McInnes: Panacea or Placebo?

There are those who believe that Dave King is an astute businessman. There is nothing astute about indictments for fraud, money laundering, market manipulation, racketeering, witness intimidation, bribery and tax evasion. However the latter two have been staples at Ibrox since 1988. Three decades of corruption in two clubs.

Would anyone of sound mind choose to work for King? My source, who promised to put more meat on the bone of his assertion that McInnes’ move to Ibrox was a done deal, has gone quiet. He promised an update after the Celtic v Motherwell game. He has not come through. I have always been skeptical of this media-driven move. Sunderland called Stewart Milne and asked for permission to talk to McInnes. No-one at Lite has followed suit. When I am misinformed I edit my pieces. I edited yesterday’s piece. I’m not motivated by exclusives. They are the cherries on a cake layered with facts. Getting it right is more important than being ahead of the curve.

McInnes is from Paisley. He started his professional playing career at Greenock Morton prior to a move to Ibrox. His Rangers tenure stuttered to a halt after two loan moves, one of which was to Toulouse. He represented Rangers in only 53 league games in three seasons as a squad player. There was no love lost when he ended his contract at Ibrox. He subsequently thrived as a player at Dundee United and St. Johnstone.

McInnes is a popular man who enjoys the confidence of his peers. As a player he was a consummate professional who left nothing on the park. As a manager and coach he has to cut his cloth; but he brings out the best in his charges and is so well-respected that the Scottish champions Celtic are prepared to entrust the fledgling career of Ryan Christie to his hands.

At Aberdeen McInnes and his assistant Tony Docherty run the football show. Would he be prepared to work for Mark Allen who left Manchester City’s academy under a cloud?  Allen is a practitioner of the dark arts. In many ways Ibrox is an ideal home for this bent football administrator.

Given that King has to find £7.2m to keep the lights on there will be no budget to improve the current squad. King will attempt to flog shares to the unsuspecting Gullibillies who could not distinguish the difference between a stitched-up kipper and a share certificate, but no-one with two neurons and a synapse will go anywhere near this distressed company. A couple of spivs in Hong Kong might have a punt but there will be a conspicuous absence of corporate investors.

That is of course assuming that the share issue is not derailed by a Court of Session ruling and The Cold Shoulder.

The precarious nature of the finances should be a red flag to McInnes. The new club is only five years old and with the exception of some negative goodwill chicanery from Charles Green has posted losses year after year. The infrastructure at Ibrox is in urgent need of repair. Rangers Lite are effectively insolvent with no credit line from their bank.

Lite’s timeline stretches five years. Aberdeen was established in 1903. Aberdeen have won all their titles fair and square. Lite have been conferred their tarnished titles by dyed-in-the-wool Hun, Ménage A Trois Ballantyne.

If Mcinnes is looking for a club with history he should exclude Lite from his short list. Lite are not a slumbering giant. They are a mid-tier club with UEFA aspirations.

By my estimate King has somewhere in the region of £10m in his British Virgin Islands trust fund. If we are to believe him – always a stretch – he will loan Lite £7.2m irrespective of any cold front from Paternoster Square in London or Parliament Square in Edinburgh.

Rangers Lite won’t keep their heads above water by playing Europa League football. They must play in the Champions League group stages to be self-sustaining. In short they must win the title in season 2018/2019. This season is a write-off.

I don’t anticipate Rangers Lite pipping Celtic to the title in 2018/2019. Even Warburton with his magic hat could not cast his spell over them. McInnes should take a long hard look at Ally McCoist who cannot get a coaching gig to save his life.

If he pitches up at Murray Park next week, then hell mend him. He might be perceived as the panacea to cure Lite of all that ails them but in the final analysis he might be no more than a sugar-coated placebo.



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18 thoughts on “McInnes: Panacea or Placebo?”

  1. Great background on McInnes I hope he takes your advice and stays away from the dark side vigils. Good luck to the dons today.

  2. Minor quibble JJ. It’s negative goodwill not negative equity. As far as I could see it was just creating an accounting asset from thin air.

  3. The main issue with Lite is they’ve still not addressed the fundamental gap between income and expenditure.

    SDM convinced them that it’s all ok to spend more than you have, and to piss money down the toilet. They’ve never worked out that’s not how to run your life, never mind a football club.

    The share issue won’t address this – it’s just throwing money into a pit and hoping it will turn to gold. Theoretically in a world of quantum physics it’s possible, but in reality…

    McInnes surely as a prudent manager, who has cut his cloth on the budget he has, would be bonkers to step into the world of the Ibrox paradigm.

