Final Draft 6 of 5WA & The Stitch-Up of Scottish Football

In Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Democratic Republic of The Congo, Central African Republic, Somalia, Eritrea and The Yemen, there are no readers of The Sitonfence Speakeasy.  Readers from every other country in the world including principalities such as The Vatican regularly read our site. If The Holy See himself has dropped by I apologise for my occasional industrial language. For all my education I am still a shipbuilder’s son.

I welcome The Palestinian Territories to my burgeoning demographic. It may surprise many to note that I am extensively read in Govania despite my focus on the facts. These readers may despise me with an unfathomable fervour but I continue to be eminently readable. Eighteen million hits is no mean feat given that in the beginning I could count my readers on both hands.

I’m more looking forward to tonight’s lunar eclipse than the end of the transfer window as my naked eye does not lie. I approach every piece of news with a healthy cynicism. My previous piece was lifted wholesale by one of my peers but that does not concern me. This is now an established site that is widely read. My contributors and I are opinion formers. It behoves us to stick to the facts.

I have never published a Sitonfence Speakeasy Credo per se, but now is as good a juncture as any to express my incontrovertible beliefs:

1. When Rangers football club ceased to be a common undertaking by four founders and became an incorporated company in 1899, it was given a unique company registration number and became subject to company law. When this company failed to achieve a Creditors Voluntary Agreement it was renamed and is now in the final throes of liquidation. Rangers no longer exists. There is no separation of club from company.

2. The overwhelming majority of journalists in Scotland know the truth and initially published the truth. Due to commercial imperatives and in some cases physical intimidation they have created a Continuation construct to stave off a boycott by the one-eyed bigots who turn up at Ibrox season after season to wade in Fenian blood.

3. Counsel for Charles Green, who bought a basket of assets, has unequivocally asserted that there is no Rangers. It’s a mythical concept like Brigadoon.

4. The odious Stewart Regan of the SFA did everything in his power to cajole chairman to break every rule in the book to shoehorn Sevco Scotland into the top tier of Scottish football. Two 5 Way Agreements were drafted to achieve the desired outcome. At this point Scottish football governance lost all credibility.

5. While Turnbull Hutton stood on the steps outside Hampden to highlight that Regan was essentially blackmailing them to bend to his will, Regan was arranging to transfer the SFA membership of the former Rangers to Charles Green’s newly formed The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

6. As the estimable Mr. Hutton railed against the SFA intimidation, two die-hard Rangers fans viz David Longmuir and Jim Bannatyne, took it upon themselves, with the approval of Regan and Doncaster, to confer all titles won by Rangers to Charles Green’s new club.

7. In gaining a licence to participate in UEFA tournaments in season 2011/2012 parties acting on behalf of Rangers made a number of misrepresentations apropos an outstanding tax liability. As Rangers chose not to pay its social taxes it should have been prohibited from playing in UEFA tournaments. The SFA chose to look the other way and then lied to cover their complicity.

8. Many of the supporters of Charles Green’s new club are drawn from the criminal classes, the Orange Order and Rangers Supporters Club secretaries who advocate a return to excluding Catholics from the payroll.

9. In perpetrating the lie of Continuation in the ‘Going for 55’ marketing slogan the new club became the laughing stock of Scottish football.

10. Seventeen titles won from 1999 – 2012 by the former Rangers are unsound.

11. The conclusions arrived at by a commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith are unsound. A new commission should be created to revisit the EBT cheating in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

12. Stewart Regan should play no part in any new commission. He should play no further part in Scottish football governance.

13. The proliferation of betting firms in Scottish football will sow a bitter seed.

14. The majority of Fake News in the Scottish tabloids is created by Jim Traynor at his one man Level 5 PR operation.

15. The state broadcaster BBC Scotland is run by a cabal of high-ranking Freemasons.

16. Police Scotland is run by a cabal of high-ranking Freemasons.

17. Craig Whyte was not the architect of Rangers’ demise. He was the last man holding the parcel when the music stopped.

18. David Cunningham King is a career criminal. Fortunately he is at the end of his rope.

19. Jim Keegan took silk and omitted the disclosure of his three year’s suspension as a company director. 

20. The arrests of Grier, Clark and Whitehouse by Police Scotland were unsound. The seizure of their client privileged information was unlawful. There will be little change out of £20m if their petitions are upheld. Heads must roll.

21. David Murray, who bought Lawrence Marborough’s controlling interest in Rangers with a $1m cash bribe, should be stripped of his title and sent down.

22. Tony Blair is a War Criminal who should stand trial in The Hague.

23. Madeleine McCann was murdered by one or both of her parents.

24. Ched Evans was ‘fitted up’ for a crime he did not commit.


Regular readers will be familiar with these themes which I have explored in depth. When reverting to (14) it’s worth noting that having been exposed in his lie apropos Morelos, Yuan-ker Traynor is now trying his luck with a bid from Beijing. Are the Lite supporters with laptops congenitally stupid or alive to the fact that fake news sells?

From my list of 24, number six (6) is worthy of  further consideration. The first question to ask is how did Longmuir and Ménage A Trois Bannatyne get away with it?


In the initial drafts of the 5 way agreement Charles Green was asked to surrender 15 titles. They were considered unsound. Yet when the final draft, Draft Six, is presented for signature, this stipulation has been withdrawn.

For those who have not seen the final draft I have reproduced it in its entirety:

5 Way Agreement as Issued to All Parties for Signature

External Draft 6

a company incorporated inScotland (registered number SC005453) whose registered office is at Hampden Park,Glasgow G42 9AY (the ”

a company incorporated in Scotland(registered number SC175364) whose registered office is at Hampden Park, GlasgowG42 9AY (the ”

an unincorporated association acting through itsBoard having its principal place of business at Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9EB (the”SFL”);

a companyincorporated in Scotland (registered number SC004276) whose registered office is at Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD (“RFC”), acting through the Joint Administrators (defined below); and

, a company incorporated in Scotland (registered number SC425159) whose registered office is at Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, GlasgowG51 2XD

(A) The SFA is a private company limited by guarantee which is the governing body of association football in Scotland whose aim is to promote, foster and develop the game at all levels in Scotland.

(B) The SPL is a private company limited by shares which owns, promotes and operates the”Scottish Premier League”, in which the association football clubs owned and operated by the twelve holders for the time being of the issued shares in the SPL compete.

(C) The SFL is an unincorporated association of thirty members acting through its Board which owns, promotes and operates the “Scottish Football League”, in which the thirty association football clubs owned and operated by its thirty members for the time beingcompete in three divisions (first, second and third).

(D) RFC is a public company limited by shares which (i) is a full member (as defined in theSFA Legislation (as defined below)) of the SFA; (ii) owns one of the twelve issued Shares in the SPL; and (iii) owned and operated an association football club known as “RangersFC” (defined below) which played in the Scottish Premier League during season 2011/12.

(E) Sevco is a private company limited by shares.

(F) Following the completion of a controlled auction process by the Joint Administrators (defined below), Sevco has purchased substantially all the business and assets of RFC by entering into the SPA (defined below).

(G) Sevco will become, following on the transfer to it of the full membership of RFC in the SFA, on Completion (defined below) the operator of Rangers FC within the Third Divisionof the Scottish Football League.

(H) Sevco has applied for and has been admitted as an Associate Member of the SFL(defined below) subject always to Rule 16 of the SFL Rules and during season 2012/13 (at a minimum) shall play in the Third Division of the Scottish Football League.

(I) Dundee FC (defined below) will resign from membership of the SFL, its membership of the SFL will automatically terminate and Dundee FC will have transferred to it by RFC the one Share held by RFC and during season 2012/13 (at a minimum) shall play in theScottish Premier League.

