Hinc Sanitas

Prior to a more serious narrative on criminal malpractice, I take pause to have a look at how Celtic and Rangers Lite are faring during the winter hiatus/January transfer window. Champions Celtic have signed two players, one of whom will remain at St. Mirren for the remainder of the season. Their other signing Compper is ineligible for the double header against Zenit Saint Petersburg on the 15th and 22nd of February. With Roberts & Rogic in doubt and Armstrong out after groin surgery, creative midfield play will be at a premium. However if Rodgers brought in other players that were better than the current squad then they would almost certainly be prohibited from participating in Celtic’s Europa League programme. Qualifying for the last 16 draw will be inordinately difficult.

The fans of Rangers Lite will take nothing back from Florida other than ignominy after more shameful chants by the Ibrox Sectarian Male Voice Choir. Mothers in America are encouraging their sons and daughters to play soccer. American Football, with charging players resembling hard-tipped 300 pounds projectiles, is no place for young men who want to avoid concussion and long-term brain damage. The soccer moms who had the misfortune of attending this tournament had to endure chants of ‘Wading in Fenian Blood’ from the anachronistic knuckle draggers. Scottish football would be better off without these ‘fans’ many of whom are from the criminal classes, as is the case with their Chairman. These miscreants from The Dark Ages are evidently unaware of European Enlightenment. One can but hope that their Progres in next season’s Europa League is stillborn or mercifully short. No-one else should have to suffer Scotland’s dirty little secret; Scotland’s shame.

Lite, cutting their cloth from hems, have had to make do with loans to cover those in the departures lounge. I have never been a fan of Cummings – note how he did not turn up when Hibs won The Scottish Cup – but he does have a good record for finding the net in Scottish football. He is superior to Morelos. Traynor lickspittle Kenny Mac at the state broadcaster BBC Sevco, used his magazine to pour cold water on Steve Clarke’s valuation of Jordan Jones. Lite should stick to loan signings as they have not got a pot to piss in. Their threadbare offers are becoming embarrassing. Macintyre is still peddling the lie that Rangers were demoted. They were ‘demoted’ to a file in Canary Wharf where they are being liquidated. Is Mac so stupid that he does not know the truth or is he following an agenda dictated by Scottish Freemasons?

As for the Lite board, word reaches me that the Magnificently Maned Adulterer continues to have nothing but sweet nothings for his clairvoyant paramour. How very Dave King of him. His estranged wife, who had had quite enough of Murray’s cock’s Borders outings, has decided to throw her basque into the ring by signing up for what is known locally as Millionaire’s Tinder. This resulted in a couple of dates with Dean Lockhart MSP.  Paul’s former wife, who craves the companionship of a man with a busby, is known to be a sucker for a good bouffant. ‘ Lockhart gives good head‘ is a familiar mantra in Borders circles. Duncan Goodhew need not apply.

I digress. The major thrust of this piece will be an article written by one of my readers. I implore members of the Sitonfence Speakeasy, particularly those with private health cover, to read rosshellblog.wordpress.com. A more informed choice of health provision might save one’s life.

Hinc Samitas – From Here, Health – The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

The title of Mr McCay’s blog is instructive:

Attempted Murder by the Deliberate Cultivation of Meningitis

Posted on April 17, 2017 by edmccay

The following is a précis of this blog

“At some point in  (a routine) procedure, almost certainly when carrying out the process of Fenestration (the process of removing backbone by means of fragmentation) the operating surgeon, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr James Hugh Hay, (now deceased) drove several (at least eight) fragments of backbone into Liz’s Dural membrane (the membrane which houses the spinal cord) resulting in extensive Dural damage, copious Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leakage, in short, horrific operational carnage.

At that point Mr Hay would have no idea of the extent of that operational carnage. He wouldn’t know for example if he had damaged Liz’s spinal cord (at that point he hadn’t), he wouldn’t know if Liz would ever walk again (she did), he wouldn’t know if she would still have control of her lower body functions (she did). The extent of that damage could only be established once the anaesthetic had worn off, by which time of course it would be too late for Mr Hay to deny or conceal that horrific operational carnage. Mr Hay wasn’t having that.

To conceal that hellish operational carnage Mr Hay assisted by a Dr Tatek (orthopaedic surgeon) a Dr Donald Macgregor Brown (anaesthetist) and Ross Hall management then attempted to murder Liz by cultivating within her body a meningococcal infection. Every postoperative action, every instruction increased the risk of Meningitis and had those instructions been carried out to the letter, had Liz been showered as Mr Hay specifically instructed the nursing staff to do so, then that shower would almost certainly have proved fatal.”

