Concomitant Risks

Despite a slew of messages from an inside source that McInnes was on his way to Ibrox, I did my utmost to demur. I eventually capitulated when Mcinnes downed tools and did not lead training. If truth be told I was never convinced. I highlighted my scepticism in a number of articles. My position that Lite did not have a pot to piss in is incontrovertible

I could not envisage anything other than the most poisoned of chalices at Ibrox. Being the man in charge when Celtic achieve 10-in-a-row would have been too much to bear. As Craig Whyte revealed, every incumbent of the blue room must give the impression that the diddy club is a global giant, despite occasions where the new club was third in the pecking order of Glasgow clubs.

The SMSM were relentless in their pursuit of McInnes. Singing from the same hymn sheet they all inquired:

How could any ambitious manager turn down Rangers?”

The answer is simple. It’s not Rangers. It’s a facsimile club that is heavily in debt. Rangers Lite are unable to gain credit at any bank. Even a WONGA loan where you borrow a bar of soap and repay a bar of gold is not within their gift. Could this be the reason that arch criminal King seems unperturbed about the impending cold front from London’s Paternoster Square?  Does he take the view that the City already regard the rogue board as Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves?

Rangers Lite’s courtship of McInnes, with mood music supplied by BBC Scotland EBT,  was far from subtle. One conjures up thoughts of ‘Hey Hen, fancy a lumber‘ at a Glasgow dance hall, with a concomitant rubber ear. The knockback to Lite was so unequivocal that they might be forced to change their PR representation from the gout-ridden old soak that is Traynor at Level 5 to Darry Broadfoot at Frame. Broadfoot is an old hand at the knockback game. Broadfoot is not too picky. Any girl answering to Michele that he can bench press will do. However he inevitably crashes  and burns when he approaches them. Some have suggested that he has the breath of a Komodo Dragon but they are probably being unkind.

One’s flabber was truly gasted by the Lite response to the knockback:

“The position of Rangers manager requires an ability to win football matches and the mentality to cope with the demanding off-pitch environment that goes with being the Rangers manager. This is a critical aspect of our assessment of any candidate during the interview process.

After the two games against Aberdeen, we requested permission to engage with their manager to assess his readiness and willingness to consider the Rangers position. This was declined. We were subsequently made aware by Aberdeen’s statement that, at this stage in his career, it would be best for him to remain in his current post. We endorse that position because moving to a massive club like Rangers is a big step with concomitant risk. We continue to consider candidates but will only appoint someone in whom we have full confidence and who feels he is ready for the job.”

Massive club: Check.

McInnes not ready: Check

Concomitant risks: Check.

The Gullibilillies will be led to believe that they have dodged a bullet when the prosaic truth of the matter is that the rogue board dodged a bullet as there was a concomitant risk that they would be exposed as not having a pot to piss in.

Lite were hoping that McInnes tore up his contract. Keith Jackson, prompted by Traynor, spelled this out to McInnes.

“Just rock up at Ibrox and we will engage The Baron (of Glen Clova) to give Milne’s counsel a bloody nose.”

The prosaic fact of the matter is that Lite put all their eggs in one basket and when they were removed from the microwave the yolk exploded in their faces.

The sour grapes that have transformed a leading managerial light to an unambitious greenhorn are fooling no-one. Paul Murray would have risked his bouffant to piggy back McInnes all the way from Aberdeen.

This ‘massive club’ is a sham. They have the pulling power of Kevin Spacey on a bare week. The rogue board are always an embarrassment, occasionally a disgrace. Where will they look next for their new manager?

A gloryhole in Richard Gough’s old haunts would probably turn Lite down. It’s getting desperate in Govania.


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27 thoughts on “Concomitant Risks”

  1. The new buzz word down Govan way is concomitant. Not a soul has ever heard it before, not one of them has ever spoken it. To be fair, neither had I. You don’t hear many Kirkcaldy people using that sort of word. Now, “ shahoorsur “ is easier to understand, babies learn it at their mothers knee.
    The last buzz word in the Lite social media columns was
    “ imposter”, but they don’t use it so much these days

    1. A wee bit light humour as opposed to large chunks of Lite Humour! A teacher friend told me of the time she was teaching in the West of Fife (village name withheld to protect the innocent). She said a Primary 5 girl was crying her eyes out and when she asked her why, the girl replied the lassie sitting opposite her had called her the ‘H’ word. Perplexed at what this ‘H’ word was she coached it out of the crying child: “She called me a Hoor, miss.”

    2. Once Rangers was described, somewhat grandly, as the “quintessential British club.” The latest managerial saga would suggest that now a state of floccinaucinihilipilification is omnipresent.

  2. Surely having endured one liquidation and death the Bears will not sleepwalk to another. Sadly there is no Fergus McCann with the financial nous to rescue the club from the brink of impending death. No ability to list on the stock market. Spending more than they earn and now maxed out on loans. Penniless Dave King is no Secret Santa. The cold shoulder effect is ominous. Creditors are baying for payments owed. This is a distressed company trading whilst insolvent hoping for a miracle. Administration comes with a points loss. How can they meet wages for December, January, February, March and April before the first tranche of season ticket money in May? Not even a prestidigitator can save them.