(J) The members of the SFL passed the SFL Resolution (defined below) on 13 July 2012.

(K) The SFA, the SPL, the SFL, RFC and Sevco have between and among each other agreed to give various undertakings and to contract as set out in this Agreement.

as follows:1.
1.1 In this Agreement:
Administrators’ Representative
means any of:

(a) the company by which the Joint Administrators are employed;(b) that company’s directors, employees and / or agents; and(c) any other representatives of the Joint Administrators;”

Appellate Tribunal
” means the appellate tribunal of the JP which ratified the Decision of the First Tier Tribunal on 16 May 2012;

means the application for the transfer of the full membership of the SFA(as defined in the SFA Legislation) currently vested in RFC to Sevco;

“Associate Member of the SFL”
means a football club however constituted which is admitted to the Scottish Football League pursuant to Section 2 of the SFL Rules;

“Business Day” means a day on which banks are open for business in London and Glasgow, other than Saturday or Sunday;
means the date on which the last of the following events occurs: (i) theSFA shall have agreed to the transfer of the RFC Membership to Sevco; and (ii) the members of the SPL in general meeting shall have consented to the registration of the transfer of the RFC Share from RFC to Dundee FC;
“CW Exempt Acts”
means all acts and omissions of or undertaken under instruction from or with the actual knowledge of Craig Whyte during the period of his tenure asn Chairman of RFC, the sanctions for which are enforceable against RFC and not against CW as an individual and which are not CW Enduring Acts;
“CW Enduring Acts”
means all acts and omissions of or undertaken under instruction from or with the actual knowledge of Craig Whyte during the period of his tenure as Chairman of RFC, the sanctions for which are enforceable against RFC and not against CW as an individual where such acts or omissions relate to or are in any way connected with, directly or indirectly, corruption, fraud, bribery, match-fixing, unauthorised or undisclosed payments to players or Match Officials, or any matter similar in its reprehensible nature to any of the foregoing which acts or omissions are of at least equal gravity to those found to have been committed by or engaged in by RFC in the JP Determination;

“Dundee FC”
means The Dundee Football Club Limited a company incorporated inScotland (registered number SCO04585) whose registered office is at Dens Park,Sandeman Street, Dundee DD3 7JY;”
” means any fee payments due to RFC by the SPL in relation to the 2011/12 playing season in terms of Section C of the SPL Rules;”

First Tier Tribunal
” means the first tier tribunal of the JP which delivered a decision in relation to RFC on 23 April 2012;”

Joint Administrators
” means Mr David Whitehouse and Mr Paul Clark of Duff & PhelpsLtd, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London E14 5NR, United Kingdom;

means the Judicial Panel formed by the Board of the SFA in accordance with the Articles of Association of the SFA (being part of the SFA Legislation) and operated inaccordance with the JP Protocol;

“JP Determination”
means the findings of fact of the First Tier Tribunal as recorded inthe Note of Reasons dated 30 April 2012.

“JP Protocol”
means the protocol as promulgated by the Board of the SFA in relation tothe JP in accordance with the SFA Legislation from time to time;

League Cup
” means the annual cup competition known as The Scottish Football
League Cup owned and operated by the SFL;

“the Judicial Review”
means the Petition P538/12 for Judicial Review lodged by RFC at the Court of Session, Edinburgh and all related proceedings in respect of the Decision of the First Tier Tribunal of 23 April 2012 as ratified by the Appellate Tribunal;”
Rangers FC
” means an association football club operated by RFC which played in theScottish Premier League during season 2011/12 and previously;”

Registration Embargo
” means the prohibition on RFC, Sevco and Rangers FC fromseeking registration with the SFA of players, the details of which are as set out in theSchedule;

“RFC European Football Creditors

means Chelsea FC, Arsenal Football Club, AS StEtienne, FK Senica, Manchester City Football Club, SK Rapid, US Citta di Palermo SPA and any other football club in membership of a national association other than the SFA,which are owed or which may become owed any sum or sums by RFC;

RFC Membership
” means the full membership of RFC in the SFA;”

RFC Scottish Football Creditors
” means [the SFA, the SPL, the SFL], The Dundee United Football Company Limited, Heart of Midlothian FC PLC, Aberdeen Football Club PLC and any other football club in membership of the SFA, which are owed or which may become owed any sum or sums by RFC;”

RFC Share
” means the one Share in the SPL owned by RFC;”

” means the Schedule to this Agreement;

Scottish Football League

means the

association football league competition in three divisions owned and operated by the SFL;

Scottish Premier League

means the

association football league competition owned and operated by the SPL;

Scottish Cup
” means
an annual cup competition known as The Scottish Cup ownedand operated by the SFA;”

SFA Legislation
” means the Articles of Association of the SFA and all statutes,regulations, directives, codes, decisions and the International Match Calendar promulgated by the Board of the SFA, the Professional Game Board of the SFA, the JP,a Committee or Sub Committee of the SFA, FIFA, UEFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport from time to time (as the context requires);

SFL Board
” means the Board of the SFL appointed under the SFL Rules and having
responsibility for the management of the business of the SFL;”

SFL Player Registrations
” means the SFL player registrations of all players employedby and registered to Sevco immediately after Completion;
SFL Resolution
” means a resolution or resolutions of the members of the SFL
passedon 13th July 2012 in terms approving the admission of Sevco as an Associate Member of the SFL, permitting Dundee FC to cease to be a member of the SFL with immediate effect and to become a shareholder in the SPL and authorising the SFL Board to direct that Rangers FC shall during season 2012/13 (at a minimum) play in the Third Division of the SFL;

SFL Rules
” means the rules contained in the SFL Handbook Season 2011/12 as from time to time amended;”
” means an ordinary share of £1.00 each in the capital of the SPL;”
” means the asset sale and purchase agreement dated 14 June 2012 entered into between RFC and Sevco under which Sevco has purchased substantially all thebusiness and assets of RFC;

SPL Articles

means the articles of association of the SPL as from time to time amended;”

SPL Player Registrations
” means the SPL player registrations of all players registeredto RFC by the SPL immediately prior to Completion;”

SPL Rules
” means the Rules of the Scottish Premier League as from time to timeamended.

1.2 In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise:1.2.1 any reference to the parties, a recital or a clause is to the parties or the relevantrecital or clause to or of this Agreement;1.2.2 the clause headings are included for convenience only and shall not affect theinterpretation of this Agreement;1.2.3 use of the singular includes the plural and vice versa;1.2.4 use of any gender includes the other genders;1.2.5 any reference to ”
” includes individuals, firms, partnerships,companies, corporations, associations, organisations, governments, states,foundations and trusts, in each case whether or not having separate legalpersonality;1.2.6 any reference to the Schedule means the Schedule to this Agreement;1.2.7 any reference to a statute, statutory provision or subordinate legislation(”
“) shall be construed as referring to that legislation as amendedand in force from time to time and to any legislation which re-enacts or consolidates (with or without modification) any such legislation;

1.2.8 any words introduced by the terms “including”, “include”, “in particular” or any similar expression shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the words preceding those terms;1.2.9 any reference to an Agreement includes any form of arrangement, whether or not in writing and whether or not legally binding; and 1.2.10 any reference to an individual includes a reference to his personalrepresentatives, on whom this Agreement shall be binding.

1.3 The recitals and the Schedule form part of this Agreement and shall have effect as if setout in full in the body of this Agreement, and any reference to this Agreement includes therecitals and the Schedule.

