Double Your Money

In their desperation to land McInnes before the AGM, I can exclusively reveal that the rogue board have reverted to the Aberdeen manager’s agent with twice the quantum that they initially offered. As their first offer was comparable with McInnes’ current long-term contract, the in-demand coach could double his money.

Would McInnes who has now gone on the record to rebuff Lite’s amorous advances lose face and all credibility by accepting the blue pound, or will he jilt them at the Altar of their AGM?

My money, and you can double it, is on the latter. If McInnes took the reins at the basket case he would be calling it quits in no time.

Prior to receiving this exclusive I was planning to write a piece on Celtic’s 4th successive title win under Rodgers. I will present my narrative as an adjunct. Motherwell set out their stall to frustrate Celtic. The thug that is Cédric Kipré tried to blunt their attack with a vicious over the ball tackle on Dembele. He should have been sent off. He was not even booked. However he saw red when he had a sly tug on Sinclair’s jersey to pull him off balance. Sinclair’s reaction was theatrical but this does not mitigate Kipré’s guilt. Dembele scored from the ensuing penalty to put the contest to bed. James Forrest scored the only goal from open play with a delicious curled effort past Carson. At the other end Gordon made a stunning instinctive save with his forearm to deny a Moult header from five yards. Celtic could and should have scored four or five but this would have been unjust to The Steelmen. Celtic’s squad is valued at seventeen times that of Motherwell’s. This gulf in class was not apparent in the first half. Celtic were not as fluent as they can be. Motherwell will be spitting blood when the champions arrive on Wednesday. Will it be 66 on the bounce, or will the Celtic juggernaut jackknife? I predict an evening of ‘blood and snotters.’

Would it be too much of a stretch to suggest that the Rangers Lite fans were more crestfallen by this result than those wrapped in Motherwell’s colours?  As they approach their AGM, with the not inconsequential matter of the visit of Aberdeen on Wednesday, are they not seeing the wood from the trees? Their season is unravelling. Since King’s concert putsch they have been on the slippery slope to administration which would be a first for the new club. The Makeshift Messiah, arch criminal King, has risen from the dead to kill off the basket of assets. Murty will be fitted with a blazer for Thursday morning, but he is as much an imposter as Caixinha was and King continues to be.

The rogue board should be taken to task. Someone well-versed in good corporate governance – The Mensch – has dropped by our site to make some interesting observations and pose some salient questions:

Which brings us to the interesting matter of this week’s AGM. Goodness, the Christmas circus is in town early this year. This AGM will almost certainly be full of obfuscation and the board will no doubt suggest that there are further investors on the horizon and that these custodians of this ‘proud institution’ (their likely words) are doing their best to introduce standards of corporate governance. They will say that they are on track to rescue the club from mismanagement under the previous regime and that the club will be restored ‘soon’ (yes, soon!) to its ‘rightful place’ at the pinnacle of Scottish football. King will probably throw a bone to the gullible and add that Celtic achieving ten titles in a row doesn’t count and that by the time Rangers knock them off their perch in three years time, the records will be amended to show that the REAL figure is a mere five or six consecutive titles. (Loud applause.)

The reality is that this AGM is being held amidst an atmosphere of crisis at the club. This club is in poorer shape than it was two years ago and sinking fast. ON the pitch, the squad is poor and managerless. (The last three managers have been inadequate – McCoist, Warburton and Senor Pedro Caixinha.) OFF the pitch, the club is rudderless, leaderless, and has failed to deliver two KEY promises to the fans, namely, SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO CHALLENGE CELTIC and TRANSPARENCY. In fact, this board resembles in feel and substance SDM’s board. The only difference is that SDM had access to huge levels of borrowed money from the bank. This lot survive on soft loans from directors, cannot get a line of credit, and continue to run at a loss.

If there are any shareholders attending the AGM on Thursday, can you ask a few questions please on my behalf (I am not a shareholder but I would like to know the response).

1. Starting with the board members, (Dave King, Pau Murray, Alastair Johnston, Douglas Park etc) including the managing director, the director of football and the head of Auchenhowie, who is ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT?

2. Why does this club continue trade at a loss and what plans are in place for proper corporate governance? Related to that, WHEN will this club start trading at a break even level and HOW will that be achieved? WHO is responsible for getting the costs down and achieving a break even position?

3. Mr King promised substantial funds to enhance the squad. Where are these funds, will these funds ever appear and HOW MUCH has Mr King invested in the club in the past two years?

4. The board promised transparency two years ago with regard to funding, trading operations, fiscal prudence and a tight business plan. Can you share that business plan with us, like, right now?

5. What is the strategic vision for this club? What does your strategy tell us (coupled with a cohesive business plan) with regard to where you intend this club to be, ON AND OFF THE pitch in five years. What profit levels do you plan for during this time or are you making provisions for ongoing losses and how will these be funded?

6. What are the plans for getting a new manager? Who was accountable for taking on an unknown Senor Caixinha and why was there no succession planning for an immediate replacement?

7. In the absence of a NOMAD, how will substantial funds be raised to rebuild an ailing squad?

8. YOU, Mr King, have FAILED to deliver. You have FAILED to deliver funds to build a squad which is fit for purpose which you promised to provide. You have FAILED to provide the fans with transparency. You have FAILED, again, in your fiduciary duties. You have FAILED to put in high standards of corporate excellence. You have FAILED to put in place a self sustaining business.



