John James II

Dear readers. Suffice to say that the premium articles did not deliver any financial relief  to your beleaguered blogger. How could I refuse those who had ventured £100 in the past year? It was a lot of work but a labour of love. Giving something extra to my most loyal supporters was inordinately gratifying.

I have looked at a number of models and come to the conclusion that a second site, John James II, is the best way to proceed. The original site will continue in its current form. There will be more satire – including The Bears – and a weekly round up of the articles behind the paywall. I would appeal to those who prefer intermittent payments to give as generously as they can. As soon as £100 is contributed one will have access to John James II in 2018.

John James II will feature exclusives and my best writing. It will also feature the comments of my right hand man, The Mensch, who has supported The Sitonfence Speakeasy since its inception. The feedback from readers suggests that £10 per month is ‘the sweet spot.‘ Those who venture £20 per month will receive a detailed email with information that is too sensitive to be published. I don’t anticipate many who will venture £50 per month – there was only one this year – but if one chose this quantum I would provide one exclusive blog for your eyes only.

As the John James II site ramps up and begins to have traction I would appeal to readers to make additional contributions to support its inception.

To get the ball rolling I will publish all the premium content items in full. I will duly edit them to present them in their original format. The Director’s Cut if you will. Those who missed out on The Whyte Papers will have a second chance. Truly indispensable reading.

I will spend a day or two working out how best to introduce the new site. I will revert to you with details.  Ceteris Paribus I will publish at least one article per day as before, alternating between sites.

Is this the best of both worlds? I still receive mail from individuals stating that they will never pay. It’s high time they lost out. The unwaged and infirm will still have a vibrant site, with 17.3m hits, at their disposal. Those who have more to give will receive more.

As always, I will defer to my readers. I look forward to your views on John James II.


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36 thoughts on “John James II”

  1. JJ. As someone who finds themself in a position who is unable to financially support the site, I realise that my thoughts may not be as important, but have you considered JJII as being the premium add free site, with the original being similar to James Forrests site?

    That would allow everyone to access your excellent work but would hopefully allow you a decent well deserved income.

    1. How about I scrap John James II and put this site behind a paywall? Would that be preferable? Really easy to implement. Or just walk away and wash my hands of the petty backbiting by those with obscure browsers who cannot input a simple password.

      1. I think what he is hinting at is that you should use an alternative site (for the free blog) where you can gain revenue from ads, thus boosting your income. I haven’t looked into it for a while but WordPress can be installed as free software on other sites. You could have ad income from one site and contributions from the premium blog on another.

        Just a thought.

        As for King, I’m assuming that if he refuses to buy and flees to SA he can extradited and jailed for contempt?

  2. Morning jj, it is in my opinion the saddest article you have produced. Whilst I do not have the answers to your dilemma, I believe a creation of a Haves & Have Nots versus the Have Lots website will be not only divisive but detrimental to your readership statistics. Myself in case has loyally provided a monthly recurring donation equivalent to £60 per year. It’s what I can afford and I do not think it a sum to be sniffed at when you consider the SMSM cannot draw a penny from me. However I have already missed out on the last batch of ‘protected’ articles through the complexities of trying to obtain an unobtainable password and now, due to the fact that I contribute as a ‘Have’ rather than a ‘Have Lots’ reader, I will be repaid for my loyalty by being granted access to ‘Speak Easy Lite’. Not for me i’m afraid and as Mr Bannatyne (Duncan not Lord) would say, I’m Out. I do hope that you choose to publish my comment, as it was after all our speak easy. Good luck and stay safe.

    1. The premium articles will be published in full. There will be no Lite. Any satire will be biting. Content on this site will not be diluted in any way. Pieces that warrant open access will be published free to air.

