Lite’s Induced Loan Game

A football agent source of mine has apprised me of the fact that should Mark Allen of Rangers Lite continue to play the ‘induced loan‘ game he will be effectively ‘Cold Shouldered‘ by all agents.


The latest scam by Rangers is to pursue players that they cannot afford. It was a strategy that worked a treat before for Alastair Johnston and Dave King who were both aware of Sir Bribe & Lie’s EBT tax evasion and the acquisition (note not winning) of seventeen bent titles. When Jamie Murphy’s move to Auchenhowie broke down my agent source informed me that the player was in limbo. With no other bids on the table Allen then offers to take the unsettled player on loan until August of this year, which was the date proposed by Lite for the first of three payments; with the second in August 2019 and third in 2020.

When Traynor briefed his BBC Freemasonry lickspittle Richard Wilson that Brighton had ‘moved the goalposts‘ he was of course lying. Allen’s offer of a first payment in August was dismissed out of hand. Allen anticipated this. The loan deal was all Lite could afford. It’s easy when you know how.

Allen played the same game at Kilmarnock apropos Jordon Jones and at Hamilton with Greg Docherty. He made bids for both and proposed the same payment terms as he did with Brighton. Allen knew that the capital quantum and payment terms would be unacceptable but having unsettled the players he then offered to take the disgruntled players off their hands in loan deals.

Steve Clarke is alive to Allen’s scam. Hamilton won’t return Allen’s calls. Docherty is being wrapped in cotton wool prior to one of Cardiff or Millwall signing him. Nice try Mark but no cigar.

Should the SFA not step in to prohibit Allen from unsettling players by making bids that Lite cannot afford to induce loan deals? The SFA sat on their hands for a minimum of 13 years as Sir Bribe & Lie signed players that he could otherwise have not afforded had he paid HMRC what was due.

Regan is so obsequious to the denizens of The Blue Room that he is perceived as a squeeze ball. Besides, Regan is far too busy orchestrating a whitewash in regard to Rangers’ bogus UEFA licence in 2011. Is it not high time that the compliance officer calls in a retired Lord Ordinary to dismiss the licence application as an honest mistake?

There are those who suggest that arch criminal King’s impending Cold Shoulder won’t affect the club. I believe we will soon discover that it will have far-reaching consequences for the new club.

Allen who left Manchester City under a dark arts cloud is playing a dangerous game. Those who suggest that Lite are not running on fumes should revert to the evidence.





9 thoughts on “Lite’s Induced Loan Game”

  1. If the tv money for the fraserburgh tie hasn’t already been ‘advanced’ will trfc players still get their ‘Florida’ expenses this month!!

    Has the trfc finance director ‘inked’ in c 500k from tv money from the Scottish cup .as an old gardener on the Irvine meadow used to say ” ah think we should be told ah really doo”

  2. You all have it wrong, Gordon Waddell says so today.
    Newco’s suck it and see signing policy is a brilliant piece of business and if the players perform then the signings will be made permanent using the May ST monies intake.
    With a forecast £7 cash flow shortfall over the next 2 seasons how will the cash being used for transfer fees be replenished? Didn’t think that one through did you Gordon?
    It’s all about pushing issues down the road, King’s appeal included.
    Whilst ignoring the cash crisis at Ibrox the twat Waddell manages a snidey shot at Celtic’s biscuit tin mentality.
    You couldn’t make it up, but Waddell does, taking over from the odious Ralston article last week.
    And Bruno’s off to Italy by all accounts, deciding not to hang around for that SPFL title winners medal…..oh dear.
    Perhaps the weather didn’t suit the much capped Portoguese star, another stellar signing gone down the pan.

  3. Well Joe, I don’t find Gary Ralston odious at all. In fact, Gary is now my favourite Scottish journalist. He really is. Spiers is utterly dull. Boring. Lacking in satire and short on humour or self deprecation. Michael Grant (also at The Times sports desk) ventures further than Spiers but, like a kid on a high dive board, clambers back down the steps just prior to a killer line. Keith Jackson is predictably hopeless and provides not a single INSIGHT with regard to any story associated with Scottish football.

    But Gary Ralston? Gary is THE STAR of fake news in a country where journalists are experts in this ‘craft’.

    JJ you posted an article, last week, from Gstaad. You and Lady Bear were on vacation and enjoying the slopes. Well, I trust ALL the slopes.

    I digress. At the time of your piece, We were in Zermatt. Lady Mensch just adores our twice a year visit to the glorious Mont Cervin hotel in the heart of Zermatt. The intimidating Matterhorn looks down at us menacingly and the black runs are ferocious and challenging.

    And just after reading your article, something odd happened. Gary Ralston turned up at our very pricey hotel bar.

    A glass of wine is €20. Gary explained to me that he was now SUB EDITOR OF FAKE NEWS AT THE DAILY RECORD.

    I congratulated Gary on last week’s FAKE NEWS article about Rangers and his report that the club was financially stable. I also mentioned that this guy Dave King had done a terrific job in putting in place good corporate governance and opening up that vast war chest which he had promised the fans. Gary liked that.

    Following on from Gary’s AVALANCHE of good news, I started to talk about this exclusive resort (we are snowed in but the bar isn’t) and I suggested that he should go OFF PISTE on a red run in to Cervinia which is in Italy. When I mentioned OFF PISTE, Gary thought I was being rude, so I moved on. I further suggested that he should try the nursery slopes here, known as the BLUE RUN but advised him not to have a WHYTE OUT. The CHILL FACTOR at this point was creating icicles so I asked him about Rangers again. Are Rangers on a DOWNHILL SLOPE? Is Dave King a MOGUL, a KICKER or a FAKIE. Are Rangers SCHUSSING?? (Straight downhill without turning?)

    And so Joe, Gary, the new sub editor was with me and enjoyed our FAKE NEWS ding dong.

    Gary has returned to Scotland to say that Zermatt is NOT under six feet of snow and that the whole thing is FALSE NEWS from climate change deniers like me.

    Gary, we salute you.


  4. Waddell also includes a picture of someone taking a selfie with Jamie Murphy who if im not mistaken is the the charming individual that embarrassed the Florida Cup organisers.

    Why would he do that?

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