Half Term Report

Celtic returned to winning ways last night but will need to show more should they wish to gain 8 lengths of clear water over Aberdeen. The Dons who visit on Saturday are currently five points adrift in second place. Lite are languishing eight points behind the Champions. Lite will travel to Kilmarnock on Saturday.

The latter is difficult to call. The Magnificently Maned Adulterer might have an inkling as he has been seen carousing with a clairvoyant in a quiet Borders backwater. Rhyming couplets predicated on ‘upstart’ suggest that she is not too difficult a conquest. I wonder what she sees in Paul’s future?

  • Did she predict that Lord Bannatyne will release his judgement on Paul’s partner in hacking crime on Friday? Did she predict that King had no intention of stepping up with an emergency quantum to keep the lights on? Did she predict that The Monocled Mutineer, Alastair Johnston, would personally cover December’s payroll and had ponied up with Scott to pay off Pedro The Plank? Did she predict that Paul might require an aqualung in the coming months as the finances are all at sea?

King’s conspicuous absence won’t come as a surprise to readers of this site but it might put the auditors’ – Campbell Dallas – noses out of joint. Maybe Paul’s clairvoyant paramour can predict the quantum that will be raised in the share issue after the directors have carved up the prime cuts in the next couple of days. Will she predict that Friday is a good day to bury bad news apropos the Directors’ carvery?

It’s all coming to a head in Govania. Wallace, Dorrans and Miller are all crocked and won’t play any part in the game at Celtic Park on Saturday week. Rossiter’s knees continue to have ‘Rising Damp.’ Liverpool’s medical insurance premiums were significantly lowered when Warburton took a chance on this sick puppy. One might contend that Liverpool saw Warburton coming. Perhaps Paul Murray’s Hearts supporting (singular, minus the Jam) clairvoyant can envisage more reconstructive surgery, or at the very least a Meccano set for Xmas, from their new ‘Build Your Own Knee‘ range?

Celtic fans will have been buoyed by Sviatchenko’s inclusion on the bench last night. They will be cock-a-hoops that Celtic have signed Marvin Comper from Leipzig. Rodgers has moved quickly to address the soft centre in his defence.

I have revisited the premium content offerings. I withdrew five that were in the public domain. There are those who visit our site who can afford to contribute but steadfastly refuse to do so. I invite readers to comment on the prospect of a recurring £10 per month paywall next year.

Until such time, I will offer ’21 Shades of Grey‘ in two volumes, each of which are more attractively priced at £1.99. Volume One contains the prologue and questions 1-8. The latter should pique reader interest. Volume Two, also at £1.99, encompasses questions 9-21 inclusive.

I recommend access via Safari or Chrome which both work a treat.

Those who have contributed, in 2017, more than £100 in a single donation (I know each of them by name) or number of contributions, or in recurring monthly donations, will receive both passwords free of charge should they kindly drop me a line. I do have a list of recurring contributors but would be assisted if my most valued contributors would help out with a receipt or a date when they initiated their recurring donations. A code in itself is not sufficient.




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58 thoughts on “Half Term Report”

  1. Not sure as to the total for 2017 JJ , but 10 pound per month moving forward sounds fair….Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Yours!

    JJ: Thanks buddy. I wish you and yours all the best of the festive season.

  2. As an unwaged lurker, unfortunatley I am unable to contribute to the up keep of the site. I wish circumstances were different.

    However, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful and prosperous New Year.

  3. Up to now I have made a few donations as and when I have been able but so far haven’t made a comment as I didn’t feel I had contributed enough. Just to let you know I feel the £10 a month would work better than just relying on people to donate.
    Personally I know that I should have donated more frequently, as the service you provide is invaluable. The reason I haven’t if I am honest is because I can get it for free.
    If the paywall was introduced I would find £10 a month and I am sure that the readers/contributors that you wanted to hold onto would all be able to do the same.
    You don’t get much for a tenner these days!
    Keep up the good work JJ

  4. Have been contributing £10.00 per month with an occasional top up and will continue to do so in The future wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and a guid new year.

    JJ: Thank you. Drop me a direct line for passwords.

    1. Hi JJ I will continue to contribute £10.00 per month for your excellent information can you supply me with the passwords.

  5. Cheers JJ, also a regular monthly contributor and happy with the paywall suggestion. I can quickly evidence monthly payments since April but haven’t undertaken a forensic search. Do you have a new strategy for the unwaged ?

    1. If I go with the paywall, I’m thinking less than a pint per month for the unwaged. 62.5p per week. I will revise this downwards if too onerous. This site – as was the case when Celtic opened their doors – will always cater for the unwaged and infirm. I cannot feed them, but I can nourish their thoughts and awareness.

  6. JJ,
    I am pleased that you have reconsidered. I will continue to support you and will move to recurring donations rather than monthly . I believe I have paid more than £100 in the current year. I would appreciate access to the premium content through password.

