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Those of my readers who have not bought their first ever subscription to our site, The Sitonfence Speakeasy, have missed their opportunity to access the premium content. I now invite only those that are known to me to contact me via a token donation on PayPal. If you are an unwaged lurker then you will miss out. Only those who have participated in the dialogue of this site will be eligible.

For those who advocate having a paywall on our site, the jury is still out. True Blue Treachery solicited interest. I’m not convinced that many lurkers would have stepped up just for access to our site. Will there still be a book from Whyte and his ghost writer? In many ways I have stolen their thunder. One can but speculate that he did not anticipate someone with my sources having access to it. Having said that it would be naive of me to overestimate my reach. There are still those who take their news from tabloids. The Sun and Evening Times, notably the odious Robert ‘Two Short Planks‘ Grieve and the Level 5 Lickspittle Chris Jack, did not disclose the source of the leak so as to deprive our site of traffic. The former was so stupid that he asked Brendan Rodgers if he was having a mid-life crisis? With a British record of 64 games unbeaten in domestic competition, if this is a crisis Celtic fans would be eagerly awaiting the ensuing drama.

This drama was not evident on Wednesday evening. No-one expected a win in Paris. However a 7-1 rout will have taken its toll on confidence and morale. It’s at times like these that Rodgers and his team earn their corn. The events in Paris must be as relevant as old confetti. There is a fresh batch on offer this afternoon. Only those with the mettle to compete against The Steelmen will make the squad of eighteen. Barring controversy, Rodgers should lift the fourth successive trophy of his reign. However the gap between Celtic and Motherwell will not be the chasm in the CFC defence that was carved open by Cavani, Neymar and Mbappé. Motherwell have a dog in this fight. They will be physical and uncompromising. I will follow every minute of this match with rapt attention.

Those who have the misfortune of following Rangers Lite only have the cold comfort of an unlikely Motherwell win to cheer. Being beaten by the cup winners will be spun as an achievement. Of course as Hamilton and Dundee have proven, Lite are no more than bang average mid-table fodder. Whyte’s revelation, that the denizens of the Blue Room must give the impression that Lite are a big club, still holds true to this day. The beleaguered board who cannot hire a credible manager to save their AGM, have had the audacity to suggest that the accounts show that Lite are on an even keel. If being shipwrecked on a sandbank is an even keel, then there may be a scintilla of truth behind the spin. The demise of the new club has clearly not registered with James Blair’s Club 1872. They will vote for all 11 resolutions and equity dilution like headless fowl. They goose step to the beat of the arch-criminal’s drum.

Should Aberdeen prevail in the back-to-back encounters with Lite, the latter’s season will be over. Murty would be well-advised to park one of Douglas’ buses on Wednesday, the eve of the AGM. A third loss on the spin, and no manager, would not bode well for events in The Clyde Auditorium. However one should never underestimate how stupid RIFC shareholders can be. They will be happy to be stuffed by King prior to a spin on the rotisserie. A full frontal lobotomy would be a step up for many of their number. The sentient neuron in their echoing cranium answers to the nickname of ‘Billy Nae Pals.’

The Makeshift Messiah could speak in tongues and get away with it.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that there will be three Celtic and Motherwell encounters in the space of six days. Should Celtic prevail in the home and away SPFL games, with Lite losing both encounters with Aberdeen, the beleaguered new club would find themselves fifteen points adrift of their city rivals having played one more game. If Celtic prevailed in this game, an eighteen point gap would ram home the folly of hiring an imposter to manage the squad at Murray Park. A little bird has whispered to me that the rogue board have found a buyer for Lite but surely no-one would be that stupid?

I will give the last word on this piece to Charles Green who corresponded with me yesterday from Dubai. He commended your humble author on the veracity of my analysis of  Whyte and The Switcheroo. Praise from Caesar.


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50 thoughts on “The Last Word”

  1. Hi JJ,
    Great read as usual and enjoying the Whyte revelations.
    Additional dination for a coffee just made……1TW…….66021.
    Cheers n be safe!

    JJ: Java on its way. Cheers buddy.

  2. JJ not sure what I’ve done wrong but made a donation the other day with email address in the message box but never received any of your revelations. Any help appreciated, I feel like I’m missing out just now.

    1. If you made a payment from a PayPal account then any response by me is directed to their e-mail address, not your e-mail address. A donation by card via PayPal on the other hand can be responded to with ease. I merely cut and paste and send. I was so overwhelmed that I devoted yesterday to clearing the backlog. I have made the procedure evident from the get-go, but many are ignoring my explicit instructions proving the adage that one can lead a horse to water but not compel it to drink.

  3. Never commented before JJ but have made a few small donations in the past, including 2 in the last week or so.Have not received the Whyte revelations.Am i using the correct procedure with Paypal? Great site by the way?

