Buy Now Pay Later

How desperate for funds must Hamilton Academicals be to agree to a deal for Greg Docherty where the first payment is made in August? Or would it be more apposite to ask what part did Douglas and Graeme Park play in the buy now pay later deal?


The actual transfer did not surprise me. Greg’s father was a leading light in one of the fans’ groups that was subsumed by the Bent Brief’s Club 1872. He was easy to tap up with the SFA as always asleep at the wheel. I would not get my hands soiled writing to the odious Lite Lickspittle that is Stewart LRR (Let’s Reconstruct Rangers) Regan. Would Gary Ralston who railed at Regan for compromising his relationship with his much loved Lite venture an inquiry as to how a club under their watch can buy players despite being strapped for cash?

Rangers Lite are running on fumes. They cannot afford to buy players. They tried their ‘buy now pay later‘ luck at Brighton and Kilmarnock and were told where to go. However the insidious influence of the Parks at Hamilton has provided Lite with a player that they could otherwise have not afforded. Where have we come across this scenario before?

Lite will pay £350,000 of the £650,000 fee in August when all SPFL clubs receive £700,000, with £100,000 in August 2019, 2020, and 2021.

However here’s the real kicker. Hamilton were concerned that Lite would go under prior to August. King gave his personal guarantee that Hamilton will get paid irrespective of any insolvency event.

Given that King is a career criminal who will soon be in contempt of court and subject to a Cold Shoulder, what could possibly go wrong? What part of King being a Glib & Shameless Liar do Hamilton Academicals not understand?


15 thoughts on “Buy Now Pay Later”

  1. If sevco go under will the player revert back to Hamilton as no fee was paid or will he go into another basket of assets.
    This is to make sevco look as though they have money.
    The sfa made a fuss when Mike Ashley was buying sevcos shares I don’t see them raising any objections re the Parks and their dual interest here again one rule for one and feel free brethren to do what you like.

  2. Once this transfer was mooted, it was obvious it would go through. Hamilton are as desperate for cash as Sevco.

    A shame that a club like Hearts or Aberdeen didn’t bail out Hamilton. They would have the majority of their cash now.

  3. How much money have Lite spent on players this month? Nothing. Why not? Cos they have no money. Where will they get some money? Player sales in January? I doubt it. Ticket sales minimal. Directors loans? Unlikely. Expenditures have not lessened and income has not increased. So still spending more than they earn. When the loans dry up the cash runs out.

  4. JJ, I was under the impression that the SFA had a rule, ha ha, about individuals holding significant shareholdings in two clubs at the same time.
    Something about possible conflict of interest, a rule which from memory impacted on other Scottish clubs.
    Thankfully when it was pointed out to Ogilvie that his shareholding in Rangers and Hearts might raise confliction issues during his tenure at the SFA the saintly Campbell did the right thing and transferred both shareholdings to his wife!
    Of course we know that Campbell knew nothing about DOS or EBT illegal tax scams or he would have immediately informed his SFA bosses and the LNS enquiry.
    It’s disgusting what Ogilvie, Regan and Doncaster have got away with.
    I still can’t get my head around why those who perpetrated the 2012 fraudulent UEFA licence application and those subsequently involved in the cover up are not viewing the world through the bars of Barlinnie prison.

  5. After watching our best eleven after Super Lee went off yesterday I am concerned about our team than anyone else we have been hoopless for weeks and there is no biscuit tin anymore aye well The Bhoys from Donegal are no happy 🤢

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  6. The part in highlighted red must surely mean that King thinks that all will be well in the ranks and that he will just carry on at ibrox regardless of any cold shoulder coming his way, and in turn if HE is still any part of rfc then the whole kit and caboudal will be included in any sanctions imposed upon king.
    What would be the position if this incarnation were to go to the wall, would all the present directors be barred from holding office in any company for x amount of years?

  7. If that’s the deal accies have done then they deserve relegation.

    If Celtic win the league pre split it will have been done with TRFC having played Celtic Aberdeen hibs and hearts at home twice but hey it’s just an imperfect but eligible fixture list so no unfair sporting if killie make the top six well ………

  8. Why does the Scottish Fa and the spfl stand back and watch a club in demise with their arse hanging out their trousers get away with such dealings AGAIN – did they not learn anything from 2012 ??? Or are they turning another blind eye to the basket case known as sevco. We all know what the FA is an acronym for don’t we !! Time Eufa stepped into this morally bankrupt institution and flushed the whole truth and nothing but the truth out before the lying king makes an arse of Scottish Football ffs.

  9. “However here’s the real kicker. Hamilton were concerned that Lite would go under prior to August. King gave his personal guarantee that Hamilton will get paid irrespective of any insolvency event.”

    JJ is there any proof of this?

  10. Lite only have 2 home games in February. Looks like someone has to throw away a small fortune in February to ensure survival till March 10th when the Champions are scheduled to arrive.

  11. JJ, as far as I’m aware the Park family has a significant shareholding in both Accies and Newco.
    Does this not transgress SPFL/SFA rules, especially with both teams in the same league?
    What the feck is the SFA doing?
    Its months now since the Compliance Officer was asked to review SFA procedures around the 2012 UEFA fraudulent licence application.
    It should have taken him 10 minutes to arrive at a conclusion, a conclusion that at the very least will show the SFA to have failed in its duty to verify the information provided by one club in particular despite being fully aware of the non payment of tax and penalties re the Wee Tax Case.
    Regan’s claim that the bill had not crystallized at the appropriate UEFA cut off date is a bare faced lie, a lie that he has never retracted.
    Fraud is a criminal offence as is covering up a fraud.
    Most of those involved are still working in our game in one capacity or other.
    The SFA banned Craig Whyte for life for his part in the Ibrox collapse but the poor man walked free from the criminal charges made against him.
    Has SDM been banned for his part in the Oldco collapse and his two illegal tax scams that attracted players who otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to afford?
    Has he heck. His former board at Ibrox also got off Scot free and are all back on the current board led by a convicted criminal.
    The media has turned on Regan as is apparent in today’s headlines.
    Very quickly he will realise that he has no friends and as the misdemeanours that have taken place under his watch are revealed he will be the scapegoat whilst Ogilvie, Broadfoot, McCrae, Bryson, Fleming et al take shelter in the bunker at Hampden Faulty Towers till the storm passes.

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