    2. I’m fairly new to reading this site and have enjoyed it thus far. I would say £5 per month is a more acceptable amount to charge. At £10 you are actually more expensive than buying a newspaper every day for a year. Let’s be honest it’s a one subject Blog. Albeit a very good one. Good luck regardless

    3. jj, I would like to also provide a comparison to my cancelled annual contribution of £60. This is exactly the fee that I pay for an IPTV TV stream that provides me with every terrestrial & satellite TV channel including all the Sky Sports, BT Sports, Celtic & Sevco TV and all other sports channels, all movie channels and all Pay Per View sports events. My suggestion – block the site to £5 per month regardless. I note people can copy & paste from your site but not from P McG’s site??

  3. Hi JJ,
    I think your offer is fair enough. I will be happy to continue to read your articulate articles on John James II and support your efforts.
    Stay safe and all the best.

  4. After a longer than hoped for period out of work in 2017 I established my monthly donation of £10 and hope it provides some help.
    I may consider upping my remittance once the Christmas bills are out the way, and wish you all the best for the year ahead.

  5. JJ I’m unemployed and have been for 4 years now..I contributed a few years back when I was working..I find £54 a week doesn’t stretch to the £10 a Month Your looking for So I’ll just have to take what I can get..Thanks again Your a Top Man..

  6. Irrespective of this blog, I have just made a small donation for your bottle of malt to bring in the bells. My monthly recurring will be with you on the 10th.
    All the best for 2018.

    JJ: Thank you. A pleasant respite from the backbiting by freeloaders.

  7. the £10 per month ‘sweet spot’ you mention sits well with me and considering the quality and insight and pleasure your writing brings, i’m more then happy to contribute that and hope enough readers do, allowing you a livable income… Surely regular readers wouldn’t grudge you that.
    All the best.

  8. JJ it seems a bit complicated. How about £10 per month subscription, or £100 up front for 12 months. Subscribers read the daily blog, non-subscribers get a weekly newsletter aimed at being informative enough to attract more subscribers. Additional donations to continue on and an ad hoc basis when possible.
    Meanwhile, it has been a pleasure reading your articles in 2017. Wishing you and all commenters a happy hogmanay and prosperous 2018. Fortnightly donation on the way. Cheers, Grutto

  9. Dear JJ,
    I’m disappointed with this and wonder whether it will do the JJ blogs any good as it will divide the readership. I have personally contributed £85 to the cause over the past year but do not like the subscription idea and find it off putting quite frankly. My reason for coming to this conclusion is simply that when paying for a subscription I am then immediately comparing it to other annual services i.e. Amazon Prime (£80), Private Eye (£35), etc., and I personally don’t like being forced into something. Paying intermittently works for me (selfishly), although I appreciate that you would want a known income stream.
    As “what the fuck” suggests above, is an ad based site like the James Forrest site something that you simply can’t do because you would then be beholden to the advertisers or publishers whims or maybe concerns that they could reveal your identity?

    1. First of all if all those who read our site made a token monthly donation then this step would not be necessary. However they don’t give a fuck with many hoping that this site goes under. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THAT JUST WALKING AWAY BECOMES MORE ATTRACTIVE BY THE DAY. THE BACKBITING HAS BEEN INTOLERABLE.

      The Celtic Blog is owned by Snack Media. The second site, i.e. James, is supported by the former. I’m not prepared to give up my URL. When they own it they can do what they like with it and would. They want a sandwich board man, no more. Maybe I have missed my calling.

  10. Can you clarify “ As soon as £100 has been contributed one will have access to John James 11 in 2018”

    Do you require £100 to be contributed in 2018 before access is granted or based on contributions in 2017? I assume the latter but was taught never to assume. If it as the former, I would not qualify until end April.

    I also empathise with Tom and his comments; the past month had been too complicated for those who do contribute regularly.


  11. Hello JJ,
    Is there is any way to make your new site subscription-based? I reside in Japan, and being an extremely conservative, inward-looking country, *Donations* via Paypal are forbidden. However, a monthly subscription to a site is not – I already subscribe to a number of small web-based artists, writers & music-based sites to help in their upkeep, etc., and would gladly contribute the designated amount to your splendid site.
    Hope you might be able to accommodate my request.
    all the very best for the coming year & stay safe
    G. Benpi

    JJ: I’m looking at subscription based membership. You should have no problems.

