Regan-Sling Your Hook

Charles Green arrived at 5pm for the meeting in which Sevco Scotland were admitted to SFL2. As he made his way to the elevator, Stewart Regan emerged to inform him that he could not attend the meeting as he had a pressing social engagement. This meeting at an Edinburgh Hotel was a momentous event. It was a central plank in the continuation myth. It gave 40,000 bigots licence to wade in Fenian blood every second weekend, without which according to Regan, there would be ‘social unrest.’ Would that be the type of unrest we saw at Hampden when 200 Hun-Loving Criminals attacked the celebrating Hibs fans?

Regan had cajoled and bullied club chairmen to allow Charles Green’s basket case of assets into the Premier League or worst case the top-tier of the then SFL. He had reminded them of their fiduciary duty to their shareholders. He should have been sacked on the spot. He survived a call for a vote of no confidence when Ménage A Trois Ballantyne – who is fond of a sexual triangle and conferring titles to a new club – intervened.

So what was more important to Regan than ‘The Rangers‘ being admitted to Scottish professional football?  Was he attending a Robert. E. Lee appreciation society dinner at his alma mater, Durham University? Did he call a toast to Stonewall Jackson and curse the memory of the anti-slavery Republican Abraham Lincoln, who was not on the ballot papers of his much-loved Southern states?

What’s Regan’s position on the 272 word speech of November 19, 1863 on the battlefield near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where Lincoln proclaimed:

Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

I contend that as far as Regan is concerned the 40,000 blood-wading bigots at Ibrox are not created equal. They are accorded a special status as they follow a team for which the rules don’t apply and when caught cheating are deemed to be ‘imperfectly registered, but eligible.’ Heaven forfend applying the rules and awarding a 3-0 victory to all clubs who played against the players who were not registered. What part of ‘must‘ provide all contract details is open to interpretation?

The SFA is so bent that Professional Cyclists look down on them.

In my premium piece I looked at Lance Armstrong and his participation in Le Tour De Pharmacy. I discussed how highly paid private doctors are always one step ahead of the poorly paid lab rats who try to detect and stop the systemic cheating.

Is it just me or are others equally perplexed that Chris Froome, the four-time winner of the most gruelling cycling race known to man, Le Tour De France, is a registered asthmatic;  or that the first British winner of this event, Bradley Wiggins, was also a fully paid-up asthmatic?  When I was at school those suffering from asthma did not join in when we played football during class recesses. What have I missed? Is being an asthmatic a sure sign of future cycling prowess or are these bent fuckers abusing medication to convey more oxygen to their muscles? A thorough investigation will follow.

Regan, who has the charisma of a tub of lard, spent three and a half hours on Thursday trying to convince Michael O’Neil to manage the Scottish National Team. O’Neil, realising it was a poisoned pissoir of a challenge, turned it down. One wonders whether Regan, who turns left when he enters any plane as ‘he requires extra leg-room’  was less than convincing in his response to a question as to why the national squad had to sleep on an airport floor as he slept soundly in his hotel suite? O’Neil might have demurred at the oversight Regan provides for his part in two decades of unequivocal failure at International level. Regan will be in Russia in the summer bumping gums with other chinless wonders. The players, predominately from Celtic, will have a well-earned rest.

Regan does not have a plan B. He cannot give it to Mackay with his ‘slanty-eyed spiv‘ epithets apropos his former employer. Will he give it to Alex McLeish EBT (£1.5m) who cannot buy a club to manage? Would it be unkind to suggest he buys a role with an EBT and should he buy a player from Lite offset some of his outlay with a concomitant bung?

Tom English can dress it up to suggest that O’Neil would always prefer £800,000 per annum to £600,000 per annum but I disagree. Regan would have added so much to O’Neil’s responsibilities, including youth development with the SFA’s pet homophobic racist, that O’Neil probably did not think it was worth the candle. Who would prefer driving south from his home in Edinburgh to take in an English League game when he could run his eye over 8 of his first team players from the comfort of the directors’ box at Celtic Park? He could have worked with future Scotland captain Kieran Tierney, current captain Scott Brown, Gordon, McGregor, Forrest, Griffiths, Armstrong and Ralston. Was it much more than filthy lucre? Was O’Neil not prepared to work with Regan?

Regan will be on to his old china Darryl Broadfoot to ‘Frame’ the narrative that O’Neil was just one name on Regan’s shortlist, when we all know that he was the only name.

The SMSM are dancing bears. Just look at the Daily Record ramping up a prospective fee for Morelos to £10m. Morelos could not knock a pie supper out of BFDJ’s grasp with a ball from ten yards. Lite will be lucky to achieve any 7 figure fee. Will they accept the first tranche of any payment in August? Or will they allow Morelos to go on loan so that another club can emulate their suck it and see loan strategy, which is the darling of Celtic-hater Gordon Waddell?  One wonders if he ‘fucking hates Celtic‘ as much as Mhairi Black? What’s Waddell’s view on ‘Plastic Paddies?’

Regan, to paraphrase Ian Archer, is an embarrassment and occasionally a disgrace to Scottish football. It’s high time this American Civil War recreationist spent more time with his toy soldiers.