1.4 Any undertaking by a party not to do any act or thing includes an undertaking not to allow, cause or assist the doing of that act or thing and to exercise all rights of control over theaffairs of any other person which that party is able to exercise (directly or indirectly) inorder to secure performance of that undertaking.

AGREEMENTS AND UNDERTAKINGS FROM AND WITH RFC AND SEVCO AND COMPLETION RFC and Sevco agreement with the SFA, SPL and SFL and Sevco undertakings tothe SFA, SPL and SFL
2.1 The SPL, Sevco and RFC hereby agree that on Completion Sevco shall, other than withrespect to the CW Exempt Acts, become liable and responsible for the purpose of imposition of sanctions by the SPL for any and all acts and/or omissions of RFC and/or Rangers FC which predated Completion including the CW Enduring Acts and which caused, resulted in, contributed or led to a breach of or failure to fulfil any provision or provisions of the SPL Articles and/or the SPL Rules by RFC and/or Rangers FC as if, for that purpose, such acts and/or omissions had occurred at a time when Sevco was the owner and holder of the RFC Share and Rangers FC had been owned and operated by Sevco and Sevco had been a full member of the SFA.

2.2 The SFA, Sevco and RFC hereby agree that on Completion Sevco shall, other than with respect to the CW Exempt Acts, become liable and responsible for the purpose of imposition of sanctions by the SFA for any and all acts and/or omissions of RFC and/or Rangers FC, including the matters detailed in clause 2.4 and clause 2.5 and the CW Enduring Acts, which predated Completion and which caused, resulted in, contributed or led to a breach of or failure to fulfil any provision or provisions of the SFA Legislation by RFC and/or Rangers FC as if, for that purpose, such acts and/or omissions had occurredat a time when Sevco was a full member of the SFA and Rangers FC had been ownedand operated by Sevco and Sevco had been a full member of the SFA.
RFC and Sevco Undertakings to and Agreements with the SPL
2.3 RFC and Sevco undertake to and agree with the SPL that on and from Completion:
2.3.1 Sevco shall become liable to the RFC Scottish Football Creditors in the sums due to date or which may hereafter become due (but in respect of such sums tobecome due only in relation to (i) outstanding instalments of transfer fees and(ii) sell-on clauses in transfer contracts for which Sevco receives the full or anynpart of the transfer fee and is liable to account to the original club for any sell on entitlement arising) to the RFC Scottish Football Creditors by RFC as if Sevco had always been so liable and Sevco shall from and after Completion pay to each of the RFC Scottish Football Creditors such sums as are or may become due to the RFC Scottish Football Creditors in accordance with the subsisting contractual terms between RFC and each of the RFC Scottish Football Creditors (or such variation thereof as Sevco may hereafter agree with any of them) as if the relevant contractual terms had always been between Sevco and each of the RFC Scottish Football Creditors; and2.3.2 RFC, Sevco and Rangers FC irrevocably renounce, waive, release and discharge any right and/or entitlement to any unpaid Fees and any other sums due or to become due howsoever arising, including without prejudice to the foregoing generality, in respect of or related to season 2011/12 and earlier seasons and whether under and in terms of the SPL Articles and/or SPL Rules or otherwise, by the SPL to RFC, Sevco and/or Rangers FC and hereby agree that the SPL shall retain all such Fees and other sums due to use and apply asthe SPL shall in its sole discretion think fit.
Sevco Undertakings to and Agreements with the SFA
2.4 Sevco irrevocably undertakes to and agrees with the SFA that on (in respect of all monetary obligations) and from (in respect of all other obligations) Completion it shall:2.4.1 be bound by and comply with the SFA Legislation;2.4.2 procure that all directors, managers and office holders of Sevco are fit andproper persons pursuant to Article 10 of the Articles of Association of the SFA(comprised within the SFA Legislation), all as more specifically addressed in the acceptance (if any) of the Application;2.4.3 become liable (i) to the RFC Scottish Football Creditors on the basis set out inclause 2.3.1 and (ii) to the RFC European Football Creditors in the sums due todate or which may hereafter become due (but in respect of such sums to become due only in relation to (i) outstanding instalments of transfer fees and(ii) sell-on clauses in transfer contracts for which Sevco receives the full or anypart of the transfer fee and is liable to account to the original club for any sell onentitlement arising) to the RFC European Football Creditors by RFC as if Sevcohad always been so liable and Sevco shall from and after Completion pay toeach of the RFC European Football Creditors such sums as are or may becomedue to the RFC European Football Creditors in accordance with the subsistingcontractual terms between RFC and each of the RFC European FootballCreditors (or such variation thereof as Sevco may hereafter agree with any of them) as if the relevant contractual terms had always been between Sevco and each of the RFC European Football Creditors and Sevco will indemnify and keep the SFA indemnified against all losses, claims, demands, awards and others suffered by the SFA as a result of any breach of the terms of this clause 2.4.3 by Sevco; and 2.4.4 acknowledge that under UEFA Regulations, Sevco/Rangers FC is currently ineligible to participate in UEFA Competitions. Subject to their qualification on sporting merit and any dispensation granted by UEFA following representations by Sevco/Rangers FC, the SFA shall nominate Sevco/ Rangers FC for participation in applicable UEFA competitions when they become eligible to so participate.
Sevco and RFC Undertakings to the SFA
2.5 Sevco and RFC agree and irrevocably undertake to the SFA as follows (in respect of all monetary obligations, such undertaking to be implemented on Completion):2.5.1 in respect of the decision of the Appellate Tribunal to ratify the decision of theFirst Tier Tribunal
, and the subsequent interlocutor (“the Interlocutor”) of Lord
Glennie dated 29 May 2012 addressed to the Appellate Tribunal: RFC will immediately enter into a joint minute with the SFA, to which Sevco will consent immediately upon presentation, addressed to the said Appellate Tribunal, (i) to provide by agreement that the Appellate Tribunal be empowered by the SFA and RFC, and with the unconditional and irrevocable consent of Sevco, to impose the Registration Embargo; and (ii) for final determination by the Appellate Tribunal that the Registration Embargo be imposed;2.5.2 Sevco and Rangers FC will be bound by and comply with the Registration Embargo which is voluntarily assumed by them on an unconditional and irrevocable basis; 2.5.3 Sevco will make payment to the SFA of the aggregate of (i) the fine of £10,000 imposed on RFC for the breach of Rule 2 of the JP Protocol; (ii) the fine of £50,000 imposed on RFC for the breach of Rule 14 of the JP Protocol; (iii) thefine of £100,000 imposed on RFC for the breach of Rule 66 of the JP Protocol;and (iv) the fine of £5,000 imposed on RFC for breach of Rule 73 of the JPProtocol, and shall pay the costs incurred by the SFA in relation to the JudicialReview in the sum of £31,063.40; the total sum to be paid to the SFA pursuant to this Clause 2.5.3 will be £196,063.40; and 2.5.4 RFC and Sevco will not seek to enforce the award of costs made in favour of RFC by the Court of Session in relation to the Judicial Review.

2.6 The SFA, the SPL, RFC and Sevco hereby agree that the transfer of the RFC Membership to Sevco is wholly suspensive and conditional on the transfer of the RFC
Share to Dundee FC being registered by the SPL no later than midnight on 3rd
3.1 The SFA will enter into an Agreement to approve the transfer of the RFC Membership to Sevco (“the Application Agreement”) on the same date as this Agreement and shall take whatever steps are necessary to effect such transfer immediately on Completion. The SFA irrevocably undertakes that it will not attach any conditions to the transfer of the RFC Membership other than those set out in this Agreement and the Application Agreement.

