True Blue Treachery At Rangers

An impeccable source has informed me that an unofficial approach by Rangers Lite to land McInnes has been rebuffed. The financial quantum offered was comparable to his current deal at Aberdeen. Lite are a basket case with a divided squad, some of whom such as Pena think that they are on an extended vacation. The beleaguered board who are under pressure to find a manager prior to the AGM naively assumed that McInnes, as a former player, would have buffed up his Rangers-issue brown brogues and marched smartly up Edmiston Drive. With so many knockbacks the board should look to Darryl Broadfoot for some succour on how best to deal with them. Broadfoot is not one to Mone about it. Does anyone want to manage this basket case of assets?


Someone who was assumed to be mad to buy the basket case has captured the zeitgeist at our site. The majority of readers who have recently subscribed should have now received your premium copy. As I have clearly stated on a number of occasions all payments and donations are handled by PayPal. However a ‘payment’ by PayPal is more difficult to process than a donation. Those who have missed out should proceed directly to PayPal to make a token donation and highlight their subscription details. Some have had the audacity to claim that this is a hassle and that as it is ‘our site’ they should automatically receive their copy wrapped in a bow. I cannot deal with this indefinitely. One more day and we move on. I will not approve any comments which complain. I have waited 18 months for many of my readers to show up, so why can one not just spend a penny and be patient? Despite assertions from a fantasist who has made a career out of making things up, I do not reside in the UK. I have no need of any backbiting from a would be terrorist. After one more day I will solicit one penny donations from my less fortunate readers. Please do not jump the gun as I won’t process anything until the waged are fully satisfied. If you do your payment will be passed over.

My Legal Eagle in Edinburgh opined that some of Whyte’s assertions were very actionable. Some of his allegations have stirred up a hornets’ nest. Whyte’s ghostwriter wrote:

A company called MCR had been helping with the financial management of the club. During the course of Craig’s dealings with the firm, its partners were negotiating to sell MCR to the American investment bank Duff and Phelps. What Craig didn’t know was the same partners stood to earn millions from the sale providing Rangers went into administration.Therefore, at the same time MCR partners claimed to be acting on Craig’s behalf during negotiations with HMRC, they were actually telling the tax office to put the club into administration and appoint them as administrators.”

However as our International Man of Mystery, DCI Robnerstson (aka Phileas Fogg) and his Pert Passepartout Jackie O’Neil discovered the U.S. head office had never heard of Rangers. I trust Jackie had time to purchase a ‘Kiss Me Quick‘ hat during the five day trip to attend a one hour meeting. With so much free time one would hope that their relationship was strictly professional and that the only intercourse was of the social variety? Would a Masonic two-step be deemed overly familiar?

Whyte could not quite believe the number of freeloaders in The Blue Room looking for a nosebag and malt on match days, all of whom were putting their thumbs over second and third knuckles as they nailed their Freemasonry colours to the mast. As one not initiated in the craft, Whyte was somewhat bamboozled.

His head continued spinning in his dealings with Charles Green. His ghostwriter continues:

With his options running out, Craig spoke to a contact in London called Imran Ahmad. He introduced Craig to Charles Green, a former footballer-turned-businessman who had caused controversy at Sheffield United. Craig asked Green if he was willing to raise funds and front up a bid to take control of the club. Due to the antipathy towards him from Duff and Phelps, HMRC and the SFA, Craig had to remain in the background. Green agreed. Craig bought a shelf company called Sevco 5088 that made an offer to the administrators of £7.5 million to buy Rangers through a CVA, or £5.5 million for the assets if the club was liquidated. When no bidder was accepted – and despite a last gasp offer from former manager Walter Smith – the club was liquidated and the assets sold to Sevco in June 2012. Unbeknownst to Craig, Green set up another shelf company Sevco Scotland Ltd and transferred everything – fraudulently – from Sevco 5088 to the new company. Craig had been cut out of his own deal. The new Rangers had to apply to be re-admitted into the football league but the other premier league clubs, under pressure from their outraged fans, voted down their application. Instead the new Rangers had to start life at the bottom of the third division, a decision Craig describes as ‘suicidal’.”

This became known in Rangers folklore as ‘The Switcheroo.’ Writing as someone who has had the pleasure of corresponding with Charles Green I have always found him to be genuine and straightforward. He obviously gilded the lily during his time at Ibrox. One can but assume that the stalwart who whispered in Whyte’s ear about maintaining the faux appearance that Rangers were a big club prompted Green to play to the gullibilly gallery with smoke and mirrors.

However there is a major flaw in Whyte’s recollection of events. He did not have the £5.5m for the assets or the £7.5m for the CVA. Charles Green travelled the world to solicit funds. When the CVA failed he had no need of Whyte’s 85.3% holding in Wavetower. He was not buying Rangers. He was buying a basket of assets.

