A Game of Fives

I have sources that would surprise many of my readers. One of these has stepped forward with this year’s first exclusive.

Brendan Rodgers only rates five of the eighteen man squad he selected to play Rangers Lite at the weekend. The five are: Sinclair, Dembele, Brown, Ntcham and Tierney.

He only sees long-term futures for these five. He will work to develop four of these players. They are worthy of his efforts. Scott Brown will also continue to improve under Rodgers’ one-to-one tutelage.

Thirteen of Saturday’s 18-man squad are just not good enough.

I realise that this is explosive news. I therefore approached two other sources with close links to CFC. It checked out.

One wonders if Compper is the first harbinger of a root and branch revamp of the squad. Brendan Rodgers has a burning desire to be competitive in the Champions League. He is circa 12 players shy of the eighteen he craves. The next two transfer windows will be instructive.


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11 thoughts on “A Game of Fives”

  1. Good stuff JJ. You are certainly starting the year with a bang.
    Meanwhile, I have had some good news.
    I have just fought off a phone bill of some hundreds of pounds for a single telephone call to Denmark which allegedly lasted 39 hours (actually 44 minutes and 40 seconds) so I have some free funds. Hence, I have made another donation to spread the joy a bit.
    Have another dram with your Baklava!

    JJ: Thank you sir, I most certainly will.

  2. If Brendan rates Ntcham so much then why didn’t he start the game instead of being a late sub?

    James Forrest? Not rated?

    January movements might be interesting at Celtic. While at Sevco I am certain they will just be comical.

  3. Not surprised as said all along that tbis is still deilas squad in tbe main. Evey manager want his own players and i think the board have to back him in the next 2 windows otherwise be might not hang around.

  4. Interesting article to kick off 2018.

    I would have thought Forrest and Griffiths would have been among BR’s first-pick squad of 18.

    Probably the likes of Ajer, Edouard and Johnston are players that could make that elite squad in a year or two.

    Roberts (currently absent so not available for last weekend) is another that he would rate among his first picks, if he could prise him away from ManCity’s clutches.

    In any case, food for thought.
    If this is how BR is thinking – and I hope he is – we are heading in the right direction. Hopefully CL embarrassments will be a thing of the past and we will at last be able to give a more worthy account of ourselves.

    Stay safe JJ, and all the best for the coming year.

  5. 13 not good enough, when once they were, is indicative of management failure.

    One or two going backwards could be players not being good enough.

    13 players with circa £25m value all being not good enough at the same juncture points the finger of blame directly at Rodgers.

    They’re physically and mentally knackered. They will have no chance of getting through a summer pre season preparation for Champions league 8 hard competitive qualifier games. None.

  6. This is astonishing news.

    A treble winning squad,
    two cash generating CL runs in a row,
    69 unbeatennrecord,
    not beaten at home in 2 years,
    lost one game out of 76.
    League cup winners,
    Easily top of SPFL,
    In Scottish cup
    In Europa League,

    And 13 out of 18 are not worth keeping or developing? Clearly Brendan Rodgers is over reacting and losing it. Or your “source” should be ignored.

    The squad is tired. They need rest.

  7. If Brendan Rodgers is a good manager he will completely rest his guys and get them back to winning ways.
    If Brendan Rodgers is a good manager he will getvMoussa Dembele back to 38 goals a season. So say 20 in the second half of the season. He’s only had 8 so far.
    Rodgers reputation will be assessed End jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May.
    There’s four hard months ahead.

  8. Happy New Year JJ Greeting from ROI. Donation sent Celtic very poor on Saturday. Following them for over 50 years. They have been treading water of late . Hopefully they will get the finger out after the break and go on to make it 7 honest in a row.

    JJ: Thank you. They have become stale, predictable and too easy to undermine with a high pressing game. They need fresh blood.

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