Cold Comfort For Celtic – A Comforting Squirrel For Rangers Lite

Two narratives will dominate what passes for journalism in the SMSM today. One of these which I will deal with later in this piece will yield the most column inches. Celtic progressed to the last 32 of the Europa tournament and will be unseeded in Monday’s draw. Celtic supporters can look forward to at least one more European night this season. One can but hope that Celtic will play with more passion and precision in this game. One can but wonder why Rodgers chose this starting eleven as he evidently got it wrong and was forced to make three changes. Sinclair was off the boil again. Dembele looked leggy. Forrest had an off night. Armstrong was poor and eventually replaced by Rogic.

Edouard who replaced Dembele should have started. With Roberts injured Rodgers had no other option than to keep Forrest on the park. His performance merited the hook. Hayes who was bought to compete for this spot was not even in the squad. Is he Rodgers’ worst signing? Ntcham came on for Sinclair but did not pose any questions of the Anderlecht defence.

Celtic looked jaded. They can have off nights against domestic rivals yet still prevail, but not at this level. Rodgers needs to rethink his starting eleven and what to do when both Sinclair and Forrest don’t ignite. Looking at the bigger picture they are through but some of the hidings will leave scars.

In Glasgow’s rust belt of Govan, Rangers Lite can only dream of Champions League nights and continue to be thwarted in their attempts to secure a manager. Jim Traynor – who has the gait of a man who has stolen a pumpkin and has secreted it down the back of his trousers to avoid the attention of the store detective – has been engaging in a dirty war to unsettle Derek McInnes. As I exclusively revealed yesterday he even used the Ladbrokes Twitter account to add fuel to the fire just before the game at Pittodrie.

Every Level 5 Lickspittle worth his salt has frothed at the mouth and keyboard to his master’s voice. Every Hun and EBT recipient at BBC Scotland EBT have joined the chorus. The West Coast media juggernaut wants McInnes to ‘do the right thing‘ and take the reins at Murray Park.

However it is my contention that Traynor’s Phony War had only one objective which was to unsettle McInnes prior to the two back-to-back games with Aberdeen. If Murty had lost four games on the bounce the clamour to replace him would be deafening as would be the clamour to replace Stewart Robertson for his part in hiring the imposter.

Yesterday’s approach was a squirrel. A sop to the Gullibillies that Lite are a big club despite the prosaic fact that they don’t have a pot to piss in. If Lite genuinely wanted to secure the services of McInnes they could deposit one million pounds in an escrow account at which point Milne’s hands would be tied.

Lite don’t have a million. The approach was as phony as Traynor’s Blythswood Square address.

The release quantum will not be negotiated. Milne should call their bluff and ask to see the colour of their money. He is not prepared to sell McInnes cheaply on the never-never.



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29 thoughts on “Cold Comfort For Celtic – A Comforting Squirrel For Rangers Lite”

  1. Despite the unstinting efforts of RW, IM and PT to support our site, donations are at a low ebb. Only 7 were made yesterday. I realise that Xmas is an expensive time of year but with only 3 Santas it will be thin gruel for your humble and inordinately dedicated correspondent. Should I hang a sock on my site?

    1. Good Morning JJ,
      I agree with you that BRs starting eleven was not ideal. I do however think that Forrest was carrying an injury for virtually the entire game so he struggled. The result wasnt really good enough. 1 goal at home and only one win from the group, ironically away from home. Those who have been chundering on about a good run in the Europa may be in for a shock. I hope I`m wrong.

      Small donation made. …….9535C

      JJ; Cheers Jamie. Not as small as £1.45 which I am assured is the price of a coffee in Belfast. I assume that’s not Starbucks but fat Mary’s bread and dripping greasy spoon.

  2. once a celt always a celt
    When Celtic enticed the late Tommy Burns from Killie they were fined a record amount by
    the powers that be.If rangers lite continue to pursue delboy what are the chances that the
    new club will be similarly fined?£50 donation made by direct debit.Keep up the good work.