    Just a wee thought, with pay rising at less than inflation, austerity cutting into household budgets, and with the gullibillies paying the most for season books already – would there be sufficient numbers to buy the shares? Especially after they’ve done it before and lost. I’m sure the conversation across the kitchen table of Der Hun would get rather interesting.

    As usual JJ…. brilliant work and the go to read every day for the truth, the whole truth…

  4. If Negative Goodwill is an accounting ‘plus’ then Rangers are the world’s wealthiest club. Or Company, depending on what they want to be at that particular moment.

  5. Mcinnes set his team up to get beat at Ibrox with 3 at the back and will do the same today to allow rangers the 6 points as he will sign for them next week on a 3 year contract

  6. This is a key 24 hours for RIFC.
    If DMcI capitulates at home and decants, and possibly even resigns to take CCK filthy lucre then this accords RIFC this season and, in the gullibillies mind, demonstrates promise and potential for next season. Breathing space for CCK and his currupt concert party and good news if they avoid the compo payment to boot.
    Shame on the Laptop Loyal and Team EBTs for facilitating a pressure campaign to unsettle an opposition manager / RFC Target if it comes to pass.
    Only in Scotland would a club be permitted to dodgy deal and blatantly illegally approach an opposition manager without going through the correct channels.
    If DMcI sees sense and stays where does RIFC go from here?
    Magic Hat and Pedro were left field appointments which bought time. The Pedro replacement can’t be a lowly appointment or another left field appointment. The gullibillies need perking up with this one. They won’t accept Tommy Wright. Michael O’Neil is an Irish Catholic so who do they turn to?? Who would take that gig knowing the state of the club/ company?
    DMcI could name his price but I agree with you, If he takes it the clock starts ticking and he ain’t scattering magic fairy dust this season or next though he may achieve an odd victory against CFC. if he’s a clever mercenary he should insist on a golden hello because he won’t see out the 3 year contract and CCK certainly won’t pay up the remainder if DMcI is resigned before the 3 years and his reputation will be akin to Mark “ take the money” McGhees in the Midlands. Never to be credible again.
    Interesting next 24 hours….

  7. Sorry jj short changed you on monthly donation, don’t know what i did wrong just paid the rest of my normal monthly payment.

    JJ: Very thoughtful JB.

  8. The whole situation played out in the SMSM is so sycophantic and desperate now. Listening to the cheerleader on radio “soothing” a concerned sevconian with the war chest narrative. Lie after lie. I suppose the nickname “Billy Liar” is quite fitting.

    On the subject of Billy Liar, I had an amusing read this morning crafted by another Sevco Cheerleader.

    Whilst surfing through a site which filters Celtic stories this morning, I was surprised to see a headline in which SMSM establishment stalwart Gordon Parks had penned a headline in support of Scott Brown’s comments about missile throwing. Admittedly, I did read the hyperlink headline several times, suspicious that it may have been the morning sand in my eyes causing me to see things. Now, normally I would not link to anything this odious worshipful Brother would write on Celtic. Nor would I for that matter, read any publication from the loo roll Brotherhood that employs him, but I must admit Brother Parks snared me with his headline which veered significantly off-piste from his usual anti-Celtic rhetoric. However, in the words of the late Jim Diamond, I should have known better and as such, I have to acknowledge Brother Parks and doff my hat to him for his amateur attempt at duplicity.

    Initially Brother Parks headline masqueraded as an item on fan behaviour towards players, (on the back of comments attributed to Scott Brown), however after a few inconsequential lines, very sleekitly, ( a word very befitting of Brother Parks) the narrative changed direction and opted for the more familiar Parkesque route; that of negatively focusing on Celtic Football Club and incidents involving Celtic fans. Well done Brother Parks on your creative prose. However I wouldn’t go as far as to class it as a Grand Masterstroke of genius, since no objective and reasonably minded individual would dispute that Brother Parks is the antithesis of Genius.

    Nevertheless, Brother Parks should receive the plaudits for his sophistry. In an almost Machiavellian style, (although I’m sure Brother Parks would be offended by the comparison with Niccolo, the latter being of the same persuasion as many of those Timmys), the worshipful Brother deftly twisted the concerns raised by the Celtic Captain about opposing fans’ missile throwing. The worshipful Brother, with a slide of thumb between middle finger and ring finger, “legitimately” seized the opportunity to “do over” those unwashed bog-trotting Taigs.

    I would not in any way attempt to counter Brother Parks analysis. In fact, like the majority of Celtic fans I entirely agree and will continue to condemn and challenge any fan behaviour that brings disrepute on Celtic Football Club.