Why would Green, who had done the donkey work of raising the funds, throw Whyte a bone? The only bones in the sales pitch are the ones Whyte is picking with everyone else.

Sir Bribe & Lie, with Dave King on the grassy knoll, assassinated Rangers. Whyte turned up when the rigor mortis had already set in.


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    JJ: Thanks buddy. I trust you received your copy of premium content as has been the case for so many others who followed the most simple of instructions.

    1. Hi JJ
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    2. JJ – new to the site over the last week or so – enjoying every new piece.
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  2. “the club was liquidated and the assets sold to Sevco in June 2012. ”

    How refreshingly true! Well done!

    Did Whyte have a contract with Green or was it a verbal agreement? I’m sure it was written. And evidence. Oh dear!

    Sounds as though Ahmad shafted Whyte with Green. Ahmad got in on the Sevco Scotland action.

    Wee Barry appearing to have a split personality today in the rancid. He appears to love and hate the board. Such distressed confusion. It’s a pity he cant manage football clubs himself. Baring his soul in a public crashed mess (Better than a Drunken Mess on Scotland Duty).

    Perhaps Robert Mugabe will rock up and run it? He has lots of time on his hands, is a dodgy billionaire, but is a former altar boy RC so guessing not a RRM.

    The solution must be Ally McCoist, a true real rangers man- with green fingers.

    Keith Jackson told us “we’ll never know how good a manager he is” well here is the perfect opportunity…. the problem I suppose is that Ally wouldn’t work for McInnes’ wages. And we all know how bad a manager he was.

  3. Ill fitting Dinner Jacket on Whyte.
    Notched lapel oh dear!
    Shocking shirt collar and cuffs.

    Whyte doesn’t have the background to be getting sartorial elegance correct.

    Is Ibrox payday on Thurs 30 Nov?

    Will it be last minute bank transfer I’m the saviour, let it be known, behaviour?

    Or pre packed Admin?

    I’ll pop in the Tardis and find out.

  4. Barry Ferguson EBT, bankrupted and broken is crying in his beer.

    But the BlueDaily Record will always give him a shift.

  5. JJ, Im a recent convert to your site and have no problem contributing to its running cost for the connections and insights you provide. Is it a matter of me going to the donation button, donating £5 to you and somewhere you will see my email address and send me the goodies?

  6. Hi JJ

    Have you still to send out some of the premium content to regular subscribers? I’ve not received one yet. I’ll send over my usual monthly donation as an extra for November as I think that’s fair.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Good tweet JJ:

    “Sir Bribe & Lie with CCK on the grassy knoll assassinated Rangers. Whyte turned up after the rigor mortis set in”

    ……….. and the SMSM provided the cover up and squirrels to a Moon Landing level.

  8. J J
    Apologies if I’m doubling up on replies. Seem to be having bother with my phone. Paid a donation yesterday but probably mis typed my email address. Token donation today. Look forward to reading the chapters.

  9. Hi JJ,
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  10. I thought sevco50 88 was used so as to allow ,then change to sevco scotland, that in law they could revert to call their club rangers. once more. as they would not have been ableto call themselves rangers at that time. Also was it not a Mr green that had bought up web pages, named after rangers. I am sure their were at least 5 names got well before he bought the company, JJ ask green that, it will be on record who owned those web pages and when bought

  11. Howdy,
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  12. Hi JJ, been offline for a couple of days and just catching up. I sent £1 donation via Paypal then read through the comments. Have now made a card donation of 1p ending 9184. I suppose it’s like building flat pack furniture …. if all else fails, read the instructions. 🤭

  13. Token donation made XXXXX504E. Looking forward to reading the exclusives. Pity the SMSM lack integrity and the b*lls to publish and be damned. Just goes to prove how corruption is deeply embedded in Scottish football and their modern day ‘soup takers’.

    ‘The Truth is Out There’ was the tagline used by ‘The X Files’. Indeed it is and can be found here, by readers of this blog. Keep up the good work.

  14. JJ I have been a regular reader for quite a while and thoroughly enjoy my daily education in all thing ‘Sevco 101’. Your recent output has been outstanding and necessitates a well earned donation (transaction ….1161) – have a glass of your favourite tipple on me.

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  16. Donation made earlier via my PayPal account. Never received anything, as I see I have to make a payment via card. So I have made a 1p donation via card now.

    Hopefully will receive it now. Was looking forward to a good bed time story tonight.

  17. Recurring payment set up JJ with reference ending 8441D. Token donation made tonight to pass on email address. Look forward to reading the insights of Mr White.

