly.
I am surprised at how chatty the police are. Robertson tells me what a huge Rangers fan he is. He’s been enjoying investigating this case, meeting all his Rangers heroes.
‘When this is all over,’ he says, smiling,’ maybe we could go for a drink together.’
Bizarre doesn’t even come close.
They have it all arranged so from the moment we touch down and come to a standstill there is transport all the way from the runway to the police station at Mount Florida. All of this for me? I am a special case. It didn’t need to be like this. I would have turned up for questioning, appeared in court on an agreed date, whatever. They are obviously desperate to take me to court in a van.
We arrive at Mount Florida, coincidentally the one closest to Hampden Park, the home of Scottish football. My fear, as the only one charged with any offence in connection with the Rangers inquiry, is how far will they go to make an example of me. Robertson’s admission of his allegiance confirms my suspicions. The police is full of Rangers fans. They are desperate for so-called justice to be seen to be done, regardless of whether they find evidence of wrong-doing or not.
Before I am put in the cell I finally get my phone call. I speak to my lawyer Paul Kavanagh. The night in the cell I accept. What worries me is not getting bail and being held in prison.
‘Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get bail.’
This eases my mind.
When I finally see the inside of the cell it isn’t as bad as I’d feared. I have a blanket and some water. They let me read my book and although it is hardly five-star accommodation I am so tired I actually doze off. I might have been able to get a full night’s rest but an officer appears on the hour every hour to make sure I haven’t topped myself.
In the morning they cuff me for the transfer to the Sheriff Court, where I am held in a cell in the bowels of the building before my appearance before the judge. Within seconds I start pining for the police cell. By comparison this is bloody horrible, just a urinal and a thin wooden bench not big enough to lie on. I am not allowed my book. All I can do is read the graffiti on the walls. Thankfully there is nothing about me on there.
I am still in the same suit I’ve travelled in and I sit there for eight hours. Eventually Paul Kavanagh appears and I am allowed out of the cell to speak to him. A guard helpfully tells me the police are warning that even if I am granted bail they are to arrest me again for an outstanding warrant in England over money I owe over the original purchase of Rangers. This is a separate issue. As I’d been out of the country I hadn’t appeared in court and the judge found me in contempt and had given me a four-week prison sentence. There is now a another warrant out on me. Can the day get any worse?
I’m never getting out. These guys are really out to get me. If they can find a way to keep me locked up they’ll do it.
Paul dismisses these fears in a second: ‘The police don’t have the powers to arrest you. It is an English civil case, not criminal.’
The hearing lasts about twenty minutes. As the police hadn’t been allowed to interview me on my arrest, the prosecutor, or procurator fiscal, now ask me questions on their behalf.
My answer to every one is the same: ‘On the advice of my solicitor I have no comment to make.’
Then come the words I’ve been waiting for all day. ‘You are free to leave.’ The sheriff has granted me bail. I give Charlotte’s address in Lancashire as a bail address as I don’t have anywhere in the UK to live. The police say they will drive me south.
‘Don’t trust the cops,’ Paul says as I prepare to leave. ‘Don’t let them drive you into England just in case they do something with that other warrant.’
That’s reassuring.
Charlotte heads north of the border and the police agree to drop me at a service station on the M74 motorway several miles before we reach England. I am not taking any chances. On the way down the road, DCI Robertson seems more interested in checking himself out on TV. He replays the television coverage of my appearance at court, showing him by my side.
What baffles and infuriates me further is that he calls the lawyer acting for Ticketus, the other party in the English court case. They are like best buddies. How cosy that Police Scotland is cooperating so fully with an English lawyer in a civil matter.
By the time we reach the services and Charlotte greets me the exhaustion of three days on the go finally catches up. Relieved to be away from the police, I nearly collapse when we reach her house.
I have survived the most traumatic day of my life. However, although I can relax, the relief will only be temporary. I have to go to London next week to appear in court over the civil case and the small matter of being sued for the £27.5 million I’d guaranteed for the purchase of Rangers Football Club in 2011. There is a real danger I could go to prison over that.
I sink into the sofa trying to process why I – and not the number of crooks who have profited from the demise of a once proud institution – am the scapegoat.
I drift into a fitful sleep.
The nightmare is just beginning.

