The Reluctant Blogger

It was not my intention to write a piece today. However my attention was drawn to an article written by James Forrest on his excellent ‘On Fields Of Green’ site. The Dirty War: An Inside Look At The Battle For Scottish Football Fans Hearts And Minds makes a number of pointed references to your humble correspondent. He states from the outset that I divide opinion. I did not set out to be loved or loathed. I set out to be accurate. To this end I cultivated sources with other men who also divide opinion.

James’ article makes a number of good points. I can name the social media writers that I read or have read on one hand. Bill McMurdo, Ninjaman (whose real name is known to me), Paul Brennan, Phil Macgiollabhain and last but far from least James Forrest. The first two names on my list of the writers I respect are no longer active. I also read The Clumpany as no-one does satire quite as well. I occasionally reference the late Paul McConville’s archive which is a treasure trove of information. I voraciously read the output of The Rangers Tax Case blogger. Then there are my sources which to my mind are second to none.

In common with the three aforementioned writers whom currently engage in investigative journalism, I don’t reveal my sources. James speculates as to the identity of one of them, Jack Irvine, but I choose neither to confirm nor deny this. I like to think that Jack is a friend of The Sitonfence Speakeasy. It’s always a pleasure when he casts his experienced eye on a piece or a comment. He has a penchant for pedantry but is nothing if not informed.

Jack, a self-made millionaire, also divides opinion. Does he have an agendum? Yes. He serves the best interests of his clients. Does he shape the narrative to favour his clients? Absolutely. Does he afford a right of reply to The Easdale brothers (who divide opinion, often get a bum rap, but are indubitably dyed-in-the-wool RRM) when they are subject to the fallacious and mendacious accusations of arch criminal Dave King? Again yes. Is he using your humble correspondent to wage a social media war against Phil Macgiollabhain? Absolutely not. I am no-one’s pawn. If Jack in the past went after Macgiollabhain, as James Forrest alleges, then I played no part in it then and I am unaware of any dying embers of a former campaign now. Jack is a professional. If you paid him handsomely he might cast a critical eye on Phil Mac. He’s a busy man. He does not have time for petty spats.

James Forrest makes the point that I was initially complementary to Phil Macgiollabhain. As I stated earlier he is one of the writers who commands my respect. I received the ‘heroically in exile’ barb from a third party. It was framed in a comment on my site as a personal attack on me. I duly retaliated. As James points out this was not the case. I put my hand up and admit I was wrong.

When Phil Mac claimed that I was in the UK, he evidently had his wires crossed. I am more than a few thousand miles distant from the UK. I’m in a country where celebrations of Xmas are muted and cursory (to appeal to the ex-pat community). By getting this wrong he put my parents in mortal danger. A family friend, a well-connected retired police officer, has negotiated a deal with one of the groups who wish to assassinate me. If I remain in exile my parents will not be harmed. They see my exile as a punishment. It is. I sorely miss Greenock Morton and Largs Thistle. I miss having a cold dark one or single malt in front of a roaring fire in my local. I miss the company of friends. There are other people I more sorely miss but why would I give The Klan more insights on an open forum?

I published a piece that was very critical of Mr. Macgiollabhain. I regret doing so. Going forward I will not aim any barbs at my fellow award-winner. I will not approve any pejorative comments apropos the successful playwright. I will occasionally tip my hat to this man of letters. One can but hope that he reciprocates.

That’s not to say that I won’t disagree with him. His fly-on-the-wall boardroom pieces are often not supported by my sources. They dismiss them as idle speculations. Given his background, specifically his pro Sinn Fein agenda, it’s hard to make a case for any Real Rangers Man corresponding with him. His sources are not board members. His sources, in my opinion, work for News International and The Guardian.To my mind he publishes the narratives that editors on these titles are not prepared to print. As I have engaged with a Telegraph journalist and others to do the same, I can but commend his ingenuity. He of course won’t comment.

