Steptoe & Sons At Ibrox



The result of today’s Glasgow derby, as I asserted in an addendum to my previous piece, may well be predicated on the betting whims of gambling junkie Bobby Madden. Does he fancy both teams to score and Celtic to prevail 2-1? Will he have a spread bet flutter on yellow and red cards? I contend that it depends on how much he’s in hock and how desperate he is to clear his 2017 slate. Will he bet in play? How tempted would he be to award Lite a soft penalty if Celtic went in 2-0 at the interval?

I would be surprised if Madden only trousered his match day fee. Betting patterns in East Kilbride might well be instructive. Where others are deflected by his pro-Lite squirrel I will have one eye on the betting platforms on my phone with the other on the game itself. Allowing a gambling junkie to officiate this game is akin to giving Sandy Chugg a stolen prescription pad. How could either resist some extra-curricular remuneration?

Murty on his way to Auchenhowie. Douglas Park looks on in disapproval of his employee’s “Bring out your dead” mantra.

Today marks the beginning of the rag and bone sale. Every player in light blue is available. As is customary at this time of year the SMSM will make up an inflated fee for a mediocre player. Simon Stone of BBC Sevco got the ball rolling by stating that Lite had turned down a £500,000 bid from Preston. The actual bid was £150,000 rising to £200,000 with add-ons.

Murty has put Pena front and centre of his cart by stating that he would be surprised if he did not move on in this window. The austerity is beginning to bite. The salaries offered by Pedro The Plank are no longer tenable. Agents are circling like vultures, seeking cut-price carrion.

How about Tavernier? A snip at £400,000 with £100,000 of add-ons. How about Lee Wallace? Declan John will get the nod because he’s cheaper. Alves anyone? Morelos?

As many players as possible will go to reduce the payroll run. Pedro’s Iberian strategy has been an expensive flop. Those on loan will be recalled to fill the gaps.

It looks like Lite have given up on pretending they are a big club. Not that the Gullibillies will notice as they are fed on succulent morsels from Stone and his ilk.

There is a dawning realisation that the entire Sevco squad could be acquired for the sell on fee Celtic will accrue from the resale of Virgil Van Dyke.

Even if Madden subverts today’s game the incontrovertible takeaway is that Lite’s basket case of assets are distressed and priced to go.




4 thoughts on “Steptoe & Sons At Ibrox”

  1. I hear Glib called MadMan yesterday and I expect a Celtic Player red carded in first 20 minutes. Glib will collect with his Hong Kong betting syndicate.

  2. Morning JJ, been off grid for a while so playing catch up with your articles. Happy to continue with the monthly donations and hope this allows access to all your output. Latest contribution is via F&F ending 7441. Looking forward to more revelations in 2018
    Tom 1966

  3. Madden will be so dishonest to the point of being scandalous. He has form in that when he saw Griffiths being scythed in half as he was about to pull the trigger on the winner, not even a foul was given. He probably had his money on a 1-1 draw. We will watch a rigged game. It will not be bias or incompetence, just paying off a bookie. Appalling.

  4. Aberdeen director fined for gambling on games, Mason Madden given the green ( sorry about the colour ) light to continue to break the rules from a more irresponsible position.

    This could only be acceptable in fair Caledonia by our football authorities.

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