A Level 5 Ladbrokes Hoax

Was there a puff of smoke emanating from behind a picket fence at Auchenhowie? Was Jim Traynor seen fleeing the area on a space hopper or was that just his fundament? At times like this some  ‘Zapruder‘ type cinefilm would be instructive. Could one revert to Richard Gough’s gloryhole webcam footage or will this be suppressed by the Traynor Commission? There can be little doubt that Traynor has control of the official Ladbrokes Twitter account. He is paid to push puff pieces on Labrokes behalf.

On Sunday he chose to serve his landlord Dave King with a somewhat interesting missive:



Danny Wilson puts Rangers ahead.  Fantastic news for Derek McInnes 



Is the use of five ‘L’ a coincidence? Perhaps Traynor thinks he is on the set of Kubrick’s The Shining and is dropping hints that he is the author of this controversial tweet. Kubrick made reference to the Apollo 11 Moan Hoax being filmed at Lot 237. One small step for man, one huge hoax for mankind.

Traynor is fond of a hoax as was evident when he borrowed some prime retail space in Blythswood Square from a Ménage A Trois acquaintance and passed it off as his own. He even paid The Cardigan and Murdo Rent-A-Mouth to turn up to flash their dentures and blind us to the fact that Traynor and Kerr would be ‘impartially‘ working from Murray Park. Would any club Chairman other than Diamond Jim Ballantine give Reservoir Hun Traynor the final word on their PR?

This was a serious own-goal by Ladbrokes. One could infer that McInnes was engaging in match fixing. They quickly removed the offensive tweet but some enterprising social media correspondents screen grabbed it prior to its removal.

I reconstructed the tweet from The Clumpany’s screen grab. Or should I refer to him as Phil Macgiollabhain? It would be a Pandora’s Box of hoaxes if I have revealed a hoax from a hoaxer.

I have always had a good relationship with TC. I asked him privately if he and the denizen of Donegal were one and the same. He would not confirm nor deny it.

I decided to let it go and confine myself to a lower Earth orbit. Just like Neil Armstrong and the entire Apollo space programme. The Apollo Hoax cost $20b which would be circa $120b today. One wonders what Traynor was paid for his part in unsettling the Aberdeen FC manager and his team? Are Ladbrokes currying favour with the blue pound?





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21 thoughts on “A Level 5 Ladbrokes Hoax”

  1. ‘ROOM No 237’ (looking at the capital letters and the only 2 words that can be derived from them) stands for ‘Moon Room’.

    A film location, yes, but not a lot number.

    Room 217 in the book was changed to Room 237 in the film because at the time the moon was thought to be 237,000 miles from earth.

  2. Scorching in NZ today and still Sevco have no manager. I wonder when King’s case will be judged. That will either be the turning point or the Masonic triumph

    1. Precedent will be set by Lord Bannatyne’s judgement.
      I doubt if he will want to go down in history having his decision being taken apart by the Supreme Court.
      It’s Regans Compliance Officer’s findings on the 2012 fraudulent licence application that will be interesting.
      We should get an insight into the scope of his investigation as Regan and the SFA have transparency at the top or their agenda but as far as Ladbrokes are concerned an admin error or imperfect but legal result are currently favourites.

  3. The only room that Sevco leaning folk have access to is Room 101.
    They will ALL enter that very particular place when they tune into the only show in town tonight and hope against hope that their worst fears aren’t realized.
    All the rest is just PR urine.

    1. Steady on JJ re the hoaxers, No need to add a new thread to an already convoluted scenario.
      However interesting such a theory might be my gut feeling is no- having read all mentioned blogs.
      All authors have stylistic footprints in what they write -certain words and phrases theu constantly use .
      Subjectively I dont think this test bears out your suggestion.
      That is of course just my view and Im certainly not an expert on the forensic comparison of prose.
      There are of course such experts and it may be( given you have a wide readership) someone with the necessary background follows your blog.
      If so it wd be an interesting exercise to perform the analysis and forward the results.

  4. It is well known that there is no low to which the SMSM will not stoop and the squatter of Murray Park sits atop that dung heap. The SMSM and their joint operation with Team EBT as well as the BBC have excelled themselves in their reportage of the transfer of DMcI. It all seems to point in the direction that the SMSM are getting suitable direction and off the record comment and RIFC are getting their encouragement from the man himself??
    If AFC are indeed insisting on their DMcI buy out amount up front then, I expect as far as DMcI is concerned, his suitor now needs to pay the acknowledged dowry and conclude the transfer. And there could be the sticking point. If RIFC dont have the cash and if they cant persuade DMcI to resign and join them then DMcI is left in a bit of a fix. If he resigns his credibility is zero and the recent results should be investigated and RIFC should be investigated by the SFA for an illegal approach in the same way Fergus McCann poached Tommy Burns and a suitable fine should be levied against everyones favourite establishment club!! However moving back to the real world if DMcI resigns and joins RIFC then CCK and his currupt concert party have their RRM man who the hoardes will welcome with open arms and RIFC will not incur any penalty or fine from their poaching and under the table discussions with DMcI and, to paraphrase a former AFC CEO AFC and Stewart Milne should don their high heels and lingerie and stand on the corner of Paisley Road West flaunting their wares!! 🙂

    1. Milne has issued a GIRFUY to the beleaguered board by refusing them permission to talk to McInnes.If the latter wants the job then he has to fight for it. Why should Milne allow a rival club to turn their manager’s head. McInnes is going nowhere. The rogue board are getting desperate.