In my Xmas spirit of goodwill to all men I will also extend an olive branch to Keith Jackson. Love or loathe his reportage – I have often fallen squarely into the latter camp – he is eminently readable. He is not as eloquent as his social media peers, but occasionally makes a good stab at getting it right. His main difficulty is his judgment. He often takes PR pieces at face value. When these pieces are designed to subvert the narrative he should be able to discern the wheat from the blue chaff. The Rangers Lite players were not attacked at Hampden. Two hundred or so Rangers Lite thugs perpetrated the violence. Traynor used Jackson to pin the blame on the largely good-natured celebrations of the Hibs fans. When social media, specifically the tweets of Kenny Miller’s wife, proved Jackson’s premise to be wide of the mark, Jackson did not apologise. He was trained by Jack Irvine not to do so.

The common enemy of all social media bloggers is James Traynor and the equally odious SFA and SPFL. Bloggers on Scottish football should all be be opposed to the stitch-up in which Ménage -a – Trois Ballantine conferred the titles won by a former club to Charles Green’s basket of assets in the full knowledge that seventeen of these titles were bent. Those who thought that the new club would start with a clean slate were naive. Ballantine gave them an illegal leg-up and gave the Continuation Jihadists something to crow about.

However they are no longer The People. They are just the bitter throwbacks to a deluded sense of supremacy. Their Sectarian Speakeasy is a citadel to recidivism. It was no surprise to find that the individual who attacked Scott Brown was a sex offender. Sandy Chugg was sent down for dealing in prescription drugs. The Rangers Lite fans in the following photographs further prove my point:


If truth be told they are the most despised club in Scottish Football. When Charles Green and Ally McCoist attended Stewart Regan’s pitch to the members of the SPL, those who attended that meeting could not quite believe McCoist’s sense of entitlement. SuperAlly contended that they all needed ‘Rangers’ to keep their heads above water. Rangers with the bullets and pipe bombs in their baggage. Despite Regan threatening the club chairmen with allegations that they were in breach of their fiduciary duties, the new club had no friends. Only Kilmarnock abstained from kicking Regan’s arm-twisting into touch.

The SMSM kept us in the dark about Rangers. They were dining on succulent cutlets provided by Sir Bribe & Lie. Phil Macgiollabhain, unsung hero Andy Muirhead and the RTC blogger, blew the gaff on Rangers. I have nailed arch criminals David Murray and Dave King to the cross (cue howls of faux protest from the bitter old men at SFM). I make no apologies to the SFM. They allow individuals to post ad hominem attacks on your humble author. If I choose not to retaliate it will be predicated on the fact that they are largely irrelevant. The narrative has moved on apace. They are still asking the same old questions. If they are the modern torch-bearers of the RTC blogger then heaven help their HMS Social Media and all who sail in her.

James Forrest’s piece draws parallels with The Godfather. In keeping with his article might I add that today I am the reluctant blogger.



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38 thoughts on “The Reluctant Blogger”

  1. While I love your post and your due diligence you and phil no matter what . what was said or written in text should not stop you both in doing what is right and expose the failing of our so called information eg the media you two keep us a abreast of all things that they won’t print merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas.

    Why is all this effort to deceive and reveal the truth going on?

    For something as mundane as Scottish football.

    Why are so many people engaged in this teacup storm?

    What do they get out of it?

    What do they eventually hope to achieve?

    Is it all about money and milking fans via their hearts and minds? Or do fans confer some sort of power? Is that power proportional to numbers? Lose numbers lose power?

    Buying King’s shares isn’t buying a stake in an historic club you love. It’s buying a piece of an indebted loss making company that can be abandoned and liquidated.

    I thought we all witnessed that trick already. It’s not the club it’s only the operating company. The thing that can be abandoned, fall into Administration and liquidation and then a new company formed to attract new “shareholders” with the last ones shafted. Repeat.

    They won’t be selling shares in Rangers. That’s just absurd. You buy shares in Companies. Be sure to pick a good one.

    As SDM proved, all the shares in Rangers were ultimately worth a tossed quid.

  3. John, a peaceful Christmas and New Year to you and yours. I have been reading your words for a while now and like most Scottish football fans want change within the game at the top level. Why don’t you and Phil collaborate and come up with a strategy to start taking down these corrupt bastard starting with Regan, then Traynor etc. Surely two educated men of words can see the sense in that. I look forward to reading both your blogs and if you two could get it together I am sure that like minded supporters would contribute on a regular basis.
    Peace be upon you my friend.

  4. JJ, thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s read. Once again stay safe and I hope today will be a “merry” Christmas for you.