    1. A hastily arranged two legged affair against Linfield billed as “European battle of the two most successful clubs” will keep the Gullibilies on a high and the lights on for a month. Billed as “match days of yore” with marching bands, armed forces abseiling from the stand roofs, blanket coin collections from the crowd with a guy on a white charger leading the way. The gift that keeps on giving.

  3. Hi JJ

    A strange feeling of being surprised and not surprised in equal measure at McInnes’ decision to stay at Aberdeen.

    It’ll still be everybody’s fault except Rangers though!

    I’ve made my concomitant monthly donation as usual.

    JJ: I’m concomitantly grateful.

  4. Oh my aching sides!! Well done Derek, you have gone up in my estimation.
    The arrogance of the manky mob knows no bounds. Chased and harassed for 6 weeks, unsettled him to the point that they were able to turn Aberdeen over twice, a frenzy in the media, all for nothing.
    Having been jilted at the alter, they then have the audacity to say that they were assessing his suitability. Aye right!!
    Another promise from Glibby that is unfulfilled. You would think that they were used to it by now.
    Still, I am sure there is another Real Rangers Man waiting in the wings for an assessment on his suitability.
    The definition of concomitant is given as “a phenomenon that naturally accompanies or follows something”.
    Sounds like the fans to me. oh well, on with the show.

  5. They approached him. He did not approach them.
    They offered him the job. He said no.
    So, they attack his character.


  6. Concomitant with the latest Sevco statement, I have pitched an idea to BBC EBT. It’s a sitcom based on the Sevco omnishambles with the provisional title ‘Mrs Brown Brogues’ Boys’. However, if anyone can come up with a better title …

  7. Had heard from a staunch source that 100% they were sure Derek was staying however, you never know until the fat lady concomitantly sings.

    Pleased for AFC but feel that Derek has now been severely undermined and the fact he was given a new contract only a short time ago and yet wanted to consider the Sevco job has not gone down well with a number of the AFC support (I’m not dragging myself into that thorny subject).

    Mcinnes and Milne best make sure the next few games are winners and that they fire up the players and say the right things because otherwise the fans will wonder why he veen bothered to stay, Shinnie for example seemed indifferent whether he would go or remain.

    The laughing stock from Govan were on form with Jabbas hastily cobbled together piece, the majority of Sevco fans were so confused it was hilarious.

    1. In the final analysis McInnes had a number of concerns apropos unrealistic KPI clauses in the draft contract. There was also Tony Docherty to consider. He had a look under the bonnet and did not fancy it. He made the right choice. He won’t regret it.

      1. JJ,you really should’ve checked with the Donegal man,he’s got a source in Sevco High Command,aye right…..

  8. Two cold shoulders in aberdeen are better than one in govan, is what is being reported in The Red Shepherd , The Aberdeenshire Society Magazines exclusive interview with D McI

  9. Derek didn’t have to meet with the serious professional to dismiss the overtures. A perusal of a number of the threads on this blog would have confirmed:
    (i) Dis-functional Board
    (ii) Chairman a career criminal
    (iii) Weak divided playing squad, needing overhaul
    (iv) No money
    (v) Club in permanent crisis management mode
    (vi) Supporter base with unrealistic expectations
    (vii) Survival dependent on monthly cash top-ups
    After all, the truth is out there. Its just that many, for their own reasons, choose not to listen, but instead believe the false prophets. The latest Level 5 outpouring is pathetic

  10. The sun was shining this morning on the old building which I happened to be passing for the first time in quite some time.

    The copycat banners shout out 9inaro ,33 Cups ,1872, 54 titles etc but it is a sad ,decrepit ,dispiriting place . I just knew I was looking at a relic of a bygone age . The overriding feeling I had looking at it briefly was indeed as some have observed ‘All fur coat and nae knickers’
    Who sensible would invest their money or their personal future into that and all the baggage that comes with it ?
    It struck me that DMcI turning them down is just a mirror image or repeat of why many well heeled businesspersons of a blue hue won’t touch them with a bargepole . Unless and until they are well run and funded , face up to the truth ,get a sense of reality and dispose of the sectarian nonsense they are doomed to mediocrity.

    The outstanding media manipulation of the Dons got them a crucial 12 point swing in the recent head to heads but at the end of the day the reality is Traynor just can’t control Kings lies or the behaviour of thousands of cave dwellers and when you are working with one hand tied behind your back at some point you crash and burn ..which he and they did spectacularly. The ludicrous statement just made it worse ..much worse!

    I am sure most football fans will be delighted for the Dons. They are a great club with superb fans . I for one wish them all well and hope they now really push CFC all the way .

  11. Did Shakespeare know of a dodgy Dave in his time also when he wrote for the press of the time.
    King Liar Plot Summary. The story opens in ancient Govan, where the crafty King Liar is deciding to flee his chairman role and split his booty amongst his three buddies, Murraya, Regan, and Blair. Liar’s plan is to give the largest piece of his debts to the most gullible who want them the most, certain that his …

  12. Murty, like it or not, could be a very decent coach. I wonder then, what would happen if he was approached to be number one or an assistant manager elsewhere. With no manager and no fall back, what would sevco do then?

  13. John can you please contact me if there has been a problem with my last two payments. I’m getting big hassle with PayPal.

    JJ: Yes Willmac they are not going through.

  14. Have to say JJ, after you broke first with the concomitant word everyone is following suit surprise surprise. You’ve nailed it again. 😉

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