Wiping Away The Blues

When it comes to making a ‘statement’ apropos the Sevco Sitcom, nothing cuts more to the chase than wiping one’s nose on one’s team’s shorts.


No translator was required. Rangers Lite are mere nose-wipes. One would like to think that Lite are not supplementing his loan to the tune of £15k per week as per reports. A fine of two weeks salary, circa £50,000, may be coming down the pike.

However I would not bet on it as betting has been suspended on Rangers being demoted. Surely those in the blue room are not trying to bet their way to solvency. Perish the thought.


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9 thoughts on “Wiping Away The Blues”

  1. JJ

    As we saw with Northern Rock these kind of rumours tend to be the start of the avalanche. If you are owed money by Sevco.. ..say for Wifi you might be concerned about this – and potentially go to court to ringfence any money due….im sure there are plenty who are owed.

    It’s lucky oddschecker ran this story.. .or who would have any idea that they are heading to Admin.

    Tick tock.. .

  2. Pena has been bundled out the door against his wishes.

    One can speculate regarding the private conversations in his shell like by RRM. It’s clear what he thinks of Sevco.

    They’ve Alves’ head on the SMSM chopping block now but wish to retain two other Latinos.

    Their treatment of players, with multiple year contracts, that they no longer want is surely rules breaking. It’s certainly unethical. Where’s the SFA, SPFL and players union?

    Meanwhile a throwback to happier times at Sevco:

  3. Be v interesting to see if trfc can come out of administration before rfc come out of liquidation ,now there’s a two club title chase.

  4. This has already been spinned………(is that correct?) By the Daily Rancorous as Pena kissing the badge.

    Seems fair enough…….

    If you’re a stable genius.

  5. The best time to announce administration is late on Friday. The team are in the USA and King is in SA. Let the anger dissipate over the weekend and aim for a deal with the SFA to prevent social unrest. Aim for sixth place. Start again on a meagre diet and settle for mediocrity.

  6. I see your colleague in Donegal is advising that a fee for the administration practitioner has been agreed.

    Finger now hovering over the button.

    Any news JJ?

  7. Trying to Donate, but it is not working just now. Will follow up. Intrigued by the Bliar stuff. This is obviously not material we will read in our daily MSM.

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