3.2 Subject to Completion taking place, the SFA hereby acknowledges and accepts that the transfer of the SPL Player Registrations from the SPL to the SFL, such that they become SFL Player Registrations in accordance with clause 5.2, renders all players in respect of whom such a transfer of registration has taken place, registered with the SFA. Pending Completion and subject to the appropriate dispensation being granted by the SPL inrelation to the SPL Player Registrations, the SFA will treat all players who would be subject to this Clause 3.2 as registered with the SFA.

3.3 Pending Completion, the SFA confirm it has granted Sevco conditional Full Membershipof the SFA to facilitate the playing of matches by Rangers FC for the period until midnighton 3rd
August 2012. In the event that the transfer of the RFC Share to Dundee FC has not been registered by the SPL by that time, then this Agreement will automatically lapse andthe arrangements set out herein will not come into effect;
Sevco’s conditional Full
Membership of the SFA will automatically lapse; and all player registrations held by theSFA will revert to RFC and Sevco’s interest will be cancelled.

If, and only if, the members of the SPL in General Meeting give approval to theb registration of the transfer of the RFC Share from RFC to Dundee FC pursuant to article 11 of the SPL Articles, the SPL irrevocably undertakes to take whatever steps are necessary to record Dundee FC as the holder of the RFC Share in the registers of members and transfers of the SPL immediately following transfer of the RFC Membershipto Sevco from RFC by the SFA.5.
5.1 As the members of the SFL in general meeting have given approval to the SFL Resolution resulting in the admission of Sevco as an Associate Member of the SFL and the admission of Rangers FC to play in the Third Division of the Scottish Football League during season 2012/13 (at a minimum), the SFL irrevocably undertakes to take whatever steps are necessary on Completion to record Sevco as an Associate Member of the SFL in substitution for Dundee FC immediately following transfer of the RFC Membership to Sevco from RFC by the SFA and the registration by the SPL of the transfer of the RFCShare to Dundee FC.

5.2 On Completion, the SFL shall accept the transfer of the SPL Player Registrations fromthe SPL to be SFL Player Registrations as if Rangers FC had been relegated from the SPL to the SFL.5.3 On Completion Dundee FC shall cease to be a member of the SFL and Dundee FC shall not be liable for any sanction or liability to the SFL in connection with or arising out of such cessation of membership.

6.1 The parties warrant and represent that they each have the necessary power to perform their obligations under this Agreement and all agreements to be entered into by them pursuant to this Agreement (if any).6.2 This Agreement, and any agreements to be entered into by the parties under this Agreement constitutes (or will when executed constitute) binding and enforceableobligations on each party in accordance with their respective terms.

No party may assign or otherwise dispose of any rights under this Agreement including(without limitation) by way of declaration of trust. Any purported assignation in breach of this clause shall be void and confer no rights on the purported assignee.

8.1 Neither RFC nor Sevco may make any disclosure to a third party, press release or public announcement whatsoever about, concerning or relating to this Agreement and/or thetransactions contemplated by it or disclose any of the terms of this Agreement except in terms which do not depart from the terms of a public statement agreed in writing by the parties or with the express prior written consent of all parties to this Agreement.8.2 Clause 8.1 shall not apply to any disclosure made by a party to its professional advisers,or to any announcement or disclosure required by the laws of any relevant jurisdiction or by any competent regulatory or governmental body or securities exchange in any relevant jurisdiction, provided that the party required to make such an announcement or disclosure shall first take all such steps as may be reasonable and practicable in the circumstancesto consult with the other parties, and shall take into account their reasonable comments.8.3 Each party shall ensure that any professional adviser to which it discloses information under clause 8.2 is made aware of the obligations of confidentiality contained in thisclause and complies with this clause as if binding on it directly.

Each party shall bear its own costs and expenses in connection with the preparation,negotiation, execution and performance of this Agreement and the documents referred to in it.

A person who is not a party to this Agreement has no right under this Agreement except to the extent that each of the RFC Scottish Football Creditors and the RFC EuropeanFootball Creditors are due to be paid a sum or sums by Sevco in terms of this Agreement, each of them may to the extent of the sum or sums due to each of them rely on this Agreement against Sevco. The consent of the RFC Scottish Football Creditors and the RFC European Football Creditors will not be required for any amendment to or variation of this Agreement.

A failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy provided by this Agreement or by law does not constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy. A waiver of abreach of any term of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any other breach of this Agreement.

12.1 Sevco and RFC each hereby release each of the SFA, the SPL and the SFL and any of their respective directors, officers, employees and member clubs (past, present or future)
(all and each of them “the Released Parties”) from all claims, whether known or unknown
to each of Sevco and RFC, which each of Sevco and/or RFC has or may have against the Released Parties arising out of or connected, whether directly or indirectly, with (i) theconduct of the SFA, the SPL and/or the SFL with regards to or in respect of RFC, Sevcoand/or Rangers FC in connection with this Agreement and the negotiations leading up toit; (ii) the Registration Embargo; and (iii) the granting of and the terms of the obligations,undertakings and the warranties by RFC and/or Sevco in this Agreement (all and each of
them “the Claims”).
12.2 Except with respect to any alleged breach of the obligations on the SFA, the SPL and/or the SFL comprised in this Agreement, each of Sevco and RFC hereby undertakes that itshall not, and will procure that its respective directors, associated companies,shareholders, officers and in the case of Sevco those of its directors who are shareholders (in that capacity) and Mr Richard Hughes (as a shareholder) shall not commence, or threaten to commence, any proceedings in any jurisdiction before any court, arbitration or other similar judicial body against the Released Parties (including by way of third party claims in any other action) arising out of or connected, whether directlyor indirectly, with any of the Claims or any other matter addressed in this Agreement.

12.3 Each of Sevco, RFC and/or Rangers FC hereby warrant to the Released Parties that theyare not aware of any basis on which they could make a claim of any nature against all or any of the Released Parties (except with respect to any alleged breach of the obligationson the SFA, the SPL and/or the SFL comprised in this Agreement).

13.1 It is an essential condition of this Agreement:

13.1.1 that the Joint Administrators contract solely as agents of RFC and neither they
nor any Administrators’ Representative shall incur any personal liability of
whatsoever nature (whether directly or indirectly, express or implied) and howsoever arising including, without prejudice to the foregoing generality,personal liability in respect of any action or actions of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising in pursuance of all other parties’ rights and/or obligations under this Agreement and whether such claim is formulated in contract and/or delict and/or tort and/or restitution or by reference to any other remedy or right,and in whatever jurisdiction or forum;13.1.2 that no claim arising directly or indirectly from this Agreement (or under any deed or other document executed in consequence hereof or on or under any associated or collateral agreement or arrangement) will lie against the Joint
Administrators or any Administrators’ Representative personally and the
Administrators (or any Administrators’ Representative as relevant) shall be
entitled at any time to have any such deeds, documents or others amended to include an exclusion of personal liability in terms of this Clause 13; and13.1.3 that any personal liability of the Administrators or any which would in terms of the Insolvency Act 1986 arise but for the provisions of this Clause 13 is hereby expressly excluded.13.2 The Joint Administrators have joined in as parties to this Agreement solely for thepurpose of obtaining the benefit of the provisions of this Clause 13 and any other provisions in this Agreement in their favour.13.3 Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of any right of the Joint Administrators
or any Administrators’ Representative to be indemnified, or to exercise a lien, whether
under the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986 or otherwise howsoever.

13.4 Nothing in this agreement shall prevent the Joint Administrators using the name “RangersFootball Club” or any other trade name of RFC for the purposes of the performance of their statutory duties.