16 thoughts on “Regan-Sling Your Hook”

  1. Regan has no ethics. Every tainted game has to be recorded as a 0-3 result in the history books if Scottish football is to go on. Lite do not have enough money to pay Highland hotel fees so they cannot pay wages without some director throwing more money away. Lite are going bust. 8 more days to unload players with the money paid upfront or not enough money to pay full wages. When they do go bust Regan will try to get around the rules again. But cash is King and King has no cash. Liquidation is more likely than administration. No company is too big to fail. No team playing at Ibrox in February, March April or May. Regan will not allow that. But for the good of Scottish football we must not repeat the failures of 2012. A Phoenix team will be formed but it has to be run differently. This is the chance to disallow the name of Rangers to be used again. Momentous times. No more cheating.

  2. Next on ‘the list’, (if there ever was one) sits the Eck n Sally double act.
    Let’s get the ‘peepul’ back onside.

  3. ‘Morelos could not knock a pie supper out of BFDJ’s grasp with a ball from ten yards.’

    I suggest nobody could knock a pie supper out of BFDJ’s grasp,
    not even with the fireman’s no 1 toolkit (aka: the 14lb sledgehammer).

  4. Regan is an incompetent spiv.. The whole “recruit from outside Scotland” actually allowed the recruitment of a sure fire complete puppet to be employed under the guise of “he must be impartial, he’s an outsider”. Someone at th SFA had done their homework right enough . His salary itself is a disgrace. He was informed at the outset the Laptop Loyal would be on his side as long as he favoured the establishment Club. He who controls the message controls the world. He has been loyal in his leanings since the day he took office. Nowhere else would such an incompetent be tolerated. Watch how he hides behind “the committee set up to recruit the next Scotland Manager” – Regan, currupt to the core and great power with no responsibility.

  5. Why does the Daily Rec describe Jordan Rossiter as a “Star”?

    Clearly if your injured, they want you off the payroll.

    Any fee is better than paying wages and medical bills for a player who can’t play.

    Sevco is a tough gig for players these days. Kenny Miller was practically shoved out the door by the SMSM on recent injury. Stating his career was surely over.

    Sevco want rossiter off the books for any fee. They’d happily give him away.

    1. The ‘Star’ has only been in the starting eleven once for 21 minutes, then coming of the bench in 77 minutes in the aggregate defeat to the fourth best team in Luxembourg. His data for Liverpool Under 23 is even worse. He moved to Lite on a free transfer. Look up the skirts of the Record team and you will find Traynor squeezing their balls. Spineless Lickspittles doing their best to save the failing club.

  6. No money for goal line technology, no money for a cohesive drug testing programme, no money for VAR, the latter will be a huge relief to Fleming and his crew, but how many ot the blazers will be on the plane to the Americas at the end of May and what class will they be flying.
    Answer that one Regan and whilst you are at it please explain the current SFA drug testing programme.
    Is Scottish football drug free based on what?
    A handful of tests carried out over each of the last few seasons?
    How many tests Stuey? Come on, transparency and all that.
    Hows the CO getting on reviewing the SFA’s procedures that allowed a fraudulent UEFA licence to be granted to Oldco in 2012?
    Everyone knows it was fraudulent yet your last statement on the matter claimed the tax bill had not crystallized at the appropriate UEFA cut off date.
    We know this to be a lie, is this still your stance?
    Congrats to anyone that can illicit a response from Stuey, from my experience transparency is not in his make up.
    Who decided that flying half way across the world to play in two meaningless friendlies was a super idea?
    Particularly in a World Cup year with the domestic programme ending early and Scottish clubs playing European ties in July.
    Whats that Stuey, nobody told you?

  7. Has Waddell not on occasion let slip his inbred (and therefore he is unable to accept what he is doing wrong) bias by making reference to “diddly dee” music to describe Irish folk tunes?

    1. Waddell is a Jabba-Sevco lickspittle.

      He is a blow hard windbag. Indeed I’ve heard the bagpipes called windbag music.

  8. Apparently Henry hunt has agreed that he can no longer claim ownership of the ‘made a right …. of it’ due to oor stew , so from today we should all use , made a right Stewart regan of it………

  9. RB Leipzig am told phoned Ian ‘Farsi’Call at Ayr Utd as they were so impressed with his Jordan Jones valuation for a valuation on wee alfrefo . They are after a 2nd opinion to the £10m starting figure

  10. Regan is a puppet! He looks incompetent and is possibly corrupt .
    He of course should go but failure to get MON is a minor blip compared to what has gone on before .
    The media are making a song and dance about this and all the while ignore a monster issue .
    The real problem with the SFA is not Regan but the core poisonous crew below him who are to a man of a true blue hue .
    Firing Regan doesn’t fix the issue we all have with the governance of the SFA
    The mountain of crimes and cover ups much of which we probably don’t even know about yet will be still well under control by that team and their pals in the media .
    I have said it for 2 years on here Until CFC decide to take this crowd at the SFA on nothing will change as all the others just run for cover
    Prediction? Nothing will happen

  11. Regan can take Fleming with him.
    Did you see the linesman at Firhill tonight who clearly didn’t know the basic rules of the game as he raised his flag for offside against Griffiths as he received the ball direct from a throw in!
    Bad enough honest mistakes but not knowing the basic rules…..come on.
    Why has the likes of Fleming and Bryson survived when they are clearly not fit for purpose?

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