    1. Readers accuse me of lacking humility. I don’t. I called it wrong. I won’t make that mistake again. Drop me a direct line as you must be using a different email on Paypal.

  7. Hey JJ, Made a £100 donation via PayPal 23rd November, I realise this has penalties via PayPal, as I use it for my business, will on occasion drop a bomb your way, love your work , saddened but not surprised at the issues that you have in doing so, Have a Peaceful Festive Period! Full transparency for myself below!

    Kind regards

    Steve Lumsden

    Managing Director

    Strathclyde Chauffeur Services Ltd

    5 Raeswood Path


    G53 7AS

    Mob: 07788-795695(24/7)

    Tel: 0141-8870006

    Web: http://www.strathclydechauffeur.co.uk

    Pay online now for our services

  8. JJ – Unsure of my 2017 total, but think it would approach your requested sum. I donate monthly the sum of £10 but its not currently set up as recurring. I would not be averse to changing that if its the way ahead for all. All the best for Xmas and a peaceful and safe New Year.

      1. It’s an error as I have donated every month since at least April 17. I can send you the account record from PayPal if you wish. All the best.

  9. Hi JJ. I am not sure if I qualify for the passwords or not, but hopefully. I have donated every month for the last 18 months or so though it is no longer recurring as I do it manually each month via the Paypal F&F function to avoid their charges. I have been rammed at work of late so have much to catch up on it seems.

    All the best to you over the Festive period. TS

  10. Season’s greetings JK! I have been a £10 pcm contributor throughout 2017. May I have a password please?

    JJ: Yes. On the correct platform buddy.

  11. Not had the time to comment and enjoy the articles as such this week (a general hectic week tends to divert attention), but having a pay wall / subscription is fine with me, but £10 might be something to reconsider, perhaps you’d catch more readers with a £5 charge, and good value I’d argue, maybe discount the unwaged a couple of pounds also…

    In the case of myself, I contributed twice this month and not sure where this leaves me in terms of the premium content, further monies required? Just looking for clarification (apologies if thats in some other comments I have genuinely been pressed for time this week) as to say.

    1. I have introduced a £100 threshold. If one has kindly donated this amount over the past year I will hand them my keys in gratitude. A Paywall is being considered. £5 might be an option, with say £2.50 for unwaged. Infirm one pence. I will be guided by my readers.

  12. Anne Tucker.

    JJ: Anne, your support is well known to me and is sincerely appreciated. You are of course eligible for free passwords. Please drop me a direct line and I will get back to you.

  13. Hi JJ I’ve just made a payment for parts 1 and 2 of 21 shades of grey. 10 per month paywall sounds fair to me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to yourself and your family.

  14. As a regular doner I agree that £10 per month sounds fair & I’d be up for that,but all this £1.99 here & 2.99 ther,I don’t have time for all that as have so much going on,would like to read all your stuff but will soon need to be a Philadelphia lawyer to work out how to go about it ?its getting hard work trying to keep up to be honest,just my thoughts 😒

    1. It’s not that difficult buddy. You make a donation of £1.99, I revert to you with a password. You enter it and read. This half-way house is far from easy to fulfil and very time-consuming. There are people less fortunate who are ill and have few pleasures in life. I’m always looking out for them.

      1. Thanks for reply JJ,il set up £10 per month asap (what’s best way to do it from your point of view )& il continue to enjoy your work & greatly admire you’re courage,keep at it & more importantly keep safe,you will know by my email I had used a nickname before I started with Liam !

  15. I only recently discovered your site after a recommendation from a guy at work and I’m not actually sure what’s going on but how much will it cost me to read the private posts and how do I get the money to you, via Paypal? Thanks.

  16. I agree with Sanfrancelt,£10 per month sounds very fair.As it happens since first reading your blog I’ve made 5 donations of £25 and one of £10.So,not a freeloader but definitely a cheapskate as it works out at less than a tenner per month.
    Have to admire the amount of time that you must put in in researching your articles.Keep up the good work.

  17. £10.00 a month keeps me in soup and vultures away from my bones. I get to comment only when i am giving the comfort of a meal and access to the providers PC. But merry christmas and a happy new year and may we both strike oil.

  18. Hi JJ,

    I am in favour of the new proposal as mentioned previously, £10 is a fair amount to pay each month, as I mentioned already in an email I sent you earlier with details of my monthly contributions.

    I wish you and your family a safe and happy christmas.

  19. I’ll probably not be in a position to read much of your output between now and the new year. I’ve much traveling to do and plenty to keep me busy as the meat in the sandwich. I therefore wanted to quickly say thank you for a prodigious year of articles and thanks to your contributors for the insights, humour and breadth of knowledge that makes this a regular “go to” haunt for me. For 2018, I hope the premium articles provide the rewards you deserve and that the freeloaders step up to the plate. More than that I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and happy.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  20. Jj.i have contributed throughout year, but never on set dates, do you require all dates for the year. As for a paywall give it a try.