True Blue Treachery


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  1. As much as I do not wish to disappoint my loyal contributors and delay publication of the prologue to True Blue Treachery, I am concerned by the lack of donations today. Precisely two, to a value of £5. Should I delay publication until some lurkers pay their way? I ran the prologue past my legal eagle. He thinks its very actionable and could lead to legal proceedings should I publish. I have the cojones to do it, of that there should be no doubt. Is no-one prepared to step up and contribute for these truly stunning revelations?

    1. Time to get a paywall set up JJ. Hits and plaudits may feed your ego but won’t keep belly from backbone. Usual monthly donation will follow at the begining of the month. Keep safe.

    2. Paywall JJ…even a nominal sum of say 50p-£1 per chapter OR a discounted flat rate upfront covering sequential release.This will flush out the truly miserable amongst us and maybe offset malicious posting of it online and derailing the project.
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    3. Regular donation set up JJ. REF 2V26

      hadn’t been able to figure out the regular payment so sent ad hoc when I could. If this book is taken forward, surely there will have to be questions asked of the powers that be.

    1. Regan should write his book. Tell all, warts n all.

      Could you imagine what Regan knows? If he spilled his guts in it then it would be a best seller.

  2. “True Blue Treachery will be 75,000 words and delivered three months from signature of contract.”

    So isn’t written yet and no publisher has taken it on.

  3. As Scottish football, as a whole, pray for the end of Celtic’s dominance this will be their way out.

    No one will stop Celtic on the field of play, it’s too late. The only possibility will be some multi billionaire oil sheikh who wants to chuck hundreds of millions at it for no return other than hearing triumphant sectarian anthems echoing throughout the land.

    The authorities will be forced now to examine all claims of subterfuge despite their initial reaction which will be to dismiss Craig Whyte’s accusations. They will now need to look at it.

    I believe (as I did with the sham police investigation) that the authorities will now look to pay off their figureheads handsomely and put on a public show of them falling on their swords and then they will attempt to reform the leagues once again and try to interrupt Celtic’s winning run.

    Don’t believe me? They did it in the 70’s when 9 in a row was too much for them to take.

    They will insinuate that the leagues were tainted if clubs were on the take. That’s the point when “Rangers” will try to say “if ours are tainted, yours are too”. Moves will be made to basically try to eradicate the records for the last 20 years “in order to move on”.

    I always wondered why in the run in to titles the former Rangers would absolutely skelp a couple of the lower ranked teams and then in the summer go and pay stupid amounts of money for one of their bang average players?


    If Regan and Doncaster had any brains, that accusation by Craig Whyte is their get out with a big pay off and it will allow Masonic Scottish Football to try to reel back in those pesky tims at Celtic Park. They will use, once again, the underhand tactics of others to hold back everyone else.


    1. I think you’re being rather dramatic Melchett.

      They will simply declare it a work of fiction.

      Revelations in football biographies are simply shocking for 24 hours just like tabloid exclusives.

      The D&P duo are sticking it to em and Now Craig is sticking it to em.

      Sevco are bankrupt and gasping for survival. There won’t be League restructuring and it won’t help Sevco anyway.:

      This is simply a tell all book.

  4. A stunning exclusive.

    He shared a front row seat in this soap opera along with the architect of this farce, SDM.

    I do hope that CW tunes in to this site from time to time. His version of events will be a must read, especially for the Rangers fans who were duped by SDM and continue to be duped by King and the Scottish media.

