Your Children Will Play For Celtic

Despite much howling by those of a lunar disposition, Rangers Lite have not ‘splashed the cash’ to acquire Jamie Murphy. Most of those who railed against me chose to play the man ergo went straight to the sin bin. I not only informed my readers of the putative bid but I also revealed that Lite proposed making the first of three payments when season ticket returns for season 2018/19 had been banked. I add the caveat that Metro Bank might be forced to withdraw banking services should King remain as a director of this distressed corporate concern. I further add that Brighton will engage in a thorough credit check to establish whether Lite can be trusted to make staggered payments. As I revealed exclusively yesterday Tony Bloom was of a mind to demand the full fee up front. Murphy’s loan may be a short one.

BFDJ and Traynor’s Lickspittles made a complete arse of themselves. Murphy will now join on loan until such time as the Gullibillies stump up for another season of being also-rans. How embarrassing.

Common sense, which seems to be a scarce commodity at the SMSM, would have informed the lickspittles that any club that could not find £800,000 for a formal sit down with McInnes were not in a position to splash anything. Paying on the never-never is the norm at Ibrox.

Compare and contrast how a professional club does business. Compper has signed for Celtic for the fee that the Seagulls are demanding Lite pay for Murphy. There was no embarrassing loan deal in an attempt to save face. They have also signed Lewis Morgan for £300,000 from St. Mirren. The Morgan deal is reminiscent of the Scott Allan deal. Both players were the stand outs in Scotland’s second tier. Both players were from families who supported the club that formerly played at Ibrox. However it’s apparent to anyone other than the one-eyed bigots who follow the new club that Lite are not Rangers. They are a poor facsimile run by a lower class of criminal than was the case when Sir Bribe & Lie held sway. David Murray treated you to a decent glass of claret before picking your pocket, or a suitcase containing one million in crisp dollar bills.

Sir Bribe & Lie was the Bernie Madoff of Rangers. King is the Bernie Made-Off of Lite.

Players with ambition will always sign for Celtic. The lure of playing Champions League football and the possibility of a big money move to England will always trump wondering whether your next pay check will be your last as Lite inexorably folds. Celtic will add more quality to their squad.

The fact that Morgan formerly played for Rangers was not universally popular with the Gullibillies. Martin@foreverblue1690 opined on Twitter:

Hope that Lewis Morgan’s family disown him. Turncoat fenian bastard.”

Martin also has a penchant for inviting the Pope to engage in sexual congress with himself and is fond of conflating child abuse with Celtic FC. He will probably consider it a badge of honour when I describe him as a Hun’s Hun, freshly minted in Phil Macgiollabhain’s ‘Incubator.’

In the final analysis a common chant by Celtic fans – your grandchildren will be Celtic fans – has more than a ring of truth to it. If ‘Sons of Ibrox‘ Allan and Morgan are representative one may not have to wait a generation for this eventuality.



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24 thoughts on “Your Children Will Play For Celtic”

  1. I open the speakeasy and do not splutter the morning tea as I now know better than to take a drink whilst entering.

    Funny headline and insightful article.

    Their children already play for Celtic.

    They turn on their own.

    They called Big Jock a Turncoat. The lad’s in grand company.

    1. What about all the numerous lads from Celtic families at Sevco? Including Murty and O’Halloran, are they regarded by Gullibillies as Turncoats?

  2. People assume that the future will resemble the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the past Rangers used to win Premierships. Mostly legally and sometimes illegally. Rangers Lite , founded in 2012 , have never won a Premiership and are unlikely to ever do so. as could be said for Partick Thistle or Motherwell. I tried to get a bet on the outcome of season 2018-19 and Celtic to win odds were a mere $1.01 ie not worth a bet. What if no-one ever again sees any team based in Ibrox win a Premiership? Try to get a bet on that. another $1.01. Oh well!

  3. It’s also a well known fact that Kenny Dalglish hails from a Rangers supporting family and young Kenny was an apprentice at the Ibrox club. But when both Celtic and Rangers offered him professional forms Kenny’s father advised him to chose Parkhead because he would enjoy a far better career under the coaching of Jock Stein and his team.

    1. @Pas D’elle. I also believe Kenny was at Rangers as a goalkeepeer in 66/67. Maybe someone could corroborate.

      Generally, the Scott Allan transfer had much more of an impact as sevco thought they had him on the cheap. If you believe the press sevco and Celtic expressed an early interest in Morgan weeks ago. Whether that was just the use of the OF twinning of old I don’t know. However it is clear sevco dropped out very early. They know they cannot compete with Celtic and also Morgan seems a little resentful of his time at rangers and being dumped. Can’t blame the boy.

  4. Jamie Murphy signs with Sevco on a loan deal to the end of season whereupon season ticket revenue might pay a first down payment on his permanent signing.

    Given he has scored 10 times in 84 games over two years for Brighton, Sevco can expect a goal every 8.4 games or every two months. He should score 2.5goals before end of season.

    The loan deal stopped Brighton doing detailed credit checks on Sevco and the player can return to Brighton if contractual obligations, like monthly salary, are not met.

    Meanwhile the Keith Jackson £6m pound Sevco superstar, Barrie McKay, who transferred to Notts Forest for less than a tenth of Keith’s ridiculous published value, has only turned out for ten games and scored two goals.

    However at five games per goal Barrie is eminently better than Jamie Murphy.

    A week into the transfer window and none of the big wage earners are off the Sevco bill.

    1. Carlos Pena is being described as a Rangers Misfit in the press.

      He has been shipped out on loan.

      His Rangers record shows eight games and four goals. A goal every two games. This beats Barrie McKay’s goal every 5 games and Jamie Murphy’s goal every 8.4 games.