Mr McCay continues:

“When two nurses, wearing waterproofs, tried to physically remove her from the bed to take her into the ensuite shower, having at that point made no attempt whatsoever to remove the drain and tube and seal the wound, Liz prevented them from doing so by clinging to the side rails of the bed. She clung to those side rails as if her life depended on it and of course it almost certainly did. It is a clinical fact that if fluid can get out then bacteria can get in and by the clinically inexplicable use of a suction drain in the presence of a CSF leak Mr Hay made certain that spinal fluid could get out and that therefore bacteria, including meningococcal bacteria. could get in.

At some point (the following) morning Mr Hay telephoned Ross Hall and spoke to the duty nurse on Liz’s ward. He asked the duty nurse one question about Liz, only one question, and that question was “Has Mrs McCay been showered?”. He had butchered her the evening before, driving numerous fragments of back bone into her Dural membrane resulting in horrific operational carnage. Overnight he had her nursed in a clinically inexplicable position, in a side sitting position propped up by pillows, as CSF was deliberately and systematically drained from her Craniosacral system, all the time subjecting her to horrendous pain and suffering and all the time increasing the risks of Heart Failure, Stroke and Meningitis, and next morning his only concern about her was if she had been showered, indicating just how important that shower was to him.

The effect of that shower, just like the effect of any shower would have been to wash all kinds of bacteria including meningococcal bacteria down Liz’s body. The effect of the tube running down into Liz’s body would have been to channel some of that waterborne bacteria, including meningococcal bacteria inside Liz’s body.

Meningococcal bacteria coming into contact with blood and/or CSF would then have led to a meningococcal infection of one kind or another and almost certainly Liz’s death. That of course was the objective of Messrs Hay, Tatek, Brown and Ross Hall management, to murder Liz in a way that could be accidently explained and by doing so concealing Mr Hay’s horrific operational carnage forever.”

What Ed is alleging is that Hay instructed nurses to force his wife to have a shower, against her will, which would have resulted in her demise.

Did Hay effectively order a hit to cover his malpractice?

This site, under my direction, will always champion society’s underdogs. Be it fans seeking a judicial review of the rigged Scottish game; the plight of the Palestinians; the sacrifice of Madeleine McCann in a Satanic ritual; Ched Evans or Lynette Daley (deceased) I will always be their torchbearer.

It’s too late to take Hay to task for the suffering and premature death of Mrs McCay. However if Messrs Tatek and Brown continue to practise medicine then they must be reported as a matter of some urgency to the GMC.

The General Medical Council (GMC) is a public body that maintains the official register of medical practitioners within the United Kingdom. Its chief responsibility is ‘to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public’ by controlling entry to the register, and suspending or removing members when necessary.

Proving criminal intent in a medical malpractice suit is to make a rod for one’s back. I would pursue more achievable objectives

If Tatek and Brown are not summarily removed from the GMC register for engaging in an allegedly criminal joint enterprise then Mrs McCay will have died in vain.








12 thoughts on “Hinc Sanitas”

  1. Its a legal fact in Scotland, in a highly public court case, that Rangers were not demoted, Relegated or sent down the leagues.

    Lord Bannatyne ruled this in the relegation betting case.

    It’s a watertight legal judgement.

    For a bbc journalist to still be peddling “demoted” smacks of complete incompetence and he should be sacked.

    Complain to the bbc. Ask for an apology and a statement confirming rangers(sic) were not demoted.

    Meanwhile in the Daily Refuse, Gordon Parks writes this of Kris Boyd’s criticism of sevco:

    “Killie’s Mr Big Noise knows better than anyone that all’s fair in love and war in the chancing-your-arm world of professional football.”

    So Sevco, through insulting offers for players are merely chancing their arm, as all other clubs.

    PSG for Neymar comes to mind.

    1. Kenny Macintyre is deeply negligent. Not bbc quality standard at all.

      Getting it totally WRONG on live broadcasting. Incompetent.

  2. My 10 year old asked me this question the other day, that i would be intrigued to see if you could answer :

    If Rangers manager is only signed until the end of this season, why would they sign a bunch of players on permanent deals, and then be forced to try and get rid of them if a new manager comes in, and doesn’t have them in his plans?


    1. Isn’t it the Director of Football who identifies players? And if you’re trying to justify the loan deal splurge, Sevco have also tried to sign players on long term deals—-and with the same manager who will be gone at the end of the season. But as you say. Ten.Years. Old.

  3. Hi,JJ

    I read the ROSSHELLBLOG a few days ago when the author put it up here.

    I really don’t know what to say about it. It’s unusual for me to be effectively speechless after 5 seconds,pushing it at 5 minutes.

