Turkeys May Have Voted For Xmas But King’s Lies Are Coming Home To Roost

Will tomorrow’s game against Rangers Lite bring down the curtain on McInnes’ Aberdeen career? If one of my well-informed sources is to be believed a deal has been done.

I was informed about the back-channel approaches to McInnes several weeks ago by the same source. I pushed back as I am not a Level 5 Lickspittle. It was obvious that he was being recruited by what passes for the media in Scotland. I looked to Scott Allan and how Celtic swooped. I had one eye on the Everton job. However now that Mayday Allardyce has the Toffees reins, that avenue is no longer open.

My source broke the news that Patrick Roberts was returning to Celtic Park. Despite his timing being out his material fact was sound. Playing Devil’s Advocate I reached for the fact that the rogue board were broke but was rebutted by Celtic’s interest in McCrorie. If the centre-half starlet is sold in the January window then the compensation due on McInnes and his assistant Tony Docherty will be largely offset.

McInnes turned down an opportunity to manage Sunderland at a quantum that was three times his salary at that time (£300,000 and £900,000 respectively). McInnes succeeded Craig Brown on 6 April 2013 and recently signed an extension to his contract until June 30, 2020. The highlight of his tenure was winning a League Cup trophy in 2014. McInnes’ Aberdeen were so expertly set up that they almost thwarted Brendan Rodger’s treble-winning team at Hampden in May of this year. He won many admirers. Can he fashion a team from a divided squad to make a fist of challenging Celtic?


McInnes & Docherty are in many ways the dream ticket for Lite. However as is the case with most managers McInnes will rise or fall on his recruitment. Will he ship out agitators Miller and Wallace to heal the rifts in the dressing room? He might start by asking Chippy Milne to help him repair the home dressing-room door which has borne the brunt of a good kicking from the temperamental Divas.

Look at those fucking Taigs go. All we need now is 67 unbeaten and it being conflated with Lisbon.”

There were no prizes for guessing that all eleven resolutions passed without hindrance. However there were a couple of takeaways worthy of comment.

A statement on Lite’s  website stated :

The board is delighted to see such support from its shareholders. The success on Resolution 11 paves the way for a share issue.”

For – 45,935,337 (78.3%)
Against – 12,758,306 (21.7%)

Total votes cast on the Resolution was 58,693,643. This represents 71.4% of the RIFC’s  issued share capital.

The total number of shares currently issued in 81,478,201. When deducting votes cast, one arrives at a subtotal of 22,784,558. When one adds this to those opposed to the resolution one arrives at a grand total of 35,542,864. If those opposed or too apathetic to care were offered 20p per share one would be inclined to conclude that they would bite King’s hand off. To the tune of £7,108,573. When the shares are diluted they will be worth a fraction of 20p.

King has convinced Lite’s  auditors that he can lay his hands on £7.2m from NOAL in the next 18 months.

Are you paying attention Baron Davidson of Glen Clova? Has your client stitched you up like a kipper or are you as mendacious as the glib and shameless liar? Are you paying attention Lord Bannantyne apropos the sophistry of Davidson?

King is not universally popular. A surprising 718,617 voted against his re-election to the board. I do not anticipate this ending well for King or Rangers Lite. If King is ordered to make an offer and continues to issue a GIRFUY to authority, one could have a situation where the Chairman of Rangers Lite is in contempt of court.

King is a man of convictions who has engaged in an illegal concert party enterprise. His AGM votes might be as relevant as old confetti. If Bannatyne is browbeaten by Freemasons to cut King some slack one might find that The Takeover Panel Executive refer King to The Serious Fraud Office in addition to implementing the Cold Shoulder.

McInnes might find he is in an inferior position to Ally McCoist. This is going to unravel so quickly that the Wee Free might indict McInnes for Spinning on The Sabbath.




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19 thoughts on “Turkeys May Have Voted For Xmas But King’s Lies Are Coming Home To Roost”

  1. Hi

    Monthly Donation made ending 49-38.
    Impressive month from your pen. Didn’t think you could ramp up the tension any further but you succeeded.

    Am I wrong in thinking that if the Ballantyne judgement had been favourable for King, it would have been announced before the AGM?

    Enjoy the festive period, jj

    1. Thank you for your donation. On balance I would agree with your thesis but it could be the prosaic fact than Bannatyne is busy. I anticipate his judgment will be published next week, the following week at a stretch.

  2. I don’t foresee any problems with the Bannatyne judgement. It will be correct and above board.

    I do hope Sevco Rangers attract their most expensive target. If that’s McInness then so be it.

    Sevco are posturing big as usual. Paying up the salaries will hurt the benefactors. Or it will help bankrupt them.

