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With two court hearings occurring simultaneously yesterday it was anticipated that BBC Freemasonry would not be able to ‘Swing The Lead‘ at both.  The editorial policy at BBC ‘Knuckle Shuffle‘ mirrors that of the signing policy of the now defunct club Rangers in 1988. The hiring of Tom English has parallels to the signing of Maurice Johnstone in July 1989, but unlike Rangers at that time it has not opened the door to other Catholics. On the rare occasions that they hire Papists they are kept firmly in their place by the BBC’s Sectarian Ceiling. 

Wilson with his continuation credentials will always be preferred to English. There is a causal link between the degrees in Freemasonry and the rungs of the career ladder at the state broadcaster. One can but hope that the streaming of news will be bundled with HBO and Netflix packages to put an end to this bigots’ gravy train.

With BBC Sevco’s conspicuous absence of live football broadcasting – unless you fancy a game with commentary in Gaelic (London’s coin paying lip service to Bute House) – BT Sport is now the one stop shop for the Scottish Game. Highlights are available on YouTube. One can easily avoid the BBC and save £147. My parents’ generation will not abandon the goggle box but their grandchildren are taking their news and entertainment on the run with their smartphones and the streaming of box sets. Why wait a week for the next episode of ‘House of Cards‘ or ‘Breaking Bad‘ when you can binge watch or alleviate the mind-numbing tedium of your commute.

I write from experience as I formerly rose at 05.45 to get to my desk on the 43rd floor of the Citibank Tower, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, by 08.30. I would take a bus to the train station, then alight at London Bridge where I had a choice of a jammed Jubilee Line tube or a more leisurely Thames Clipper. Many of my readers take their JJ with kiosk-vended coffee as they invariably stand on the train. During the first ten months of this site when it was free to air I could see my words put a smile on their faces. Some laughed out loud. This positive feedback was all I desired. However ‘the klan’ intervened, burned out my old banger and put me on notice of being burned to death as I slept. Pouring petrol through my letterbox was the next step. As this could have resulted in the death of 5 widowed grandmothers, not to mention my demise, it was a ‘no brainer’ to relocate. However I now rely on contributions which have fallen to an average of less than £30 per day. At £40 I can eat. Less than £30 I merely exist. Why my readers have abandoned me in January can be linked to the expense of Xmas and New Year but surely £5.55 is not too much to ask for an annual subscription to the Sitonfence Speakeasy? I’m thinking of dropping the weekend service and concentrating on the commuters. I’m working on a ‘doping’ premium piece which I intend to publish on Monday. I will do my utmost to dig myself out of this hole.

I digress. At Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday counsel for Police Scotland attempted to remit to the Court of Session long grass where any hearing would be postponed until 2020. Counsel for David Grier won the day with a further ‘options hearing‘  on 14 February (Rangers 6th Administration Anniversary) to set the scene for a five day hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court later this year. The Keystone Cops’ counsel also wanted 10 weeks to keep the record open to do adjustments but this was curtailed to four weeks. Grier’s team were also awarded the cost of the hearing in respect of the option to remit to court.

A solid three points for Grier and the possibility of a £2m bounty if his team qualify from the group stages.

Police Scotland must rue the day that Lord Nimmo Smith retired. He was their go-to man for a whitewash, a fact not lost on Stewart Regan who guided his crooked quill. 


The hairy-arsed, masonic swivel-ringed International Man of Mystery DCI Robertson chose the Court of Session for his latest per diem expenses claim. Was his pert assistant Jackie O’Neil lurking in Glasgow chambers? If only DS (formerly DCI) Gilfillan had joined the Economic Crime Unit the Fenian blood would have been flowing as in times of yore. Does Police Scotland issue waders to their new intake of recruits at Tulliallan?

Should one hope that Robertson repaired to Nicholson Street for a pleasing lunch? Would it be mean-spirited to wish that the bigot’s bigot choked on it? Was he up to his knees in a hearty Hollandaise sauce?

Day 2 of Whitehouse v Plod was much more instructive than its Glasgow counterpart. As was the case in Glasgow counsel for Police Scotland attempted to have proceedings kicked into the long grass (discharged) to allow further time for an affidavit to be prepared on behalf of the Chief Constable and other documents to be submitted in support of the arresting officers having “reasonable suspicions” that a crime had been committed.

In plain speak Plod are going to make it up as they go along. Was Maguire QC attempting to delay matters until Phil Gormley – who faces six charges of misconduct and is on ‘special leave ‘ – is reinstated? Were they looking for a plausible excuse to ease him back in through the back door? If Gormley wrote the affidavit it would be a police issue tissue of lies.

Maguire contended that Mr. Currie for Whitehouse should limit his arguments to prove malice by Police Scotland. It was a naked attempt to prohibit any discussion of  Robertson’s and O’Neil’s blinding incompetence and their flagrant abuse of the law.  When one gives Real Rangers Men a uniform do they expect to be handled by the kid gloves that are ubiquitous at the SFA?

Maguire submitted that Lord Malcolm should not make any summary decree prior to a debate on other matters that is scheduled for 8th May? Could this be Paul Clark’s hearing date? I will revert to my source to establish this. The following passage is from Easyjambo:

Ms Maguire also suggested that DW’s “denial” of knowledge of the Ticketus deal had not been recorded in the witness statements, but had been said orally by DW in an interview in Manchester with DCI Jim Robertson  and Sgt. Jackie O’Neil. This was met with much head shaking among DW’s team. (I’m sure the two police officers notebooks will confirm and corroborate what was said word for word).’

Call me a cynic but are they lying through their back teeth to cover their exposed baboons’ arses? The ‘Peelers’ will do anything to avoid admitting that they royally fucked up.

Mr Currie’s rebuttal was scathing of Police Scotland’s position, suggesting that all they were interested in was to extend the process, at a cost to his client who was funding the case from his own resources. He ridiculed the failure of Police Scotland to provide this information given the time that they had to prepare their defence. He sought costs be awarded to his client.

After a brief adjournment Lord Malcolm returned to court to make a number of orders:

1. That the affidavit on behalf of The Chief Constable and the other documents be lodged with the court within two weeks.

2. That a further 2 day hearing be fixed.

3. That Mr Heriot’s arguments would not be limited to “malice”.

4. That Police Scotland would meet the pursuer’s legal costs associated with the request for a summary decree.

Plod are clearly rattled. Given that evidence from Robertson’s and O’Neil’s notebooks has been introduced both will be soon be in the dock. One can but hope that they perjure themselves.



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  2. Sorry JJ, Jan has been a car crash for me financially but I have not forgotten, usual monthly stipend will be with you end of next week. In the meantime, sterling work as usual. TS

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  4. How can sevco have so many loan players. I thought you were only allowed to have one loan signing over the age of 21 & no more than 5 a season. Murphy & Martin are well over 21 & is cumdog not 22.

      1. Love the site, JJ. Don’t get me wrong. I am sitting at my desk in the Citibank tower, 25 Canada Square. There are only 40 floors. One Canada might have 50 floors – it’s certainly taller than Citibank – bu it’s not Citibank tower.

  5. Cost of a wee coffee (ending 473V) coming your way from a disgusted and disengaged former fan of a team who once played in the south side of Glasgow. Keep up your good work, sir, we’re not all blood-wading bams.

  6. BBC revenues from licence fee in Scotland about £300M. BBC Scotland expenditure about £200M. “London’s coin”? Really?

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