  5. I hope the revelations live up to the blurb. If this book is not already in press, we can expect pre-publication redaction “for legal reasons”….or am I just being pessimistic…

      1. JJ,on your Twitter feed you state that Whyte states they received “some ” favouritism from refs.Has always been thus.Please name the club wanting a bung instead of simply lying down,it will be sensational,you have the baws,go for it…

  6. I have said before I would happily pay what I would for a good paperback to read this when fully published. I stand by that and have £20 good to go when it is published, just need the link if to an ebook etc.

    1. 4/1? For a team from Kilmarnock? You’re clearly not au fait with the way of the bookmaker. IF there was such a market I’d suggest the Ayrshire side would be 6/4 at the very most and probably even money. As my late father once said as I was hoping against hope for a Killie home result against Rangers…”Son – don’t be so fcuking stupid, if Kilmarnock beat Rangers today their own fans will riot” suffice to say the old man was bang on the money.

  7. Absolutely Explosive. Stunning. I hope the finalised book is published and CW does not take the hush money he will no doubt be offered. A Scottish side being paid to throw a game? This could have considerable consequences! Was Chris Sutton right? The Curruption at the heart of Scottish Football wil hopefully be laid bare. Scottish Football that, if FFP were correctly implemented then the 5th placed team from last season would have played in Europe. The same 5th placed team which recently received a 2.5 million annoymous donation……

    1. Anonymous donations are illegal and break FFP.

      Also proceeds of crime and money laundering necessitates Police Scotland investigation into where such massive giveaway mysterious funds came from.

      This club’s directors were duty bound to decline this dodgy money.

  8. Already have 2 monthly subscriptions running but will happily make an additional one off contribution for this. This could be the missive that brings down the disintegrating wall of lies.

  9. 2800-7218-3421-xxxx

    Gripping stuff, I cannot wait to buy a copy of this book. I should imagine every football fan in Scotland will want a copy. I was thinking that it should have been rushed out for Xmas but it will sell whenever and wherever it’s available.

    I’m probably going to be the only one to say this (and it’s not because i’m not desperate to read more) but I think you should hold back any further updates till the waged lurkers make a level of contributions that you feel is appropriate.

    JJ: Seems like a plan. Thank you.

      1. TS, buddy I’m not selling or serialising his book. All I have is the treatment that is being used to solicit a publisher. The prologue is as good an executive summary as you’re likely to read. It’s a blockbuster in its own right.

  10. Brilliant!
    Been hoping for something like this – hope it spills all the beans 🙂

    Another small donation made xxxxxxxxxxxx1711F

    JJ: Cheers

  11. Sensational output today JJ, it has been astounding how SDM and the rest of the EBT receivers have been given such an easy ride by Rangers fans.

    Much easier to pick a scapegoat and roll up all the troubles into 1 big clusterfuck. Whyte was a patsy chosen by SDM to take the hit and to protect his own standing.

    That Whyte or his advisers never seen Murray coming is a mystery for another time.

    To quote Roosevelt, “never underestimate a man who over estimates himself”.


    JJ: Thank you.

  12. Sorry JJ but I’m a bit confused here.

    Is this just a taster couple of pages of something which is being hawked around some publishers looking for a contract or actually written?

    Either way, how can you publish excerpts / chapters, whatever if no one (or very few) are going to pay for it? I think whyte was a bit of a patsy but isn’t / wasn’t blameless and it will be good to read, but no one South of the border is remotely interested and only half of Glasgow would welcome it. So will there be any more excerts? Has any publisher signed him up?

    Fascinating read non the less and a reminder that there is a person behind the name and face who can get caught up in things clearly way above their competence and support structures to deal with it. Kind of reminds me of Nick Leeson to be honest.

    1. Exactly G.Whyte is a crook,calling other people crooks.Banned for 7 years from being a company director.Buys for a quid and thinks nothing could possibly be iffy,aye right.There is Masonic influence at Liebrox,wow,what a surprise.Players antics off the field,eh,pot/kettle.Teams lie down to the dead club,been well known for decades,aided by corrupt officials.As we have stated before JJ,Whyte was the street dealer and others,the main men but for him to financially gain from this debacle is morally repugnant.He can stick his book,i’m not paying a thin dime to anyone that was/is connected to the Sectarian Cesspit.