    Advice to Sevco: If McInness has held out for maximum coin, having played the game well, and you’re caving in and paying, then ask the question; Are we now up into a higher level of manager territory? Could this package get a much better guy than McInness?

  3. If true,will McInnes set up Aberdeen to fail this weekend, so he has a better chance of stearing Sevco to 2nd place.

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  4. If the rumours Regarding McInnes are true then he cannot be allowed in the dugout on Sunday.
    His statement last week backed up his chairman that he would be staying at Pittodrie. A complete lack of integrity if he has done an about turn. Anybody is entitled to move jobs but better keeping the mouth shut until the decision is finalised.

  5. A majority of turkeys have voted for Christmas at Sevco Farm. The decision, which will affect all 1872 turkeys in the farmyard, came after months of argument about Farmer Dave’s plans for the festive season. His supporters argued that, even though they weren’t sure what would happen on the 25th, they trusted Dave to deliver the perfect Christmas. Said one enthusiastic turkey:”I’m happy to put my neck on the line to give Dave control of our Christmas dinner”.A minority of turkeys had claimed that their corn ration would be reduced as a result of the vote but this was dismissed as gobbledygook by Farmer Dave who told the assembled flock:”Trust me, there will be plenty to eat on Christmas Day”.
    However, already there are signs that some are regretting their vote as evidence mounts that come the day they will all be stuffed. Said one worried turkey:”When I voted for Dave’s Christmas party, I had no reason to believe it would actually happen! I was swayed by his promise of a bright new dawn on Boxing Day. He didn’t tell me I would have to be eviscerated first”.

  6. Great attention to detail and forensics, as usual. I took a look at the Scottish edition of The Times today. Spiers writes yet another bland article and his main piece today is about the AGM. He leads with this ‘Shareholders let King off lightly’. There is no mention on the impact of share dilution on the share price and little mention of directors who are failing this rudderless club. Although, clearly angling for an invitation to return to Ibrox, Spiers adds ‘KING DESERVES CREDIT FOR PUTTING MILLIONS OF HIS OWN MONEY INTO RANGERS’. It was a shallow article and short on analysis and insight.

    By contrast, yesterday’s Times covered the questions posed to King. I shall pick out two of the oddest. ‘What school did you attend’ followed by ‘do the directors have any plans to take a more robust line against Rangers’ detractors in the media and will you improve PR?’. Well, this is a club which has had the Scottish press on a tight leash, but King’s reaction was breathtaking “we haven’t been as strong in that (sic) over the past couple of years as we should have been as we have been fighting far bigger fires”! Stunning arrogance, and lapped up by a compliant audience.

    At least Michael Grant, who also writes for The Times (and reads this site) added a slice of perspective. He slated Rangers plans for breaking even being predicated on a run in the Europa League in three years time which is akin to readers of this site planning monthly expenditure based on a few lottery wins. Grant finished his piece with this ‘King wasn’t convincing yesterday’ which is as close as any Scottish journalist has ventured to exposing this convicted criminal who has consistently demonstrated a lack of substance and a lack of leadership.

  7. JJ your article comments facility at bottom of article is covered by ads.

    Readers need to enter your site and select the latest blog from main menu to get ad free version, thus enabling commentary.

    McInnes stated he’s staying putt with Aberdeen and he’s sick of answering questions on the issue. He’s going nowhere.

    Unfortunately you’re assisting the Sevco agenda prior to the Aberdeen v Sevco match due to another bum steer. Sevcoites know you like to be first with the news so they feed you nonsense from time to time that assists them.

    1. As I have stated previously to regular readers I have no control over or recompense from WordPress ads.You are a new reader. One whom as yet has not contributed to our site. You are frankly talking through a hole that is not your mouth. My source on McInnes is someone who is party to the back-channel machinations. My sources are long standing and impeccable. You came down in the last shower. Your IP address is now being monitored. You are so wide of the mark that I suspect you are a troll. This may well be your last ever comment on this site.

  8. John; just by chance I found your paypal setup just by pressing the date on todays post, I feel foolish after looking for it after a couple of weeks after a conversation given all

    with you and giving it up as a bad job. Writing now because I have given all my details on the form or whatever it is and was trying to donate £10. 00p and lost it some how, those two big zero’s wouldn’t let me make the donation. Now a bit worried with all my details out there, sure you can re-assure me about them. Cheers, Gerald Allen.

  9. So John; I presume that effort at donating that I tried to send this afternoon has failed, are my details safe if I am going to try to send that donation again and how do I put the £10. 00p into the box round those two big zero’s at the top of the box at the £ sign. John, this isn’t a piss take it’s a genuine effort to help you with your column and not remain a lurker.

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