  12. Each blogger provides something different – a range of styles, sources, detail and satire that collectively put SMSM to shame. Hope you continue in one accessible guise or other.

  13. JJ- My problem is that although I have donated ever month since April this year and sent you a screen shot of the Paypal record back to June (not sure why April and May are not included) You do not respond or acknowledge, so how can I be sure that you actually know who your regular benefactors are ? You have my email address so please let me know your thoughts. Stay safe.

  14. John,

    As you know I have been contributing the equivalent of £10 per month during the latter half of 2017, and I am happy to migrate to a recurring monthly donation/subscription of this quantum. I sympathise with those readers who really cannot afford the suggested donation, however ‘the labourer is worthy of his hire’ and the last thing any of your genuine readers want is you being forced to walk away. I suggest that you go with the £10 per month charge for JJ2 initially, and review this if required in the light of the financial impact of the Change.

    Happy new year when it comes,

    The Colonel

  15. Dear S Regan

    This is what you want spectators and sponsors to continue to support in 2018 and preside over.

    Totally ridiculous league ruined by 4 times a season and 3pts for a win.

    No financial fair play

    One team continually breaks even in the interim and loses millions at year end to meet UEFA ffp regs.

    One team spends c 12m on a stand but has a cowfield for a pitch.granted its not the only cowfield.

    No way of guaranteeing if your team gets one over the line it will be given.

    Sacking the best international manager we have had in years.only O’Neill is acceptable as replacement.

    One team has gone on a near 70 game unbeaten run domestically yes 70 but loses 12-1 on agg effectively in a champs lge home and away basis.

    The Swedish equiv of raith rovers have won a Europa lge group stage, a Moldovan team almost got out the EL group stages yet we can’t get a team anywhere near this stage.

    The standard of football is horrendous.

    The standard of linesman is equally horrendous.


    Move on man and take the clown at the spfl with you .

  16. Would 20 p a read not be a better offer if you have 3,000 hits a day JJ or £1 for a week ,set up with paypal direct only.or such like.then you will be able to change code weekly. your blog would start Monday to Friday £ 1 from everyone over the year giving you 2 days to implement a members new code, by forward email in the new week if qualifying. and if set up correct you would have enough to keep belly from backbone

  17. I really don’t know what is the best model for you but those who read this site without supporting it get treated DAILY to stunning articles, real insights and regular exclusives. That really is worth paying for and you have attracted contributors who enhance your narrative and continue to raise the bar. I do think that you are wise not to give up your URL, but given your global reach, 17.3m hits and the sheer quality of what you produce, you really should be earning good money from this widely spoken about Speakeasy (my colleagues in London follow it). And given this, I know that companies would pay good money for advertising on your site. It would be a source of guaranteed funds on top of your regular subscribers. Dhenbhoy suggested (I think) two sites. One which is funded by advertising and available to all AND John James II for subscribers. This would guarantee income from two sources and, in time, encourage folks to migrate to JJII.

    This is a fabulous site. It is also quite unique and your moderation coupled with your eloquent and hard hitting pieces makes it a must read.

    Your regular readers want this site to thrive.

    And a big thank you for all your hard work in 2017!


  18. JJ. I have been a regular subscriber and will continue to do so. I will letting you have Decembers tomorrow and intended to increase the amount but now I am a little confused as to what it is I need to do moving forward. I choose to pay monthly without a recurring payment for reasons I have mentioned before. I understand your frustration and want to help. Drop me. A line by email if you can so I can continue in the best way possible. Happy to pay a whole year up front

