Loose Lips Sink Ships

Since the sacking of Caixinha on October 26 and McInnes being installed as the bookmakers’ favourite to succeed him (1/25 on) Aberdeen have only secured seven points from a possible eighteen. On the eve of Primark Pedro’s dismissal, Celtic stepped up a gear to wipe the floor with McInnes’ first team, minus Ryan Christie.

Some are suggesting that McInnes has downed tools to assist his new club. I dismiss this out of hand. McInnes and Tony Docherty are consummate professionals. Honest journeymen coaches who made one breakthrough in 2014 with a league cup triumph. The speculation apropos Lite’s interest has not unsettled McInnes. However it has unsettled his players. Why run through a brick wall for a manager with one foot out the door? Why take another injection to delay surgery?

After the defeats by Hamilton and Dundee, I thought Aberdeen were a stick-on for at least four points. Losing both games put a real dent in  their season. Is their time as Scotland’s second club well and truly over?

Lite were good value for the three points, although Windass was offside when scoring as the ball  had travelled slightly forward into his path. Wilson’s looping header was a thing of beauty. Aberdeen had no answer for Pena, Windass and Miller who ran them ragged. The NED (Non-educated delinquent) Ryan Jack was rightly sent-off for a shocking assault after he had passed the ball. He followed through in an attempt to maim a fellow professional. This guy is a fucking disgrace who should be serving a long suspension. If his assaults – let’s call them what they are – had been perpetrated in England, the FA would have thrown the book at him. Lite will probably appeal as they know the Judicial Panel is bent and might well rescind his red card. Only in Scotland.

Windass’ dive was so obvious that he needs to spend more time on the training ground to practise trailing his leg at a cone. His cheating deserved more than a yellow card. I’m sure it will get better as the season progresses.

I listened intently to McInnes’ post-match interview. This guy is going nowhere. My source who contends that his move is a done deal stepped up with the detail that Tony Docherty – who is fervently Celtic-minded – had to be persuaded to join his gaffer at Lite. However I’m not convinced and if truth be told I have never been convinced.

Mcinnes has always been honest. He made his statement and when pressed reverted to Milne’s statement. They have a good working relationship. Once the  Lite manager’s caravan moves on Aberdeen will bounce back to bark some more. With Mcinnes and Docherty in charge they will move onward and upward. Will Murty get the nod until the end of the season or will lite pursue Steve Clarke at Kilmarnock? They could do much worse. Paul Lambert anyone? Steve Bruce? Probably not. They don’t pay well enough to attract the cream. They offer a low basic and a generous bonus, typically £500,000, which comes with unrealistic strings attached.

The main winner this weekend was Celtic.The gap to Scotland’s second best team is now seven points, with three more up grabs from a game in hand. Motherwell were so comprehensively beaten that they uncharasterically did not spit their dummy. Odsonne Edouard started as Dembele was out from Kipre’s shocking tackle and Griffiths was rested for the crucial game against Anderlecht. Edouard netted three. He deserves a club to call his own. PSG is a circus act.

So despite the media maelstrom surrounding McInnes, the real action was at Celtic Park as the CFC juggernaut took their tally to 67 games unbeaten. Lite will have to think again on how best to stop them. McInnes is not the answer, despite a glut of questions from a desperate SMSM.



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31 thoughts on “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

  1. Good analysis J.J. I don’t think he’ll leave the Sheep, he has a cushy Number there with job stability, if he heads to Sevco he’ll be out of a job in 12 months time! I’ve set up a small donation monthly on Paypal, hope you received it.

    1. I honestly do not care who Sevco choose as their next and last manager. It’s a bit like changing the Captain after the ship has hit the iceberg. It makes no difference. You cannot put an engine in Miller. You cannot civilise Ryan Jack, you cannot find a single player in the team that would supplant a player at Celtic Park. The unrealistic expectations are because the Bears still think that this team is Rangers, the same Rangers that historically easily won trophies. In the last 6 years they have won a Petrofac cup and three minor league titles. They made no Progres in Europe. They have no money to recruit new players. They play in the same stadium and wear the same strip as the old team but they are just a Phoenix team. They can make no progress till they accept their penury.