At or after Completion, the parties shall at their own cost execute all such documents and do or cause to be done all such other things as another party may from time to time require in order to give full effect to this Agreement.

This Agreement and the documents referred to in it together constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersede any previous agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. Each party acknowledges that it is not relying on any pre-contractual statement which is not set out in this Agreement or the documents referred to in it.

16.1 All the Parties hereto agree that in relation to any proceedings involving RFC initiated after the date of this Agreement the SFA will continue to retain appellate jurisdiction notwithstanding the terms of Article 16.3 of the Articles of Association of the SFA.16.2 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland. Each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Avenue de Beaumont 2, CH-1012 Lausanne inrelation to any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection with this Agreement.

Any notice to be given hereunder shall be duly given if:
delivered personally;17.2 mailed by first class pre-paid mail to the address stated in this Agreement of the party to be served which notices shall be deemed to have arrived in the ordinary course by post; or 17.3
sent by facsimile to the addressee’s n
umber notified to the sender by theaddressee or recorded in any official index of facsimile numbers which noticesshall be deemed to have arrived on the date of transmission if sent not later than one hour before close of business on a Business Day or otherwise on the next Business Day provided that the sender does not within 24 hours after sending such notice receive any indication that the message is incomprehensible.The addresses for service of notices are:
Address: Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9AYFax number: 0141 616 6001For the attention of the Chief Executive
Address: Hampden Park Glasgow G42 9DEFax number: 0141 620 4141For the attention of: Company Secretary

Address: Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9EBFax number: 0141 620 4161For the attention of: the Chief ExecutiveRFC
Fax [
Details please
Fax [
Details please
The Parties hereto consent to the registration of these presents for preservation and execution.
In Witness Whereof
these present consisting of this and the preceding [

]pages together with the Schedule hereto are executed as followsSubscribed for an on behalf of
at on the day of 2012 by………………………………………… DIRECTOR………………………………………… FULL NAMEBefore this witness………………………………………… Witness…………………………………………Name………………………………………… Address………………………………………… OccupationSubscribed for an on behalf of
at on the day of 2012 by………………………………………… FULL NAME………………………………………… FULL NAMESubscribed for an on behalf of
at on the day of 2012 by………………………………………… DIRECTOR………………………………………… FULL NAMEBefore this witness………………………………………… Witness………………………………………… Name………………………………………… Address………………………………………… OccupationSubscribed for an on behalf of

(IN ADMINISTRATION)at on the day of 2012 by………………………………………… JOINT ADMINISTRATOR………………………………………… FULL NAMEBefore this witness………………………………………… Witness………………………………………… Name………………………………………… Address………………………………………… OccupationSubscribed for an on behalf of

at on the day of 2012 by………………………………………… DIRECTOR………………………………………… FULL NAME

Before this witness………………………………………… Witness…………………………………………Name………………………………………… Address………………………………………… Occupation



There are the 27 wins of the Scottish League Cup, since this competition’s inauguration in 1946, to consider. There can be little doubt that these are in the purview of the then SFL.

The Scottish Cup is in the gift of the SFA. Did the SFA sanction the transfer of 33 Scottish Cup titles? If so there must be a paper trail. When will this paper trail be exposed?

The  54 Championship wins are subject to debate. The SFL was inaugurated in 1890. It merged with the SPL to form the SPFL on 13 June, 2013. However the SPL broke away from the SFL in 1998. As can be seen from the final draft, all RFC player registrations were transferred to the SFL to facilitate Sevco Scotland playing in Division Three. Therefore the Championship titles from 1998 were in the gift of the SPL.

When Neil Doncaster met a deputation of fans he asserted that Longmuir and Bannatyne transferred the titles to the new club. He was lying. Doncaster must have been a party to all transfers from 1998.

Regan, Doncaster, Longmuir and Bannatyne are all party to this stitch-up.

As the final draft is a lengthy document and this article has now exceeded 6700 words, I won’t address all the takeaways. I will note that the aforementioned names were keen to be considered as ‘Released Parties’ and insisted that CAS is the only court of appeal other than the SFA.

The SFL undertaking in 5.2 is interesting:

5.2 On Completion, the SFL shall accept the transfer of the SPL Player Registrations from the SPL to be SFL Player Registrations as if Rangers FC had been relegated from the SPL to the SFL.

Here in black and white is an admission that Rangers FC had not been relegated. However there is a reference to owner/operator giving the impression that the ethereal club continues.


Traynor is a Yuan-ker

My agent contacts have informed me that a concerted effort to punt Morelos to English Championship clubs has had no takers. His current salary stymied any interest.  ‘All reasonable offers considered’ was how he was pitched. The only proviso was that the lion’s share of any fee would be paid upfront. Running on fumes is a precarious business.

With the beleaguered board desperate to drum up some interest for him and get him off the payroll, Traynor stepped up with a fake bid from a club in Guangzhou. The two clubs in this South East province of China are the inordinately successful Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and the Sevco of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou R&F.

To add authenticity to his fake news, Traynor apprised his SMSM lickspittles that a bid was tabled in Chinese Yuan. At the current exchange rate a figure of £7m was agreed upon. Ralston could not believe his luck as he moved at light speed to print.

If he had just demurred for a moment he would have discovered that as of this year teams can only use three foreign players at most in any match, and that the number of foreign players is no more than the number of U-23 players. A maximum of four foreign players in the squad is permissible, as long as this does not exceed the U-23 players on the books.

Both of the Guangzhou clubs have their full allocation of foreign players.

This bid is as fictitious as RB Leipzig’s £6m bid for Barrie Mackay. The idea of King turning down £7m for a player for whom Caixinha purchased for £1,080,000 is risible.

This is a doubled-edged PR sword by Traynor. Player stays, Rangers Lite  are rich and ambitious. Morelos goes the offer (duly inflated) was too good to turn down.

With individuals as eager to please as Ralston on the case like a wet kiss on a dooby, Traynor thought he had pulled another fast one, but in the final analysis:

Traynor is just a Yuan-ker.


















As much as I would like to offer a 24/7 service the need to sleep gets in the way. Had I  resisted the urge to nod off I would have beaten The Daily Record to their exclusive apropos a bid by Celtic for Motherwell’s Trevor Carson which was sent to me at circa 5pm UK time. In other news Celtic’s loan signing of Charles Musonda Junior will delight their fans and provide a fillip to the Belgian U-21 player who has only featured in 34 minutes of Premiership action for Chelsea this season. He apparently has a similar game to Eden Hazard. His lack of game time as Hazard’s understudy is therefore no surprise. In other news Aberdeen’s bid to relocate to an out of town stadium passed the planning permission stage.

Those who write match programme editorials for Celtic and Aberdeen may have their starters for 10 as it were but I’m going all out for 15 more on Hibernophobia. The rampant and unchecked antisemitism of the Third Reich resulted in genocide. If one turned up in a Nazi Uniform at a Scottish Football game to celebrate, through the medium of song, the attempted extinction of an entire race, one would like to think that the Police Commander would instruct his officers to put an abrupt end to this outrage. However if one turns up at any game wearing a light blue shirt one can chant about wading in Fenian blood safe in the knowledge that the Police will develop selective tinnitus. There is a klaxon going off but it’s being ignored.

The Rangers Lite lickspittle that is Stewart Regan waded into the controversy by stating that the Police cannot arrest thousands. If that’s the only argument to consider should we all just sit idly by should the klan turn up wearing SS uniforms while brandishing Scottish Gas meter keys?

There is a simple solution. Ban the klan from all Scottish football grounds, particularly Ibrox, until they are dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st century. Their social mores may have been acceptable in 1690 but should have no place in any inclusive democracy.

