There seems to be some confusion in regard to eligibility for free premium content. My next premium piece will look at financial doping as perpetrated by Rangers and the use of banned substances to be citius altius fortius.

If one makes a formal recurring payment of £5 per month one is a member of the Sitonfence fraternity. One can elect to purchase a premium article at £1.99.

Should one pay an annual subscription fee of £5.55 for 2018, one can also choose to purchase any premium articles this year.

If one has established a £10 or more recurring monthly payment with PayPal,  articles are free.

If one has donated £100 or more in 2018, articles are free.

Stating that you usually make a donation at the end of the month, while crucial this month, is not as helpful as a recurring donation.

If one is eligible via recurring or significant donations then please drop me a line via PayPal with a screenshot if possible.

Donations via card include e-mail addresses. Payments via a PayPal account do not. Should one choose the latter route I need to go looking for you.

I could make this much simpler and install a paywall on our site, thus denying the unwaged and disadvantaged a popular site. This is not how I roll.

If one is using a smartphone one can access PayPal from the the top right hand vertical line drop down menu. On desktops it’s available on the lower left hand margin. Just scroll down after the hits counter.

There will be exceptions. If one was particularly generous in 2017, then point this out to me.

Please do not use the comments section as this does not in any way help me to help you.

If one does not make any type of contribution one cannot purchase the premium articles this year.

Sitonfence II and III that I hoped to introduce were not recognised by PayPal. The original site, with occasional premium articles, will continue for as long as is practicable. With a few exceptions January has been brutal.

There also seems to be some confusion about my £30 and £40 per day infomation. At £30 I can pay rent, electricity, internet and water. I have to buy drinking water. It’s not enough to eat. At £40 I can eat once per day, do laundry, save up for an item of clothing, get a haircut, visit the dentist or doctor. There is no NHS provision where I live.


16 thoughts on “Contributions”

  1. Hi, JJ. Forgive me but could you clarify something for me? I’m disabled and unwaged yet I have a recurring payment of £5 per month set-up; not a lot I know but, more than some..

    Am I correct in saying that if I stop this and make one payment of £5-55 then I still have access to premium content at £1-99?

    At this point my recurring payment will still in place until you clarify this for me.

    Regards, P. Biondi

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  2. I’ve been paying directly via my paypal account and not the PayPal link in your blog, hence I couldn’t set up a recurring payment as this has to be via your blog.

    I shall rectify shortly

  3. i have 2 payments one is for £5.55 the other is for £5.00
    both come out at the same date will I have to cancel them and make one payment
    of £10.55 I do not want to make other arrangements with paypal as it took me some time
    thanking you in advance

    JJ: Thank you

  4. using the yellow donate button on left side of this laptop screen.. I donate £10,,,,£15 monthly have done for months… do I have to set this as a “recurring ” payment with paypal to get premium articles ?. cheers in advance

    JJ: Yes. Drop me a one pence donation and a screen grab and I will revert to you with today’s password.

  5. Big Man you are providing a service so can I offer you some more 20 shillings a month but we must meet at CP also keepy up the good work a G Connelly comes to mind … GT

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  6. JJ,use your EHIC card to get entitlement to medical and dental treatment,check if your Penthouse Suite is on the list of countries/islands where this is accepted.Stay well.

    1. Penthouse? I live in a 28m shoe box that someone purchased for £75,000 and now rents out for £750 per month. If I was lucky and had contacts I could get something cheaper on the outskirts of the city which is my home from home. I could reduce this figure to £600. However I would need to find £1200 by way of deposit. My shoe box owner, who is an old friend who owns ten flats, waived the deposit. As I don’t live in Europe or a British colony there is no NHS reciprocal agreement.

  7. Thanks for this information. I have set up a monthly recurring payment but I don’t see any way to contact you via paypal. I’d quite like to read “Lie Strong” though I started my monthly payment after that was published. Thanks.

    1. There is a section where one can make a comment when one makes a donation. Drop me a line. If a minimum of £10 per month (screen grab if possible) I will revert to you with password.

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