  4. Transaction id **49055

    A buyer?? Is it a real retired multi Billionaire Celtic fans should fear or is Charlie returning for a laugh?

    Cheers JJ

    1. This is why there a delay in naming the manager. Due to takeover talks. Also note that they not paying suppliers etc.
      This getting mentioned widely on other sites. Delaying paying incase of new owners.
      After the takeover by sir bribe & lie. They will make an improved offer for McInnes….

  5. Hi JJ,
    Regular monthly donation set up to keep the lights burning bright.
    Keep up the excellent work. 🍀

    JJ: Noted. Very gratefully received.

  6. I actually hope that TRFC get two nil nil draws against the McInnes “machine”.Makes sense,as a Celtic fan,wanting a slightly more comfortable gap at the top.Token donation made on top of the massive amounts I send you daily,hope you always receive them.Signed George Andrew Stewart Leckie……

    1. Now you’ve pointed it out, Gullibillies will be demanding Murty lies down to Aberdeen. Lol.

  7. JJ, set up regular payment via PayPal earlier in the week and then a token remittance by card on Friday night to provide email address but no content received so far. What am I done mg wrong?

      1. I’ve had some emails caught by the ISP so they don’t even make it to your spam folder. Set up a Gmail account and use that.

        Jjs email arrived ok for me but you can be unlucky.

  8. I’m surprised at Brendan Rodgers knocking Hampden Park.

    It seems an ill judged thing to do.

    It is after all another football club’s stadium. Queens Park. And it is hosting him today as a guest.

    Rather impolite and unfortunate.

    I presume he’s on an SFA agenda and Peter Lawwell is a Director of that August institution. I always view Daily Record online polls as being agenda driven and rigged.

    One positive, of course, of moving to Murrayfield is that the rugby guys would continue to manage their stadium and all the Sevco-supporting facilities people at the SFA would be paid off. Hampden Park Limited would be dissolved. A big cost base to the SFA scrubbed.

    Good luck to Celtic. I hope Rodgers wins four out of four today. He has a fresh Sinclair and Roberts, with Griffiths only on for 20minutes in Paris. Broony owns Hampden like Celtic Park. Contain the Moult boy and it’s job done.

    Sevco-New-Rangers cannot win three games out of three. The gulf is insurmountable. Mind the gap.

    You’ve had a few bum steers in the last two years JJ, but not too many at all. Sevco finding a buyer, at this particular juncture, appears to be shit on a stick. Amazingly at a Celtic Cup final.

    It would mean its for sale. And always has been, by RRM. Oh dear!

      1. Those who have successfully secured their copy of premium content have included details of their £5 subscription fee. This can be processed easily if it was a card payment (a donation) via PayPal. Those with a recurring payment of £5 or more are eligible, most of whom have secured their copy via a token donation. I am more than willing to disburse the premium content as many of our readers can attest, but if you don’t pass me the ball I cannot convert it. How many times do I have to repeat myself? Those who follow my simple instructions can still access this content. I will not be publishing this information as a whole on any later date. Those who have done so (I have their IP addresses) are now barred sine die from this site. They don’t have a source or original thought to their tiny minds.

  9. Made a donation on 24th through PayPal ending 8812. This will be my weekly subscription should I receive what others appear to be receiving.

  10. Your site is always my first port of call and I’m rarely disappointed- another great article today. News of a mystery buyer on the day Celtic could win their 102nd trophy, 17th league cup is pure nonsense. PR spin to breathe life into the dying body, that is hope, the Sevco fans cling to, or am I just incredibly cynical?
    ‘Executive summaries’ are an interesting and thought provoking read, look forward to the book if a publisher can be found. Explosive content that every Scottish Football League fan needs to read.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Hi JJ. I’ve been off the grid for the last few days and I’m just catching up with your once again explosive revelations. Donation sent via PayPal (ending 0692U).

  12. JJ, any info on a JR of the 17 EBT titles after the “game changing” Supreme Court Guilt verdict?

    You said you were about to start a crowd funded legal pot but were warned off by Celtic fans in no uncertain terms. So what’s happening?

    And how long does the compliance officer have to dwell upon the crooked 2011 uefa license?

  13. JJ- Second message this week, no response to the first. I donate very month but received nothing. Should you consider your regulars as being worthy ?

  14. JJ ive been a regular contributer for over a year now & have upped the amount whenever paddy power has obliged. Do i qualify for a copy of the exposee ??


  15. First of all, thank you for the stunning material from CW’s book. Great stuff and much more to come. The fans were indeed duped as were the Scottish journalists. Not by CW but by SDM and his inept board of directors, several of whom remain in post. Yes, some of the folks who were responsible for the first train crash under SDM’s tenure are back at the helm and guiding this new club into the buffers. Messrs King, Paul Murray and Johnston failed in their fiduciary duties first time round and they are doing so again. At least they cannot be charged with being inconsistently inept.