If the Rangers Lite support wish to wear bread wrapping then go right ahead. If they wish to sing the proscribed Famine Song then something has to be done about it.

The root of this problem is an inculcated sense of supremacy in the family home. This ingredient is added to Anti-Irish invective and baked in an Orange Lodge or Rangers Supporters Club oven for a decade or so. When one adds a Monarchist dusting to the social engineering, the end result is what we witnessed at Motherwell on the first game of the season and at each and every game all the way to Dingwall on Sunday, with the hatred at its peak during the visit of Hibs on the 12th August.

This hatred is not on the wane. The proscribed Famine Song which particularly delights the Orange faithful can be heard in any lodge in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Wading in Fenian blood is ubiquitous in Rangers Supporters Clubs. The klan see it as their right to march on the Queen’s highway and intimidate Catholic churchgoers. They celebrate a time when Billy Fullerton’s razor gang went much further than intimidation. Catholics were attacked with impunity. They were hunted down like foxes by KKK wannabes with switchblades.

The previous photo is not a mock-up. It’s an award ceremony for an aspiring bigot. First prize in an Orange Lodge Fancy Dress Party was awarded to the following model klan family:

This ‘enterprising’ family beat someone dressed as the Pope, engaged in sexual congress with the model of a child, into second place. Welcome to The Orange Order in 2017.

In other countries these vile institutions would be closed down, but not in Scotland where they are licensed and allowed to proliferate. Their support of Rangers is part and parcel of their bigots’ charter. They see it as their birthright to celebrate their hysterical hatred of the Irish and Catholics at Ibrox.

The spineless SMSM play down the invective by dismissing it as ‘naughty.’ When 200 thugs set about the celebrating Hibs fans they were heralded for defending their players. According to the odious Janus-faced Jim Traynor ‘it’s the least they could do.’ A caller to Radio Clyde was advised to press the mute button if he does not wish his living room to be polluted by klan chants.

At this point in any discussion of  the Billy Boys bile one expects what has become known as ‘whataboutery‘ to rear its ugly head. What about The Green Brigade singing Irish Republican folk songs such as “The Broad Black Brimmer” which was written by Art McMillan and performed most notably by The Wolfe Tones. To my mind this song has no place in any football ground. The Irish Civil war of 1922 has as much relevance at Celtic Park as the obese pederast’s victory against the Irish landed gentry’s armies in 1690. I acknowledge that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter but this is no excuse.

The Green Brigade are often brought to heel by the club. If they go too far it results in a suspension. Nothing is ever done about the Rangers Lite supporters. Is expounding on one’s hatred of the Irish and Catholicism at The Sectarian Speakeasy an important part of the match day experience?

The SFA, humming the tunes of hatred under their breath when not remitting cartoons portraying The Pope as a paedophile, have allowed this canker to fester. One has to look to UEFA for leadership and affirmative action. Had it not been for Lite’s Progrès being short-lived, the klan would have disgraced Scotland on a foreign shore, forcing UEFA to intervene.

If Celtic can suspend The Green Brigade, could Rangers not close their stands to the evil recidivists in their midst? The short answer is no as 40,000 wade in Fenian blood at every home game. However they could write to every supporters club and orange lodge threatening suspension, on a club by club basis, should their songs of hate continue.

Will the Lite board do the right thing? Not likely. Fanning the flames of hatred is good for business. Why throw darts at images of the Pope or representations of shamrocks when you can rain hell on them at Ibrox and be applauded for doing so.





Raking Over Old Coals

You may have had your ear pressed to the TV but I was watching and working. Question though: would you like sports journalists to highlight every offensive song sung at a game?”

The quote in bold italics is from a tweet by Chris McLaughlin of BBC Freemasonry in response to The Clumpany. No-one needed to press one’s ear to the TV. The wading in Fenian blood and the celebration of dead Lisbon Lions, through the medium of song, left a bad taste in the mouth after an otherwise entertaining game of ‘harem scarem‘ football. Is it any wonder that most right-thinking fans want the latest iteration of offensive fans to have no outlet for their sectarian bile. No Rangers Lite no rancour.

When McLaughlin formerly pointed out the rancid Hibernophobia at Ibrox in his post-match analysis, he was duly banned from The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive. BBC Freemasonry, in a rare flash of integrity, decided that if it was one out it was all out.

What McLaughlin failed to mention was that arch criminal Dave King dropped by the BBC on Friday for a bigwig knuckle shuffle and some custard creams. Chris would not have caused offense to a backdrop of Masonic detente. The time-worn tradition of swinging the lead still holds true in the upper echelons of BBC Freemasonry.

One would not be surprised if McLaughlin was told that should he write a syllable highlighting the hyenas’ Hibernophobia it would be a career limiting decision. Jim Spence’s accurate statement that Rangers were ‘deid‘ in a radio broadcast was never going to end well.

Ross County were no match for the Loan Rangers with Cummings finding the net on his loan debut. County were not aided by a blatant hand ball offense in the box not being penalised by a Lite-facing referee. However one does not necessarily have to be Lite-facing to deny a stonewall penalty as was the case when Willie Collum denied Hearts at Tynecastle.

I watched the Celtic v Hibs game with eight Celtic fans. My new china Left Side Red was watching West Ham go down to Wigan. Given January’s brutal lack of donations I could only afford one pint of the cheapest local provenance. A more appealing draught of something dark and bitter from St. James’s Gate was not in my gift.

The game was settled by a defensive error which was pounced on by Griffiths, who had missed a pincher when he tangled his legs earlier in the game. This was as nothing to Sinclair’s miss of an open goal from three yards. He was so close that he could have taken out his John Thomas to nudge it home. Celtic were never really troubled. Their 3-4-3 formation easily prevailed. Lustig, who continues to stink up the defence when selected, was dropped from the squad of 18. Had it not been for the injuries of Gordon and Griffiths it would have been a perfect day at the office. Dembele who replaced the latter looks as if he could lose a stone. He continues to be leggy and a yard short. Brighton’s written offer of £12m may not have been impudent on this showing.

Today is pay day at Lite. One wonders who stepped up with the ‘readies’ to pay £140,000 to Alves? They could always try not leaving his boots out at Murray Park and hope he takes the hint. I doubt he will as long as he remains ‘quids in‘ at Ibrox. Who other than Lite is prepared to pay this quantum to a player who will be 37 in November? He is better paid than Scotland’s best player, Scott Brown, who was imperious again on Saturday. One of the Celtic fans in my one pint milieu noted that Brown has never been player of the month. He has been my player of the decade.

Regan – up to his neck in sophistry.

The standard bread and butter of Scottish football fare is as nothing to the SMSM brouhaha that is brewing apropos former brewery executive Stewart Regan. Jackson was first to go over the ball when he wrote:

We’ve hit rock bottom under Stewart Regan, for god’s sake just go.”

Waddell then waded in with a ferocity that he normally reserves for Celtic FC. Regan  who in the past had Darryl Broadfoot working his fly suddenly cannot piss straight. If one thinks he has no friends in Scottish football it’s as nothing to the antipathy of the estimable gentlemen of the England Cricket Board at Lord’s in London. Regan participated in a junket to Delhi on the 31st March 2010 at the behest of Lalit Modi, the founder of the Indian Premier League. No expense was spared. The wining and dining on gold platters was so lavish that had it been served to King Henry VIII he would have blushed. Modi was purporting to sweep away the blazers at Lord’s and introduce twenty overs cricket to the home of leather on hickory.

Regan as Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cricket Club was seduced by Modi’s offer of $3m-$5m per annum and a $1.5m staging fee.