  3. If they do not have $1,000,000 to secure a manager they do not have enough to pay December wages. This will be a very tough Christmas for the Bears. Liquidation looms.

    1. Imagine if they had a credit line from a bank.

      It would be maxed out with no hope of payback to the bank depositor customers.

  4. As the majority of my readers will be adding mayo to their turkey sandwiches I will be totting up my bills and receipts to see if I can justify another year. I applaud and thank all of you who have supported me this far which was much further than I anticipated. If you want JJ in 2018 it’s in your own hands.

  5. McInnes has had his best back to back results for Rangers when sitting in the Aberdeen dugout will Rangers be done for tapping up another clubs manager through the press the way Celtic were done when appointing Tommy Burns ?

  6. This is the most Appalling sports journalism I’ve ever read.

    The headline is an utter lie to dupe mugs into buying the paper. What follows is a pro Sevco biased arm twist of McInness that does not substantiate the headline.

    Blue nosed pishery as they say in Glasgow.

    Their online poll is a crooked fix too.

    I’m guessing Celtic in European football in January 2018 isn’t a happy new year for blue hacks.

  7. We all witnessed the extraordinary betting pattern before the Ibrox game and the insipid home performance by Aberdeen 4 days later. If Sevco under McInnes edge the dons out of a European spot by a point or two, will there be any repercussions? Of course not. Because as you said JJ, McInnes is an honest joe…isn’t he?

  8. some madman with too much money and f all sense will stump up the required amount and Celtic will continue to dominate for the next few years as Mc inness has shown nothing to justify that he is a really good manager and what he will inherit at ibrox will still be the same dross that the other failures before had.
    Aberdeen will survive with possibly the St Mirren manager progressing up the ladder

    1. Dominate ??? On last nights showing I don’t think so .if hibs beat us then we will see what Brendan is made of ,we neither attacked or defended and were soundly beaten by a bang average side , the obvious tactic from the get go was don’t get beaten by three I had The three game package and feel short changed both Lennon and strachans teams had more fight in Europe ,as we are not seeded we will end up getting Arsenel and getting thrashed again , the Celtic park fortress reputation is in tatters two hugely humiliating defeats in two seasons we are breaking records at both ends of the spectrum ,if Brendan sticks to his guns regarding tactics I see more humiliation down the road , in order to be at the top of your game you must use all the tools in the box and if that means sometimes parking the bus and defending against the likes of PSG/Barcelona /Bayern then that’s what should be done ,the road to Champions league next year will be even harder

  9. CQN had a good article and as a Don, I think it would be best now if Sevco stump up the fee and we all move on. I’m a big fan of DM but he’s been shafted however this debacle plays out. As a football fan, it seems there is no low of Sevco and Traynor which, is disgraceful. A league sponsor allowing their twitter account to be used in this manner is nothing short of disgusting. I hope Milne is looking back on his ‘move on’ statement with regret.

    Donation this month ending 5013 made.

    JJ: Thank you.

  10. Hi JJ, great stuff as normal and I do hope that you continue through 2018. I will continue to donate monthly and support in any way I can and I would urge others to give whatever they can, when they can.

    Off topic but I see that they have yet again appealed Jacks red card. How many challenges are they allowed ffs. It is becoming farcical. They should be told to wind their necks in and accept what happens on the park but they wont

  11. Hi JJ, I was a regular supporter of your site since March, initially through monthly contributions via paypal direct then via Paypal F&F . Last month despite following your instructions to the letter, sent my monthly donation + two top ups via paypal and card, still no Whyte chapters were sent, more disappointedly my comments at the time were ignored and deleted. I can only guess in your rush to satisfy the ‘glory hunters’ who ponied up a likely one off donation to get their hands on your Whyte exclusive, contributors like myself were either not worth it or collateral damage in the maelstorm . Perhaps you will understand I no longer feel compelled to offer any further financial support to your site. Tom

    1. Tom, as a one-man operation I did my best to cope with so many requests that I had to skip a day’s blogging. Everyone who made a DONATION and not a PAYPAL payment received a copy. Your copy is on its way, irrespective of whether you choose to support our site or not. Your veiled threat is noted.