  19. JJ I have recently set up a recurring donation for £15 per month and I would not baulk at subscribing £20 a month for the sensitive content. I agree with other comments that the password method was overly complicated, indeed on donating 1p as instructed I did not receive a password to access the premium content. You advised to contact you via Paypal but I couldn’t work out how to do so and on researching how to make contact via the Paypal FAQs the suggestion was this was only possible by starting a dispute which clearly was not the case. That said I believe that you provide an unrivalled insight into the murky world of Scottish Football and deserve to make a living from your excellent forensic analysis. I would,therefore, support you introducing JJ 2 with the subscription model you are proposing

  20. JJ, why not include advertising? I really can’t see many people taking up your offer of £10 a month when it’s more expensive than Netflix, The Economist, Amazon Prime, Now TV etc. I agree you are more informative than the SMSM but mainly only on one subject matter. With a newspaper covers many different stories and views.
    As I mentioned before and I know it won’t go down well, but I am a so called freeloader. I read the excellent Phil Mac, The Celtic Blog, CQN and Onfields of Green and have never once had the same amount of pressure to donate and whilst I think your work is excellent I just cannot justify paying monthly for what is effectively someone’s hobby.

    I think you yourself know that the subscription based JJ2 is never going to pay much, in much the same way as the regular plees for donations, the almost weekly threats to close the site down, and the premium content hasn’t. However if you start an ad based site then straight away you start getting income for your excellent work; and with a paypal button I’m sure your regular donors would continue to support you. Just my two pence worth as I would hate to see this site go under as it is one of the best

    1. “You would hate to see this site go under as it is one of the best” yet are not willing to contribute. It’s individuals like you buddy that are the death knell of this site. As I have explained in detail over and over again I would have to give up my URL to Snack Media to benefit from their advertising to the tune of less than £400 per month. I sat down with them in November 2016. They wanted to call it The Rangers Blog. To retain my URL I would have to find £1500 to build the new site. I don’t have £1500. THIS IS NOT A HOBBY ANY MORE. There is nothing to stop those that are waged buying all the titles you have listed and still subscribing to JJ II. You evidently want ads to pay your end. Your comment was polite and complimentary. You will be missed on the new site.

      1. I did not realise you needed £1500 for an ad based site nor did I realise how little you earned from it so for that I apologise. Is there no other ad based company who you could use? From a selfish point of view the idea of a JJ2 site is ideal – ‘freeloaders’ get the daily fix for nothing whilst those who pay get the detailed and premium articles. But is this best for you? Will enough people pay for this premium content? I can’t begin to imagine how much time you must spend researching, writing, reviewing and editing your posts on a daily basis to release such accurate and entertaining work. Finally, as another suggestion could you not start a new site for non Sevco related matters such as the McCann conspiracies completely devoid from the JJ/sitonfence site which could attract far far more viewers? Your site will never attract Sevco fans as you an ‘internet bampot’ in their eyes. Furthermore I doubt your site receives much traffic from non Scottish football fans. A separate site with no affiliatiion fo this, in which you continue to expose the secrets many organisations try and conceal, could have a reach and fanbase beyond your dreams! The JJ site will always be the place for Scottish football news and in particular those with a hatred for a certain club. A new site dealing with the corruption in general in the world could have a global reach and you could become the new ‘wikileaks’ Your attention to detail, and determination in uncovering the truth is second to none. Why limit it to a platform started by TheRangersTaxCase with only a particular type of reader. Set up a new one along with this dealing with non football matters and truly open to everybody and every walk of life.

  21. As another anecdote to emphasis my earlier point, I have a few uneducated Sevco’s and any time I mention what I have learned in this site they laugh it off and call me deluded. The very same people when I retold your Madeline McCann story were astounded and kept asking me where I had such information. A separate site not related to football will educate those who do not wish to be educated where Sevco is concerned

  22. I don’t envy you this predicament, JJ. I read your blogs every day and totally understand you’re situation too! I did see you allowed “Graham” his platform, as one of the freeloaders – Fair play, too in You’re cutting response – Ditch these non paying clowns and don’t allow them the air, to voice their opinions! This is a Super Site and I will continue to support at my normal level of cost!
    Power to Your Pen, Pal and Stay Safe!

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