Blood On His Hands-Prologue

Those who engage in genocide, be it in Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Holodomor (Ukraine) The Holocaust or in Iraq, should never be forgotten or forgiven.

One on my list is contentious. Some scholars believe that the famine in Ukraine – Holodomor – which claimed up to 12 million lives, was planned by Joseph Stalin to pre-empt a Ukrainian independence movement. No-one could ever doubt that Stalin would go to any ends to serve his political will.


Just as is the case with Tony Blair, who orchestrated an illegal war ( assuming that any war can be labelled thus; surely they are all illegal?) which killed upwards of one million Iraqis and was the catalyst for a brutal civil war which simmers on to this day. The carpet bombing of Baghdad began on March 19, 2003. As we fast approach the 15th anniversary of ‘Shock & Awe’ I ask why Tony Blair is allowed to stride the globe as a free citizen while others such as Radovan Karadžić have been tried and convicted in The Hague. Why does the British State apparatus protect Blair? The former Prime Minister whom is renowned for his insatiable sex drive added blood lust to his appetites. Blair wanted to be a ‘War Leader.’ He had witnessed how Thatcher used a skirmish in the Falklands to unite a nation and confer on her the clout to crush the unions and the miners, and to strip the UK of its manufacturing base in pursuit of macro-economic theories that were first formulated in a Chicago business school. Two years after sinking The Belgrano, with 323 men murdered in cold blood., she took on Scargill and decimated his power base. Can anyone envisage an Argentinian colony on the Isle of Wight? Outlandish? Then consider the imperial anachronism that is The Falklands, or to give them their correct name, Las Malvinas.

I originally planned to release my article, which runs to 2,249 words, free to air. Weekend donations which were at all-time low, changed my mind. The article which details the rise and fall of Blair is harder-hitting than any piece you will have ever read on this odious stunt-cock and mass-murderer. It includes an exclusive from a high class Russian prostitute who has made the intimate acquaintance of Blair.

My first premium piece of 2018 is priced at £1.99. A donation on PayPal (not a payment please) will solicit the password. Those who have had difficulty accessing my pieces via their browser should sit this one out.





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10 thoughts on “Blood On His Hands-Prologue”

  1. There were actually over 1000 on-board the Belgrano (an active threat to the Royal Navy) and 772 were saved. But hey…..what’s the difference?

  2. Jj,

    Happy new year I hope you enjoyed th festive period. I’ve made irregular financial contributions to date and this morning set up a monthly pay pal donation which I hope is commensurate with my hope to receive all your stuff, from all sites, with minimum fuss. If I’ve misunderstood please feel free to advise me.

    Love your work


  3. For more truth about our ex-PM, simply type in Tony Blair, aka Miranda into google!
    The secret service have used the sexual weaknesses of our leaders for decades to dictate foreign policy, which tends to mirror that of the USA/Israel.

  4. I have much to add to the Blair narrative and donation on its way so that I receive the password! He should be facing charges for war crimes in The Hague. And he ended up Peace Envoy for the Middle East! One couldn’t make it up. He took spin and deceit in British politics to new levels.

    And I shall add to my narrative, the charming ex politicians who worked for me as well as the shockers including one who ended up as Home Secretary.

  5. JJ, I don’t expect this comment to appear in the list, but hey ho.

    Thanks for your reply to my earlier comment (again unpublished), but you seem to have missed my point completely.

    It would appear (correct me if I’m mistaken), that my contributions totalling £150 in 2017 count for nought, as I am not on your list of people who warrant access to the premium content.

    C’est la vie, I trust you won’t miss my financial contributions which would have been forthcoming in 2018.

    1. I have stressed time and time again not to bring your dispute on to our comments site and to write to me via Paypal. As you have now disputed £50 it has been removed from my account. Yet you demand special privileges? I don’t anticipate a reply but if this is your intention then use the correct forum.

  6. Once a Celt always a Celt.

    MY father contributes £50.00 by direct debit on the 5th of each month and yet I do not
    know the password to your protected posts.I have frequently asked for this to no avail.
    I have received no reply to any of my requests for the password to your protected posts.
    You recently stated when asking for donations that you only received one donation of
    £50.00 .It follows that this donation is from my Dad .If I do not receive this mythical
    password your £50.00 will cease.You should at least try to reply to this request.If I do
    not receive a satisfactory reply then the monthly paypal of £50.00 will cease.

    1. As much as I thank your father for his contribution you are too quick to wield a big stick and demand special privileges. If you write to me – NOT ON THIS OPEN FORUM – I might be amenable to your request. Passwords at £1.99 are available on demand.

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