The Prince Of Thieves

Prior to what I know from experience will not be my last word on this year’s Rangers Lite AGM, I opine that the sinister forces at play in Scottish referees,  as referred to by Craig Whyte, were once more evident at Ibrox last night. The third goal was scored from an offside position. This was not flagged by the bent assistant who was in line with play. The opening penalty was as poor an excuse for cheating as one will see all season. Holt dropped like he had been hit by a sniper as the Aberdeen defender ‘aired’ a clearance that he planned to put in row Z. The second goal was also suspect. Andrew Dallas proved that rotten fruit does not fall far from the same tree. His father was and is a bigot. His son has evidently been inculcated in the dark arts. Should Celtic’s unbeaten record come to a halt, look no further than Muir, Madden and Dallas whom if they were not officiating would be wading in Fenian blood in The Copland Road Stand. Aberdeen, pardon the pun, were sheep to the slaughter. As a third offer was tabled to McInnes’ agent last night, will the Aberdeen coach succumb or will he realise that it’s fool’s gold?

Arch criminal King, The Prince Of Thieves, will have been pleased with Dallas’ performance. This was a throwback to the bent officiating that was a constant factor in the success of the former club, Rangers. Ibrox has always played host to bent bigots in black who practically dance to the incessant sectarian soundtrack. It’s a Bigots Hoedown. One can but hope that the whistle in Dallas’ pocket was SFA-issue and not a fife from his Orange band.


If King and his board entered The Clyde Auditorium today with bared nipple and knee would anyone be surprised? There will be no rope round their necks. They are not first degree initiates. They are masters of the dark arts. King employed a  fellow member of the ‘illuminati‘ to defend his blatant disregard for The Takeover Panel. Lord Bannatyne is well known to swing the lead. The fact that he has not released his findings prior to the AGM is not a coincidence. His clerk of court confirmed to me in an email that he was writing up his conclusions four weeks ago. The fix is in. Scotland still beats to a Masonic drum.

The individual shareholders in today’s audience, many of them fellow masons, will know their place. If a member of the ‘illuminati’ tells them that they should allow themselves to be shafted for the greater good, who are they to quibble? Especially if they are uninitiated and profane. Craig Whyte confirmed that The Blue Room is a Masonic hive of freeloading bigots. They are all on the square.

But is King on the level? What will King do with this licence to print money? He will recoup the £5m he was charged by Sir Bribe & Lie for laundering his £20m of ill-gotten share-manipulating and tax-evading gains. His Bent Brief, James Blair, has been calling all block holders of shares and asserting:

We are going to fuck over the small shareholders. Back us and we will see you all right.”

This board is so fucking incompetent that they will have to dress up Graeme Murty in a blazer and pass him off as a first team coach. They are so incompetent that they hired the coach of the fifth best team in a football desert backwater – who only have a league to provide a pretext for a bent Word Cup bid – to the detriment of the new club. Pedro Caixinha was not merely profane. He was an imposter. His 228 day circus was hilarious. Who needed performing animals when you had clowns like Primark Pedro?  With managers more often than not you get what you pay for. Opening a Pedro Mendes lucky bag and interviewing a candidate on Skype is not going to end well. Did Robertson, Park and Dickson not fancy flying to Qatar in coach?

Keith Jackson’s latest piece is so misguided that I question his sanity. Or should that be his integrity? He asserted:

Dave King and his big blue band of co-investors liberated Rangers from the litany of loathsome characters who had burrowed their way into the Ibrox boardroom, they were not just writing one of the most significant chapters in a narrative which stretches back to 1872. They were scoring one of their club’s greatest-ever victories.”

Mr Jackson you are an affront to journalism. Was this press release passed to you by Jim Traynor with the Port at Rogano?

The narrative stretches back to 2012. Your very own title informed your dwindling band of readers that Rangers had shuffled off its mortal coil. Pandering to the blue pound after a Press Gazette release that highlighted that your title is on the slippery slope to extinction is unconscionable. Those who had burrowed their way into the boardroom were tried and tested professionals. Men of integrity. They were not career criminals.

Where is King’s NOMAD Jackson?  Where is the AIM Listing? Where is King’s £30m? What will happen when the Takeover Panel initiate The Cold Shoulder?

Any self-respecting journalist would be asking these salient questions, but then one could never accuse Jackson, who wears his Rangers Under-14s strip on his sleeve, of self-respect or independent thought.

Llambias, Somers and The Easdales were three months from breaking even. They did not have to rely on bent loans from the British Virgin Islands. When it comes to the supporters there is a rare occurrence of honesty in Jackson’s article:

They now find themselves resigned to suffering another campaign of crushing 
disappointment with precious little return for their money.”

Having introduced this theme Jackson then pulls his punches. He should have added that all those who faithfully paid their £18.72 by monthly direct debit are going to be shafted when resolution 11 passes.

