Insider Trading By James Blair

Prior to combining a number of factual threads and three exclusives, I take pause to look at the year-on-year decline of copy sales at two of Trinity Mirror’s titles:

Sunday Mail 148,105 -15.94%
Daily Record 139,703 -14.46%

An industry insider confided to me that the 140,000 threshold was the tipping point for The Record. Real Scots are evidently not reading it. This title’s demise can be traced back to 2012 when Traynor and Jackson proclaimed that Whyte was a billionaire and had wealth off the radar. They had cut and pasted a PR release. Traynor dropped to his gout-ridden knees to blow Whyte and give him the right of veto on his copy. Traynor did everything in his power to bend over backwards with the aspiration that Whyte would hire him. Traynor later informed Charles Green that he had the power to make or break him. Quite a claim for a hairy-arsed sports hack whose only discernible skill set was kicking with the right foot and his support for the Huns Without The Bus Fare, Airdrie.

In Traynor’s succulent lamp pomp, The Daily Record was the go-to site for Sir Bribe & Lies’ press releases. As Whyte revealed, as soon as SB&L had punted Rangers, his first call was to Murray Foote. The demise of Rangers, and The Record’s backing of the Labour Party in the 2014 Referendum, resulted in this title which once outsold The Daily Express (368,959) being on advertising and advertorial life support. The Sunday Mail, which does not have any sports hacks worth their candle, is now selling less that half of its 2012 output. Keith Jackson’s annual salary is the equivalent of one day’s copy sales. It’s just a matter of time before they can no longer afford this luxury.

In yesterday’s piece I highlighted Matt Lindsay’s high-kicking cheerleading for The Criminal, Adulterer and Bigot: RRM. This piece prompted an impeccable source to inform me that in a truly awful deal for RIFC’s Club 1872, Ashley was given 28p for his shares. The month before he had considered selling them for 10p to other parties.

Rangers company secretary James Blair has been melting the phone lines, calling round all major shareholders and saying :

“if you vote our way, you’ll be looked after.”

Is it not high time this conveyancing consigliere was struck off for insider trading? I will be writing to the FCA in due course to highlight the activity of this bent brief. A Bent Brief who owns Club 1872 and is effectively the proxy for their votes.

The Bent Brief. The Cardigan and Je Suis Graham.

Those hoping that Rangers Lite would ‘unveil’ Alex McLeish EBT at tomorrow’s AGM have been reading the Hans Christian Andersen speculation of Citizen Smith. A reader who knew Macgiollabhain when he went by the name of Phil McGivery, had this to say:

Everytime I see decent minded people, decent folk, donate to Phil Mac Goila Bain it really does question my faith in humanity. I’m old enough and have been around the republican block long enough to realise that the man is the dictionary definition of Walter Mitty. Unlike Phil, I actually grew up in the early 70’s Glasgow amongst real active republicans. My teens and early 20’s were spent in the company of like minded individuals. I am aware of who he is. Back then there was all manner of young guns trying to be rebels. His case is a slight exception He was obviously 100% behind the cause. However he did send up red flags in the way in which he tried to carry himself. To put it in colloquial term he was a Gobshite. This is a trait that has clearly never left him in over 30 years. Because of this he was kept very much at arm’s length. He was seen as a useful idiot and allowed to continue, whilst never allowed any access whatsoever to the inner sanctum.He has managed to get his hands on an NUJ card whilst at the same time burning all bridges that would allow him to make a living from it.He had a go at you for your living in exile.This is the same guy that tried to play the victim card to the Scottish Sun Newspaper in order to make money.”

There are many who value the output of The Grand Plagiariser who hangs on my every word. He has made a good living from repackaging my facts and exclusives, but clearly falls down when he tries to go it alone with his dried up sources, not one of which are on the Rangers side of the divide.

Alex McLeish EBT has confided to one of my most impeccable sources that he would not work for any board in which King called the shots. The arch criminal is aware of McLeish’s antipathy. As a consequence of this no approach was made. McLeish should keep his powder dry as King’s jacket is on a decidedly shoogly peg. Should he ascend the marble staircase for a second time can anyone doubt that Citizen Smith will claim it as an exclusive? That he told us so months ago?

The Gross Corporate Turpitude of Blair and King will probably not feature at the AGM. Hearts and minds will be swayed by events on the park. Should Aberdeen convincingly prevail in this evening’s match, tension will be at fever pitch. If Celtic prevail and take their unbeaten domestic run to 66 it will add fuel to the fire. In my opinion Celtic’s record is at more risk this evening than at any other juncture.

As much as I would like to attend the AGM, a severe lack of funds and a heightened concern for my safety hold sway.  Traynor will stage manage events so that only nodding dogs like Halloween Houston and Prescription Pad Chugg are given the mike in the Q&A. However if the views of The Man on the Clapham Omnibus were solicited, what would he ask? He might inquire:

1.What lessons can be learned from the failed tenure of Pedro Caixinha? Can the board confirm that they actually met with Caixinha face-to-face prior to his hire or were interviews conducted by Skype? Was Caixinha’s recruitment in any way predicated on his ability to guarantee soft loans?