  12. Despite the hue and cry from the non Rangers centric online community about the media collusion , tapping etc on the McInnes affair I have to say ,as despicable as it no doubt is ,it appears to have worked a treat .
    Aberdeen their main opponent have been completely destabilised.
    Regardless of how this plays out L5 and co have done a great job
    They know Rangers will never be held properly to account for their actions here.
    Nothing has changed from the DM years when they could via the media act with impunity towards other clubs and their players.
    The only club they won’t take on because they just can’t is CFC who if they are minded can obviously outbid them on any matter all day long .
    The power and influence which that Club possesses in all walks of life in Scotland truly is a wonder to behold.

  13. It seems to be now becoming apparent that the courtship of DMcI and RIFC was mutual and the Laptop Loyal lapdogs as well as following the Squatter of Murray Parks instructions were also being told the thoughts and desires of DMcI directly either from his agent or DMcI himself. His intellect has been in play as he has done his utmost to straddle the fence he has sat on and not say anything he cant recant when he dons his blazer and brogues.
    There will be no penalty or fine for RIFCs blatant poaching of their nearest rivals manager. Unlike The same blatant, off the record side discussions with Tommy Burns by Fergus McCann the world has moved on somewhat since that day ( Think of Klopp meeting Van Dyke in a hotel lobby ffs!!) though in this instance, we are of course talking about the Establishment Club who dont concern themselves with rules or regulations. Stewart Milne and AFC have been had over, he won’t be the last victim of CCK and his corrupt concert party. Milne should take the buy out money if he can, insist on a one off payment if he’s lucky and pull up his knickers and move on, as he himself is wont to say 🙂

  14. Chris McLaughlin wrote on the BBC site that Rangers are willing to pay $1,000.000 for compensation to get McIness. Not a shred of evidence to back up this claim was offered however. Is he just repeating a press release lie from Ibrox? He is not a journalist. He is just a churnalist.

  15. Hi JJ. My monthly contribution should be with you in the next few days, usually 9th of the month.

    I’ve made an additional donation today (ref xxx1919) and hopefully a few more of your regular readers will step up to the plate.

    Keep up the good work and stay safe.

    1. Hi JJ have you ever read the book Will by Gordon Lidy of Nixon Watergate fame, he was threatened by nameless thugs he challenged them head on

      These internet hard men need to be challenged . You should go home for Christmas ,your time with family, friends ,and neighbours is fleeting ,as it is now they have bullied you into leaving and giving up your freedom

      I am not a donator I read your blog daily just like I do others, I find you intelligent and I think better educated than I am,but there is no way I would let these bullies run me out of my home

      I live overseas so it is easy for me to type this just like the internet hardmen type their threats, but I would admire you more if you stood up to these people just like Gordon Lidy dealt with his abusers I am sure your many readers would be willing to stand up and be counted when you arrive home.

      Think about it

      1. We are not dealing with cyber bullies in this instance. We are dealing with hardened life-sentence served paramilitary groups who will murder my parents if I show my face in Scotland. If I stood up to them they would shoot me down. A Police Officer of 30 years standing has advised me to keep away to safeguard my parents. The police cannot protect me. Some of their number feed intelligence to the paramilitary groups. It is what it is. Should I give in to them and down tools in 2018? With the current dearth of donations from those of your ilk the decision will be made for me.

  16. Sir I would never be able beat you in a debate ,our uncles,fathers and grandfathers fought wars to preserve our democracy, in a democracy we have many freedoms to speech movement , secure neighbourhood s, ,education ,healthcare, public parks, hospitals and on and on .
    We elected a government to pass laws to protect all the citizens of the country . I suggest the first contact you make is with your local MP by letter with a copy to the Local Newspaper, ask your MP if they would be willing to take the necessary steps to protect you and your loved ones

    I know from reading your work that you are more than capable of explaining your position and what you expect from your government
    From where I sit you are being deprived of of your human rights and freedoms

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