The Sitonfence Speakeasy – 2018

As much as I would like to hire a dignitary to officially declare our site open perhaps a more low-key preface would be more in keeping with the demeanour of your humble correspondent. The following was made in a comment by one of our site’s more generous benefactors. Richard wrote:

Hopefully enough will step forward so you can continue and prosper in 2018. I particularly liked your keeping of original site open and free. Firstly of course many are not in a position to contribute even modest amounts and they are not
abandoned. Secondly, assuming the worst and your second site is not a success (fiscally) all your work doesnt disappear into the void – as doubtless some few would wish – and at the same time provides advertising and publicity for your second site for those who view the original site At any rate for me your solution – a year’s subscription – is ideal.

Assuming the wheels come off for King & co & Rangers lite goes into admin or more likely liquidation what do you anticipate will then be the focus of jj2-Scottish fb generally or other topics? For myself supporting Celtic naturally these are good times.Still think the league is better if it’s competitive although for tv contract reasons a two team race is more marketable.I plump for competitive since over here we get only a few games.”


It’s traditional at this time of year to wish everyone good health and prosperity. As I typically take a different tack I am going to wish my esteemed readers something more precious: peace of mind.

No-one pursues a career in blogging to be prosperous. I would rather be rich in friends. As was clearly demonstrated when I met Left Side Red on Saturday my readers are rooting for me. They know the obstacles that I face when presenting fearless prose. The death squads who would assassinate me as one would put down a chronically ill animal, continue to dog me. I also have some other concerns that never leave my thoughts.

I don’t have peace of mind. However I’m not one to feel sorry for myself. I know the part I played in creating this rod for my back. I salute Phil Macgiollabhain for having the courage to come out and talk openly about depression. Neil Lennon also spoke of his mental health issues. Bullets and parcel bombs do not engender an easy disposition. What I most wish for my readers is not to fall into despair.

This site will always be open to the disadvantaged and the unwaged. It will never be diluted. It will continue to be uncompromising. It will continue to be my first priority as we move onward and upward to 17.5m hits and beyond. This award-winning site is my pride and joy. It will always be free at source.

This site is read by the judiciary and the Faculty of Advocates. It’s the talk of chambers. When I exclusively revealed details of the Craig Whyte witch hunt, the talk was of contempt of court proceedings. I defied reporting proceedings.

This site is read by members of The Speculative Society and the Freemasons who striate Scottish society to their own self-serving ends while masquerading as a parochial concern.

The Sitonfence Speakeasy is read by the SMSM and BBC Sevco. Have a look at some of Tom English’s recent pieces and note their origin on this site. They wake up to the same blank screen as I do but I’m better informed and agenda-free. I don’t have to pander to any supporters demographic. This gives me an edge.

The struggle in 2017 was to keep this site open. When I made appeals for more donations I was dismissed by my detractors as a ‘bheggar.’ I offer a service. If this service informs and entertains, if it provides exclusives, then please consider donating.

I cover every issue and more often than not you will read it here first. If I were a Superhero and not a mere blogger I would literally champion the oppressed. However as one who believes that the pen is mightier than the sword I revert to keystrokes. I have never had a tattoo but if I ever decided to go down this route I would choose the Palestinian flag. However as this might offend one of my my best friends, Max in Tel Aviv, I continue to demur.

I often go against the grain. I supported Ched Evans when it was unpopular to do so. Those who derided me for backing a convicted rapist – Matt Leslie was the first on this bandwagon – have never apogolized. This innocent man was sent down to further the careers of ambitious Welsh police officers. It was an outrage. As was the hysterical reaction of heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Jamie and Neil Acourt and their lieutenant Luke Knight, who all plunged knives into Stephen Lawrence, have never been convicted of murder. I will continue to remind everyone of this incontrovertible fact for as long as these vicious racist bastards remain at large.

When it comes to murderers who remain at large this site will continue to hold the most the most odious mass murderer since Pol Pot, Tony Blair, to account. Given half a chance I would fell him with a single head-butt or induce irreparable damage to his frontal lobes with an upward punch to his nose. Suffice to say I have sufficient training in martial arts to make this blow count. People like Blair are immune to the pen. This lily livered pansy deserves the sword.