    But let’s not lose site of the RRM reason why Brother Parks took the opportunity to execute this narrative. Scott Brown’s concerns just presented an opportunity for a second rate hack employed by a failing publication to focus his bigotted permarage on the team he totally despises. He is a hard wired bigot.

    The clear purpose of Brother Parks closing paragraph is to trivialise the “sweetie throwing” highlighted by the Celtic Captain. There is no mention of the coins thrown or the potential risk of serious injury to players or fans. These are of no consequence to the worshipful Brother’s narrative. However, bare your breast and take heart from this Brother Parks: 67 and counting…and we’ll be throwing jelly and ice cream in your direction at the end of this season and the next. But we won’t throw the dessert spoon at you of course. We wouldn’t want to knock some sense into you.

    1. The McInnes saga encompasses everything thats wrong in Scottish football if he ends up at Ibrox this week having swopped league places and lost 6 points into the bargain.
      The whole thing stinks to high heaven .The implications are there for everyone to see.
      Meanwhile over in the east end I watched a referee and linesman conspire to disallow what would have been a 3rd first half goal, and game over.
      Rogic looks a tad offside as he slips home the goal. Cue minor appeals from a couple of Well players.
      As the Celtic players finish the goal celebrations and are almost back in their own half for the restart the ref heads towards the stand side linesman, who was in line with the play but didn’t raise his flag, and after a short confab disallows the goal!
      Whit? I would love to hear that conversation.
      Ref to linesman ….was he not offside?
      Linesman…. Not sure he replies.
      Ref….. Good enough for me, offside it is.
      Looking forward to see how this plays out on Sportscene tonight.
      Has the ref from a much worse position than the linesman made the call?
      How can this even be construed as an honest mistake?
      It’s either sheer incompetence on behalf of the officials or straightforward cheating to keep Well in the game.
      Given the ruckus over the 2 penalties awarded to Celtic in the past week I’ve seen next to nothing in the media on the very strange circumstances around this decision apart from a comment that Celtic had a 3rd goal disallowed completely omitting the actions of the officials.
      It stinks to high heaven and when Well grabbed a goal it was game on, but not for long as Celtic turned on the back burners. Lets see if the pundits on BBC Sportscene comment on the build up to the Well goal as one of their forwards comes back from an offside position once again in front of the stand side linesman.
      Oh as for simulation the Windass dive today will take some beating, a yellow card hardly did it justice.
      Is their a totting up system in Scottish football with regards to sending offs or will Ryan Jack win another appeal and have his latest red card rescinded?
      Celtic win their game in hand and its a 10 point gap at the top of the table.
      Thats a lot of honest mistakes but when two officials in broad daylight can transgress the rules then anything’s possible.
      I suppose if the officials are ever questioned they will have had plenty of time to get their stories right though given the lack of transparency in Scottish football another honest mistake will be swept under the carpet.
      In 60 years of watching football I can’t remember having seen a similar incident. The interaction between ref and linesman warrants comment from Fleming and if their actions are a result of gross incompetence both if them should be sacked.

      1. Did you miss Dougiegate and the cancelled penalty? How about ” You did not raise your flag. Any second thoughts?” ‘Yes,is Rogic a Taig?’ “I believe so.” ‘Then don’t give him the benefit of the doubt or the boys will have your guts for garters at the Masonic.’

      2. You’ve never saw anything like it?

        Come on now Joe…we all know you watch all rangers games so we know you witnessed the jack ” booking” becoming a red card five minutes later after the fourth officials intervention

  9. JJ, things could be tight for Lite over the next 3 months. 3 home games in Dec, the last one on 27/12, the next home game is (inc. break and away cup tie to Fraserburgh) 24/1 then 3/2 and 24/2. Not having any pay on the day for 4 weeks is not good but I suppose a lot depends on how much was loaned to Lite at the end of November. Donation made on Friday 663S.

  10. Double good as always comrade!

    Look forward to tomorrows ministry of truth approved report on today’s game. Collumn clearly favouring the blues again….the unwarranted red card was mere window dressing to cover his tracks (and who better than the thug Jack?).

    We Are still at war with oceana.

  11. McInnes sets his team up to fail twice agains Lite and becomes Lite manager. Yes you can make it up.

    Sent from my iPad


  12. The Sevco financial fumes are amazing. Apparently there are enough funds to pay for a whole new management team and compensate the old one. Apparently there are enough funds to to bring in a crop of players in January. Yet there are not enough funds to pay angry creditors. Why would a baker supply pies for a game in January if they have not been paid for those supplied in November? Why would a printer print programmes? Why have they not been paid for services rendered yet apparently there is bountiful cash for new staff? They are already trading whilst insolvent. They have very little income in the next three months. Their outgoings will increase. Liquidation looms.

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