  18. Donation via PayPal ending 690S5
    Finally managed to get through PayPal that struggled for days with a NZ phone number.
    Your information is first class. You have broke the news that Sevco have been told that Mc Inness is not available. Sevco were recently beaten by Dundee and Murty is not seen as a permanent solution. Why would a decent manger go to a dysfunctional club with insipid players and no funds to refresh the playing squad .Sevco seems to be following much the same script as Rangers. Have the November wages been paid?

  19. Here’s an excellent Idea:

    Bayern Munich, Celtic and Anderlecht all complain to uefa that they have been beaten by an illegal FFP breaking cheating team, PSG. Sporting Integrity is trashed. Neymar and others are illegally registered players.

    PSG get booted out after group stage. Munich and Celtic continue in CL and Anderlecht get the Europa League.

    This is honestly how it should be.

    To allow PSG to continue forward and win is corrupt. The other big clubs will side with this; Real Madrid, Barca, English clubs….. they don’t want beaten by financially doped PSG in the next round.

    Arabs are corrupting the beautiful game in Europe.

    Clubs should start making noise now.

    1. This is the point of no return.

      Is uefa running a corrupt rigged sport or is it clean?

      Is it about fairness and sporting integrity or can it be bought by Arabs?

    2. As much as I agree with your proposal we both know that UEFA won’t throw them out. PSG have MBappe, valued at £90m, on loan from Monaco with a deal being struck to sign him in the close season. FFP is little more than a feel good sop to the punters. It has no teeth. UEFA do not run European football. The major clubs do. The top clubs want to play each other and not have to deal with the fodder from pot 4. Eight games face Celtic as of June to reach the group stage. The CL is becoming a closed shop.

      1. Small diddy clubs like Sevco Rangers do get punished over FFP from time to time.

        So it’s the big Euro clubs telling uefa to let Sevco call itself Rangers and pretend?

        They won’t be happy until pot4 starts in the Europa league.

        The EL was started to stop Euro diddies forming their own league outside uefa.

        If uefa is the top 8 or ten clubs in a cartel, the other 120 clubs need to demand on a one club one vote democracy. Thereafter pass rules that deconstruct the organisation and the CL rigged competition.

        The USA wouldn’t allow uefa to govern if USA clubs were in it. It’s anti trust and Racketeering.

      2. Barcelona, Real Madrid and The Spanish FA have all already complained to UEFA regarding PSG.

        The German FA, Scottish FA and Belgian FA now need to do likewise in representing their clubs. Plus the clubs themselves.

        They must halt Qatari corruption of the game.

        On Rangers, the board must step down as abject failures and allow a new board to appoint the new manager. This is the feeling in HK.

    3. Aren’t the other ‘big clubs’ you mention just as guilty with massaging/manipulationing the FFP rules ( over a longer period) but now in the huff because a bigger bully has appeared on the scene . In the same breathe they ‘big clubs’ (that are now beginning to play second fiddle to PSG , the bigger bully) want to have a very selective/ invited version of the CL . … hypocrisy and contradictions..

  20. JJ PayPal- 6875
    Long time lurker making long overdue donation. Will be the first of many as your work is exceptional and I hope it eventually brings down the whole corrupt circus and gets the game run on a fair and honest basis. I also enjoy reading your non-football content which is always thought provoking to say the least. Have a few beers on me.

  21. Magnificent stuff from Mark O’Hara.

    Special mention to Celtic Bhoy Scotty Allan who played a blinder to set up the winning goal for all three points.

    An honest shift from Scott silencing the critics who said he couldn’t play well against Sevco-Rangers. Couldn’t score in an open Sevco goalmouth.

    Sevco tried hard to turn the bhoy’s head. He must rue the day they started whispering in his ear. The way they go about their shady ways.

    Ryan Jack is the biggest chump in Scottish football player stakes in a long time. Think once, think twice, think integrity and reputation in all you do.

    1. Ryan Jack has gone backwards very quickly since arrival at Sevconia.

      He has lost his settled position in a balanced high performing team.

      He has lost the coaching and mentoring of the excellent McInness and his staff.

      A steep downhill slip that will be hard to climb up from without that support network around him.

      He has resorted to red card offences. A kid who is being ill advised.

  22. Deary, Deary, oh Deary me…….

    If Wee Barry Ferguson was in terrible bad spirits today then he’s on suicide watch tonight.

    Things will get a lot worse before they will get better, if they ever will.

  23. Great stuff as always JJ.
    Got that PayPal account set up ,
    Monthly donation sent.
    look forward to more great reading.
    As always stay safe.

  24. I’m not interested in the Premium copy jj as I am not one for reading much. Your articles here are sufficient for me. Thanks.

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