2. Is it not incumbent on Stewart Robertson to fall on his sword due to his abnegation of due diligence on this abortive hire?

3. Why should shareholders vote for Graeme Park’s re-election? Surely he is equally complicit in the Caixinha fiasco?

4. Should Andrew Dickson who played his part in this 228 day catastrophe not follow Robertson by falling on his sword?

5. Do the board acknowledge that this season is a write-off due to the recruitment of a coach from the fifth best team in Qatar?

6. What funds, if any, will be given to the new manager? Will the new manager be in place prior to the January transfer window?

7. Should James Blair not resign with immediate effect due to his irregular share trading activities?

8. Will James Blair confirm that the 28p paid for each of Mike Ashley’s shares was a poor bargain for his wholly-owned Club 1872?

9. Will the board acknowledge that Club 1872 is effectively an RIFC subsidiary?

10. Why did the board who went to great lengths and commensurate expense to extricate themselves from Sports Direct jump into bed with them again on a one-year rolling contract? Was vendor succession not considered?



I could ask much more but I would reveal myself to be John James and not The Man on the Clapham Omnibus.



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30 thoughts on “Insider Trading By James Blair”

  1. A missed revenue stream for them perhaps JJ, I’m sure lots of us would pay to watch this AGM in real time…….Sure would be nice if someone recorded it though!

  2. The AGM will be memorable for what is ignored rather than what is said. Will they mention share dilution and the massive loss of share value? Will they take responsibility for signing an incompetent manager? Will they offer their resignations? Will they continue to accept being fourth best? Will they ignore the racist chants at every game? Will they continue with a chairman shunned by the financial world? Will they present a business plan to stop 25 in a row? We all know the answers.

  3. Just how are these muppets going to take care of anyone?

    I wouldn’t be voting for their share dilution. It means existing shareholders pay for their loans by halving their investments.

    Leave the clowns with their loans unpaid, the way they treat trade creditors.

    If they loved the club and didn’t want to stiff existing shareholders they would write off their loans. Simple as that.

  4. Good morning Again J J . on Saturday 25th Nov i donated £5 via paypal by card and advised you of same , and that it was my intention to set up a monthly donation as of December. My post appeared with a note that it was under moderation. It was subsequently taken down. I sent a reminder on Sunday 26th and again the ‘ under moderation ‘ note appeared and again it was taken down. To date i have had no acknowledgement from you . I have a receipt number from paypal which i confirmed to you. ending in 4 5 2.

    I am unwaged , your term, i am also retire and would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes out from your busy schedule to confirm if in fact you have received my small donation

    1. Just drop me a line and say hello. I find it surprising that those who took advantage of my output free since site inception are most concerned about getting their fivers worth.

  5. It would have been 2011 that Traynor And Jackson proclaimed Whytes off the radar wealth. Not 2012 like you mentioned in today’s blog.

  6. Squirrels in the DR today, two, from old legs Miller. All to distract from tomorrow’s AGM. And tonight’s game. Is Pedro what Miller’s mind is on? The DR thinks so.

    A nice swipe at Pedro, knowing Pedro cannot defend himself in the media, due to the usual gagging order. They did it with Warburton and I recall McCoist said no to signing a gagging order. He knows how it works. They then attack you in the media and you cannot reply to defend yourself.

    Gagging orders are superseded by freedom of speech laws. Get them torn up as unlawful.

    Murty is off the media menu, Miller has been mobilised as super squirrel. Fill gullibillies heads with nonsense.

  7. Ahead of tomorrow’s AGM, I was sent two pieces today by a Scottish chum who reads this site. The first piece is written by Michael Grant. Michael is the Scottish Times Sports Feature Writer of the Year. Michael writes well. He also reads this site. His leader today is ‘Who is in charge at Rangers?’. He comments that Rangers lack quality and substance off the field (he is stealing our lines) and not only takes a pop at King, but also Mark Allen, the Director of Football (who left Man City having breached EPL rules about illegal approaches to players resulting in City being ineligible to sign academy players for two years).

    The other article which was sent to me was written by Keith Jackson. Oy vey! Oh dear! What utter drivel. Keith is still on the script of the Good Guys (King, Paul Murray, Alastair Johnston etc) versus the Bad Guys (Whyte, Green, Somers, Ashley, the Easdales etc). No wonder sales at the Record are falling through the floor.

    Scottish journalists for the most part have been negligent in reporting on one of the biggest scandals to hit Scottish football. The fans, who have dug deep to keep the club going, continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

    1. Had to laugh at Jackson stating everyone knew Pedro could not handle the job yet he and others lauded the man in they’re usual sycophantic way

    2. TM. It must be pointed out that of those 140k or so still buying the trash from the Daily Record, and as you note ‘having the wool pulled over their eyes’, then in this maturing stage of Internet blogs, hell mend them. (Tho apologies to those DR readers who may well be non-computer literate).

