Stadium Blues

After the hiatus and a Scottish Cup round of mismatches, it’s back to the coal face for Celtic who host Hibs today. I’m looking forward to this game as Lennon’s team will be set out to win. Should Celtic not bolster their squad in this transfer window it will not bode well for the run-in to their seventh successive title. I have not been impressed with Celtic this season. Last season they were on fire with Dembele scoring for fun. This season he has only netted one quarter of last year’s total. Celtic lack a cutting edge up front. Lustig continues to be a liability and could have cost Celtic the points at Firhill. The midfield, other than Brown, is unconvincing. With Compper injured Rodgers will have no choice other than to play Boyata and Ajer in central defence, which is not a marriage made in heaven.

Rangers Lite, by contrast, have improved their squad, albeit by loans, the recall of  loaned players and the acquisition of Docherty for £650,000.

Lite will pay £350,000 in August when all SPFL clubs receive £700,0000.  Three annual payments of £100,000 to follow. King personal guarantee that Hamilton will get paid irrespective of any insolvency event. 

Murphy, Cummings and Docherty will present more of a threat to CFC’s dominance than at any time since Lite’s elevation to the Premiership. Lite came close at Celtic Park. They were by far the better team after a first half where Celtic dominated possession but could not make it count. The failure to make additions will be brought into sharp relief at Ibrox on Saturday March 10th. One can but hope that Ralston is fit for this game. Red Hand Nicholl’s hatred of Celtic will be clearly to the fore during the build-up at Murray Park. A win against Celtic would make their season.

The SFA dropped a hand grenade at Celtic Park when announcing two friendlies at season’s end. Ten days after Celtic defend their Scottish Cup in the final at Hampden – assuming that they are not knocked out by a resurgent Lite and some honest mistakes – Scotland will be playing in Peru. The call up to the squad will be 3/4 days prior to departure with a day spent travelling. There will be no rest for the Scottish Cup winners or blunt losers. After a Saturday 2 June game in Mexico, and one day spent travelling on the Sunday, up to eight players would have only 7 days rest prior to pre-season training at Lennoxtown.

The SFA’s motives are pecuniary. With yet another World Cup campaign ending in ignominious failure the SFA are nakedly pursuing some Sol and Peso. If Regan can source some cheap Tequila so much the better. Celtic’s pre-season training and CL qualification game at the end of June does not matter a jot to the SFA.

Regan has effectively told Celtic to go and have a flying fuck to themselves.

Notwithstanding the concomitant risk of injury, Celtic could be staring at a £30m hole in its 2018/2019 budget.

An observer might suggest that this is a cynical attempt by the odious Dickson and Smurfs like Bryson to create a more level playing field in Scottish football; to help out Rangers Lite.

One would like to think that Lawwell would pin Regan to a wall, rip his eyes out and spit in his pea-like brain. Or perhaps he will simply threaten to withdraw his players from the lucrative home friendly against Costa Rica in March should Regan not release his players from the proposed South American ardour.

Having failed to net O’Neil and gone out of his way to compromise Celtic, Regan’s jacket is on an unsteady peg. News that Ally McCoist has tossed his boater into the Scotland manager’s ring has been met with slack-jawed astonishment. Is Ally sending Sandy Chugg for his messages? I would check his tea for cannabis resin. I also note that Neil Lennon has been mooted. I cannot conceive of a better way to decimate the blue pound.

The final nail in Regan’s coffin could be the SFA’s decision on Hampden. I personally think Regan is bluffing to secure a better deal, but if not Murrayfield is the obvious choice with its capacity of 67,500. Celtic Park would be second favourite. Ibrox, with its Health & Safety certificate gifted by a Masonic Police Scotland knuckle shuffle, should not be in contention.

Dave King’s proposal for a new retractable roof at Ibrox has not been met with universal approval.

However Lite desperately need the money. One will soon discover how much influence Dickson really has. If the SFA were to choose Ibrox Regan would have a pressing appointment with his P45.