    JJ if you’re disappointed with any of your presents just remember someone, somewhere will be unwrapping a rangers tap.

    Best regards, brooklyncharmer.

  5. Merry Christmas JJ – and goodwill to everyone, including your fellow bloggers.

    IMO the reader has a responsibility to read, digest and agree or disagree with what they read. Hopefully the majority of folk read a wide range of blogs, and you tube vlogs to get a rounded view.

    I’ve never been a fan of personal attacks – and tend to skip over them.

    We all have our own minds and must use them.

    I wrote a while back about achieving Detente and this seems to be happening.

    I look forward to you all working together “in concert” to keep revealing the truth, exposing the lies and holding them all to account.

    Here’s to 2018…and whatever the Sevco Slapstick brings!

  6. JJ
    You needed to respond and you have done so in a well balanced conciliatory manner .
    Btw I would cease and desist completely on SFM . If some pygmies over there continue to throw stones … just let them .
    Was directed over on to a TRFC fan site yesterday
    Boy oh boy. What an education!
    Extensive discussions now about whether it will be DM or MA who will replace DK with mega funds coming in
    Apart from the occasional realist blaming DM 100% for their current predicament there is wholesale delusion and absolute yearning for a return of DM
    to get back to the greatest years in the history of Scottish football with someone who could beat CFC any time he liked
    Best of luck with that plan 👌

    Merry Christmas JJ to you and all your contributors and Stay Safe!

  7. Hi JJ,

    I had felt that your former criticism of Phil seemed unnecessary as there was no need to get involved in petty spats, So I’m pleased to hear you’ve moved past that.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  8. Wee donation on PayPal mate

    JJ: Thank you. A donation and a promise of a bottle from another generous reader. Very grateful.

  9. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018, JJ. The fact that you have to remain in exile to guarantee your parents’ safety is shocking. Or as Chris Kamara would probably say, unbelievable!

    What do you make of Dave King’s decision to appeal the Court of Session ruling?

  10. Had just read James Forrest article

    I would agree with the assertion

    On the basis that the bloggers are here to serve a purpose and hold SFA / SPFL/ MSM to account

    Play the ball not the man

    If there are personal differences amongst bloggers, then these can be addressed offline, most have each other’s contact details and know each other

    Continual barks online will become tedious for the reader/s

  11. Thanks for your output JJ. Much appreciated. I hope you and yours are well this festive period. I know you’d rather spend the time with loved ones and for that I raise a glass to you. I will send you a ‘bottle’ later if that’s alright.

  12. This is up there with your finest in my opinion JJ. My hope for 2018 is that those pulling in the same direction in their different ways can somehow coalesce to bring the roof down on the SFA. I’ve lost track of whether the prospect of a judicial review route remains open… I feel sure it can be funded if the opportunity still exists. That said, other events now seem capable (perhaps even highly likely) to bring serious pressure to bear on the SFA. Hell will mend them in the end.

  13. J.J. It takes a big man to acknowlege an error and I applaud you for doing so vis-a-vis Phil Mac G. You will naturally have your differences, but you are much more effective acting in concert with Phil, James Forrest, The Clumpany, Auldheid et al, and utilizing your differing skill sets in exposing the corruption in the Scottish game.

    I would also encourage you to bury the hatchet with the SFM. There will always be individuals who disagree with you, and you with them, but that site has many contributors and readers who are broadly in sync with you and share your objective in exposing truth. You may find that offering an olive branch will gain you a great deal of respect, even if your approach is not reciprocated.

    More power to you. I hope you have a relaxing Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

  14. Hi JJ .. today’s blog was an unexpected Chrsitmas Day treat, as well as a very interesting reflection on the various active voices enagaged against the tidal wave of tedium from the SMS-Fitba-M.

    Looking forward to reading you daily in 2018.. you are usually one of my first ports of call… wherever your port happends to be.

    Take care and enjoy the festive season.

  15. Credit where it’s due, that was an excellently written and very humble article by yourself. Merry Christmas and all the best.