  2. Excellent analysis as always, JJ.

    McIness has always struck me as a very intelligent guy. I would be very surprised if he went to Sevco in their current state.

    I think the best result for Celtic at Pittodrie would have been a draw. However, Sevco taking 6 points off Celtic’s closest rivals ain’t too bad either.

  3. If indeed the bold Derek does head off to Glasgow, surely Sevco will suffer the same fate as Celtic vis-a-vis the Tommy Burns “tapping up” affair (Kilmarnock 95?)?
    Hefty £100,000 fine.. don’t know how much that would be in today’s terms.

    On the subject of thd PSG circus: their unbeaten run came to a halt after 25 games (vs unfashionable club from Strasbourg). Don’t know why I got a little pang of pleasure from that…

    1. Celtic were fined £300,000 in 1995: £200,000 for Tommy Burns plus £100,000 four Billy Stark. I have never heard of a higher fine. I reckon that a £500,000 fine would be appropriate for new Rangers current behaviour. Not holding my breath.

  4. Let me just state here that Steve Clarke will NEVER take the ibrox job. 100% will never happen. He wouldn’t take the Celtic job either. He wouldn’t want to put his family in Ayrshire at risk.

  5. I’m old enough to have lived through the 90s, and am enjoying every minute of this. 67 unbeaten….who’d have thought it. Never in a million years. Halcyon days, and Lites troubles just add the cherry on top.

    Long may this dominance continue

  6. I thought apart from Wilson’s excellent header the game was really poor. You may be right about McIness, he could have ended speculation after the game but did not, so there may be something ongoing. Kenny McLean on the other hand is away, he was pathetic.

    Aberdeen’s defending was atrocious. Foderingham needs to work on his wrists, not the first time he has flapped.

    Sky’s commentary was a disgrace as was the quickly withdrawn Ladbroke’s tweet.

    I personally believe Aberdeen would be a better team with Tommy Wright at the helm.

    More Celtic fans than sevco are hoping McIness goes to Ibrox. BR has the beating of him every day of the week.

  7. Not really bothered much who manages Sevco – they are too far behind Celtic to worry about it. The whole shambles is what can be expected from Sevco and ‘desperate house seller’ Milne.

    About the Windass goal, as an ex ref, it’s the position of the player relative to the ball that is important not the direction of the pass (Law 11). As long as the receiving player is level with or behind the ball when it is played to him, it doesn’t matter if the ball is passed forward. Obviously if the ball is played backwards then by definition player is onside so people wrongly assume that if it’s played forward he is offside.

  8. With the massive financial advantage Celtic have any semi competent manager would have the beatings of McInnes and any other manager in our one sided league.
    Certainly BR has made them better than ever.

    1. The advantage,legally gained.Don’t remember one sided comments when the Sooside Mob were financially doping and stealing leagues and cups.That’s right,Mr.Milne with his excellent business results,feels comfortable with moving on.Some clubs get exactly what they deserve.Wonder how Celtic players would be motivated by a semi competent manager?

      1. Rob,
        I agree entirely with your comments. The one sided league competition is caused by the lack of cash generated by the other clubs owing to much smaller fan base with the exception of one other, their predecessor cheated and imploded and they are light years away from catching Celtic. That is not going to change. As it stands, Celtic will have access to the champions league for the foreseeable future making them even stronger. This is not criticism, just stating facts.
        Just to reiterate, any Semi competent manager would win the league with them, it does not need much motivation when your players are all round superior to all other teams.
        That said, BR has been good for them.

  9. Excellent piece JJ…..I also think that McInnes is still dithering…..over personal renumeration or warchest…..who knows?
    Ryan Jack is a thug……their fans actually started singing ‘He’s one of our own”…..how very ironic.
    Aberdeen are playing like a team with a hangover….and if they don’t snap out of it pronto style then they will slither down the table….