16 thoughts on “Stadium Blues”

  1. Whereas all other teams BUY players, with REAL MONEY, in Sevco’s case there occurs a “deal” which on occasion involves the “chairman” “jetting in” to “twist the arm” of the reluctant fund provider to “buy his own player” in a sweetheart negotiation. When is this protracted episode of The Sopranos going to end? It is truly sickening to see Scottish football in such a state. TIME TO SPEAK UP MISTER LAWWELL…or are you scheduled for a knighthood too?

  2. Talk of Celtic’s demise, whilst admittedly a “story”, is surely, at the very least, a little premature. A few months ago Sevco were going to struggle to finish fourth………, the arrival of a few loanees and a young lad from Hamilton, albeit a good prospect, has them as title contenders. Come off it, lad!

    I suspect the truth is somewhere in between the 2 extremes. As for my team, it’s true that they have shaded a little from last season. However, last season was a one off……….a sustained show of excellence which will be hard to replicate anywhere on the globe, regardless of the standard of the league. The league table, with 15 games to go, has us 11 points ahead. There is no threat to number 7.

    1. I call it as I see it. Eleven points is not insurmountable. If you are not concerned by the second half Lite performance at Celtic Park and the Hearts drubbing then might I suggest you put down your green spectacles and take another look. Celtic look a shadow of the team they were last season.

      1. I agree with JJ, sometimes some of the Celtic fans can’t see beyond their own noses. Now I can’t abide sevco and all they stand for but as Charles Green would say, “Stop being a spawny eyed parrot faced wassock!”

  3. Why is this being allowed, buy now pay in July, and players getting asked to play for rangers, these young players are moving on in their mindset ,for a bigger wage. allowing this approach the young player are got on the cheep,to make up a team, in the hope they fit in, or there is money their for a sell on. rangers for some reason are tapping up players knowing their targets will get their move on the cheep and nothing Celtic can do about it. Go the legit way, and most players are for sale at 1 million from most clubs

  4. Where does this put young Murphy the sevco directors managed to tap the money for young docherty because he was wanted, Murphy on the other hand to come on loan wonder if the players got their florida money back yet, so I take Murphy wasn’t really wanted as they managed to find the first installment for the other guy, Murphy paid his own way to Glasgow aswell.

    1. McCann values his player at £1.5m (ridiculously high), Rodgers values him at £500k (nearer the current value for a squad player).

      I’d imagine a deal around the £850k mark with add ons will seal the deal.

  5. “Celtic lack a cutting edge up front.”

    Really? I think you’ll find that Celtic have scored three fewer goals after the same number of games this season as last season.

    We haven’t hit the heights this season but reports of our demise have been somewhat exaggerated!

    1. If it wasn’t for Tierney and Brown today Celtic in all honesty would have been fucked. Hibs showed promise but lack a striker. Zenit Saint Petersburg will have a laugh.
      Where is that Champions League money? If Celtic wish to be taken seriously then they need to lose the small time attitude and buy a team that can compete away from Alba/Scotland.

  6. Hi JJ
    Wondering if you ever had a reply from the TPE regarding your last email.
    I note that DK (aided and abetted by SMSM) is lining up another shameless exploitation of their gullible fans and shareholders before the ultimate ruling.
    This guy seems better at avoiding justice than John Gotti

  7. Do you really think that Celtic will lose another 4 league games and either Aberdeen or Rangers will win all of their remaining games.

    You can get 66/1 on either of them if you really fancy it.

    Celtic are also even money to win the Scottish cup. So basically even money for back to back trebles.

    Can things get any worse.

  8. Celtic were good in the first half. Sinclair and Tierney on the left were menacing and Ntcham was excellent.

    The injury to Griffiths changed the forward momentum of the game.

    Hibs were excellent in the second 45. Only Simunovic and Brown were up it during that period.

    Dembele badly needs game time. Apart from one instance, his touch and movement were appalling. If he gets a run of matches during Griffiths enforced exile, he will get back to last season’s form. Celtic need him firing in time for the St. Petersburg tie.

    The return of Roberts and Rogic will give Celtic the impetus to stretch away from the pack. I fully expect the lead to be 18 plus come the split.

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