When the Chairman of Yorkshire County Cricket Club got wind of Regan’s complicity in a Cricket Coup D’Etat, he moved at light speed to distance his club from the scandal. Regan continues to have The Mark of Cain in cricket circles. If Regan had not shuffled off to a backroom appointment at the SFA, YCCC Chairman Colin Graves would have expedited the termination of Regan’s contract. To say Regan left YCCC under a cloud is an understatement.

I have long known that Regan with his degree in American Studies would have been out of his depth at the SFA, but it would appear that Eric Riley and Peter Lawwell (who had been a colleague at Coors) thought otherwise. Are they happy with his handiwork as a Rangers Recreationist? Is any Rangers better than no Rangers to Riley and Lawwell? Who needs sporting integrity when the bank manager is laying out fondant fancies when you drop in for tea: “How about another million Peter? Driveways don’t heat themselves.”

The SMSM want to hang Regan for the theft of a lamb when he should be hoisted for a sheep. The failure to net O’Neil is not a termination offence. There is no defence for his other indiscretions.

This point is not lost on Auldheid who has written a lengthy blog on this topic. He inquires whether Regan is a DIDDY – Disingenuous, Incompetent, Dishonest, Duped? You decide.

Auldheid’s thesis is compelling. His evidence is culled from a 2015 missive by counsel acting for Celtic shareholders and the written exchanges with the SFA that Celtic initiated on 27th July, and continued on 18 August, 21 August, 4th September and 7th September of 2017.

Counsel for CFC Plc stakeholders wrote in 2015:

Our information in respect of this £2.8M in unpaid tax is that Rangers PLC had been alerted in November 2010 by HMRC that they would be pursuing payment of this exact sum. From that date onwards, the Directors of Rangers PLC should have known there was a potential liability to HMRC for back taxes specifically relating to payments made to Tore Andre Flo and Ronald De Boer. These sums became an accepted liability in March 2011. Matters had been brought to a head on 23 February 2011 when HMRC presented Rangers with a written case for payment of back tax owed in respect of Flo and De Boer. As your department may well be aware, that case for payment involved hitherto undisclosed side letters which were found to be an adjunct to their declared and disclosed contracts of employment.
Those contracts of employment were, of course, disclosed to the Scottish Football authorities (including the SFA) as part of the necessary compliance procedures followed by all clubs and demanded by both the SFA and UEFA.
Additionally when replying to the initial enquiries by HMRC in 2005 regarding these alleged side letters and ancillary agreements, the then Group Tax Manager of Murray International Holdings (MIH) acting for Rangers PLC on tax matters, apparently advised HMRC that no such agreements or side letters existed.

It ultimately proved that these representations to HMRC were completely untrue and without foundation. The tax Inspectors concerned in turn saw these false misrepresentations as being an attempt to simply hide the true financial position and an attempt to avoid paying the taxes which were lawfully due on the contracts of the players concerned.As mentioned earlier, Rangers PLC accepted liability on 21st March 2011 for unpaid tax having taken legal advice on the matter. In turn, HMRC then chose to formally pursue payment of the back taxes and penalties in relation to these two players, all in terms of HMRC’s debt recovery procedures under what is known as regulation 80. Prior to 31st March 2011, there was clear knowledge within Rangers Football Club of the liability to make payment for these back taxes and, as can be seen from the attached documentation, by 20th May 2011 HMRC had served formal assessments and demands on Rangers PLC for the sums concerned.”

There is nothing in this missive that can be refuted or contradicted. However this would not discourage Regan. He conveniently overlooked this missive to assert that the first time the SFA were aware that there might be an issue on granting a licence was in June 2017 as result of testimony at the Craig Whyte trial.

Regan was of course lying through his back teeth. The hollow man of American Letters took his mendacity to a new paradigm when he wrote that Celtic had been satisfied with the UEFA Licence Issue. The implication was that the stakeholders’ missive was irrelevant and that the SFA had satisfied the club. The SFA evidently do not answer to mere stakeholders

Celtic Plc demurred:

On the matter of the Licensing Decision in 2011 it is not accurate to describe Celtic as having been “satisfied” at any stage. Like everyone else we were in a position of responding on the basis of information available to us. In correspondence, Celtic raised continuing concerns as did a number of Celtic shareholders.

Broadfoot, who often had his hand up Regan’s kilt, has evidently advised his boss to lie. Broadfoot has departed stage left leaving Regan in the Frame. Regan argued that the sanctions available to the SFA were not fit for purpose. Not fit to punish Ménage A Trois Ballantyne for conferring the historical titles won by Rangers – 17 of them knowingly bent – to Charles Green’s basket case of assets. Since some of these ill-gotten gains were Scottish Cup titles, Ménage A Trois evidently had Regan’s buy in.

Regan should be crucified for this offence, with Bannatyne on an adjacent cross. Mount Florida in the guise of a modern-day Mount Calvary would be as good a setting as any. I would even settle for The Gorbals in the guise of Golgotha.

Auldheid continues with the following extract from Regan’s correspondence:

The reality is that the final decision in “The Big Tax Case” signalled closure for many involved in the game. It is hard to believe that a “wide review” no matter how well intentioned and how wide ranging could ever bring closure in the minds of every Scottish football fan and stakeholder.”

The final decision by the Supreme Court signalled that Rangers had used EBT as a disguised form of remuneration to avoid tax and with the use of side letters entered the realm of tax evasion. Given that Rangers ran a coach and horses through the SFA’s and UEFA’s regulation imperatives, Regan’s position leads to slack-jawed astonishment.

There is no closure. The SFA, who oversaw the industrial cheating which came home to roost with an HMRC visit apropos Rangers in 2009 were fully aware that they had a clusterfuck of a scandal that had to be swept under the carpet. Gordon Smith and Campbell Ogilvie duly obliged.

If there is no review this cabal of self-serving fuckwits will continue to subvert the game with impunity. There are more skeleton’s rattling in Regan’s wardrobe than Burke & Hare could lay their hands on.

As Auldheid points out Regan’s position is outlined in his email to the then Rangers CEO Ali Russel. Regan relies on a letter from Ranger’s auditors Grant Thornton describing the wee tax liability of £2.8m as a potential one with the implication that it was subject to dispute, an implication carried into the Interim Accounts of 1st April 2011 signed by Rangers FC Chairman Alistair Johnson.

Did Johnson, chairman elect of Rangers Lite, engage in sophistry? He and every other member of Sir Bribe & Lies’ board knew that there was no dispute about the HMRC demand. It was final

Regan blatantly lied that it had not ‘crystallised.’ Regan was trying to cover the arses of McRae and Dickson who were on the committee who awarded a licence to the Hun-loving criminals, and the unseen hand of Campbell Ogilvie.

Regan, Little Bo Peep turned bad, should be hung for a sheep. The lamb that is the O’Neil debacle is barely worth considering.


Buy Now Pay Later

How desperate for funds must Hamilton Academicals be to agree to a deal for Greg Docherty where the first payment is made in August? Or would it be more apposite to ask what part did Douglas and Graeme Park play in the buy now pay later deal?


The actual transfer did not surprise me. Greg’s father was a leading light in one of the fans’ groups that was subsumed by the Bent Brief’s Club 1872. He was easy to tap up with the SFA as always asleep at the wheel. I would not get my hands soiled writing to the odious Lite Lickspittle that is Stewart LRR (Let’s Reconstruct Rangers) Regan. Would Gary Ralston who railed at Regan for compromising his relationship with his much loved Lite venture an inquiry as to how a club under their watch can buy players despite being strapped for cash?