    I see McCann’s odds have tumbled………two results and the klan are slavering at the mooth….
    Should McInnes rebuff this latest (official….unofficial?) approach…..then McCann could be asked to fill the void so as not to cause any further embarrassment

  10. Have they spent the last 6 weeks trying to rustle up the required compensation payable to AFC ? What we do know is they’ve managed to get their attack dogs ( or lapdogs depending on your viewpoint ) in the media to completely unsettle Aberdeen as a club on the whole . I hear rumours that a lot of the players won’t be shedding too many tears if he decides to go , there were grave murmurings of discontent on the team bus last Wednesday at his team selection and tactics .
    McLean for some reason is deemed undroppable and there will be a long queue of Aberdeen fans willing to drive him to Ibrox if that’s his next port of call . A legend in his own mirror , he is nowhere as good as he thinks he is .
    Perhaps Aberdeen need a fresh face at the helm . The loss of Hayes and McGinn hurt us more than we ever thought possible . No width therefore no service for Rooney , who looks lost in the current system .
    Today should be interesting to see what emanates from Ibrox but still the big questions will not go away i.e. Where is the money coming from ????

  11. It seems a bang on certainty that DMcI will joing RIFC, perhaps as soon as today. There simply cannot be this amount of smoke without fire and the Laptop Loyal have been diligently and obediently trailing this as they once again enjoy their inner sanctum of nods winks, off the record briefings and on the level communications from their favoured clubs go to PR. They have done their obedient duty and should be rightly commended for doing so. The future snippets, puff pieces, negative opposition stories and blatant advertising of every photo opportunity from Murray Park or Ibrox is assured.
    It could be that DMcI, if he is open to the opportunity, has grown tired of the endless discussions as RIFC procrastinate, possibly awaiting definite funding or indeed a position whereby they can back up their under the table talks. He looks like a man tired and in need of a rest. Since Pedro’s exit AFC performances must be a cause for concern in both Aberdeen and Glasgow. If indeed DMcI has forcibly and repeatedly refused the RFC opportunity then I expect no one will be more pleased then him when, eventually, RIFC appoint their next great White Hope.

  12. I think McInnes is off, all he had to do was say he didn’t want the job and that would’ve ended all the speculation. His head hasn’t been in the right place, culminating in him not remembering his line-up in the pre-match interview on Sky – unbelieveable !
    Murty can feel a little hard done by if it happens, as he’s steadied the ship (on field).

    On a different subject, i’m sick listening to all the impending tales of doom for the buns – administration, cold shoulder, stands falling down, titles stripped etc – none of which have came to pass.

    Revell in these times fellow Celts, as they won’t last forever.

  13. Did they drop the going for 55 campaign as they realised they are a new club.

    Name 3 ibrox players with russian connections. Kanchelskis,michaelachenko and jackov.

    Murty is doing well and has got the pegs in the right holes,the players by and large are playing for him,they have some reasonable developing players in the team,mcrorie is potentially their tierney.

    Plus wee dickie wilson thinks they are at break even financially ,but just cant work out how.

    On the park its the best its been since they became the rangers .

  14. i heard the interview myself also and if truth be told, i believe he (derek) is away. never in my life (its not been a long one, yet!) have i heard a manager complain that an opponent is taking its time to ‘resolve’ the issue. why would Derek be perturbed that a situation hasn’t been resolved? the language he used didn’t suggest he is content and thriving in his current environment

    1. No official contact but obviously he’s been tapped up.
      I’m sure Regan will be all over this just as his Compliance Officer is all over the 2012 fraudulent licence application and very soon will have his hands full with Ryan Jack’s weekly sending off appeal!
      Clearly trying to miss the Celtic game and spending 90 minutes in Broonie’s back pocket!

  15. Wow….Murty has his club in second place. Just waiting on confirmation of his spfl manager of the month award for November 2017

    1. I realise you are engaging in spoofs and satire but the defeats v Hamilton and Dundee will kill that notion dead, unless Traynor can pull strings with Ladbrokes. Do you contribute to our site?

    1. Gerald bear with me. Donations came to a grinding halt yesterday so it should be really easy to confirm. However some readers use different emails on this site and on Paypal.If you drop me a note on email, or better still donated a token amount, as little as 1 pence, I could easily compare email addresses.

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