Giving a criminal a licence to print money is truly unfathomable. How stupid does one have to be to applaud King and his latest confidence trick? There’s a rumour that King gets a hard-on when he eyes his prey. He will be fully erect when he presents a phalanx of lies at The Clyde Auditorium today

On balance Jackson points out that one of King’s ‘victories’ was not all it seemed when it was revealed that Lite would end up sending a cheque worth £3m to Sports Direct as part of the agreement. Jackson fails to mention the second part of the pay-off that delivered 28p per Ashley-held share from James Blair’s Club 1872.

Jackson then questions the relative merits of the director of football and Stewart Robertson. The latter should get his jotters. Allen should be given more time as he is untainted by the Caixinha debacle. Hence his inclusion on today’s panel in lieu of a manager. Jackson inquires:

Why is it that director of finance and administration Andrew Dickson remains at the heart of the club’s command structure, given that he has snuggled up to almost every one of the pantomime villains to have ascended into power over these past few years?”

That’s an easy one Keith. The odious Dickson knows where all the bodies are buried and participated in the 2011 UEFA licence fraud. He was a key member of the committee that gave Rangers a green light. Dickson continues to wield influence at the SFA and continues unchecked as he pisses in Regan’s cornflakes.

In the final analysis the support are so stupid that they probably deserve King. I would recommend they count their fingers after his Masonic handshake.


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25 thoughts on “The Prince Of Thieves”

  1. JJ. I have just heard from a source close to Ibrox that Derek McInnes will be announced as Rangers manager after this weekend’s game. Do you have any knowledge of this?

    1. I was informed yesterday that a third offer had been tabled. If this deal had been done he would have been at today’s AGM and sat out the game at Pittodrie. They don’t have a pot to piss in. Where are they going to find 7 figures in compensation? I sense the unseen hand of Traynor.

      1. Lurker here JJ. Personal comment to you. I, similar to yourself, am an ex-bear who could no longer bare the bigotry and general right-wing nuttery that surrounds the club.

        Unlike you my antipathy towards Rangers doesn’t extend towards supporting Celtic. Both clubs benefited from outrageous refereeing decisions last night. To claim otherwise makes you sound like a one-eyed loon.

        I’d be more interested if I were you in the suspicious betting patterns before the Rangers game. From 13/8 (R) and 7/4 (A) the money throughout yesterday changed the odds to 10/11 (R) and 11/4 (A). I have never in my extensive betting experience witnessed a change like this in a top flight league. There were no team personnel changes to warrant it. No ordinary Rangers fan I know, nor those online, were interested in betting their team and the formbook suggested the original odds were overly generous on Aberdeen.

        I’m suggesting something was afoot. The penalty was a penalty. Silly to dispute. Jack should have been booked early for a wild lunge that was not even awarded a foul. McCrorie had to go for an elbow with intent for which he was booked. Even the Bears commenting for Sky agreed. Penalty to McKay -Steven and a sending off Tavernier last man. An outrageous tackle by Holt, 100% red card in any country given only a yellow. An offside goal so obvious it went beyond any possibility of honest mistake. Aberdeen players reprimanded, booked and sent off at any opportunity.

        The fix was in. Interesting if the bookies are investigating. Perhaps some Hong Kong cash?

  2. JJ, I am not a lite fan but did watch the game on sky as there was no coverage either TV or audio on the match at Fir Park ( although I do note that radio Scotland switched commentary to Fir Park when Motherwell scored). I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you analysis of the goals. First one was, in my opinion, a pen. The third looked offside initially but checking the replays he was in line so a good call. I thought the game was pretty poor, more about lumping the ball up the park more in hope than expectation. I was disappointed in Aberdeen, they weren’t at the races in the first half. Lite were better than I expected but in truth both were no better than mid table teams.
    As to refereeing decisions I look back tho the penalty at the cup final and note that although almost everyone and their Auntie called it dodgy, none showed any analysis of the actual incident. When the greatest referee Scotland has ever produced agreed on Sportsound it was a pen and red card that was good enough for me. Who could disagree with Willie Miller?
    Your output of late has been truly outstanding, it just seems to get better and better. I think I’ve worked out how to make a recurring donation, my usual contribution will follow tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to make it recurring.
    Keep safe.

  3. “One fan asks why Rangers can’t issue a bond, at £1000-a-time, that would allow up to 50,000 supporters to buy the club’s principle assets, including Ibrox and Auchenhowie.
    Dave King replies: “I’d be delighted to look at it. I’ll initiate a process to look at that idea.”

    King’s Stooge in the Audience? A £50m cash give to King? Wow just wow.

    Of course there’s the problem that fans are skint and have no money. The IPO raised only £4m from fans.

      1. A decimal point error I think – it’s £18.72 per month, not £187.20… How many they have paying this isn’t clear but I heard before that numbers have dropped substantially.

        That one made me laugh and snort out loud. If 50,000 of them paid £1,000 they could simply buy the whole shooting match and have change to generate a “war chest”.

        Never going to happen.

        Does remind me a bit of the old days (1970’s) when impoverished clubs would put out collection buckets to buy a striker. Someone else mentioned where did the Rangers Fighting Fund money go the other day – just vanished and the last update on their web page is 2015. Can’t see any fund to buy Ibrox being handled any better.