Rangers Lite are running on fumes. They cannot afford to buy players. They tried their ‘buy now pay later‘ luck at Brighton and Kilmarnock and were told where to go. However the insidious influence of the Parks at Hamilton has provided Lite with a player that they could otherwise have not afforded. Where have we come across this scenario before?

Lite will pay £350,000 of the £650,000 fee in August when all SPFL clubs receive £700,000, with £100,000 in August 2019, 2020, and 2021.

However here’s the real kicker. Hamilton were concerned that Lite would go under prior to August. King gave his personal guarantee that Hamilton will get paid irrespective of any insolvency event.

Given that King is a career criminal who will soon be in contempt of court and subject to a Cold Shoulder, what could possibly go wrong? What part of King being a Glib & Shameless Liar do Hamilton Academicals not understand?

Stadium Blues

After the hiatus and a Scottish Cup round of mismatches, it’s back to the coal face for Celtic who host Hibs today. I’m looking forward to this game as Lennon’s team will be set out to win. Should Celtic not bolster their squad in this transfer window it will not bode well for the run-in to their seventh successive title. I have not been impressed with Celtic this season. Last season they were on fire with Dembele scoring for fun. This season he has only netted one quarter of last year’s total. Celtic lack a cutting edge up front. Lustig continues to be a liability and could have cost Celtic the points at Firhill. The midfield, other than Brown, is unconvincing. With Compper injured Rodgers will have no choice other than to play Boyata and Ajer in central defence, which is not a marriage made in heaven.

Rangers Lite, by contrast, have improved their squad, albeit by loans, the recall of  loaned players and the acquisition of Docherty for £650,000.

Lite will pay £350,000 in August when all SPFL clubs receive £700,0000.  Three annual payments of £100,000 to follow. King personal guarantee that Hamilton will get paid irrespective of any insolvency event. 

Murphy, Cummings and Docherty will present more of a threat to CFC’s dominance than at any time since Lite’s elevation to the Premiership. Lite came close at Celtic Park. They were by far the better team after a first half where Celtic dominated possession but could not make it count. The failure to make additions will be brought into sharp relief at Ibrox on Saturday March 10th. One can but hope that Ralston is fit for this game. Red Hand Nicholl’s hatred of Celtic will be clearly to the fore during the build-up at Murray Park. A win against Celtic would make their season.

The SFA dropped a hand grenade at Celtic Park when announcing two friendlies at season’s end. Ten days after Celtic defend their Scottish Cup in the final at Hampden – assuming that they are not knocked out by a resurgent Lite and some honest mistakes – Scotland will be playing in Peru. The call up to the squad will be 3/4 days prior to departure with a day spent travelling. There will be no rest for the Scottish Cup winners or blunt losers. After a Saturday 2 June game in Mexico, and one day spent travelling on the Sunday, up to eight players would have only 7 days rest prior to pre-season training at Lennoxtown.

The SFA’s motives are pecuniary. With yet another World Cup campaign ending in ignominious failure the SFA are nakedly pursuing some Sol and Peso. If Regan can source some cheap Tequila so much the better. Celtic’s pre-season training and CL qualification game at the end of June does not matter a jot to the SFA.

Regan has effectively told Celtic to go and have a flying fuck to themselves.

Notwithstanding the concomitant risk of injury, Celtic could be staring at a £30m hole in its 2018/2019 budget.

An observer might suggest that this is a cynical attempt by the odious Dickson and Smurfs like Bryson to create a more level playing field in Scottish football; to help out Rangers Lite.

One would like to think that Lawwell would pin Regan to a wall, rip his eyes out and spit in his pea-like brain. Or perhaps he will simply threaten to withdraw his players from the lucrative home friendly against Costa Rica in March should Regan not release his players from the proposed South American ardour.

Having failed to net O’Neil and gone out of his way to compromise Celtic, Regan’s jacket is on an unsteady peg. News that Ally McCoist has tossed his boater into the Scotland manager’s ring has been met with slack-jawed astonishment. Is Ally sending Sandy Chugg for his messages? I would check his tea for cannabis resin. I also note that Neil Lennon has been mooted. I cannot conceive of a better way to decimate the blue pound.

The final nail in Regan’s coffin could be the SFA’s decision on Hampden. I personally think Regan is bluffing to secure a better deal, but if not Murrayfield is the obvious choice with its capacity of 67,500. Celtic Park would be second favourite. Ibrox, with its Health & Safety certificate gifted by a Masonic Police Scotland knuckle shuffle, should not be in contention.

Dave King’s proposal for a new retractable roof at Ibrox has not been met with universal approval.

However Lite desperately need the money. One will soon discover how much influence Dickson really has. If the SFA were to choose Ibrox Regan would have a pressing appointment with his P45.




The Bank of Last Resort

The quintessentially clubbable Gullibillies who forked out a £500 joining fee and a recurring donation of £18.72 per month were promised a museum to take a gander at their ill-gotten financially-doped gains as conferred by the odious Ménage A Trois Ballantyne in a back of the house deal. Ballantyne, unlike his fellow Airdrie fans, is a hun with the bus fare. It was of course ‘pie & bovril‘ in the sky. Just like the NOMAD, the proposed listing on ISDX and the sisting of the former professional football club from its file in the Canada Square offices of the well-heeled joint liquidators. With their fees I assume their shoes are hand-made.

The latest stitch-up from the Blue Room is the Directors’ Equity Carvery. King did not ‘jet-in’ under his own steam to watch Little Bo Peep McInnes’ team lie down like lambs to the slaughter. He is in town for more succulent fare. King is soliciting a fast million from the Bent Brief’s Club 1872.

Their retained heads on a stick at Sevco Times were happy to spin out King’s narrative to the aye faithful:

Most Rangers supporters aren’t millionaires, but they don’t need to be because together we can invest millions of pounds in Rangers Football Club.”

I assume they are referring to The Rangers Football Club Ltd which was incorporated in 2012. If it were not for their continuation smoke and mirrors they could be coining in £20.12 per month from those with more money than sense. The millionaires who have ponied up loans to RIFC will be well looked after, as will those with holdings of 3%. The Bent Brief James Blair, in a flagrant display of insider trading, assured all the significant stakeholders that they would be well looked after if they voted for Resolutions 10 & 11. I have notified the Department of Takeovers and Mergers apropos the Bent Brief’s latest scam.

The Magnificently Maned Adulterer will be quick on the dreuth draw prior to Halitosis Halloween engaging his laughing gear. Will Donald get an invite or is he still in purdah for defending Whyte?

King was also in town to have first dibs on The Loving Cup. One can understand why he would pull rank to be first at the porcelain trough. Who would want to follow a French Kiss Quaff by Halitosis Halloween Houston? There would be more floaters than a primary school public swimming pool excursion. As for Sandy Prescriptions ‘R’ Us Chugg, things might take a decidedly psychedelic turn if he had a tab of acid on his tongue. Which would be apposite as the contributors to Club 1872 are being asked to part with their hard-earned to stand still. Perhaps they should promise ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’ and enclose a Chugg tab with every remitted begging letter aka prospectus.

Who would not want to pay top dollar for worthless shares? What’s a million or two between friends to facilitate the Directors’ Carvery? King will be slicing a good part of the 1872 heist rump, to be washed down with a Loving Cup Bordeaux.

With £7.2m to be found and loan deals to pay for, no sofa in Govan will remain intact. The Gullibillies will be in and out of the upholstery like potholers on speed.

Far be it for me to be the spectre at the Toby Jug Masonic Winding but those in Paternoster Square might call time on King’s session.

In the final analysis will the Gullibillies pony up on a King steed that will pull up lame like so many of its stable mates.