JJ II will also have a cutting edge. Its primary focus will be the law and injustice. As I have proven I will defy reporting restrictions to deliver real insights to my readers. This site will also host exclusives such as The Whyte Prologue. I make no apologies for stealing his thunder. JJ II will be exclusively subscription based. The minimum monthly fee will be £5. The maximum for Bitcoin millionaires and other well-heeled readers, will be at their discretion. One hopes that the fees raised will make up the shortfall in The Best New Football Blog – The Fans’ Choice – at the FBA Awards 2016.

There will also be a third site: JJ III. This will deal with issues such as the murder/manslaughter of Madeleine McCann. It will look at issues like Kincora and Dunblane with a fresh forensic eye. No stone will remain unturned. If it’s technically feasible I will offer each piece at 20 pence. I may drop this to 10p if it’s too much of a burden to the unwaged and disadvantaged. This is not a hobby. JJ I, II and III are full-time endeavours.

The first part of Richard’s second point, JJ II, has already been covered. If what we witnessed in the second half on Saturday is indicative of a Lite renascence then his desire for a competitive threat from a Govan based team might well become a reality. People are too keen to proffer excuses for Celtic. Apparently these young men in the prime of their athletic lives, with all the advantages of dietectics and sports science at their disposal, are tired. My heart bleeds. Try putting in a full shift in the yard before an evening kick-off for one of the lesser lights in the game.

As Scotland’s richest club Celtic have a wealth of talent in their squad. This squad can be rotated. I do not accept that this team are jaded. I posit that this team have become predictable and are susceptible to a high-pressing opposition. The defenders stroke it around laterally awaiting a forward pass to Scott Brown. He then looks to a more attack-minded midfielder to carry the ball to an advanced position. This player invariably passes it to the flanks. Tierney and Sinclair work well in tandem, Forrest/Roberts/Hayes with Lustig are less of a threat. Teams have learned to double up on Tierney/Sinclair, to close Brown down and to man-mark Celtic’s sole striker.

Rodgers does not seem to have a Plan B. He does not play a diamond formation in midfield. He does not have a settled midfield. Those in advanced midfield positions are not posing a threat.

To my mind Rodgers is guilty of showing too much loyalty to Dembele. I understand his rationale. Should he put him on the bench too often his agent will agitate for a move. But by denying Griffiths a starting berth he is denying Celtic of their most gifted striker. If McGregor, Rogic, Armstrong and Bitton continue to underperform, he can call on Ntcham who carries an attacking threat. Edouard must be given more game time. If he came on for a tiring Griffiths Celtic would continue to be a threat for the entire ninety minutes. Anthony Ralston is expected back from his knee injury on the 8th of January. With some warm weather training in Dubai he should be ready for the visit to Firhill on the 23rd of this month. Lustig is a liability. Compper’s debut cannot come soon enough.

I digress. With no income until the home game against Aberdeen on the 24th of this month, one can understand why Lite are soliciting invoice financing. They are running on fumes. There is a clear and present danger that the bastard progeny of Rangers will go under. If King continues as chairman this ship is going down. Should they do the right thing and keep King at arm’s length, their solvency will be predicated on a successful equity release. Club 1872, the patron saints of lost causes, will pony up.

As this shares issue will not be underwritten by anyone on the incumbent board there is a risk that they won’t raise the required quantum to continue.

My sources are beating the ground. If their demise is imminent you will hear it here first.


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10 thoughts on “The Sitonfence Speakeasy – 2018”

  1. JJ,
    very poor show.

    A valid comment I left this a.m. was moderated (by your good self) and pulled.

    As I have said before, no response has been received by me as to the status of the donations I have made.

    If they haven’t arrived, let me know.

    Conversely, if I have been missed/blocked, please have the class to admit it.

    1. Mark, I’m not quite sure why there is a dispute between you and I. If I failed to acknowledge a donation I apologise. I made a rod for my own back with password protected pieces. Everyone wanted free access, many of whom were not eligible to receive them. I have tried to keep the speakeasy free of houeskeeping complaints. It really is that simple.

  2. Hi jj, happy new year, donation will be later this month as my bank card was scammed have to wait for a new one to up date my paypal acc.
    Hopefully by end of this week.

  3. All the very best to you and yours for 2018. You treated us to some terrific articles in 2017 and this site is rich on insights, information and exclusives. Chapeau!

    I like your new initiative of JJI, JJII and JJIII.

    Will provide detailed comments tomorrow along with my usual donation to support this site of excellence.