    Which brings us to the interesting matter of this week’s AGM. Goodness, the Christmas circus is in town early this year.

    This AGM will almost certainly be full of obfuscation and the board will no doubt that there are further investors on the horizon and that these custodians of this ‘proud institution’ (their likely words) are doing their best to introduce standards of corporate governance. They will say that they are on track to rescue the club from mismanagement under the previous regime and that the club will be restored ‘soon’ (yes, soon!) to its ‘rightful place’ at the pinnacle of Scottish football. King will probably throw a bone to the gullible and add that Celtic achieving ten titles in a row doesn’t count and that by the time Rangers knock them off their perch in three years time, the records will be amended to show that the REAL figure is a mere five or six consecutive titles. (Loud applause.)

    The reality is that this AGM is being held amidst an atmosphere of crisis at the club. This club is in poorer shape than it was two years ago and sinking fast. ON the pitch, the squad is poor and managerless. (The last three managers have been inadequate – McCoist, Warburton and Senor Pedro Caixinha.) OFF the pitch, the club is rudderless, leaderless, and has failed to deliver two KEY promises to the fans, namely, SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO CHALLENGE CELTIC and TRANSPARENCY. In fact, this board resembles in feel and substance SDM’s board. The only difference is that SDM had access to huge levels of borrowed money from the bank. This lot survive on soft loans from directors, cannot get a line of credit and continue to run at a loss.

    If there are any shareholders attending the AGM on Thursday, can you ask a few questions please on my behalf (I am not a shareholder but I would like to know the response).

    1. Starting with the board members, (Dave King, PAUL Murray, Alastair Johnston, Douglas Park etc) including the managing director, the director of football and the head of Auchenhowie, who is ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT?

    2. Why does this club continue trade at a loss and what plans are in place for proper corporate governance? Related to that, WHEN will this club start trading at a break even level and HOW will that be achieved? WHO is responsible for getting the costs down and achieving a break even position?

    3. Mr King promised substantial funds to enhance the squad. Where are these funds, will these funds ever appear and HOW MUCH has Mr King invested in the club in the past two years.

    4. The board promised transparency two years ago with regard to funding, trading operations, fiscal prudence and a tight business plan. Can you share that business plan with us, like, right now?

    5. What is the strategic vision for this club? What does your strategy tell us (coupled with a cohesive business plan) with regard to where you intend this club to be, ON AND OFF THE pitch in five years. What profit levels do you plan for during this time or are you making provisions for ongoing losses and how will these be funded?

    6. What are the plans for getting a new manager? Who was accountable for taking on an unknown Senor Caixinha and why was there no succession planning for an immediate replacement?

    7. In the absence of a NOMAD, how will substantial funds be raised to rebuild an ailing squad?

    8. YOU, Mr King, have FAILED to deliver. You have FAILED to deliver funds to build a squad which is fit for purpose which you promised to provide.. You have FAILED to provide the fans with transparency. You have FAILED, again, in your fiduciary duties. You have FAILED to put in high standards of corporate excellence. You have FAILED to put in place a self sustaining business.



    Well, I am sure that no brave soul will be brave enough to get through these questions and even the temerity of asking about corporate governance will have Bomber Brown screaming ‘Rhat in the house’.

    But, someone, somewhere needs to be not only asking these questions, but receiving detailed and coherent answers. The fans who continue to support them deserve no less.

  16. Hi JJ, I messed up and used the Debit Card with the Pay Pal thing, hopefully you got the donation and the monthly debit is set up for the 24th each month. I know you have been overwhelmed, I am in no hurry, I will get my copy in due time
    Gaun the Killie

    JJ: I went out of my way to send you a copy. Check your spam folder.

  17. JJ Be dropping off my usual next week Mate – Pay Pal f’d My Account whilst trying to send my usual to You! Bear with me Mate!
    Stay safe Pal!

    JJ: Thanks John

  18. Hi JJ, great stuff again.
    Might I suggest a step by step template for the whole PayPal carry on, including step 10… Check your Spam……
    Might save you a few grey hairs!
    Cheers JJ

  19. Here is the difference between the EPL and the SPL with reference to promotion through television: On the eve of the Scottish League Cup Final, no-one (except ex-pats) south of the border watched any Scottish matches. Any Highlights of the League Cup Final were totally absent on the mainstream.
    The majority of Scottish football fans watched the Premier League matches of the day and even of the previous day.
    Now, this tells us that the business sense of those in charge of the game north of the border is non-existant. What is wrong with arranging the calendar so that Scottish football glides in on the back-draught of the English FA and League Cup Finals ? What is wrong with arranging the calendar so that our European prospects have a chance to further prosper the Scottish game ? The differnce between the Associations is not self-interest but special interest. Not forgetting basic incompetence, of course.

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