  13. Fantastic stuff…true ground breaking stuff..
    I contribute through paypal monthly only recently……..recent last 4 digits of 361H….
    Thank you again for your amazing , stark , and acurate commentary of so many current and past events…true journalism is alive and well…….all power to your pencil

    JJ: Thank you.

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    JJ: Inortdinately kind of you Duncan. Thank you. Good tip on finding PayPal.

  15. Truly stunning stuff JJ – donation on way and worth every single penny.
    Come on you lurkers pay your way for this fantastic site.
    You will NEVER see any of this in the mainstream press or BBC !
    Support it or go back to smoke & mirrors as it was before JJ.

  16. To sseam. I am out of work and have contributed today as JJ has requested. I regularly contribute to this site but rarely comment.suggesting holding back further information on this book is madness.

    1. madness seems a bit harsh…others are suggesting a paywall …but like (I suspect) your good self I can only applaud JJs approach to ensuring the unwaged have access and a voice. Just keen that our exiled mutual friend who has to appeal for donations all too frequently amid an apparent ocean of lurkers should take the time to improve revenue against a backdrop of prodigious and quality output. It was a delay I suggested after all, not a withdrawal. Perhaps contributors and the unwaged could receive an advance email….

  17. A Scottish Premiership side offered to throw a match for money? I thought that would have been a labour of love for most of them. Their refrain of “let’s move on” continues to sicken the game.

    If Craigiebhoy tells the truth and this incredible story finds a publisher brave enough to stand up to the masons and fascists, it will blow the corruption in the Scottish game wide open.

    Congratulations on yet another stunning exclusive, JJ.

  18. The First Minister tried to help them dodge the tax bullet? A Premiership club offered to throw a game for financial benefit? The DUP tried to get Craig a seat in the House of Lords?

    This is dynamite. This could blow the whole loathsome lot out of the water.

    I donate £15 on a regular monthly basis – wish it could be more. I was going to meet someone for coffee tomorrow but I have cancelled and instead will send you an extra £10. Not much for these stunning revelations. I have to go out now so the payment will be made in the next 2 to 3 hours.

    Thanks for all the work you put into making this the world’s best website.

    JJ: Kind words from a kind man.

  19. Just keep up the good work always a privilege to read what’s going on with you site. This book will be a great read, and no doubt some things we already know of thanks to your site. Donation sent on…..

  20. The truth will set them free! I always maintained that Craigy Boy never took out a cent from the club. His motive was to be seen as them man who turned it round, Super Salary was the one who screwed it up for Craigy Boy as we was absolute shyte as a manager! Small donation made by Paypal all the way from the USA…hope they serve good fish supper where you are exiled.

    JJ: Thank you. Sadly they don’t. A much missed treat.

  21. “Rangers fans deserve to know the truth about what happened to their club”
    I’d bet dollars to 🍩’s that they neither thank nor reward you or CW for it though.
    The one thing you can truly to to the bank will be that threats and vile abuse will be the order of the day.

  22. Just back from a week down south celebrating my 70th birthday with family who are based in Cheltenham.
    Thank goodness for your website! Amazing output this past week! This is the story that gives and gives.
    Unable to send you a piece of birthday cake through the Ethernet, however a wee donation made via Pay Pal.

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  23. Monthly donation sent. You must go paywall with this John. No way free riders should be party to this. They also post links to your work every newspaper

    1. I could implement a paywall via WordPress but if I get the coding wrong I could compromise PayPal. What I’m increasingly tempted to do is to only allow access to those who donate the minimum subscription fee of £5 on PayPal. As soon as this is registered I would then send the file, including my analysis, by e-mail.

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  24. Hi Jj, donation made (last digits 4830G)……enjoyed that read…..hope tomorrow is not like boxing day and I need to wait another 365 days for Santa’s next gift.

