Companies House Bombshell

Date: 11 December

Form: PSC01

Description: Notification of Alastair Johnson as a person with significant control on November 15.

Regan: “Look Dave you’re fucked. Let Alastair take over or your club will go down the Swanee. Think of my fat cat bonuses from William Hill and Ladbrokes. Since when was the SFA a parochial concern?”

This Companies House bombshell has gone largely unreported in the SMSM. Colour me surprised. So how did Johnston acquire his significant control? One could make a cogent case for Johnston buying out King as it kills two birds with one stone:

1. The ‘Cold Shoulder’ and any Court of Session edicts fall squarely on King, and as a former shareholder the impact on RIFC plc would be mitigated.

2. The £7.2m, promised by King to satisfy the auditors, which would have been a case of throwing bent money after bad, can remain safely ensconced in The British Virgin Islands.

However if (2) holds true, then Campbell Dallas are compromised. Is this announcement the rationale for the  auditors recently beating a path to Edmiston Drive?

Is this the reason for Stewart Robertson dropping all communication with McInnes?

Is Sir Bribe & Lie behind the Johnston putsch? Will he step up to provide the £7.2m quantum required to keep the lights on? Or is Johnston going it alone with a view to raising this quantum at The Rinse & Dry Share Issue?

Developing story….


Five Past McInnes

An impeccably placed source has provided some detailed information on the behind the scenes machinations which were geared to lure McInnes to Ibrox.

McInnes took meetings with four different directors, with all of whom contradicting one another. The Magnificently Maned Factotum imparted the party line that all was well financially, while Park junior was minded to state that any spending in the January window would be predicated on receipts from shipping out some of Caixinha’s highly-paid duds.

Stewart Robertson was most persuasive. His offer of personal terms was acceptable. He and McInnes shook hands on a deal. Robertson then inquired what team Murty should play, and in what formation, for Lite’s game against Ross County. Mcinnes jotted down some ideas on the back of a fag packet. As McInnes made the short journey to his family home in Houston, he had a level of comfort that the broad strokes had been dealt with. Robertson gave McInnes his mobile number and invited him to contact him day or night should he have any more questions.

The rogue board were showing  love to McInnes by putting directors in front of him, but when the Lite de facto manager asked questions on budgets, transfers out, etc, they all prevaricated. McInnes was given the distinct impression that King controlled the purse strings. The issue of Mark Allen’s remit came up, but the general gist was that he was a moveable feast.

Alarm bells started ringing when Robertson did not take or return McInnes’ calls. This came as a surprise as Robertson had been tapping up Mcinnes in daily calls, on some occasions twice per day, in the previous weeks

Stewart Robertson went missing for three days.

Given the contradictions and Robertson’s ‘disappearance’ McInnes realised that the rogue board were not going to pony up his release quantum and that Robertson was distancing himself from any ‘tapping up’ recriminations. McInnes knew that matters would get ugly if he just walked away from Aberdeen.

When McInnes sought counsel from senior figures in the game he was told consistently:

Don’t go near it!”

Dave King :”Is that the time? Five past McInnes? I’ll refer the matter to Club 1872.” James Blair exits the boardroom and returns wearing a Union Jack waistcoat to denote that he now speaks for Club 1872: “He concomitantly shat the bed Dave. We threw four directors at him and he still would not sign. Fuck him.”   Dave King: “Good input James, thank you.”


The rogue board could not walk and chew gum at the same time. No-one had any authority. Everyone thought that they were ‘the people‘ but could not answer direct questions.

A cynic might well conclude that the entire board had no bullets in the chambers of their revolvers. They were all firing blanks. The Lite issue Dum Dum bullets would appear to be the exclusive preserve of the arch criminal south of the Limpopo.

Mcinnes did not dodge a bullet. He avoided a discharge of blanks.

The Tempest

Regular readers will know that I am my own harshest critic. I was tempted to withdraw yesterday’s piece as it was poorly received. My dispassionate view of Celtic raised some hackles; but I make no apology for highlighting the deficiencies in Rodgers’ team. The Celtic coach has two from Ajer, Bitton, Rogic, Ntcham, Armstrong and McGregor to choose from to partner Scott Brown in midfield. McGregor offers nothing from a defensive perspective, but this is more than compensated by his threat going forward. I would occasionally replace either Forrest or Sinclair with McGregor as both are not firing on all cylinders. The former’s miss from his favoured foot under no pressure cost Celtic two points on Sunday. If there was any competition in his position he would be dropped from the first team sheet. Hayes is not a competitive threat. I would give McGregor a start. If one requires steel in midfield does one revert to Armstrong, or is Rogic a better choice as he not only offers steel but is a true exponent of box-to-box midfield play? If one is minded to select a player who can put his foot on the ball and play an incisive pass, should one look no further than Bitton? Rodgers prefers Ntcham who to my mind does not provide either steel or a credible attacking threat. Hamilton will be no pushovers tomorrow evening at Celtic Park. They will have noted that Rodgers is not getting the midfield right and that there are glaring deficiencies in defence.

