An E-Mail to The Takeover Panel

The Takeover Panel
10 Paternoster Square


Dear Sirs,

I am the author, creator and owner of an award-winning social media site. This site since its inception just over two years ago has north of 17.6m hits and has a daily readership which exceeds what passes for quality journalism in Scotland, viz The Herald & The Scotsman. My readership includes one Lord Ordinary and many members of The Faculty of Advocates. The factual information presented on this site is regularly discussed in chambers.

I have conducted a thorough investigation of David Cunningham King. Many of my peers acknowledge that I am the leading authority on this career criminal. Mr. King is playing The Takeover Panel for fools.

Friday’s petition to The Court of Session to have King’s motion of appeal thrown out was unsuccessful. As a consequence Mr. King will not be in contempt of Lord Bannatyne’s considered opinion of 22/12/17 on the 21st of this month. The Inner House has set aside two consecutive days for the appeal on the 28th February and 1st March. Three Lord Ordinary will listen to submissions by a former Lord Advocate of Scotland, Baron Davidson of Glen Clova. Mr. King is not paying for the best legal representation money can buy. The services of Baron Davidson, junior counsel and instructing solicitors is being paid by season ticket receipts and repayable loans. Mr King’s British Virgin Islands NOAL trust fund has loaned £6.7m to RIFC Plc as per their accounts to 30/6/17 which were published on 3/11/17.

Should the Inner House uphold Lord Bannatyne’s opinion it won’t be the end of the matter. Mr. King will seek permission to petition The Supreme Court. On the balance of probability this will be granted.

Any judgment by The Inner House will take a minimum of three months to be disclosed. June, or more probably July, buys King more time to wreak havoc in a UK Plc. His shareholders have vested him with the authority to issue more than one hundred million ordinary shares. By having ‘the can of worms‘ kicked down the road King and his concert party can act with impunity to the disadvantage of minority stakeholders.

In a blatant transgression of FCA Insider Trading regulations, RIFC Club Secretary, James Blair (whom you have met) solicited the support of stakeholders by offering to ‘see them alright‘ if they voted for resolutions 10 and 11 at RIFC’s 2017 AGM.

Mr. King is an old hand at blindsiding watchdogs. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s watchdog failed to act when a mysterious third party bought a parcel of shares in MMI and gifted them to King’s daughter. This transaction which ultimately conferred 75% of B share equity to King’s daughter drove a horse and coaches through concert party regulations. This mysterious benefactor was none other than Dave King. At the time King’s trust funds had been frozen (Miranda Order in Guernsey) but he still had an undisclosed quantum at his disposal.

King treats the JSE as an advisory body. His company has been fined for a slew of insider trading transgressions. King perceives these fines as no more than an inconvenience; an insignificant tax to be paid on more lucrative rewards.

In engaging in litigation, The Takeover Panel Executive is pursuing an individual who is prepared to lie in court. South Africa’s Supreme Court Judge, Brian Southwood, asserted that it was the unanimous conclusion of he and his fellow presiding colleagues that King is:

A glib and shameless liar who won’t hesitate to lie if it’s in his interests to do so.”

King is laughing at you. He is an old hand at using legal redress to buy time. He tied up the South African Crown Prosecuting Authority for ten years with appeal after appeal.

Is The Takeover Panel just an advisory body?  An anachronistic throwback to a time where those in the city wore bowler hats and their words were their bonds?

Is it not high time that you issued a formal Cold Shoulder notice in regard to Mr. King? If you are awaiting legal avenues being exhausted may I suggest that you don’t hold your breath.

Sincere regards,

John James

(actual name available on request)



24 thoughts on “An E-Mail to The Takeover Panel”

  1. I sent my missive to The Takeover Panel immediately prior to publishing my piece. Donations are so poor that they are threatening this site’s continuation. I would appeal to everyone who values this site to step up before it’s too late. Only a handful have paid their 2018 subscription of £5.55.