  5. Are you not previously on record as saying the moon landings did take place, with Armstrong being the first man to walk on the moon. If I was to paraphrase – the USSR would have exposed the USA as a bunch of fraudsters thus saving USSR from financial meltdown.

    Answer me on this and my first small donation in two years will be made😊

    1. Whether you donate or not will not solicit a response. I put the time in watching numerous documentaries including one with footage that had never been seen before. It was an elaborate hoax. Furthermore Russia have always known it was a hoax. Almost fifty years on we are now probing the Van Allen belt. The current lie about Apollo is that we knew how to breach it then but we have since forgotten. These guys must think we came down in the last shower. US officials have lied consistently about Vietnam, both Kennedy assassinations and the Apollo moon landings. They are good at telling big lies and repeating them. Many of those exposing the Apollo Hoax have been murdered.

  6. Time will tell -we are living in a world where anything is possible.
    Seems to me though Clumpany has a wry wit Phil doesnt as well as a politesse (cf “if I may”) Phil also doesnt.
    Btw not clear on your agro with Phil . As I read it,tinder point was Phils comment on your “heroic exile” although I may well be wrong.
    Seems an accurate statement -although you might or might not modestly think heroic a little much.
    Of course if in your view in context the comment was meant to be either snide or sarcastic then it was surely a gratuitous insult as well as sanctimoniously offensive.
    Anyways be well and have good Christmas

    1. Good to hear from you Richard and thanks again for your unstinting support of our site. He was being snide. However when he further alleged that I was living incognito in the UK he put my elderly parents at risk. He knew what he was doing when he engaged in this lie. He was encouraging The Klan to kill my parents. He is a disgrace of a man who pretends to be a journalist.

  7. I coined the phrase “Clumpany” many years ago on the Scotsman website comments facility.

    Green had started his new club and I asked is it a club or is it a company? No, it’s a Clumpany!

    All commenters laughed and applauded the term. Within a week someone had opened a Twitter account using The Clumpany.

    There appeared quickly to be a relationship with PMGB. The work appeared juvenile and inexperienced. PMGB referred to the writer as “young man” and encouraged his writing as though he was a youthful journalism student.

    The work in recent years, on reviewing it appears more mature. I never follow it but have had a look.

    I surmised an older experienced writer had taken the mantle over.

    I have read The Clumpany’s work described on blogs as sublime, satirical genius, etc….. I find the plaudits over stated.

    PMGB’s work was always West Scotland high school failed O grade English offerings. Again, in recent years, there have been offerings on a far superior level, with reversion to quick articles with his usual erroneous English.

    I conclude The Clumpany account was taken over by a superior writer of experience to the original lad. That this individual writes articles for PMGB to publish as his own from time to time. That this writer occasionally edits PMGB work before publishing.

    I have read The Mensch on occasion and cannot discern any stylistic difference to John James. The most blatant was later edited to dupe.

    I must conclude The Mensch, The Clumpany (for 3 years) John James and Edits of PMGB are undertaken by the same writer.

    And, of course, it is the Janus Jabba Traynor!

    1. I realise that you jest but I can assure you that TM and I, both educated men with a turn of phrase, are not one and the same. This rumour was started by a small bitter man who does not deserve a name check. TM resides in the UK. I due to three credible death threats do not. Your comments about TC are interesting.

  8. JJ,read Phil’s blog today,I know,but treat it as a bush tucker trial.He steals your oft used language eg apropos,clusterf.ck,omnishambles and declares himself a child of the 1950s,eh ? Slightly mixed/made up nonsense…..

    1. I have no desire to read my repackaged pieces and ideas on any other site.I will be giving his plagiarism, speculation and fly-on-the-wall boardroom fiction a wide berth.

    1. Milne cannot possibly say yes ok go ahead talk to him.
      Dons fans would demand Milne’s head.

      So what happens now? Does McInness come out saying I’m not interested thanks for the approach or does he do a Scott Allen and slap in a transfer request with three years on his contract only to find Sevco cannot afford the buy out?

      Given the NO, if Sevco continue with McInness instead of recruiting elsewhere, the SFA must punish them.

      Indeed why isn’t there regulations forbidding Scots prem clubs approaching other Scots Premier clubs managers mid season? It should never be allowed to happen again. It disrupts and makes a joke of the tournament.

  9. A jestful comment Pierre. I can assure you that, despite our similar styles, which includes satire, humour and embracing the riches of the English language, we are not one and the same. JJ cuts to the quick much sharper and more eloquently than I am capable of articulating. I am also aware that JJ, TC and TM have never been seen in the same building together. But, JJ lives abroad, I am resident in the UK and NY and, importantly, TC resides in Clumpany Towers.

  10. KT gave the ball away resulting in the Anderlecht goal.
    It was a feeble clearance, a pass to the Anderlecht guy’s feet. They put it in the net 15 seconds later.
    Winning goal.
    Bad technical play (I agree with Rodgers).
    KT impresses as an attacking left Winger.
    The CL shows him up as a left back defender.
    Asking him to do both is too much.

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