  4. Personally I hope Rangers 2 or lite whatever one wishes to dub them go under.
    Not that I harbour any ill will for Rangers support I wd rather see their funds put into the development of their club instead of lining the pockets of the disparate chancers that have plundered this club and going under wd give their support a chance of that..
    Should they get rid of the leaches,cut their spending and pretensions to realistic levels they will over time rebound and will contend.
    As long as they can fill Ibrox with support they will have a cash edge over any other Scots club outwith Celtic so their rise is fiscally inevitable ,it seems to me ,if given a competent board,a solid scouting system and proper coaching at all levels.
    But granted Celtic got where they are not at once but over a decade or so it isnt automatic or easy.
    As it is now though considering the goal is more to milk as much cash as possible before collapse I see much angst ahead for Ranger support.
    Scots football might in fact be best served if the two clubs with the largest stadia departed for another league but that isnt going to happen
    anytime forseeable.
    So accepting its easier to purchase quality than to nurture it the road to cashbox glory is to continue tosell out the large stadium(the league is ticket not tv based for revenue stream) get into European football, for cash injections (but emphatically do not depend on that to break even)
    Celtic is there already-the fight is for runners up spots and will be for a few years (in itself no a very healthy thing though of course great for Celtic support)
    I can see no sustained challenge to Celtic from Aberdeen, Hearts,Hibs or any of the other clubs in Scotia exactly because their smaller stadia limits the revenues they can generate.
    Doesnt mean anyone could not put together a good year and even finish first for one season even maybe two but from the financial point of view I dont see they could sustain that success over time -the gate revenues are against that.
    Revenue sharing or a strong tv contract that wd provide all clubs with solid and equal cash foundations wd be the answer but that is not likely to occur.
    Hoping a billionaire will finance the club is what got them where they are today.
    Hoping said billionaire isnt Mike Ashley and is also a Real Rangers Man
    is doomed to go to an empty well-if such beings exist they havent stepped up before and arent likely to suddenly come forward.

  5. Excellent post, JJ. I agree with everything you say and that’s not always the case as I have strong opinions of my own. But as I said before, I’ve learned more from those I disagree with than from those with whom I am in complete agreement. If you only read and talk with people who agree with everything you say, then you are trapped inside an echo chamber.

    Good luck with all your endeavours in 2018. I am looking forward to your articles on matters outwith club sevco. I have privately researched the Dunblane massacre myself over the years and am shocked at what I have discovered. Someone once asked me if I was “one of those conspiracy theorist chaps.” I replied, “No, I am a conspiracy analyst.”

  6. JJ. First and foremost I would like to wish you a happier and more prosperous new year than the one just past. I like you, but without the dangers attached am forced to live apart and at some distance from loved ones due to happenings out of my control in the past so I have a lot of empathy for you, it’s especially hard at this time of year. So I would like you to know I raised a toast to your good self at the turning of the year.

    Secondly I’d like to thank you for a great literary year. You honestly put some of if not the best stuff out there on the Web. I ashamedly have been more of a lurker than a contributer the past year mainly due to financial restrictions, but contributed when I could. The worm has turned as they say and I will be putting forward more support your way this year as it is throughly deserved. I will also be supporting your other ventures this year as I think they are an excellent idea and certainly the way forward.

    JJ III will probably be my pick as these exclusives especially hold my sway because I have a strong pull towards social justice and also probably because I have grown bored and tired of the sick soap that is scottish football. SFA has never been so appropriate. I have to young sons who are football mad but I have sworn they will never attend a scotland match nor attire themselves in any scotland garment.

    So, I’ll finish for now but before I go since you don’t care much for the traditional new year wishes I’d like for you to have this, this year.

    May there always be work for your hands to do.
    May your purse always hold a coin or two.
    May the sun always shine upon your face
    May a rainbow always be certain to follow each rain
    May the hand of a friend always be near to you and may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

    Many thanks JJ all the best. NIMN.

  7. Happy New Year JJ. Transaction ID:
    3UW158783R553870V. Another month and another 50 sovs in your coffers from me. I feel this is a modest amount for the quality that you offer your readers on a daily basis, 7 days a week. A subscription to 1 of the broadsheet papers and another tabloid would not offer me anything like the accuracy nor exclusives that you impart to your fast growing band of readers. I salute you for putting, above all, your safety and security on the line for giving us the facts and not giving a shit about what some knuckle dragging Neanderthals threaten to do to you. Keep on going JJ. I for one will continue to support your cause and give more when I can as it is the least I can offer. It is clear that what you do is the right thing. If only more were like you. All the best and lang may your lum reek.

    JJ: Thank you for your encouraging words and contribution.

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