    3. They know what’s going on.They just can’t accept they’ve been duped.Roll up,roll up until the end,hopefully coming soon.Nobody likes them and they certainly do care…..

  8. “Dave King helped save Rangers now it is time for board to stand up and tell fans full story” – Keith Jackson

    Can someone please correct Keith that Dave King saved nothing?

    The underfunded unlawful concert takeover has wrecked the new club. They are in this mess due to King and Cronies.

    Nobody “saved” original RFC from liquidation and death. Let alone King. It died.

    He has been there two years and nine months. It simply got worse and worse under him.

    I fear Keith has succumbed to King’s mesmerising gaze.

    Sack the Board.

  9. Is the tipping point 145,00 or 145,000 ? Looks like a typo to me.

    Least years circulation: 155,772 declining around 25,000 copies per year.

    If the tipping point is 145,000 then it’s a toss up to who goes first the DR or Sevco

  10. Keith Jackson today displaying that he has just been promoted to the role of chief ‘hagiographer ‘ at the DR.
    Highland Bear in one word yesterday perfectly described these media buffoons and they are stepping up to the plate one by one.
    Right in his very piece today KJ demonstrates again why as you predict in due course he will lose his job and why his company will go down the drain

  11. JJ

    Output recently has been up there with your finest work, sounds like still, too many people won’t contribute financially.
    Please, please contribute what you can – JJ provides information that would never see the light of day otherwise.
    It’s really that simple


  12. PayPal Ref: 8HK578819L879710J

    Hi JJ,

    Another terrific post.
    I hope the result tonight against the second best team in Scotland contributes to the hilarity that will ensue tomorrow.
    Keep up the good work and hope the support continues to come from as many people as possible.

  13. So, its Allardyce to Everton – following in the footsteps of Walter;
    the footballing footsteps that is – not the banking, I hope.

  14. Hi JJ,
    Just thought I’d point out that a new poster/troll has appeared on SFM and it looks like he’s trying to set your site against PMGB’s as well as causing friction between you both and SFM. I’m sure you’ll take a look and judge for yourself, but it might be something to bear in mind if someone comes on here trying to inflame things between you and PMGB, as well as SFM. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a very strange first post, especially with what’s going on at Ibrox right now. With an AGM tomorrow, I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to cause disruption in Bampotland.

    I’m just posting this as a heads up and not bothered if it remains in moderation.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. Phil Mac endangered my parents lives by claiming that I was in the UK. This was a malicious lie. The detente brokered by a family friend (retired Police Officer) is that if I remain abroad my parents who are 77 and 79 respectively will remain unharmed. This was an offer I could not refuse. My parents have been visited by Police Scotland. They are trying to stop me exposing Robertson & O’Neil (Phileas Fogg & Passepartout) and their flagrant abuse of the public purse. Someone needs to take them to task.
      I have been avoiding SFM as two individuals – you know who they are – are combing every piece for a typo to crucify me. John Cole, who charges a fee for moderating comments, is allowing these guttersnipes to have a go. He also allowed a troll to ‘infest’ your forum for over a week. It was probably Steerpike. His IP was added to my blocked list two years ago. What was Cole’s rationale? Was he trying to keep his forum vital when the debate in regard to Whyte was on this site? Phil Mac is a charlatan. He does not have any sources at Ibrox or Murray Park. He is repackaging my pieces and exclusives, and our insightful comments. I looked at your board this morning. This site is not about just me. The measured comments of others are the real juice. This site is read by advocates, the judiciary, the police, the media, solicitors, accountants and leading surgeons. Two of my contributors are forensic accountants. They all add value. Good of you to drop by. Good luck at SFM. Regards to Easyjambo who is always worth reading.

  15. Hi jj,I am a72 years old age pensioner who managed to find the equivalent of 50 pounds a month to support your site since September.the clearing of another bill allowed me to do this.instead of 1p as you asked I donated another 10 pounds at the weekend but my post and a follow up query ended up who knows where.i hope this clears it up.

    1. John, The PayPal/Email forum is the right place to cover concerns. Drop me a one-to-one note. Embarrassing me on the open forum is not the way to go. A copy was sent to you this morning in recognition of your unstinting support. I’m very grateful. Next time you have a problem buddy give me the benefit of the doubt by writing to me directly.I run this site on my own. The demand for the Whyte pitch overwhelmed me.

  16. I look forward to the AGM. I’m sure Mao Zedong, Brezhnev etc must look up in jealous wonderment. He who controls the message controls the world. CCK will have them in the palm of his hand and will tell them everything they want to hear. No mention of Takeover Panel ruling, running out of cash etc. Keep calm and carry on, we have resurrected the club from those big bad non RRM. The Laptop Loyal will lap it up and will cut and paste the Level 5 releases verbatim.
    The blue hoardes will lovingly keep drinking the Kool Aid safe in the knowledge their club is in the hands of a RRM. You can fool We are the people all of the time!!

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