  16. The current Ibrox entity is a mere sideshow to the greater ills that affect 21st Century Scotland.
    The anti Catholic stance of all agencies in power is my real concern.
    In Scotland am I to be forever judged on the school I went to?
    If I was a Muslim or a Jew I could seek and get redress through a court but as a lapsed Catholic I am up for the burning!
    Anyway, on a lighter note Merry Xmas everyone!
    AS it Jesus’s birthday let’s finish with a song

  17. Jj all though you claim to be a heathen , I think there are still signs in your writing of some sort of belief in God

    God bless You .

  18. Jj l’m pleased that the olive branch has been passed between you and Phil Mac and of course your previous apology to my friend Joe O’Rourke. With that in mind l will now start donating to your site again. I did contribute before so in the New year l will start again.
    I’m still perplexed that no charges have been brought forward by police Scotland to the criminals that have caused your exile and for the threats to your parents being that the perpetrators are one in the same.
    Leaving that aside l’m pleased you have figured out a proper strategy to get recompensed for your excellent work.
    Take care and stay safe

  19. Well done JJ, makes you the better guy admitting your mistakes and putting your hand up and saying you were wrong. Hope the others can do the same.
    Merry Xmas

  20. One of your best pieces JJ. Your reflections are clearly heartfelt and I applaud you. Thank you for all your revelations this year and for your educated analysis of each event. There is plenty of room for each of the brilliant bloggers you list and each bring a unique slant. You are in the premier league with the ones you mention and us readers consider you complementary NOT competitive. Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year when it comes.

    JJ: Very kind. Thank you.

  21. I posted earlier but think it got “lost” Just to say I thought this was one of your best pieces. Your reflections are clearly heartfelt and your attitude to fellow bloggers is admirable. You are in the premier league alongside those you mention and there is plenty if room for the variety of approaches. Peace and Merry Christmas to you and all the best for the New Year when it comes.

  22. The problem with reading words on a blog is that the reader can infer a sarcastic or false tone that was never intended. Vocal emphasis that crucially confers meaning in speech is usually completely missing in writing but that does not stop inference. For instance when I write “I never said he stole her purse” . That is a simple 7 word sentence. But do your the reader, really understand what I actually mean? Did I mean
    1. I never said he stole her purse Someone else said it.
    2 I NEVER said he stole her purse. Complete denial.
    3. I never SAID he stole her purse. I hinted at it.
    4. I never said HE stole her purse. Moving the blame .
    5 I never said he STOLE her purse. He borrowed it.
    6. I never said he stole HER purse. He stole someone else’s purse.
    7. I never said he stole her PURSE. He stole her money.

    Which of the seven possible meanings did you infer? Without using bold print how can I inject tone into print?

    For instance what tone do you infer for my use of the word ‘Heroic”

    Tom Rogic scored a heroic last minute winner to win the Treble.
    Keith Jackson made a heroic effort to praise Craig Whyte.

    Who mentally emphasised the O in the second use of the word?

    Don’t get me started on SHE WOUND THE BANDAGE AROUND THE WOUND.

    When you read that I assume that you pronounced the letters W O U N D differently quite automatically. How did your brain know to do that and do it correctly?

    JJ you took offence at the written word HEROIC. You cannot appreciate what was implied. Only the writer can do so. You can however as the reader infer. This is the source of much human miscommunication.

    This skilful communication is my job

    Let me finish by leaving a mischievous comment (how reader did you pronounce mischievous- correctly with 3 syllables or wrongly with 4 syllables).

    I’d like you convey this information to both of your friends.

    Did I just claim that you only have two friends or was that merely your inference?

    1. That was funny and informative fisiani. At 3.51 a.m. after a full day of food and drink…….a few hours on the couch then made it to bed 2nd wind catch up with JJ Phil the usual suspects. There is far more unites than divides you guys. In 2018 go after Regan Doncaster and Co…….the kamikaze board have already done for things with the Big Club.

  23. Your past comments on Phil turned a lot of people off.
    He showed resolve in not reacting and this strengthened his relationship with his readership who as he said yesterday are his priority.
    In that sense I doubt if Phil sees a need for you to mend any fences but I personally appreciate this piece.

  24. JJ: ‘He has a penchant for pedantry’.
    Pedants are people who prefer their beliefs to be true,
    unlike the ‘Rangers Remain’ Brigade.

    A more accurate slogan for them would be:
    ‘Rangers were Remaindered’.

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