Five Past McInnes

An impeccably placed source has provided some detailed information on the behind the scenes machinations which were geared to lure McInnes to Ibrox.

McInnes took meetings with four different directors, with all of whom contradicting one another. The Magnificently Maned Factotum imparted the party line that all was well financially, while Park junior was minded to state that any spending in the January window would be predicated on receipts from shipping out some of Caixinha’s highly-paid duds.

Stewart Robertson was most persuasive. His offer of personal terms was acceptable. He and McInnes shook hands on a deal. Robertson then inquired what team Murty should play, and in what formation, for Lite’s game against Ross County. Mcinnes jotted down some ideas on the back of a fag packet. As McInnes made the short journey to his family home in Houston, he had a level of comfort that the broad strokes had been dealt with. Robertson gave McInnes his mobile number and invited him to contact him day or night should he have any more questions.

The rogue board were showing  love to McInnes by putting directors in front of him, but when the Lite de facto manager asked questions on budgets, transfers out, etc, they all prevaricated. McInnes was given the distinct impression that King controlled the purse strings. The issue of Mark Allen’s remit came up, but the general gist was that he was a moveable feast.

Alarm bells started ringing when Robertson did not take or return McInnes’ calls. This came as a surprise as Robertson had been tapping up Mcinnes in daily calls, on some occasions twice per day, in the previous weeks

Stewart Robertson went missing for three days.

Given the contradictions and Robertson’s ‘disappearance’ McInnes realised that the rogue board were not going to pony up his release quantum and that Robertson was distancing himself from any ‘tapping up’ recriminations. McInnes knew that matters would get ugly if he just walked away from Aberdeen.

When McInnes sought counsel from senior figures in the game he was told consistently:

Don’t go near it!”

Dave King :”Is that the time? Five past McInnes? I’ll refer the matter to Club 1872.” James Blair exits the boardroom and returns wearing a Union Jack waistcoat to denote that he now speaks for Club 1872: “He concomitantly shat the bed Dave. We threw four directors at him and he still would not sign. Fuck him.”   Dave King: “Good input James, thank you.”


The rogue board could not walk and chew gum at the same time. No-one had any authority. Everyone thought that they were ‘the people‘ but could not answer direct questions.

A cynic might well conclude that the entire board had no bullets in the chambers of their revolvers. They were all firing blanks. The Lite issue Dum Dum bullets would appear to be the exclusive preserve of the arch criminal south of the Limpopo.

Mcinnes did not dodge a bullet. He avoided a discharge of blanks.


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12 thoughts on “Five Past McInnes”

  1. If it’s true that had shaken hands on joining the club, this will NOT go down well with the AFC fans I can tell you that for nothing. It contradicts the fact it’s been suggested he thought about it and turned his back on the job but rather accepted the job then decided after all he’d swim back to AFC when he did not like the look of the sinking ship Sevco half way across the pond.

    One might be inclined to think if this is all true, he’d have been better off leaving because the hardcore AFC supporter will not forgive this.

    If it’s all true of course.

  2. Think we all know the real reason j.j mcinnes wanted his own back room staff and the klan wouldn’t allow that. Donation made have a nice xmas.

  3. The Ibrox team are in 2nd place with graeme murty. If he keeps winning matches, then common sense would suggest he continues in the dugout

  4. Stewart Milne said on the BBC that the compensation package had been agreed with Sevco, then DM confirmed his reason was he didn’t feel wanted because of the time it took them to approach AFC, he also claimed he didn’t want to leave under a cloud with the fans!

      1. I agree with you JJ. So many ex players were on telly, sportscene etc… saying he was going to Sevco that it was clear they had inside knowledge of Director meets and the handshake.

        Even Keith Jackson wrote “the deal is off” in the knowledge there was a handshake deal agreed.

        But that deal was in the knowledge Sevco would pay for the release. It was Sevco who reneged on the deal leaving McInnes high and dry with possible compensation liabilities to Dons.

        The same story with Scotty Allen’s experience….. We want you, we want you, put in a transfer request….., ehm sorry we’re not paying your release value……

        King’s behaviours and contribution in the game is detrimental to the Scottish brand.

    1. Stewart Milne said on BBC that “No money was mentioned at all” when TRIFC approached Aberdeen for permission to approach DM, that is a fact Daz. He also said “I just took it they would be prepared to meet the clause in Derek’s contract”, again Daz, that is a fact, everyone who listened to it heard him say it so where you get this from is bewildering but not surprising my friend.
      DM knocked TRIFC back because of advice from senior people within the game who told him to steer clear of this club, again my friend, a fact, but why allow facts to get in the way of delusion.

  5. Daz, I’m sorry to say pal. You sound very much like a chap who has difficulty understanding ‘the queens’ English, with regard to what was said by Stewart Milne.
    This seems to be a common thread/impairment within a certain group of ‘peepul’.
    In particular, I refer to words such as continuation, liquidation, administration, criminal, new, company and club.
    I’m sure there would be someone on here, or elsewhere, willing to help you out.

  6. Has the Cilit bang left a stain in the boardroom that will be requiring a MSM vanish stunt to remove. Alastair Johnstone prime mover with a new director in keeping an eye on Dave King Midas’s counthouse 1872.

  7. I received a comment from Veritas which included a point well made apropos my response to detractors. It was always my intention to delete the click bait for the premium copy. I acted immediately. As custodian of our site I should aspire to and set higher standards.

  8. JJ , great, insightfull, witty, skilled, challenging , courageous , passionate. You. Need to catch a grip of yourself and show some COMPASSION AND HUMILITY. Then I will look forward to your Pre-eminence. Paullie V

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