  21. I’m sure you will join me in praising the excellent media views of Her Majesty’s Aircraft Carrier Queen Elizabeth as she returned from sea trials.
    A fine example of quintessential British Engineering excellence, the envy of the civilised world.
    I’m sure you join me in stating God bless her and all who sail in her.
    I recall the last French Aircraft Carrier to be launched heavily listed to one side and went around in circles. Oh La La!! Jets had to do curved landings to port, then slipped off into the sea once landed. Pilots wore scuba gear. Very French forward thinking.
    It appears Sevco have limped to Christmas. Kenny Miller limps around Hamilton, he swears he will be back in the new year but at pushing 38, old muscles repair slowly. The Hacks want him off the payroll. They may have a point he’s heavily listing to one side.
    Has the transfer window opened? Why can CFC buy a player signed to RB Leipzig?
    I foresee the Hearts game as a blip and being one game out of 140 that Celtic lose. Celtic are unbeaten at home in over two years. With games at home approaching, I foresee Celtic beating the Sevco four wins in a row, whilst against higher table competition.
    The treble cups sit in the trophy room at Celtic Park. One cup has already been secured for another year. Two to go. As Rodgers strengthens for the 2018 plain sailing to June, it’s a sit back and enjoy the show for Celtic fans. Much like the plain sailing of the Queen Elizabeth back to shore; elegant, effortless and well balanced.

    1. He won’t be registered to play until the window opens on January 1st. Is it not a bit early to trash the reputations of the hard working men and women who worked on this vessel? I’m from shipbuilding/engineering stock. As for Miller, he will be out for much longer than he seems to believe. I don’t rate Morelos. Miller’s ‘telepathy’ with Pena and Windass will be sorely missed. Even at 38, he still poses a threat. Teddy Sheringham was scoring at a decent level (better than SPFL) when 41. It’s all about conditioning and avoiding career-threatening injuries. Miller’s latest knock could well end his career.

      1. I knocked the French Aircraft Carrier not the Queen Elizabeth.

        The QE is British Engineering Excellence.

        Have a great Christmas and New Year JJ.

  22. Hi JJ

    I have been contributing £5 a month for maybe a year and a couple of additional. As I said before I only by the s times and although it’s not what it once was I would say half of what I pay them I will give to you because you are streets ahead of anybody we’ve got in Scotland. If that’s not enough good luck to you. I will increase my monthly savings subscription to this next month, it’s up to you if I have to pay for passwords but I will continue to support you site.

    1. Les, you are the kind of loyal customer that I don’t wish to lose or alienate. Drop me a line buddy. I now can identify donations by customer, in addition to any recurring contributions. You must be close to the threshold.

  23. Hi JJ
    In 2017 I have contibuted 5 * £50 donations and others bits n pieces.
    Hopefully that qualifies me for passwords to access your two “21 shades” articles.
    Being a pensioner, I can’t really contribute more the wife is already on my case…).
    Many thanks for your invaluable (and entertaining) work.

    JJ: All of which were very gratefully received 67. Drop me a line buddy and I will revert to you with passwords.

  24. Wee overdue donation JJ.
    Thanks for your fine articles over the last year.
    Have a good festive break mate.
    All the best for 2018.

    JJ: Even on Xmas day, I will be approving comments on our site. Lite have a habit of releasing bad news on Hogmanay. One must be vigilant. Your kind words and seasons greeetings are sincerely reciprocated.

  25. Completely agree with your idea of a paywall, The freeloaders have had plenty of time to pony up, Hope my donation finds you well sir, Keep doing what your doing, Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year.

    JJ: All the very festive best to you and yours. Thank you.

  26. If the question is a simple ‘would you commit to a tenner a month?’ then the answer is ‘Yes’. (Caveat : for various reasons it suits me to make ad-hoc donations rather than a recurring contribution. I would commit to monthly payments but only it that was the sole option)

    It’s your site and your call and only you know what works best for you. Only you know how many people donate. If the site becomes subscription-only I assume the million hits a month would suddenly become hundreds of hits.

  27. JJ.I will support your site whatever way you decide to go. I would prefer paywall to premium donation or verifications of previous deposits. Ted T

  28. JJ I ask again why am I being asked for a payment of any size when I contribute
    £50.00 each month .This is my second request and if I do not receive a satisfactory answer
    my paypal monthly direct debit will be cancelled.

    1. Paul, you are not being asked for payment. Your access to premium articles is set in stone. I merely wanted my most valued customers to contact me directly, as you have done before Paul, as opposed to the open forum. Drop me a line, you have my e-mail address, and I will revert to you with passwords.

  29. JJ
    Seasons greetings to you and yours
    Will gladly subscribe to paywall….
    This is the goto place for well informed and well written articles…
    The truth

  30. I have been a regular donator for about a year now, £10 or the odd £20 when i could afford it i have been unwaged for the most of the time but i am in favor of a pay wall as im sure there are alot of lurkers in a better finacial position than me.
    If its free they wont pay.

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