Regular readers will also note that I am the antithesis of Keith Jackson. To suggest my critique of Celtic’s current play is redolent of the award-winning sports hack is frankly insulting. Put down your green tinted spectacles and have a look at your team. Under stress testing by Bayern, PSG and Anderlecht (at Celtic Park) the fissures were there for all to see. It takes a one-eyed approach to discount these matches and only consider domestic performances.

I digress. I settled for renaming yesterday’s piece and maintaining a comment by Auldheid. It should be noted that I can take constructive criticism but comparisons to Jackson were on the cusp of being considered pejorative. Auldheid wrote, in response to my comment, thus:

So why did these well-heeled Celtic fans pursue an argument they could not win? Are they all transfixed by Resolution 12? Not good enough gentlemen. Not even fucking close.”

‘Way off bean here JJ Way off.

It was always about locus.Only Res12 has that. Read the TOG stuff again especially if SFA in 2011 had a copy of 20th May 2011 HMRC letter justifying right to collect £2.8m.

That had to be buried to allow LNS to focus on a registration failure and not dishonesty.

RFC never charged with dishonesty yet it is on that basis they accepted the £2.8m liability before 31 March.

The plotting began in Oct 2011 after McKenzie and Withey discussed RFC’s future.’

As much as I welcome Auldheid’s informed opinion and his thoughtful insights, I demur. The SFA will not throw the former custodians of Rangers under a bus, nor will they accept any responsibility for their complicity in this act of fraud. If they did, Celtic would be in a position to bypass CAS and make a formal complaint to Police Scotland. Of course as we have seen from the Whyte fiasco, the dumbest flatfoots from the former Strathclyde Police are now in positions of prominence, whereas the graduates in the former Central and Lothian & Borders police forces lost out in the horse trading.

If one accepts that the LNS commission was a corrupt whitewash with predetermined outcomes, one will not be surprised when the compliance officer offers:

Move along Timmy. Nothing for you here.

A judicial review would have exposed criminal misfeasance.

In today’s third thread I’m indebted to Insider for their take on the financial impact of Caixinha’s tenure:




Rangers made their approach for Caixinha whilst he was still contracted to Al-Gharafa.His contract at the Qatari club was believed to be worth £2m a year. Estimates suggest that Rangers paid between £300,000 and £600,000 to secure him earlier from his contract in Qatar. Fast-forward seven months and yesterday’s termination of the Portugese manager’s contract is predicted to cost the Glasgow club around £500,000 in compensation.The cumulative cost comes to approximately £1million for the hiring and firing of Caixinha, ironically a fee which would have been enough to secure current target Derek McInnes for the job in March. McInnes, has since signed a new three-year deal with Aberdeen, and it would now cost closer to £1.5m for his services.

Cost: around £1million

Europa League

After a six year absence, Rangers returned to continental competition, though their come-back was short-lived as they crashed out of the Europa League to Progres Niederkorn.

They lost 2-1 on aggregate to the Luxembourg team in the first qualifying round.

For taking part in the match, the light blues banked themselves €215,000 (£190,000).

Had they progressed through the qualifying rounds they would have been entitled to respective payments of €225,000 (£199,000) for the second round, €235,000 (£208,000) for the third and €245,000 (£217,000) for reaching play-off stage.

Had they reached the group stages they would have earned a windfall of €2.6m (£2.3m) with further win bonuses on offer.

Money banked: £190,000

Betfred Cup

This year’s league cup has seen the total prize and television money increase by 15 per cent from 2016.

A record £250,000 will be awarded to the winners with £115,000 going to the runners-up.

Rangers bypassed the competition’s group stage entering the Betfred Cup at the quarter-final stage beating Partick Thistle 3-1 at Firhill after extra time.

They went on to play Motherwell in the semi-final at Hampden but suffered a 2-0 defeat. Rangers received £80,000 for reaching this stage of the competition and in addition earned two further payments of £21,500 as both of their matches were broadcast live on television.

Money banked: £143,000

Scottish Premiership

Had Caixinha managed to overtake Aberdeen it would have boosted the Ibrox coffers by £2.112m. Instead Rangers had to settle for the £1.815m earned for finishing third. If the league standings remain as they are come the end of the season.

Money banked: £1.815m


The summer transfer window saw a revolving door of transfer activity in Govan. Caixinha gave permanent deals to Alfredo Morelos (£1m), Carlos Pena (£2.5m), Eduardo Herrera (£1.5m), Daniel Candeias (£770k), Graham Dorrans (£1.3m), Fabio Cardoso (£1.4m), Ryan Jack (free) and Bruno Alves (free).

Going in the opposite direction was Martyn Waghorn (Ipswich 900k), Joe Garner (Ipswich £1m), Barrie Mckay (Nottingham Forrest £500k) Matt Crooks (Northampton £100k), Robbie Kiernan (Southend – nominal fee). Phillipe Senderos and Clint Hill were both released as their contract’s expired and several players arrived and left the club on loan.

The money spent on players represented a significant investment and was a sign of the board’s confidence in the manager. The sales of previously important players were also sanctioned in support of Caixinha’s project.

Money spent: £8.5m

Money received: £2.5m

Total money in: £4.648m

Total money out: £9.5m


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