    I’m still speechless 5 days later. I feel for them both,their pain and their heartache.

    Just as an aside,early ’80s my Aunt was told by an Ayrshire Hospital that her leg would have to come off due to circulation problems. With a bit of help,we got her referred to a specialist at Gartnavel. And yes I remember and rever his name.

    His diagnosis was that ONE TOE being removed would sort it.

    More quacks in the profession than in the average duckpond,got my certificate so eff off.

  4. Donald Trump heavily criticising mainstream media news as lies.

    Phoney News.

    Fake news.

    Lies. Liars.

    The President will award his top ten prizes for fake news.

    Why don’t you pick your top ten SMSM lies JJ and list the guilty hacks/ Journos and their lies or headlines. You probably need top 20 or 30.

  5. After reading about that poor ladys’ horrific treatment and subsequent attempts at covering it up. I showed it to my wife
    (a respected nurse with 30yrs experience), I was dismayed that she was not surprised and was I no doubt similar things are going on to this day.
    Hopefully justice will be done.

  6. JJ, here is a description of what happened to a young boy when he went to Ross Hall:

    ‘James McAlpine ‘.. seven-year-old.. admitted to the private Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow for an operation to remove a small blemish from his lower lip. A fatal accident enquiry into the case, which occurred in 1985, heard that the operation would have been better carried out at the Southern General Hospital where proper back-up facilities were available. His parents claimed they were not warned of the risk of the operation and said they had been recommended to go to Ross Hall by a plastic surgeon who had a £27,000 shareholding in the hospital. James died 20 hours after material injected into his face to try to block the blood supply of his lips lodged in the arteries leading to the brain, cutting off the flow of blood. The child came around from the anaesthetic, but had nightmares and became violent. Later he was transferred to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill but was declared brain dead after being placed on a ventilator. ..’ (From The Scotsman , 22 July 99’

    The surgeon was suspended for six months.
    Some years later, the following was reported in the Sunday Mail:


    ” ONE of Scotland’s top plastic surgeons is being sued by a patient who claims his face was left looking like a patchwork quilt. Martyn Webster performed corrective surgery on retired railway engineer Chic McArdle’s eyelids.

    But Chic says the op went badly wrong when Webster took cartilage from his ear and implanted it under his eyes.

    He has since undergone six painful operations.

    Chic, 56, of Glasgow, said: ‘I had seen a TV programme which described Martyn Webster as one of the top surgeons in Scotland.

    ‘I went to see him and he agreed to carry out eyelid surgery.’

    Chic paid almost pounds 2500 for the procedure at the HCI hospital in Clydebank in September 2001 but within days, his lower eyelids began drooping.

    A month later Mr Webster carried out another op, without general anaesthetic, in his consulting rooms.

    The surgeon took skin grafts from Chic’s right ear and placed them under his right eye.

    Chic said: ‘I counted 27 injections and I was in absolute agony.

    ‘Within days, my eyes were drooping again and the skin taken from my ear was a completely different colour. I looked like a patchwork quilt.’

    In June 2002 Mr Webster tried to carry out a further tightening procedure. The following month, he used only local anaesthetic when he drilled a hole into each side of Chic’s skull, stitched the eyelids and pulled them tightly into place.

    But that failed and Chic developed an infection and cellulitis in his right eye.

    A consultant plastic surgeon called by Chic’s lawyers has reported that after the operation he suffered an ectropion, a condition which causes the eyelidshttps://www.big-lies.org/UK-private-hospitals/private-hospitals.html to droop.

    He also noted that: ‘The problems in the lower lid almost certainly result from excessive skin excision at the time of the original surgery.’

    In 1986, a Fatal Accident Inquiry criticised Mr Webster and another doctor over the death of schoolboy James McAlpine, seven.

    James died in 1985 after an operation at Ross Hall private hospital, Glasgow, to remove a mark from his lip went wrong.

    The General Medical Council suspended the surgeon from working in the UK for six months.

    Chic said: ‘Mr Webster never told me that he had been suspended by the GMC. If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have gone to him.’

    A spokesman for Mr Webster said: ‘The surgeon has examined the points made by Mr McArdle but does not wish to make any comment.’ ”
    see: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/EYESORE%3B+Chic+sues+plastic+surgeon+after+six+failed+ops.-a0129329704

    How private hospitals operate in the UK seems well described here:

    The people who run the website have some strange ideas;
    nevertheless, this page seems well documented.

  7. Nurses have university degrees these days.

    They know what post operative care is and isn’t.

    They would refuse to undertake an action that would harm a patient.

    One can therefore add the names of the two nurses to the others in the conspiracy to Murder. They clearly were not ill educated factotum acting innocently under orders.

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