I am sure that no brave soul will be brave enough to get through these questions and even the temerity of asking about corporate governance will have Bomber Brown screaming ‘Rhat in the house’.

But, someone, somewhere needs to be not only asking these questions, but receiving detailed and coherent answers. The fans who continue to support them deserve no less.”

As is so often the case with TM he captures the zeitgeist and nails it. I have nothing to add other than to inquire why Lord Bannatyne is taking so long to reveal his findings and judgment? Have his brothers at his masonic lodge asked him to delay publication until after the AGM? Would it surprise anyone apprised of Whyte’s revelations if this were the case?


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20 thoughts on “Double Your Money”

  1. What would it benefit McInness to get double his salary for the last few weeks or months of the life of this new club? What would make him think that his contract would be honoured? If Aberdeen are still lying second there are plenty of English premiership clubs that will be looking for a manager that could quadruple his current wages.

  2. The AGM will need to be exceptionally stage managed this year.

    Glib will not leave until debt is converted to shares, club 1872 are diluted, and the carve up has been completed.

    Greens share offering statistics show the fans only bought £4m worth. The remainder (£18m) were high net worth individuals and City corporations.

    No new offering will attract city investment nor high net worth boys. They’ve all been burned and there’s justifiably zero confidence in the old crone of Edmiston drive.

    Celtic responded well to the justifiable criticism. The criticism did its job.

    Congratulations to Rodgers and his squad. Well deserved. It’s a sign of character to take criticism on the chin and respond well. Young guys need it if they are to grow and develop. Wrapping them in cotton wool is erroneous.

    At the rust yard of Ibrox I expect a new manager slump, not a bounce.

  3. Hi JJ,

    Thank you for the chapters this morning, I am looking forward to an intriguing read this evening.

    I take it you have received my new updated monthly donation, the last four digit transaction id was 901X.

    Keep up the great work, and stay safe.

  4. I think Lord Bannatyne may be on extended leave along with the compliance officer looking into the euro licence irregularity. They’re both very busy and clearly over worked.

  5. JJ – Managed to sort out PayPal – donation made but had to use my other e mail address! Sorry for the delay Mate!
    Look forward to reading all your detail as prescribed last week – Superb Journalism Too, as always!
    Stay Safe & Vigilant!

    JJ: It has been sent to you buddy with thanks.

  6. Excellent list of questions
    If I can I would humbly add
    “Can the board confirm that there have been no discussions about placing any of the companies into administration and can you reassure the fans that there is no possibility whatsoever of that happening? “

  7. Why would any manager decide to try and take on invincible Celtic in these days? With a massively inferior budget, a group of inferior players and a notoriously impatient fan base.

    High risk, caution to the wind, reckless, foolhardy comes to mind.

    If Sevco buy. CFC will respond in a more superior fashion. CFC will not stand still to be caught.

  8. Why would McInnes leave his F1 team which is a genuine contender to to go to an under-funded karting team ? Alex Ferguson left Aberdeen for ManU as I remember it. If DM leaves Aberdeen to, it has to be the English Championship at the very least. If he goes to Govan he has everything to lose: his job when they go under, his reputation because that is one poisoned chalice no one with brains would accept, his peace of mind as he comes under pressure from a very unforgiving Klan when he doesn’t deliver total domination. That’s one game wholly not worth the candle………..

  9. That EBT Thomson on sportscene gets more ridiculous every week with his keep the receipt haircuts and comments . The The Rangers highlights show basically two dundee attacks and he says dundee deserved to win with their goalie almost mom. He then has hibs playing celtic rangers and dons next when they play the jags this saturday.jemma fay has been outstanding on the 5 oclock version and rugby hav snapped her up . Despair despair despair.

  10. Played gowff with a true blew at weekend. You know the type RFC tees ,ballmarker,pitch repairer, towel and an orange RFC ball. Only talk of new clubs is the ones in his golf bag amazimgly though he NOW thinks DCK is only there to get his 20m back. Progress for this site indeed.

  11. All the big bookies have ceased taking bets on McLeish. It means a few things:

    1. He’s been offered the job
    2. He has accepted
    3. People know it
    4. You don’t put a bet on anyone else

    They can’t afford double for McInnes. It’s a bum steer. They got their knock back.

    They hooked in a desperate unemployed guy, third, fourth, fifth choice. It took them ages.

    They will fail with McLeish. They just don’t get this management thing right ever. What a shambles. McInnes will beat McLeish.

  12. Please don’t tell anybody you gave us a knock back.

    Just say you weren’t approached.

    It’s bad for the club.

    It’s bad for the next manager to be an afterthought.

    It’s bad for the fans to know the truth.

    In six weeks we didn’t approach anyone and we didn’t get any knock backs.

  13. Could it be that Lord Bannatyne is holding off from issuing his judgment for this reason?

    King’s QC told the court that his client was ‘penniless’ and did not control NOAL. King is now under severe pressure and there will be questions asked on Thursday about future funding of Lite. If he feels forced to give assurances to the baying hordes that he will make significant funds available then it follows that dishonest representations were made to the Court and L Bannatyne will know that a decision ordering King to comply with the TAB ruling will be bomb proof and 100% unappealable.

  14. congrats to the Hibees Ladies on retaining their hod on the scottish cup and league cup. GGTTH. small donation sent jj, keep up the good work.

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