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  25. If Mr Whyte recorded the Hotel Du Vin meeting and any of our football authorities officials were present as he explained that without a UEFA licence then Oldco was goosed then serious questions have to be asked.
    We now know for a fact that the licence application was fraudulent, who knew from the start?
    We have seen Regan pass the licence issue over to the SFA Compliance Officer to review procedures rather than have an independent enquiry to ensure complete transparency.
    You would think that they had something to hide?
    What will the outcome be…..oops, admin error or imperfect but legal?
    Or he may approach the CEO, his line manager, and say ‘ er Stuey we appear to have a wee problem here.’
    This has been with the compliance officer for weeks now, so come on whats the problem? Has Ryan Jack been sent off again and appealel or what?
    1. Who made the application on behalf of Oldco?
    2. When was the application lodged?
    3. Who sat on the SFA licensing committee?
    4. When the clubs tick the box, no social taxes outstanding, is that the end of it, particularly in this instance where everyone knew that the wee tax bill was unpaid?
    No wonder Regan is keeping this in house, Whyte’s revelations could be nuclear!

  26. What we need to know is the stuff that wasn’t said because he didn’t take the stand:

    1. Did Duff & Phelps contact him to take over Rangers FC? Why were they his ever present advisors?

    2. Who could have approached D&P first? A Lloyds employee or a Murray Group employee?

    3. Murray Group guys and D&P mentioned in court Murray’s guys stated you would be mad not to use Ticketus for funding.

    4. Did Whyte know about Ticketus funding beforehand? If so, who told him and when?

    5. Did SDM know of Whyte’s previous convictions and company disbarment? Alastair Johnstone said on camera the Board gave SDM a private investigators report on Whyte. Can Whyte advise if sdm knew of his background?

    6. Can whyte tell us if the Albion car park and or Edmiston House was included in the purchase sale agreement with sdm? We were told at the time they were.

    If so, why did sdm get millions from Green’s share issue for these two assets at a later date?

  27. Hi JJ,

    Been a while since I last posted my PayPal payments and words of encouragement on the fantastic work you have been doing over the past year. Saddens me that you have to keep reminding others of the low contributions you receive for the painstaking work you put into your outstanding articles. I believe the time has come for a new approach of recompensation for your efforts, such as the introduction of a paywall that other people have suggested. Whatever you decide I’ll keep supporting you as I truly value the work you have done.

    I have listed my monthly donations below of the last 4 digit PayPal transaction ids:

    871H, 645Y, 051H, 210Y, 314K, 154S, 293K, 935F, 512K, 3724

    I have been fortunate to have received a payrise at work so from next month on I’ll be doubling my monthly payments.

    Keep up the great work and above all keep safe.

    JJ: Thank you Marty. Have a look at my latest piece and my new initiative.

  28. JJ..You are head and shoulders above Phil Mac.
    You deal in Genuine facts.
    In 2012 ..PMG used everyone elses data and facts and passed them off as his own .
    He Produced a book on the backs of other people’s hard work.
    He ended up getting a book deal (Downfall) on the backs of data and facts that other people had uncovered.
    He has recently tried to include one of your sources on the Rangers board as fact .
    I used to donate to both of you but now I realise that Phil is a fake and you are the true source of genuine info.

    Phil mac is a fraud

  29. I’d send medals if Icould for the info given by you sir. Instead I send money, of which I have little. Small acorns and all that… transaction ID ending with 97103.

    JJ: Cheers.

  30. Before donation I’d like to query why CW has come to you with this? Why have you been privy to this? I fail to understand.

    Especially if, as you claim, you are in exile.

  31. JJ, new to this media/ blogging malarci, got into yours stuff through CNN, has become part of my daily routine to scan CNN to see if you’ve posted.
    Great reading.
    Don’t do PayPal but will look into getting one set up, will then contribute.
    As others say keep up the good work and stay safe!

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