  2. £5.55 on its way from newport,still havent had the protected stuff jj,and i set up a monthly tenner in november so hope this small contribution helps

  3. We should get a Judicial Review of the SFA recognition on a daily basis of Sevco as Rangers FC with all the history after a Liquidation.

    We should get a Judicial Review of the 17 cheated EBT (small and large tax cases) titles.

    We should get a Judicial Review of SFA collusion and cover up wrt Bryson, Regan and Ogilvie. Who all knew about SDMs EBT tax evasion malfeasance and assisted in its execution.

    No wonder they don’t want a Review. Let’s review it in court. A Judicial Review.

  4. Excellent stuff JJ – Maybe you should have included the fact that King is lying to the courts that he is skint while the Rangers Accounts have been signed off by Auditors on the basis that King has promised to pony up the millions in the accounts needed to keep this company/club going – cannot remember what this amount is just now – but maybe if someone has a copy of these accounts they could send them and this fact to the Takeover Panel for when this court case comes up if King is still using this reason for his appeal. Yep this Cold Shoulder should be widened to the rest of this concert party as they are all involved in trying to set up this share issue that is going to shaft the rest of the shareholders to their own advantage.

    1. £1.7m was needed in November immediately to save them. £4m to 31May 2018. King legally stated he would pay.

      They are alive and in the transfer market in January ergo King paid up. They are paying even more salaries now ergo he is stumping up more.

      This is evidence for the TOP case. King controls NOAL and flows millions to RIFC PLC.

  5. £5.55 donation just made for the passwords/annual sub but I will still donate on an occasional basis as and when I can.

    Some of the people I knew at school used to get annoyed when I would not support the two teams most frequently supported in our area (H**s and Little H**s, as they were known). In fact, their attitudes and behaviour (sometimes little better than bestial in the former case) were the reason I gravitated to rugby with its superior sporting ethics, camaraderie and lack of bigotry.

    You may be interested to know that I have, once or twice tried to post of threads in both the Scotsman and the Mail. In both papers, those comments I made mentioning the Speculative Society were not allowed. Now I wonder why ?

  6. Donation would have been made but I can’t seem to see the ‘donate’ button I formerly used. If you’re using a new system please advise. Re your email, you say that if not brought to heel King will’ wreak havoc’ on a UK plc. Maybe I’m being selfish, but if this were to be the case, why should I want King removed, ever. If you are correct in your assertion, left to his own devices King will run Sevco into the ground. What’s not to like about that?

  7. Again, I’d love to know what Ralston was referring to in his puff piece about £1.5m paid to UEFA for a license to play in Europe. What is this payment?

    1. Raving Ralston like King should not be believed on any matter unless there is objective evidence to support his position. It it’s accurate it will be a football debt.

  8. I have been paying £20 per month since March and have not had any premium offerings. I pay by Paypal standing order and can give you a transaction ID from March 3.:-


    Please confirm receipt and inclusion on your premium subscription list.

  9. Great letter JJ
    But surely they couldn’t do that (cold shoulder) ?
    In doing so would they risk undermining the legal process still at hand?
    Legally ignorant but….Could they (as a logical extension to acting in best interests of minority shareholders) maybe request an interim block on any future share issue pending resolution?
    On the face of it that wouldn’t seem unreasonable.

    1. I disagree. King took this matter to appeal. The original judgment was upheld. He refused to comply. Irrespective of court action the Cold Shoulder should be applied. Recall what Lord Bannatyne said. His was not the court of appeal for King’s concert party transgressions.

  10. Excellent article, well done. A donation should be with you now, but under a different account than usual. Transaction no. 3S1061535J6XXXX

    Keep up the good work!

    JJ: Thank you

  11. Surely there is something wrong with the FFP in all this. Aren’t wages of the players and staff supposed to take up no more than 60% of the club’s turnover? Surely that means they cannot be kept up with soft loans every other month? Shouldn’t Uefa (corrupt or not) be informed?

  12. When you are asked to pay your airfare to Florida that is bad. But when you don’t get paid in full next week that’s a breach of contract and you are a free agent able to negotiate and sign with any other club

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