      It would appear Pena is a Misfit only due to his wage quantum. Pena out, Murphy in on loan reduces the wage bill. It aparently reduces the quality too.

      Jabba doing a job on Fans in the press again. So Gullible.

  5. My Brothers friends have already experienced this betrayal, 2 different ‘Staunch’ families unknown to one another, got the shock of their lives with their kids asking for Celtic strips. It maybe only a trickle of kids changing sides presently, but as the push for 10 continues it’ll be an avalanche.

  6. Seeing the numerical suffix ‘1690’ in any Twitter, forum or internet ID should be taken as an early warning indicator at the very minimum. Better still would be to take it as an alert to read no further.

  7. For as long as I have been on this earth Celtic and their fans have never had a problem with any race, colour or creed joining our ranks. The only caveat I have heard to that was our most honoured manager’s progress in his Celtic career due to not supporting the right flavour of christianity, which I hope is untrue and absurd. It would certainly never happen now.

    The sevco fans seem to be more raging at young Morgan than any Celtic fans worry about him once wearing the light blue. I can’t speak for all Celtic fans but the merit of a man in the playing squad for me is ability and attitude. The better Celtic players in my 50 yrs alive have been non catholic as far as I know. I am not big on religion as you can possibly tell.

    That (rage of the sevco fans) says a lot about the mentality of them. There seems to be a constant fight, no surrender etc, often amongst themselves it seems.

    Rangers IL thought they had Broonie many years back cos he was one of their own, Broonie and many others made the right choice. James Forrest had a good piece as always on the difference in the recent transfer market between the 2 clubs, it is as clear as day to anyone without the blue fog can see.

    Morgan as a young Scotsman, if nothing else I wish him all the very best and hopefully by the time he is 24/25 he will be a Scotland regular.

    Regarding Scotland other than the token sevco player (pressure from the SFA) being involved I think very likely most of the squad will come from Celtic. Sevco fans will drop away from the national team and we will see a resurgence of them supporting England (like the Gazza bleached hair nonsense) and NI.

    How any Scotsman could primarily support England sticks in my craw.

    1. Jim, that’s genuinely one of the best comments I’ve read on here. I think it resonates with me to such an extent because I am not a Catholic but I can honestly say I have never had a problem with any Celtic fans because of it. The other side, however, has been a different story, as you might imgine, even from a few seemingly well educated types, incredulous that I am not a Rangers/Lite fan; maybe it’s because I am not from Glasgow, I dunno.

      You can never really have a sensible discussion in Glasgow about the merits of either set of fans – neither, of course, are perfect – but I for one do believe the “green” side is on the whole a frankly more rational and inclusive lot, without any shadow of a doubt.

      Even if Lite can suvive the current fiscal carnage – and I neither think nor hope that they can – they would still be held back for years, decades maybe, by their base support.

      Cheers, TS.

  8. They don’t consider themselves Scottish. They are Unionists, ” Proddestants ” and Loyalists and the majority do not have the intelligence to realise that their precious establishment is “rippin the pish oot ae thum”.

    1. Yep totally agree Jimboh but it is the same with the people who think that they are Roman Catholics – I come from an Irish Roman Catholic background on my fathers side – as these people do NOT have the intelligence to realise that the Vatican is working with the “British” Establishment and Elite Bankers to rip them all off. As a matter of FACT the Vatican is above the “British” Establishment in the running of this country and most of the world and these Unionists, Protestants and Loyalists are too stupid to realise that they have “surrendered” the day they were born via their Birth Certificate to the Vatican who OWNS them and everything they own lock, stock and barrel.

      How any Scotsman can support any other team from another Town/City or another County other than their own sticks in my craw. Then again I wasn’t brought up with any religion and even at primary school couldn’t understand the mentality of adults that believed that a man could walk on water, be crucified then reborn, cure people or bring them back to life with just their hands etc etc and since then I have self educated myself to know that Religion is just a rip-off of ASTROTHEOLOGY and is all to do with worshiping the SUN etc and to control the gullible masses. The laugh about this if it was not so serious for JJ is these Rangers fans/Thugs who have threatened him and caused him to move away for his safety ARE being shafted and suckered by the very people/establishment they so grovellingly worship and they are just too stupid and lazy to go and do a simple bit of research that would educate themselves to all of this.

      I don’t follow any team never mind my local team St Mirren BECAUSE of all of these people that do NOT support their local teams – Paisley being one of these places in this country being badly affected by this and that is why ONLY 150,000 people out of the around 5,200,000 people in this country bother going to football these days and most of them go to watch two teams from Glasgow. Scottish football has NO future the way this has been going on for years and if anyone thinks that one team from Glasgow dominating everything for years to come is going to improve matters then they are living in laa laa land and probably these folk who don’t support their local team.

  9. It’s the second week in January JJ.

    How long until the Lord Bannatyne 30 day court order instructing King to buy shares at 20p expires and he is collared?

    Has he got another ten days or so to organise it all and start buying the shares?

  10. I’ve got the feeling for months now that daily record articles are being published to counter internet rumour/ facts, instead of to print news.

    Today we have a sop to fans that Pena’s wage is totally off the books and sevco could get a £2m transfer fee in the summer.

    Sevco fans were muttering that only half his wage was being paid by Pedro in Mexico.

    There’s no mention of how much sevco owe on Pena of the well reported £2.2m transfer fee in August. If anyone thinks sevco paid £2.2m upfront (or anything upfront) then they are bonkers.

    Sevco have a £2m debt on Pena and Pedro knows it.

  11. I would laugh if the Pena deal falls through and he returns to Sevco. It could completely bankrupt them. Contracting Jamie M when Pena ain’t contracted up yet in Mexico. Fails a medical, etc…

    Pedro owes them no favours.

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