      2. Brilliant,roll up,roll up.Your final analysis is correct,ra peepul and crooked Dave et al deserve far more than each other.Blame the schools.Thick as mince.The new club/company make Mugabe seem not so bad…..

  4. Cracking stuff JJ, as per usual high standards. Lite fans are so gullible that no doubt last night’s result will make those attending the AGM do so with a veritable spring in their step. A bit like a fireman telling his wife he had a good day at work while the station is burning down. Incredible. Obviously very pleased to see my own team retain their unbeaten record (just) last night, I had actually thought a few weeks ago that might be the game where it was lost. MFC are a bunch of hammer throwers though and I am lost as to why they think a draw was harsh on them, having see the match stats.

    Usual monthly donation made earlier plus the previously promised extra (tenner) from Ryan, who you will recall is a self confessed non (never) payer – Transaction ID 8TV65761M46xxxx

    Have a great weekend. All the best, TS.

    JJ: Very kind TS. Thanks buddy.

    1. As BR stated,they (Murderwell) seem to be angry about everything at the moment.Wonder if they’re interested in title and cup stripping or is just the Bhoys that are ripping their knitting?GF67

  5. Mr Jackson you are an affront to journalism. Was this press release passed to you by Jim Traynor with the Port at Rogano?
    I have to disagree the sport section of the DR has never been journalism to be an affront to anyone as anyone who buys it for this content deserves to be ripped off as the rest of the Gulli boys.

    Mr Jackson you are a puppet who like BFDJ does not attend games or major events but will for a price put your name to crafted pieces, you would be the perfect example of a third degree 2 and a half badge wearer.

  6. I recoil and shudder whenever King mentions the “soft loans”. The accounts have proven they are no such thing. That the loans are high interest bearing loans. The term “soft loans” is a lie to dupe the gullible.

  7. Bonkle jnr frae dallas was in a class of his own last night along with the govan police officer assistants.if you give one team a pen and deny the other a pen then allow an offside goal to the team u hav given a pen to u hav turned a potential 1-1 draw into a def 3-0 win for the team u hav originally given a pen to…….

  8. Hopefully questions asked on the state of the stadium as thats alot more important to the safety of personal than a new manager ….

  9. Not all Fools Gold is bad, but Club 1873 would be best served investing in ‘Pyrite’ as it’s an absolute disgrace that it’s the fans money that has been used to pay of Ashley at 28p per share. How is it that a ‘Community Interest Company’ can be at the “Beck and Call” of the Club, who surely aren’t acting in the best interests of the investors. Is a fraud being committed here or are the Bears are too daft to see the woods from the trees, I pity them. 🙂

  10. Generally speaking your articles are excellent and highly informative. However, your constant observations about the bias of referees towards Rangers is wearing thin, especially bearing in mind the ‘soft’ penalties awarded to Celtic in the last couple of games.

    1. Craig Whyte made the revelation in his sales pitch. Another referee would have sent off Tavernier and McCrorie, not awarded the Lite penalty and given Aberdeen a spot kick. The offside was blatant. There were two players in an offside position, one of whom scored. Dallas denied Aberdeen a level playing field. He is bent; inculcated in hatred by his bigot of a father. He should not be allowed to officiate in any game involving Rangers. I’m not going to engage in your ‘whataboutery’ viz Celtic as I did not see the game at Fir Park. I saw the final where Kipré went over the ball to maim Dembele and was so maliciously effective that the French striker played no part in Wednesday’s game and could be out on Saturday. Let me emphasise that. Kipré took out a player to the 3 game advantage of his team and was not penalised. He should have been sent off. He was done by Sinclair and had a sly tug. Stonewall penalty and deserved red card. There was nothing soft about it. The thug cheated and was sent packing.

      1. On the arrival of John Ure Primrose atop the marble staircase at the Listed Building, Glasgow Rangers were pledged, by Primrose, to the masonic cause. Having less than ten cup and titles in 1912 Primrose hired Billy Boy Struth as manager after his fishing trip with Mr. Wilton the deceased manager who wasn’t a bigot. This sea change in 1920 led to Glasgow Rangers recruiting in the Orange and Masonic Lodges, securing absolute silence on the 105 years of rampant corruption. After the Aberdeen shockers under the Lodgers, Ross County were denied a stonewall penalty kick in the last minute when The Kung Fu Grizzly Bruno Alves took Andrew Davies right out of play. Then the masons-in-the-match official uniforms robbed Neil Francis Lennon’s Hibs with another stone-waller thanks to the Hand of the god David Bates. So instead of two points with debt drowning the Broxi Bears they purloined six before St. Johnstone slaughtered them. WHY, because Sevco needed to get the three straight wins monkey off their backs and the lodge was obliged to make it happen.

        THIS Primrose Pledge underpins everything at Ipox. Under Masonic Jurisprudence every signed up lodger would be Seth Riched or JFKed for revealing truth among the Luciferians.

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